The Republican Centennial Edition, Wapello, Louisa County, Iowa
Thursday, July 12, 1956, Section Three, Page 37

Transcribed by Shirley Plumb, June 30, 2019

Farm Bureau Insurance

    The first service offered by the Iowa Farm Mutual Insurance company was automobile and farm liability to Farm Bureau members in the state of Iowa in the year 1938. The general agent was William Havenhill and special agents were Fred Weir and Jay Sellers.

    The Iowa Life Insurance company was added to the Farm Bureau service in 1941.

    Mel Partington was appointed general agent in place of Havenhill in 1947, over Louisa County and Jay Sellers was transferred to Washington County as general agent.

    Another coverage was added in 1948 when the Iowa Mutual Hail Insurance was added to give the members crop hail protection.

    And in May of 1948, C. E. Colglazier joined the agency as a special agent in Louisa County and in January of 1950 he was appointed as general agent of the entire county.

    By September of 1953, fire, wind and extended coverage insurance was also added, thereby giving the Farm Bureau members a complete insurance coverage written under the Iowa Mutual Hail Insurance company charter.

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