The Wapello Republican
June 18, 1981, Section B, Page 17

Transcribed by Shirley Plumb, July 14, 2018



    The traveler of experience usually judges the cities he visits by their hotels, and the people of Wapello need fear no adverse verdict in regard to their town on this account. One of the best appointed hotels in southeastern Iowa, beyond any question, is the Traveling Men’s Hotel, F. J. Byrne, proprietor. This house is a great favorite with commercial men on account of its superiority and splendid accommodations. The house is centrally located on the corner opposite and postoffice, is conveniently arranged throughout for the comfort of its guests. Mr. Byrne is a trained hotel man of several years’ experience and a natural aptitude which is necessary to the successful hotel keeper’s makeup. Mr. Byrne came here from Bancroft, Iowa, and opened this hotel to the public on May 1, 1897. His patronage increased from the start and his efforts have been crowned with success. Of the hotel, in appointment, management, service and cuisine too much in praise cannot be said. Its location gives it a pre-eminence and renders it expedient as well as pleasant to everyone coming to the city to enjoy its hospitalities. The building is constructed of brick, and the rooms are lighted throughout with incandescent lights. Its bed chambers are large and excellently ventilated. The dining room is large, well lighted and well furnished. The tables are supplied with all the markets afford, and delicacies reinforce the substantial’s and go to make up as good a table as can be found anywhere. One important thing for which the house is noted is the cooking. Taken as a whole this hotel meets the wants of those whose tastes demand the best. A free ‘bus’ makes all the passenger trains and special pains are taken to satisfy the traveling public. The rates are $2.00 a day.


    For several years the above named gentleman has been a leader in prices and fine footwear in Wapello, and bids fair to continue to furnish a good share of the people what is needed in this line for many years to come. The store room occupied by Mr. Isett is completely stocked with as fine a line of boots, shoes an drubber goods for ladies’ misses’, gentlemen’s and children’s wear, as will be found in the county. He also carries a nice line of gentlemen’s furnishing goods, hats, caps, etc. Personally popular, Mr. Isett has built up a trade that is second to none, and by reason of his pleasant and affable manners towards his customers, coupled with the class of goods he carries, it is not surprising that he should command so large a patronage. Wapello is noted for its fine musicians, and Mr. Isett has the reputation of being one of the best performers on the banjo in Southeaster Iowa. The Wapello exchange of the Iowa Telephone company is located in this building and Mr. Isett is the agent.


    W. C. Brides Boot and shoe maker, has had several years’ experience in the business and has been very successful in doing work that has given the best of satisfaction. He is a first-class workman and uses the best of material. He makes a specialty f repair work of all kinds and his prices are reasonable. He recently put in a small stock of ladies’ and gent’ shoes and has worked up quite a trade. The REPUBLICAN is glad to see him prosper.


     Few towns the size of Wapello can boast of a better livery, feed and stable than that conducted by the above named gentleman. He has everything needed in the livery line, and his horses are of good style. Well-kept and capable of rendering excellent service. He has all the necessary carriages, buggies and platform wagons to fit out first-class rigs on short notice. His service is the best of those in need of livery rigs in Wapello cannot do better than patronize Mr. Peters. His barn is located on Van Buren Street, next to the river, and is fitted up conveniently for his own horses and vehicles, and besides has a large number of feeding sheds. He is an experienced horseman and thorough gentleman and deserves his extensive patronage.


Picture: S. Griebel.

    The old adage “The clothes do not make the man” may be true. But there is little question of the fact that they go a long ways toward it. Very little can be said about Mr. Griebel as a merchant tailor of high repute which is not already known to most of our citizens. Mr. Griebel has been established in business here since 1856, and during that time he has built up a reputation that might well be the envy of any man, no matter in how large a city he be located. Mr. Griebel learned his trade in Germany, which is sufficient proof that he is conversant withal branches of the business. Upon coming to this county he worked in some of the best tailor shops in New York City and received the highest praises for the manner in which he done his work. Mr. Griebel prides himself on his honest workmanship, and we can vouch for the truthfulness of his claim. Forty-three years is a long time to work at a trade in one town, but Mr. Griebel looks good for several more years.


     If you want to buy or sell real estate you will conserve your interests by consulting J. L. Maffitt. His experience, current knowledge of the local market and his intimate acquaintance with real estate values and the probability of their appreciation renders his counsel and judgment invaluable to either purchaser or seller. His lists include many desirable residences and improved realty for sale, concerning which it will prove to the interest of prospective inventors to investigate. Mr. Maffitt is also engaged in the insurance business, representing a number of strong and reliable companies. He will transact your business promptly and prudently.


     Of the many solid business houses for which Wapello is noted, perhaps none is better or more extensively known than that of Wm, H. Bothe, retail dealer and manufacturer of harness and horse furnishing goods. Mr. Bothe is experienced in his line off business and this, coupled with the use of first class materials, substantial and artistic workmanship, promptness in filling orders, gentlemanly treatment and fair dealing, have been the means of building up a lucrative business that extends over a wide territory tributary to Wapello. Mr. Bothe’s father, H. Bothe established the business thirty years ago, and the present owner has been in control of it for the past nine years. He has virtually grown up in the business, and is skilled in every detail. His business room is large and well located, and his stock complete in every detail. Mr. Bothe is a pleasant man to do business with, and he has many friends in the community who take pleasure in his prosperity.


Picture: E. R. Tillman

     During the history of a city the number of mercantile establishments started are many; some survive, but many go to join those which flourish for a time, then disappear, leaving but little sign of their existence. Among those which have stood the test of time, there is none better or more favorably known than that of E. R. Tillman, which was established fourteen years ago. He has by honorable dealing and sterling integrity aided by a thorough training in catering to the wants of the public, secured a profitable trade. He owns his own store building, and carries a complete stock of groceries, teas, coffees, fruits, canned goods, cigars, tobacco, etc. Mr. Tillman was born in Muscatine County and came to Wapello nineteen years ago. Resides being actively engaged in business for upwards of fourteen years, he served the people of Wapello very faithfully for three terms as alderman from the second ward. His progressive ideas made him a suitable man to look after the city’s interests, and the record he made while in office was very creditable to himself as it was valuable to the city of Wapello. He has also been agent for the United States Express Company for the past nine years.


    Wapello is especially favored to the matter of grain buyers, and chief among them is Mr. H. B. Davison. For eighteen years he has been engaged in the grain business here, and has gained a ripe experience which has enabled him to maintain a trade both pleasant and profitable. His square dealing with the farmers and the entire community the long period of years has made him a host of friends and won for him the entire confidence and esteem of all our people. He ships many carloads of grain each year and the prices paid are always the highest. David Worsham, a brother-in-law of Mr. Davison’s has charge of the grain office, and he thoroughly understands all branches of the business. Mr. Davison is the eldest son of the late Mark Davison. He was born in Louisa County, and has lived here continuously with the exception of three years’ service in the Civil War as member of Co. F. 19th Iowa Vol. Inft. Mr. Davison, was for many years one of Wapello’s leading merchants, retiring in 1895 after twenty-six years’ service with a record that few men can boast of. On the death of his father he assumed the presidency of the Commercial bank and now devotes all of his time in that office. He is a shrewd business man and much respected by the community.


    This organization dates back to the early days of Wapello and the little church where they now worship was erected in 1869. At one time membership was quite strong, but in recent years the number has been so small that regular services have been dispensed with. However, occasional services are held, conducted by Father Jacobsmier, of Washington, Iowa. Some of the members of church at the time of organization reside in Wapello and are among most highly respected citizens.


    It gives us much pleasure to mention one of Wapello’s old landmarks, the Wapello House, of which Mrs. Suhre is the proprietress. It has been a popular resort for the stranger in days gone by, and has been a patronized by the people of the county as well. Mrs. Suhre is a splendid cook and no one need go away from her table hungry. The house is prominently located on Second Street and a part of the history of Wapello.


Picture: H. H. Nerbovig

    A good watchmaker and jeweler is a necessity to every city of any note and we are pleased to state that Wapello has one of that kind in the person of H. H. Nerbovig. He not only understand the business from the rudiments up but keeps abreast of the times everything that pertains to the jewel business. He is a native of Norway but has been in this country over twenty-seven years. He came here in 1893 from Winona, Minn. Mr. Nerbovig is a fine violinist and leader of the Wapello orchestra, which is much in demand for all public entertainment. He also has gained quite a reputation as a manufacturer of violins and high-prices ones of his own make as well as of foreign manufacture. Customers will find this house very reliable in all business transactions, and every article sold or pieces of work that leaves this house is guaranteed to give satisfaction. He carries a large and well-selected stock of watches, clocks, jewelry, silverware, optical goods, etc. all of which are sold at prices that cannot be beaten. He makes a specialty of repair work on watches, clocks and jewelry and guarantees satisfaction.

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