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Alburnett Otter Creek Township
Alice A post office from 1882 to 1902 in section 5, Spring Grove Township
Babcock Listed in the 1886-1894 U.S. Postal Guide as a post office in Linn County, but location not found.
Banner Valley A post office from 1856 to 1866 near where the present town of Ely is located.
Bertram Bertram Township
Boulder A post office from 1853 to 1865 in the southwestern part of Boulder Township near Buffalo Creek.
Brandy Brook A place in the northern part of Monroe Township, as shown on maps of 1868 and 1869.
Broadway A post office from 1886 to 1902 in section 1, Boulder Township, the extreme northeast corner of the county.
Brown The name of the post office at what is now the present town of Springville from 1842 until the office was removed to New Lindon, see below.
Cedar A place shown on various maps from 1855 to 1862 at or near the present village of Waubeek.
Cedar Rapids Rapids Township
Center Point Washington Township
Central City Located in Maine Township and surveyed in 1856.
Coggon Jackson Township
Columbus The name given to what later became Cedar Rapids when it was first platted in 1838, before the government survey.

Listed in 1898 to 1900 as a post office in Linn County, but location not found.

*On 4/10/05 John Ely of Anamosa wrote, "Cousins Iowa was located in Section 15, Buffalo twp., Linn County, along what is today E28, Ridge Road.  W. W. ROSS and wife Ellen operated a creamery there. My mother-in-law has hand written in her copy of the book 'Abandoned Towns, Villages and Post Offices of Iowa (D.C. Mott 1930-32 reprint): 'Near Burlingham school, 4 miles east of Waubeek'. W.W. ROSS is her grandfather."

Covington Clinton Township
Crab Apple A post office in 1861 to 1862 in the northeastern part of Marion Township.
Crow Creek The early name of the present village of Viola.
Denison Bottom  
Dennison Bottom  
Dry Creek A post office (1856-72) in the eastern part of Monroe Township, some eight miles northeast of Marion.
East Rapids  
Elmont A post office from 1890 to 1900 in section 26, Spring Grove Township.
Ely Putnam Township
Fairfax Fairfax Township
Flemingville A hamlet in the southwestern part of section 13, Otter Creek Township. Post office, 1867-1906.
Ford's Grove A post office from 1856 to 1859 southeast of the central part of Jackson Township.
Franklin A post office from 1842 to 1846 in Franklin Township. It occupied different locations in the vicinity of the present town of Mount Vernon.
Green's Mill Jackson Township. Original name of the present site of Coggon, named after the stone grist mill owned and operated by Amos Green until 1876/7. Later became known as Nugent, and then Coggon.
Haines Haines was located on the Waterloo, Cedar Falls & Northern RR. It was located between Center Point and Urbana. The town was listed on the trolley schedules of the W.C.F. & N.
Hiawatha Monroe Township
Hollenback A post office in Linn County in 1848 as evidenced by correspondence quoted in History of Linn County, by L. A. Brewer and B. L. Wick, Vol. I, pp. 82-3. Believed to have been at the present location of the town of Palo.
Hoosier Grove A post office from 1849 to 1857 at or near where the present town of Ely is located.
Hoosier Mills The name by which the village of Troy Mills was first known.
Indian Creek  
Ivanhoe Laid out as a town in 1838, and found and noted by the government surveyors in 1841 on the line between sections 29 and 30, Franklin Township, on the north bank of the Cedar River. It was on the old Dubuque and Iowa City road and had a post office from 1845 to 1849. According to the 1911 History of Linn County, Ivanhoe was never platted, but was only a squatter town. "Colonel Merritt kept the first store at Ivanhoe for parties in Rock Island.  This town had better prospects of becoming a great city than any other town in the county.  It had a good river frontage, a rich country around it, plenty of timber and good water, and had the government road besides. For some unknown cause the place seems to have been ignored when Marion and Cedar Rapids began to flourish." p. 271 vol. 1.
Jackson The town of Jackson was located in section 13, of Buffalo Twp. It was on the Chicago, Anamosa & Northern rail line. The down disappeared in the 1930s when the rail line was torn out. The town of Jackson can be found on the Highway Atlas of Iowa by M. Huebinger, 1917.
Jordan's Grove Maine Township
Kenwood Park Originally a town between Marion and Cedar Rapids.
Kingston The former name of what is now that portion of the city of Cedar Rapids west of the Cedar River.
Kingston City The name of the post office at Kingston, which see above, from 1858 to 1866.
Lafayette A post office in section 28, Otter Creek Township, from 1846 to 1902.
Lincolnway Village Rapids Township
Lindon The name of the post office at New Lindon, which see below, from 1854 to 1861.
Linn Jct. Linn Jct. was out near Xavier high school where the tracks split - one went to Palo and the other went to Center Point.
Lisbon Franklin Township
Marion Marion Township
Mayfield A town platted in an early day on the west side of the Cedar River in Section 34, Rapids Township, below the present city of Cedar Rapids.
McGonigle The former name of the present town of Center Point.
Midway Monroe Township
Mondieu A post office from 1854 to 1862 in the eastern central part of Clinton Township, on the west side of the Cedar River, and about five miles northwest of Cedar Rapids.
Mount Vernon Franklin Township
Necot A post office from 1851 to 1867 in the southeastern part of Buffalo Township.
New Buffalo Platted in an early day in Buffalo Township, but never built up.
New Lindon A town laid out in 1853 about one mile east of the present town of Springville, as a rival of Springville, and the removal of the post office from Springville to that place was secured for a few years. See Lindon above.
Newark Platted (by James Doty) in 1844 on the same ground as was Westport, which see below.  Given the name of Newark, from Newark, New Jersey, which was James Doty's birthplace.
Nugent See Nugen'ts Grove below.
Nugent's Grove A post office and hamlet in the southern part of section 3, Jackson Township, on the Buffalo Creek and near the location of the present town of Coggon. As a post office it existed as Nugen'ts Grove from 1856 to 1883, and as Nugent from 1883 to 1888.
Oak Grove A post office from 1850 to 1853 in the western part of Fayette Township.
Otter Creek A post office in Otter Creek Township from 1844 to 1846.
Paddington Laid out in 1855 as a separate town on land south of and adjacent to Waubeek, but later included as a portion of that village.
Palo Fayette Township
Paralta Linn Township
Paris Jackson Township
Pinhook A name applied to Mount Vernon in an early day.
Prairieburg Located in Boulder Township and named by Henry Ward, the first Postmaster.
Prospect Hill A post office from 1854 to 1872 in section 12, Linn Township.
Robins Monroe Township
Rogers Maine Township
Rogers Grove Putnam Township
Rural A post office from 1868 to 1878 in the northern part of Marion Township.
Saint Julien A post office from 1846 to 1858 in the southern part of Linn Township.
Saint Mary's A post office from 1849 to 1859 on the old Dubuque and Iowa City road about midway between Mount Vernon and Ivanhoe.
Scotch Grove Northwestern part of Fairfax Township where the family of Robert and Jane Ure settled in the spring of 1841, having emigrated from Scotland.
Scotts Mills  
Shady Brook A post office in Linn County from 1863 to 1866, but location not found.
Sisley's Grove A post office from 1857 to 1862 in section 29, Clinton Township. In an early day a small village with place for travelers, blacksmith shop, etc.
Spring Grove A post office from 1851 to 1879 in the northwestern part of Spring Grove Township.
Springville Brown Township
Sylvia Sylvia was beneath the current overpass on Center Point road. It was located on the Milwaukee RR.
Toddville Monroe Township
Torah Listed as a post office in Linn County from 1851 to 1853, but location not found.
Troy Mills Spring Grove Township
Valley Farm A post office from 1854 to 1872 in the western part of section 16, Jackson Township.
Vanderbilt The name first given the present village of Fairfax when it was laid out in 1863.
Vera Vera is a location where the Milwaukee RR and the Crandic interchanged. It was just to the right of Wilson Ave. at the railroad tracks.
Vienna A town originally planned by Andrew Jackson McKean and his friends, on land where Lisbon stands. Each agreed to build homes, but none were ever erected in Vienna.
Viola Brown Township
Walford Located in Benton County near the Benton/Linn county line.
Walker Located in Grant Township, Walker sprung up with the coming of the railroad (B. C. R. & N.)
Wapsa A post office from 1856 to 1870 north of the central part of Main Township, on the Wapsipinicon River.
Waubeek Located in Buffalo Township, but for a long time was part of Maine Township. The village of Waubeek was laid out in 1855, and for many years was a fine trading point.
West Prairie A post office from 1867 to 1885 in the northwestern part of section 26, Spring Grove Township.
West Rapids  
Western A town laid out in 1856 in the southern part of section 34, College Township. It was the home of Western College and became quite a village.
Western College The name of the post office at the town of Western, which see above, from 1858 to 1906.
Westport The first projected town in Linn County, staked out in 1838, three years before the government survey, on the Cedar River near the present town of Bertram.
Whittier Brown Township
Worthington Acres Rapids Township

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Sources:  Annals of Iowa: A Historical Quarterly. Vol. XVII, Third Series. 1929-1931
History of Linn County Iowa: From Its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time,
by L.A. Brewer and B. L. Wick. Vol. 1, 1911, Chicago, The Pioneer Publishing Co.

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