The List of the Dead

Below is a link to a Virtual Cemetery of Civil War Veterans buried in Linn County.

The Virtual Cemetery, on Find-a-Grave, was created by Roy & Linda Linn.

Civil War veterans buried in Linn County Iowa: a Virtual Cemetery - Find A Grave

Also below is a list of the veterans who are buried in Oak Hill, Linwood and Kenwood cemeteries.

  Source: Cedar Rapids Republican, Thursday, May 31, 1900

Transcribed for Linn County IAGenWeb by Sharyl Ferrall

Ayers, James P. Co D, 12th IA Vol Inf 04/06/1862 Oak Hill KIA at Shiloh, TN  
Berger, Rufus Co ?, MN Vol Inf 02/06/1866 Oak Hill    
Berkley, Carter Co H, 6th IA Vol Cav & 2nd Lieutenant, Co K, US Vol        
Bever, Henry S. Co E, 46th IA Vol Inf 12/25/1882 Oak Hill    
Blake, Elliott C.V. Lieutenant Commander, US Navy 07/30/1893 Oak Hill    
Boughton, Judson L. Captain, Co D, 12th IA Vol Inf 02/25/1865 Oak Hill Died near Memphis, TN Capt. J.L. Boughton
Boughton, Richard H. Co K, 2nd KS Vol Inf 12/18/1866 Oak Hill    
**Breeze, Thomas M. Co H, 2nd US Cav and Captain, Co F, 5th MI Vol Inf 03/20/1882 Oak Hill  **His name is actually Theodore M. Brees  
Brodie, John Co A, 15th IA Vol Inf 08/22/1873 Oak Hill    
C., J.R.     Oak Hill J.R.C. - no other info.  
Calder, Edward W. Co K, 1st IA Vol Inf & Sergeant, 12th IA Vol Inf 10/03/1862 Oak Hill KIA at Corith, MS  
Carroll, George R. Chaplain, 24th IA Vol Inf 12/10/1895 Oak Hill Cedar Rapids  
Casebeer, Jacob B. Captain, Co D, 24th IA Vol Inf 12/18/1889 Oak Hill   Rev. Jacob B. Casebeer
Chambers, Charles L. Surgeon, 35th IA Vol Inf 08/06/1894 Oak Hill    
Clancy, Martin Lieutant, 149th NY 04/22/1898 Oak Hill    
Clough, Harris Co C, 13th NH Inf 05/15/1897 Oak Hill    
Cook, Charles C. Captain, Co I, 20th IA Vol Inf 03/05/1880 Oak Hill DOD may be 03/06/1880  
Cook, George F. Co K, 26th US Reg Inf 12/17/1872 Oak Hill    
Cook, Thomas Z. Captain, Co K, 1st IA Vol Inf & Lieutenant Colonel, 18th IA Vol Inf 12/25/1879 Oak Hill    
Coulter, John P. Lieutenant Colonel, 12th IA Vol Inf 05/29/1879 Oak Hill    
Cush, George Co E, 11th IA Vol Inf 12/08/1869 Oak Hill    
Dolezal, Wencil Co D, 12th IA Vol Inf 08/31/1873 Oak Hill    
Fawcett, Jonas Co B, 126th OH Vol Inf 03/09/1889 Oak Hill    
Ferguson, Amos W. Co A, 15th IA Vol Inf 02/28/1865 Oak Hill Died at Andersonville prison, GA while a POW  
Fitch, Harlow S. Co L, 26th NY Vol Cav 10/22/1881 Oak Hill    
Fleck, Charles Co G, 24th IA Vol Inf 06/14/1863 Oak Hill Died in the south  
Fleek, Henry Lieutenant, Co G, 40th IN Vol Inf 04/03/1868 Oak Hill    
Forsythe, David J. Co G, 24th IA Vol Inf 12/24/1874 Oak Hill    
Garber, S.A. Co B, 18th IA Vol Inf 09/01/1892 Oak Hill    
Gardner, Charles Co B, 3rd ME Vol Inf 04/12/1880 Oak Hill    
Gomer, Richard Co H., 54th MA Vol Inf 07/28/1895 Oak Hill    
Graves, Henry N. Co A, 6th IA Vol Inf 02/11/1863 Oak Hill    
Green, Alfred Co I, 21st IA Vol Inf 05/10/1896 Oak Hill    
Gunning, John T. Co A, 15th IA Inf 09/27/1896 Oak Hill    
Hall, John Co A, 31st IA Vol Inf 02/16/1863 Oak Hill    
Hammersley, James Co I, 17th VT Vol Inf 03/04/1873 Oak Hill    
Hanna, John V. Co A, 18th IA Vol Inf 10/15/1879 Oak Hill    
Harris, Joseph Co ?, IL Vol Inf 03/14/1883 Oak Hill    
Harrison, Benjamin Sergeant, Co F, 1st CA Vol Inf and Sergeant, Co F, 2nd US Vol Inf 04/13/1891 Oak Hill    
Harrison, Samuel K. Lieutenant; Co K, 11th IA Vol Inf 04/06/1862 Oak Hill    
Hart, Casper J. Co I, 20th IA Vol Inf 01/21/1892 Oak Hill    
Henderson, Wm. P. Sergeant, Co H, 18th IA Vol Inf and Captain, Co G, 2nd AR Vol Inf 05/22/1893 Oak Hill    
Hollan, Joseph Co K, 1st IA Vol Inf & Lieutenant, Co H, 20th IA Vol Inf 01/31/1864 Oak Hill   Lieut. J.J. Hollan
Hollan, Samuel Co H, 20th IA Inf 02/11/1897 Oak Hill    
Hurd, Samuel A. War of 1812 04/30/1875 Oak Hill State & militia not given  
Kelley, William G. Co H, 112th IL Vol Inf 02/12/1880 Oak Hill    
Kennedy, James Battery C.S.A. 04/01/1881 Oak Hill    
Kern, Fred Co E, 16th IA Inf 02/06/1899 Oak Hill   Fred Kern
Keyes, C.C. Co F, 29th IA 05/1898 Oak Hill    
Keyes, George W. Co G, 84th IL 10/22/1897 Oak Hill    
Kittridge, Walter F. Co G, 24th IA Vol Inf 01/25/1878 Oak Hill   Walter F. Kittridge
Kruger, Gus Co K, 9th IA Inf 07/19/1899 Oak Hill    
Lobenstein, William Co I, 12the ME Vol Inf 06/06/1886 Oak Hill    
Lothlan, Donald Commissary Sergeant, 31st IA Vol In 01/09/1863 Oak Hill Surname may be Lothian  
Mallahan, Rolla Sergeant, Co A, 37th IA Vol Inf 06/24/1870 Oak Hill    
Mally, John Co H, 51st WI Vol Inf 09/12/1890 Oak Hill    
Manning, George A. Co F, 34th IA Vol Inf 12/24/1888 Oak Hill    
Mathias, John J. Co E, 3rd MD Vol Inf 02/17/1887 Oak Hill    
McClelland, Freeman Surgeon, 16th IA Vol Inf 02/13/1896 Oak Hill   Freeman McClelland
McDaniel, R.S. Co B, 139th IL Inf 07/13/1878 Oak Hill    
McDowell, Ezekiel Co E, 88th IL Vol Inf 02/01/1890 Oak Hill    
McGrew, W.T. Co A, 1st OH Light Artillery 05/01/1899 Oak Hill    
McIntrye, John Co L, 1st IA Vol Cav 07/22/1880 Oak Hill    
McRea, Thaddeus Chaplain, 91st US Colored Vol Inf 12/14/1882 Oak Hill    
Mershon, Austin Co E, 46th IA Vol Inf 03/01/1881 Oak Hill    
Mills, Benjamin F. U.S.A. Miss. Fleet 09/13/1884 Oak Hill   Benjamin F. Mills
Mills, Mason P. Past Dept. Commander, 12th IA Cav 07/31/1896 Oak Hill    
Mills, T.K. Corporal, Co C, 124th IL Vol Inf 08/28/1893 Oak Hill    
Morehead, James C. Co K, 1st IA Vol Inf & Sergeant, 9th IA Vol Inf 10/03/1863 Oak Hill Died at Corinth, MS  
Morehead, James S. Sergeant, Co I, 38th IA Vol Inf 07/05/1869 Oak Hill    
Morton, James Co C, 4th NY Heavy Artillery 09/2?/1899 Oak Hill    
Noble, Nelson Co A, 95th IL Vol Inf 05/25/1876 Oak Hill    
Olds, H.D. Co H, 3rd VT Inf 05/02/1899 Oak Hill    
Oliphant, Thomas Co D, 42nd U.S. Colored Inf 02/17/1896 Oak Hill    
Palmer, J.H. Co I, 26th NY Inf 05/03/1897 Oak Hill   Capt. J.H. Palmer
Parker, George C. Co C, 65th IL Vol Inf 02/09/1883 Oak Hill    
Ristine, Henry Surgeon, 20th IA Vol Inf 04/25/1893 Oak Hill    
Rothrock, James H. Lieutenant Colonel, 35th IA Inf 01/14/1899 Oak Hill   James H. Rothrock
Rudisill, William J. Co C, 49th IA Inf, Spanish-American War 03/28/1899 Oak Hill Died at Havana, Cuba  
Saner, Loren S. Co K, 82nd OH Inf 05/17/1900 Oak Hill    
Schminkey, Samuel Co E, 13th IA Vol Inf 10/13/1881 Oak Hill DOD may be 10/13/1886  
Shaw, Benjamin H. Co A, 15th IA Vol Inf 12/19/1861 Oak Hill    
Sherwood, Frank L. Co D, 47th IA Vol Inf 04/29/1890 Oak Hill   F.L. Sherwood
Sines, Absalom Sergeant, Co G, 24th IA Vol Inf 05/16/1863 Oak Hill KIA at Champion Hills, MS Absalom Sines
Smith, A. St. Clair Captain, Co C, 12th NH Vol Inf 12/18/1895 Oak Hill   A. St. Clair Smith
Smith, Almeron S. Co B, 20th IA Vol Inf 05/18/1878 Oak Hill    
Smith, Henry J Co K, 11th IA 07/02/1897 Oak Hill    
Smith, J. Wilson Co I, 8th PA Vol Inf 02/26/1894 Oak Hill    
Smith, Wm. S. Co I, 6th U.S. Colored Vol Inf 04/06/1894 Oak Hill    
Soles, George W. Co A, 37th IA Vol Inf 06/01/1877 Oak Hill    
Sparks, Miles G. Orderly Sergeant, Co I, 10th NJ Vol Inf 05/06/1874 Oak Hill    
Spaulding, William War of 1812 02/19/1873 Oak Hill State & militia not given  
Sprague, Henry M. Co I, 36th OH Vol Inf and 1st Lieutenant, Co I, 3rd AL Colored Vol Inf 08/13/1887 Oak Hill    
Stibbs, Hezakiah S. Co C, 1st CA Vol Inf 06/26/1882 Oak Hill    
Stoddard, Solomon Co A, 37th IA Vol Inf 08/01/1877 Oak Hill   Solomon Stoddard
Sweeney, James Co A, 15th IA Vol Inf 01/14/1873 Oak Hill    
Upton, Elijah Sergeant, Co G, 24th IA Vol Inf 09/26/1876 Oak Hill    
Warwick, Peter Co F, 19th OH Vol Inf 09/09/1892 Oak Hill Hard to read, may have been in Co F 15th OH Vol Inf  
Weeks, W.H. Co B, 1st Battalion NE Cav 04/01/1900 Oak Hill    
Wells, George S. Co A, 141st PA Vol Inf 12/02/1872 Oak Hill   G.S. Wells
Wescott, A.R. First Lieutenant, Co D, 31st ME Vol Inf 07/01/1891 Oak Hill    
Wilant, Kelley Co B, Union Regiment D.C. Vol Inf 02/27/1881 Oak Hill    
Wood, James H. Co K, 2nd US Colored Vol Inf 01/14/1892 Oak Hill    
Wood, W.C. United States steamer 'Towah' 03/01/1898 Oak Hill    
Wood, Wm J. Co C, 134th IL Vol Inf 02/18/1894 Oak Hill   Wm. J. Wood
Wynn, Cyrus Co K, 1st IA Vol Inf and Sergeant, Co A, 20th IA Vol Inf 10/02/1886 Oak Hill Surname may be Wyan  
Anthony, J.R. Co A, 20th IA Vol Inf 1917 Linwood    
Burke, Thomas M. Co G, 11th NY Vol Inf 04/14/1888 Linwood    
Carmae, John Co I, 3rd ML Vol Cav 06/15/1885 Linwood   John Carmae
Clark, Thomas A. Co G, 6th IA Vol Inf 04/24/1892 Linwood    
Cline, Jacob Co A, 28th IA Vol Inf 03/09/1890 Linwood   Jacob Cline
Cline, William E. Co B, 11th IN Vol Inf 09/21/1894 Linwood   William E. Cline
Crissinger, W.H. Co C, 17th IA Inf 09/21/1894 Linwood    
Deem, John Co A, 9th IA Vol Cav 01/17/1870 Linwood    
Denny, D.H. Co G, 2nd AR Vol Inf 05/10/1885 Linwood    
Donaldson, Morrison Co G, 24th IA Vol Inf 03/05/1864 Linwood   Morrison Donaldson
Dougherty, Robert Co A, 37th IA Vol Inf 04/08/1883 Linwood    
Forsythe, John M. Co F, 172nd Regiment Ohio National Guard 05/15/1885 Linwood    
Gadbois, John B. Co C, 93rd IL Vol Inf 1893 Linwood    
Gibbs, Daniel S. Co E, U.S. Vol Inf, Mexican War; also Captain, Co B, 29th WI Vol Inf 06/28/1890 Linwood   Daniel S. Gibbs
Goodwin, J.N. Co C, 47th IA Vol 10/12/1897 Linwood    
Hergesheimer, Samuel Co A, 37th IA Vol Inf 01/22/1887 Linwood    
Hinman, D.S. Co K, 6th IA Inf 09/24/1899 Linwood Year of death may be 1898  
Hunter, Jackson Co B, 9th IA Vol Cav 08/21/1878 Linwood    
Huntington, John N. Co B, 4th IA Vol Inf 04/26/1870 Linwood   John N. Huntington
Ingersoll, William T. Paymaster, Army of the Potomac 11/26/1890 Linwood    
Isham, Oliver D. Co A, 28th IA Vol Inf 08/01/1889 Linwood    
Kuhn, Philip Co C, 75th IL Vol Inf 07/23/1893 Linwood   Philip Kuhn
Larimer, Robert Co D, 124th OH Vol Inf 07/05/1863 Linwood    
Lattimer, William Co K, 11th IA Vol Inf 04/26/1892 Linwood   William Lattimer
Martin, David Drummer Company A, 31st IA Vol Inf 08/22/1869 Linwood   David Martin
Martin, Ebenezer B. Co D, 12th IA Vol Inf 12/28/1868 Linwood    
McCord, Harry Co C, 49th IA Inf Spanish-American war 10/05/1898 Linwood Died at Camp Cuba Libre, Jacksonville, Florida  
McCoy, Allen Co G, 82nd IL Vol Inf 03/09/1896 Linwood    
McLeod, Colin U.S. Navy 06/29/1891 Linwood    
McMillan, David Co C, 57th PA Vol Inf 01/14/1896 Linwood   David McMillan
McNeil, James Co I, 7th VT Vol Inf 03/26/1895 Linwood   James McNeil
Niles, R.D. Co G, 105th OH Vol Inf 01/04/1895 Linwood    
Pierce, Stephen Co K, 2nd IA Vol Cav 01/05/1865 Linwood    
Porter, J.R. Co ?, Vol Inf 02/11/1863 Linwood Company & state not given; KIA Aiken, S.C.  
Pratt, E.F. Co C, 101st NY Vol Inf 02/19/1892 Linwood    
Putnam, Hazel Co F, 103rd IL Vol Inf 02/02/1891 Linwood   Hazel Putnam
Quinian, Thomas B. Co C, 61st IL Vol Inf 10/15/1891 Linwood    
Reed, Charles P. Co M, 2nd IA Vol Cav 01/25/1891 Linwood   Charles P. Reed
Rice, James Co F, 92nd IL Vol Inf 10/08/1880 Linwood    
Rickabaugh, J.G. Co ?, 18th IA Vol Inf 03/02/1898 Linwood Possibly Co I or Co L J.G. Rickabaugh
Rickard, L.M. Co H, 12th OH Vol Inf 06/07/1882 Linwood    
Sadler, Marion Co H, 11th IA Vol 03/28/1898 Linwood   Marion Sadler
Scott, George Co A, 108th U.S. Colored Vol Inf 05/05/1886 Linwood   George Scott
Shattuck, William Co H, 35th IA Vol Inf 04/09/1883 Linwood   William Shattuck
Smouse, James Co G, 24th IA Vol Inf 04/21/1894 Linwood   James Smouse
Spaulding, Samuel S. Co I, 20th IA Inf (no date given) Linwood    
Staves, Anthony Co A, 20th IA Vol Inf 05/10/1891 Linwood    
Stoddard, Walace B. Co I, 16th IA Vol Inf 08/28/1862 Linwood   Wallace B. Stoddard
Streeter, George Co H, 2nd VT Vol Inf 07/29/1882 Linwood   George Streeter
Thompson, Allen Co B, 20th IA Inf 04/24/1897 Linwood    
Thompson, William D. Captain, Co I, 5th IA Vol Inf 07/09/1884 Linwood    
Williams, Owen Co H, 2nd OH Vol Heavy Artillery 04/29/1891 Linwood    
Wood, Chauncey Co A, 37th IA Vol Inf 08/28/1889 Linwood   Chauncey Wood
Yeager, Homer Co I, 11th IA Vol Inf 02/06/1878 Linwood    
Boyle, Thomas U.S. Teamster, Springfield, Mass. 07/23/1890 Kenwood    
Coffee, Patrick Co H, 340th MA Inf 01/07/1899 Kenwood 340th is "best guess"  
Curran, Francis Co D, 12th IA Vol Inf 10/20/1890 Kenwood    
Glyan, Michael 2nd Lieutenant, Co A, 15th IA Vol Inf 03/28/1895 Kenwood    
Lilly, Vincent F. Co H, 22nd IA Vol Inf 05/27/1863 Kenwood KIA at Vicksburg, Miss  
McMahon, Patrick Co I, 21st IA Vol Inf 09/30/1875 Kenwood    

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