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The Keokuk Dispatch
Keokuk, Lee County, Iowa USA
October 1, 1850
vol. 3 No. 13
--At Fort Madison, on the 1st inst by the Rev. Mr. Hacket, Mr. G.B. SMYTH of this city, to Miss MARTHA
CHAMBERS, of the former place.
-At Ft. Madison, on Tuesday, 1st inst., by the Rev. T. Lyman, Mr. GUY WELLS, of Keokuk, to Miss ELLEN
HAUXHURST, of the former place.

The Keokuk Dispatch
Keokuk, Lee County, Iowa USA
May 27, 1851
Vol. 3 No. 45
--On the 15 inst., by the Rev. Mr. Brooks, Mr. L. C. Linebaugh and Miss Eliza F. McLearning, all of this city.
--On the 22d, inst., by Rev. Mr. Brooks, Mr. L. C. Dorvns and Miss S. C. Weakley all of the place.
  The Printer was bountifully remembered, and in return sends his best wishes for a "long life and a merry
one," to the happy pair.--May they travel life's road cheerily, "hand in hand," and "young ideas" graduate
around them!
--On the 22d by Rev Elihu Gunn, Mr. Israel Anderson and Miss Sarah C. Hamilton, all of this place.
--In Green Bay township, on the 18th inst., by Rev. John Thompson, Ed. A. Layton and Miss Ann Eliza
Shephard, all of this county.

The Keokuk Dispatch
Keokuk, Lee County, Iowa USA
June 10, 1851 Thursday
Vol. 3 No. 47
Near Charleston, on the 2d inst., ALEXANDER PERRY, only son of John and Margaret Hamilton, aged
9 months and three days.
Fair Alexander found the happy shore;
He in this world will sigh no more;
He is gone, heis gone from earth away,
To Jesus where he'll ever stay.
Then, since the Lord has seen it best
To take his son away to rest,
Let us prepare pale Death to meet,
That we with him may take a seat.
Then in the idy arms of Death
He gladly did resign his breath;
His countenance did first declare,
"I haste the glorious crown to wear;
Farewell vain world, I'm going home,
The band of Angels now has come."

The Keokuk Dispatch
Keokuk, Lee County, Iowa USA
Nov. 2 1852
Vol. 5 No. 16
At Lancaster, Iowa, October 22, 1852, in the 18th year of her age. MARY JACOBS, daughter of James
and Mary Jacobs.
Sickness and death have been lingering in our midst for some months, and in the fierce rage of the
pestilence, our town has been most mournfully afflicted by the destroyer.
It is true, this is but the common lot of all that
is mortal : yet in this instance we are but to presume that death may have its favorites. The deceased had
an extensive circle of ardent friends, and was much admired for her consistent and amiable demeanor.
At all times courteous, kind and pleasing with her friends and associates, they will long venerate her memory
as most sacred relic.
Her aged parents may feel disconsolate, and mourn at the "aching void" that Mary has left, and sigh,
"There is not a joy the world can give like that which takes away,
When the glow of early thoughts decline in feeling dull decay;
'Tis not on youth's smooth cheek alone the blush that fades so fast.
But life is gone ere youth itself is passed."
Sad as this vereavement may be, "Let not your hearts be troubled, ye believe in God."
C. Lancaster, Oct. 25, 1852.

The Keokuk Daily Wigg
Keokuk, Lee County, Iowa USA
October 18, 1854 Tuesday
Vol. 1 No. 203
On the 26th of Oct., by the Rev. Dr. Rodgers, of Salem, Mr. George B. Billingley of Van Buren county to Miss Marrilla Stephens, adopted daughter of H.I. Childs, of Lee county, Iowa.

The Keokuk Daily Wigg
Keokuk, Lee County, Iowa USA
October 20, 1854 Friday
Vol. 1 No. 199
On the 16th inst., near Springfield, Ill, by the Rev. Mr. Dodge, Mr. H.C.
Rariden, formerly of Indiana, now of our City, to Mis Nellie A. Gilbert,
daughter of the late William Gilbert of Springfield.

The Keokuk Daily Wigg
Keokuk, Lee County, Iowa USA
November 10, 1854 Friday
vol 1 No. 217
In Farmington, Oct. 21st, William Foster, son of Jonas and Mary Janr Houghton, age 10 months.

Yeserday, Mary Ella, daughter of T. M. and Martha A. Archer, aged 2 years and 9 months. The friends of the family are invited to attend the funeral this morning, at 10 O'clock, at the corner of 11th and Blondeau streets. Nov. 10, '54

The Keokuk Daily Wigg
Keokuk, Lee County, Iowa USA
November 21, 1854 Tuesday
Vol 1 # 226
In this city on Saturday, Nov. 18th, H.L. Fulton, son of Harry and N.E. Fulton, aged 3 months.

The Keokuk Daily Wigg
Keokuk, Lee County, Iowa USA
January 5, 1855 Friday
vol 1, No. 265
On Christmas evening in Eddyville, I.W. Staney, of Mahask Co to Eveline Campbell of Eddyville.
In Fairfield, Dec. 10th, Sarah Iowa, daughter of Mrs. Uttz, aged 8 years.

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