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VITALS: STARR FAMILY of Van Buren Township

Compiled & Contributed by Marjorie Bruggeman 03/2007


Correcting the names on the big tombstone, according to Marjorie's father Leroy (ROY) Ephraim Starr.
See:  Croton Cemetery    by Marjorie Bruggerman nee Starr 

Correction of children buried in Croton Cemetery

Charles Leroy Starr & Anna Louisa Metzgar
Children: Lillie & Fred

John Braddock Starr
Children: Perley, Jesse, Rosie & Hattie

James Pearle & Perley Starr
Children: Minnie, Frank, Beverly & Willis

Harriet Starr Statzel
Children: James William & Perley
In the 1960's I had read an article about mound builders on the Des Moines River. I asked my dad
if he knew of any that he could take me to. He did, and he did. We were at a spot high above the river
in tall grass when I tripped over stones. One was Samuel Starr with a Civil War stone and metal stake
beside it, the other was a James Seaman Starr. There were about five or six small sandstone slabs behind the two mentioned, they were blank or unreadable. Unfortunately we didn't have a pen or paper to write the
dates down.

I now believe we were on the farm of James S. Starr or John Braddock Starr and that James (born 1806) is buried there with 4 or so children of John Braddock. Who Samuel Starr is I have no idea. Years later I went back, trees had been cut and brush had been piled where the graves should have been.

I believe that Elijah, the last descendant to own the farm, decided to put the stone up for his father James
and his brother John's children at the Croton cemetery, as well as himself and the rest of the Starr family

FAMILY SHEETS  (more to follow)

Family, by Burgis Pratt Starr

James S. Starr
d. November 1877, in Croton, Lee Co., Ia.
buried at Croton, Lee Co., Ia., according to family information
f. William Starr (see Starr book by Burges Pratt, pg.232 #343)
m. Sarah Braddock

other spouses:
#2.Rebecca Green Baldwin
#3. Sarah Ann Winans

wife # 1., Elizabeth Davis
b. September 17, 1812 in Athens, Ohio
d. October 10, 1836 (one day after birth of son John) in Ohio
md. November 10, 1831 in Athens Co., Ohio

children by Elizabeth Davis:

William Wallace Starr
b. March 19, 1833 in Rome tsp, Athens Co., Ohio
d. ?

John Braddock Starr
b. October 9, 1836 in Rome tsp, Athens Co., Ohio
d. January 4, 1911(from Civil War papers)
buried at Croton cemetery, Croton, Lee Co., Ia. 

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