Lee County Genealogy


Originally published in Lee County Lineage Keokuk January 1979, Vol III, and taken from the Des Moines Valley Whig 1856

Contributed by Carol Griswold Salli 

Jno F. DANIELSON to Amanda KOLIS Dec 23, 1856 of Summitville

Adison MORRIS to Ellen PILES 26 Nov 1856 of Summitville

F.N. SMITH, M.D. to Lucy W. PECK 20 Nov 1856 of Summitville

J.S. BEEBE, Esq. to Eva L. TIFFT 19 Nov 1856 - Rev Gunn

Jackson CLEMMINGS to Esther WEST? 19 Nov 1856 – Rev Gunn

R.BUCKLES to Margaret A. ANDERS Jan 1, 1857 – C.C. Bander, Esq. all of Harrison Twp.

Eli CLUTS of Maryland TO Eliza ATKINSON of Kentucky -Dec 31, 1857 Rev Umstead

John L. ZWART of Keokuk to Sue T. BRADY of Philadelphia, Pa.- Jan 15, 1857- Rev J. M. Viller

George FELT in Quincy, Ill. to Martha A. HASTINGS- Jan 22, 1857- Rev. L. Billings

James T. BARSTOU to Mary BUNELL – Jan 23, 1857

Samuel F. MILLER, Esq. of Keokuk to Mrs. Eliza W. REEVES of Keokuk – Feb 12, 1857 by Rev. L. Whitney

George KING in Farmington, Ia., to Francis A. McKEE-Feb 19, 1857 – Rev H. Adams

Rev. W.F. COWLER at Warsaw, Ill., to Elizabeth Maria LaMONTE- Feb 24, 1857 – Rev W.B. Barton

Charles F. BLAIR of Lee County to Elizabeth Ann LYONS of Lee County, Feb 25, 1857 – Rev. James Brown

Geo. W. McCREARY, Esq. of Keokuk, Ia., to Helen A. GELATT of Bentonsport, Ia., - Mar 11, 1857 – Rev. Thos. Ballinger

P.D. FOSTER of Keokuk, Ia., to Martha (Bu)CKINGHAM of Newa??, Mo- Mar 19, 1857- Rev. E. Buckingham

Wray BROWN of Keokuk, Ia., to Sara FUQUA of Marion co., Mo. – Mar 12, 1857 – Rev. A. P. Forman

Jas. H. GARMES to Maggie McSHERRY – Apr 16, 1857 – Rev. Proctor/ Christian church

John J. BELL of Lee co., Ia., to Nancy MOORE of Lee co., Ia.-Apr 16, 1857 – Rev Jas. Brown

Elliott PYLE, M.D. of Lee co.,Ia., to Mary A. WALKER of Lee co.Ia., Apr 22, 1857- Rev Cowle

Henry W.STARR of Burlington, Ia., to Elza A. MERRILL of Middleburg – Apr 9, 1857- Rev.Prof Boardman

Thos. J. HARDESTY to Harriet E. J(---)LL- 23 Apr 1857 – Rev. S. Haimes

Luther H. KROIGH of VanBuren co.,Ia., to Sara R. S(???)of VanBuren co., Ia. Apr 30, 1857- Rev. L.T. Rowley

Reuben JOHNSTON to Ann E. BANK May 10, 1857 – Rev D.B. Gunn

John H. VOORHIES of Keokuk, Ia. to Sue S. JEWITT of Fairfield, Ia., - May 26, 1857 – Rev J. Gasner

WM.M. STONE, Judge, 11th Judicial District to Caroline H. MATHEWS at Knoxville, Ia., May 12 1857

Aaron HANEY of VanBuren co., Ia., to Melissa J. CLAYPOOLE of VanBuren co., May 21, 1857 – Rev L.T. Rowley

Jeremiah A. EDDY in Farmington, Ia., to Ruth A. DIBBLE – May 20, 1857 – Rev W. H. Turton

Chas L. WILKINSON- Harrison Twp, Lee co., to Josephine L. Anderson- May 29, 1857 – Rev H. Adams

John A. CHESTER of Farmington, Ia., to Jemima Ann HUME Jun 4, 1857- Rev H. Adams

Charles PARSON of Keokuk, Ia., to Martha PETTUS of St. Louis – Jun 11, 1857 – Rev Bishop Hawks

A.J. RALSTON of Keokuk, Ia., to Sallie E BUCHANAN of Steubenville, Oh. – Jun 16, 1857 – Rev. Halleway

I.C. BROWN of St. Louis to Sue E. MOWER of Granville, Oh.-Jun 9, 1857 – Rev. Hale

Robert BROWN of Farmington, Ia to Lucy M. VINCENT of Farmington, Ia., Jun 28, 1857 – Rev A. Adams

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