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Keokuk Medical College
College of Physicians and Surgeons
The Chieftain Yearbook

The Drexel
605 Main
Bowling, Billiards, Pool, Cigars & Confections
Jos. Haubert
709 Main
Meats & Poultry
412 Main
Keokuk's Leading One Price Clothier
Willis H. Davis

Surgical Instruments
Linquist Bros.
518 Main
Home & Office Furnishers
Schouten’s Bakery
Corner Tenth Main Branch Seventh & High
Bread, Cakes & Pastry
Jones the Hatter
402 Main
Up-to-Date Hats & Furnishing Goods
C. H. Rollins & Co.
Seventh & Main
The Book Store on the Corner
Joseph Moeller
607 Main
Cigars & Tobacco
Keokuk Savings Bank

General Banking Business
Keokuk National Bank

Frank LeBron Jewelry

High Grade Goods
Elgin Jewelry Co.
502 Main
Try Us for Your Jewelry
Peterson Bros Clothiers
602-604 Main
Seibert’s Opera

5 cent cigar
Renaud’s Jewelry Store

A Safe Place to Trade
Anschultz Photographer
19 No. 4th
First Class Photographer
Ward Brothers Cigar Store
525 Main

Weil & Co.
426 Main
Dependable Clothing for Men & Boys
Bode-Larson Shoe Co.

Fine Shoes – If you want the Latest
James Cameron & Sons

Transfer Line – Wood & Coal
Van Doren Bros.

The Model Barber Shop
521 Main

Plain & Shower Baths
J. B. Van Pappelendam

Financial Agent
Wilkinson & Co.
412 Main
Wholesale Druggists
The Leake Printing Co.
801-803 Main

Practical Job Printers
Crimmins & Chase
723 Main
Funeral Directors
Daily Gate City

Keokuk’s Leading Newspaper
Collins–Heaslip Carpet Co. - Duncan- Shell Furniture Co.
307 to 317 Main
Carpets, Furniture & Complete House Furnishers
Horlicks Malted Milk

Infants, Invalids & the Aged

Transcribed by Sally Youngquist

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