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Iowa Old Press

New Era
Humeston, Wayne, Iowa
March 7, 1900
FORT MADISON, March 3 - Hazel Rogers, 12 years of age, a bright and prepossessing child, committed suicide by shooting herself in the heart. Although little is known regarding the cause, it is believed she grieved over a childish love affair until death seemed the only relief.

Lime Springs Sun
Lime Springs, Howard co. Iowa
Thursday, February 23, 1905
Of Interest in Iowa - A Diary of Noteworthy Happenings

Mrs. Inman of Keokuk attempted suicide by taking poison. Her life was saved because of the [illegible] of the dose.

The explosion of a kitchen range at the home of F. V. Hopkins at Fort Madison, due to
freezing water pipes, caused great damage, but resulted in the injury

Lime Springs Sun
Lime Springs, Howard co. Iowa
Thursday, April 13, 1905
The State of Iowa - Occurrences During the Past Week.

-An Afro-American civil league has been organized in Keokuk.

-Samuel Wood Tucker, a pioneer resident of Keokuk, is dead at his home in that city at the age of 85 years.

-Five thousand dollars is bequeathed the the National Spiritualist Association of Washington in the will of Samuel W. Tucker, a wealthy citizen of Keokuk, as filed from probate.

The Iowa Recorder
Greene, Butler co. Iowa
Wednesday, P.M., February 2, 1910
Goes Insane Because of Hug
The embrace of a young man, followed by incessant teasing on the part of girl companions, while at work, caused pretty 20-year-old Lily Nygren of Keokuk to become insane. These facts were disclosed in the application to the Lee county insanity board, which ordered Miss Nygren committed to the State institution at Mount Pleasant. She is in a critical condition and the strictest watch is being kept for fear she will attempt suicide. Miss Nygren was employed in a wholesale house. Several weeks ago she was
playfully embraced against her will by a young man working by her side.  Seeing Miss Nygren's resentment Several of her girl companions teased her ntil she quit work and went home, where she cried for several days. Upon returning to work the girls again teased her and she again went home crying.  Melancholia ensued, followed by insanity.

New York Times
New York, New York
February 17, 1912
P.J. Hess of Chicago has been engaged by the state board of control as manager of the chair factory which is being established at the Fort Madison penitentiary.

Correctionville News
Correctionville, Woodbury, Iowa
March 26, 1914
Lack of money and a position with which to support his wife and baby was given by Archie Hayes of Fort Madison as a reason for ending his life with a bullet through his brain in his home there. His wife and child were in an adjacent room while he penned the note and pulled the trigger of a small rifle.

Kellogg Enterprise
Kellogg, Jasper co. Iowa
February 4, 1916
Father and Son in Jail
Keokuk -- Father and son met in a jail cell here when Johnny Page; a lad of 17, was arrested on a charge of malicious mischief and two days later the police took into custody the boy's father, J.W. Page, on a charge of robbery.  Both have confessed to committing the offenses with which they were charged.

New York Times
New York, New York
February 16, 1916
The wedding of Miss Mildred Anne Joy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde R. Joy of Keokuk, Iowa, and Hugh J. Robertson of Iowa, took place yesterday afternoon at the Hotel St. Regis. The Rev. J.T. Stocking of Upper Montclair, N.J., officiated. Mrs. Ralph B. Joy was the bride's only attendant. Harold Covington Pond was best man. A dinner, followed by dancing, was held after the ceremony. The couple left for California on their honeymoon

Nashua Reporter
Nashua, Chickasaw, Iowa
March 30, 1922
A.T. Marshall, Keokuk, attorney, died at his home recently following an acute attack of illness. He was stricken while seated in his office. He was a member of the Keokuk Bar Association and one of the commissioners for the insane for that county.

Cedar Rapids Republican
Cedar Rapids, Linn co. Iowa
February 9, 1926
Romance is Fatal to Mexican Youth
Ft. Madison, Feb. 9, (U.P.) - Otillie Buiterra, 18, found shot through the heart in the patio of the Mexican village here last night, is believed to have been the victim of a rival in love, and police today are searching for Brigado Erazrra, 20, another Mexican youth. Guiterra's body was found lying in plain sight of the nearest houses of the village. The light of a street lamp revealed the huddled form to a woman in one of those places and she phoned for police in the belief that the man was drunk. The boy died almost
on the spot where four months ago he danced with the girls of the village during a fiesta staged with all the color and abandon of old Mexico. County officials believe that a romance originating at the fiesta between the boy and Rosita Aguilera, dark eyed Mexican girl of the village, caused the tragedy, and Erazrra, other of her suitors is being sought.

West Point, Lee County, Iowa USA
September 30, 1943
On September 30, 1943, A West Point soldier, T/5, Leo L. Brandt, son of Mrs. Barbara (Hohl) Brandt has been awarded the Purple Heart for being wounded in action in the North African campaign.  He was awarded the metal last July. The metal was engraved with the three stars indicating that he had taken part in three battles. He sent the metal home to his mother for safe keeping, she is receiving the same last week. He entered the Army service April 24, 1941 and has  been oversees for the past 18 months.  No further details of the award were available.

Submitted by S. Ferrall, transcribed by S. Ferrall and other volunteers from Iowa Old Press

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