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Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette

Wednesday, September 17, 1890
The dead body of George Marion, a farmer living near Ft. Madison, was found near his home Friday. Foul play is suspected

Saturday, September 20, 1890
- A humane society has been organized at Keokuk.
- Excavating for the union depot at Keokuk has been commenced.
- Keokuk Hebrews are making arrangements to secure a regular pastor.
- A disease resembling cholera has attacked the hogs about Summltville.

Wednesday, August 19, 1891
- James E. McKay of Ft. Madison was killed in a wreck near Kenwood, Mo.
- Mrs. Mary A. Treken, an old resident of Ft. Madison, is dead, aged 74 years.

Monday, January 17, 1898
Ft. Madison. Iowa. The district court grand jury made its final report at noon Saturday and was discharged - ___ were ignored and four continued. Among the latter was that against several citizens of Denmark and Pleasant Ridge townships for an assault with Intent to kill upon Abe ___.

Thursday, Febrary 23, 1905
- Eight high school boys at Keokuk were candidates to go to Washington to attend the Inaugural ceremonies on March 4. A vote was taken and Hubert Schouten was chosen.
- Sixteen men in the Ft. Madison jail went on a strike, refusing to perform any labor. They were at once put on bread and water.

April 13, 1914
Ft Madison, Iowa. The jury in the case of Michael M. O'Donnell, the Keokuk man on trial charged with the murder of his wife, today returned a verdict of guilty of murder in the first degree and fixed the punishment of death. The case came to Ft Madison on a change of venue. The jury retired yesterday afternoon and reached the verdict shortly after 10 o'clock today.

Compiled by Sally Youngquist

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