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Abandoned, Still Populated, U. S. Post Office
Towns and Townships

Abandoned Towns

Montrose Twp. Road dividing Sec. 7,8, and 17,18. A post office from 1840 to 1857
West Point Twp. Sec. 12. The name of a railroad station, it was later changed to Edwards.

Montrose Twp. Sec. 36. Also known as Ballenger's Siding and Ballenger's Switch. Settlement of cabins along the bank of the Mississippi River. In the 1870's timber and tin shacks were the homes of approximately 500 men who worked on the construction of the canal to bypass the rapids on the Mississippi River.

Twp. Sec.

Van Buren Twp. Sec. 2

Washington Twp. Sec. 7. A Railroad Station.

Big Mound
Cedar Twp. At common corners of Sec 19,20,29 and 30. Post Office 1852-1903.

Bluff Park
Montrose Twp. Sec. A community of summer homes overlooking the Mississippi River.

Bluffs Siding
Twp. Sec.


Buena Vista
Twp. Sec.

Bullards Station
Jefferson Twp. Sec 11

Des Moines Twp. Sec. 20. The name of the post office of Vincennes from 1852 to 1858 at the village and railway station of Sand Prairie.

Cedar Twp. Sec. 12. A post office from 1869-1875 when it was changed to White Lane. Post office was discontinued in 1876.

Clays Grove
Marion Twp. Sec. 29. A post office from 1857-1863, and again from 1868-1892.

Des MoinesTwp. Sec. 1 Connables took over the railway station after the tracks were moved. Therefore the name. Had previouly been Melrose.

Cedar Twp. Sec 10.

Courtwright/Mt Hamill
Cedar Twp. Sec. 25. The name of the post office for a few months in 1881, change to Hamill and at present Mt Hamil

Van Buren Twp

Cedar Twp. Sec. 15. Another name for Russelville.

Franklin Twp. Sec. 8. Was formally Tuscarora, a post office was formed there in 1840, by 1853 the name was changed.

See Atlee

Franklin Center
Franklin Twp. Sec 23 and 26. Town was laid out in 1840 and was intended for the county seat. Its post office, Franklin Center, was from 1843 to 1883 when it was changed to Franklin. It then ran until 1920.

Montrose Twp. Sec. 24. First school in Iowa here.

Green Bay
Green Bay Twp. Sec. 9. A post office for a few months in 1851 and again from 1854 to 1859.

Washington Twp. Sec. 17. A railway station.

Des Moines Twp. Sec. 24.

Jefferson Twp. Sec. 16. A village on the railway. It was laid out in 1867, but failed to build up due to its close proximity to Viele. The post office established before the village was platted, ran from 1856 with the exception of two short intermissions, until 1876.

Green Bay Twp

La Crew
Parts of Franklin and Madison Twp. Sec


Twp. Sec. Madison Twp. In 1836 the town now known as Ft. Madison was called Madison

Marion Twp. Sec. 25. A village and railroad station.

Des Moines Twp. Sec. 1. A railway station. The railroad was relocated and the station was taken over by Connables.

Montrose Twp. Sec. Found on a 1857 map between Nashville and Keokuk, on the railroad.

Jackson Twp.

Mount Clara
Twp. Sec.

Montrose Twp. Sec. 24. The former name of Galland. Nashville was laid out in 1841. It had a post office for part of the year 1843, but it was discontinued.

Overton/Pilot Grove
Marion Twp. Sec. 22 The former name of the railroad station and post office of Pilot Grove.

Prairie House
Charleston Twp. Sec. 22. The name of the railway station, and post office from 1843 to 1850 when the name was changed to Charleston.

Cedar Twp. Sec 15. Town was laid out in 1858. Also called Doantown.

Saint Paul
Sand Prairie
Twp. Sec.

Washington Twp. Sec. 7.


South Augusta
Denmark Twp. Sec. 25. A village on the south side of the Des Moines River oppisite the town of Augusta. It was surveyed in 1842, but no permanent town developed.

South Franklin
Franklin Twp. Sec. 35. The former name of the railway station near Franklin.

String Prairie
Des Moines Twp. Sec, 15. A post office indicated on maps of 1854.

Sugar Creek
Montrose Twp. Sec. 30 and Des Moines Twp. Sec. 25. The first Swedish settlement in Lee County,

Franklin Twp. Sec. 8. A post office was established here in 1840. In 1853 the name was changed to Dover.

Van Buren
Van Buren Twp. Sec The name first given to the post office established at Warren, the railroad station in Sec 36, Harrison Twp. This was from January to December, 1849.

Jefferson Twp. Sec. 10. This town was never platted. It was named for Phillip Viele, a pioneer Ft. Madison lawyer. In 1868 Daniel Weise was appointed the first Postmaster. The post office closed in 1911.

Harrison Twp. Sec. 36

White Lane/Camackville
The name of a post office formerly called Camackville, which see above. It was located at White's Iowa Intitute of Manual Labor, Sec. 14, Cedar Twp.

Charleston Twp. Sec. A former station on the old Keokuk and Northwestern Railroad



The name of the plat of a projected pioneer town somewhere in Lee County

Communities Still Populated

Charles Twp. Sec. 22.

Van Buren Twp. Sec. 20. Laid out July 3, 1849 it lays along the Des Moines River. Across the river is Athens, Missouri where the Northern most Civil Battle occurred. This was on August 2, 1861. Amos Glover, a Rev War solider, lies in the Croton cemetery.

Franklin Twp. Sec. 26. Laid out in 1840. The town almost became the County Seat since it is located almost in the center of the county. Many stone homes, from a nearby quarry, are still being used today. A German settlement.

Jackson Twp. Sec. 9. Originally a railway station. During the WW I a settlement built up around the "Powder Works." Explosives were made there. It is now referred to as either Powder Works or Mooar.

Mt Hamil
Cedar Twp. Sec. 25.

New Boston
Charles Twp. Sec. 35

Harrison Twp. Sec. 23. Laid out by Geo. Perkins, a Rev. War soldier, about 1838. It was named by the wife of the first postmaster, Exum McCulloch, for the wild flowers that grew in abundance. Primrose thrived for awhile, but then the railroad never came through as planned. Settled mostly by Germans from the Northern part, or from Baveria. There were also Quakers and Mennonites.

Montrose Twp. Sec. 36 A small village on the Mississippi River at the mouth of Lemoliese Creek. This name came from a Frenchman who established a trading post there in 1820. A post office was established in 1861-1905. Sandusky was a trading point of some importance for many years. There was a canning factory and in the early to mid 1900's Sandusky was known for its strawberry growing and shipping.

St Paul
Marion Twp. Sec. 23

Montrose Twp. Parts of Sec. 23 The name appears to be locally discriptive as it is on rising ground along the ridge road. The post office was established in 1847 and discontinued in 1919. Besides the post office there was a school, a general store and a Christian and Presbyterian Church.

Des Moines Twp. Sec. 20
Towns with U. S. Postal Service

Des Moines Twp. Sec. 8-9

Denmark Twp. Sec. 29.

Parts of Charles Twp. Sec. 4-5 Franklin Twp. Sec. 32-33

Ft Madison
Madison Twp. One of two County Seats in Lee County.

Cedar Twp. Sec. 13

Jackson Twp. Sec. One of two County Seats

Montrose Twp. Sec. 16

Pilot Grove
Marion Twp. Sec. 22

West Point
West Point Twp. Sec. 5

Green Bay Twp. Parts of Sec.5

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