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Business Directory
1886, 1892 and 1902


Source: History of Montrose collections located at the Montrose Library; from May 21, 1886, issue of the Bluff Park Journal;

Allen & Vanosdoll
Dealers in fancy & staple groceries, provisions, notions, gent's furnishings, goods, flour & feed specialty.

Anderson & Bendle
Physicians & Surgeons. Office corner of 3rd & Main Streets.

Anderson, F.P.
Dealer in harness-saddles, collars, bridles, whips, combs, Brushes, etc. Single buggy harness $10 & upwards.

Bowen, P.N.
Groceries (staple & fancy) provisions, glassware, queensware, woodenware, etc.

Bowen, Park Proprietor,
Bowen House, Main Street, First class house for permanent & transient guests.

Campbell & Graham
Building Stone. Dimension stone of any size always on hand at quarry. North of Bluff Park. Also fresh lime furnished at the kiln near the quarry and at the principal stores in town. (Present site of the Ralph St. Clair home, 1982).

Coleman, T. Insurance,
Spruce Street, opposite Catholic Church

Fisher, W.C.
General Merchandise, Groceries, Dry Goods, Etc., Huiskamp's Boots & Shoes

Galland, Washington
Attorney & Counselor at Law

Galt House
Fred Hahn, Proprietor. Opposite Railway Depot & steamboat landing. Good stabling in connection with the house. Terms to suit all.

Hahn, Fred
Flour & Feed

J.B. Packing
Before you buy--be sure you see the surprising bargains being offered at our great cash closing out sales at the Bluff Park Store. Our stock must be sold at once & this is a genuine opportunity to buy good clean & fresh goods at cost, & 25% less than others

Kiel, J.B.
Dealer in hardware, nails, stoves, tinware, etc. Keen Kutter & Diamond Edge Tools a specialty.

Noyes & Campbell
Park Bluff, White Essex Lines Kilns

Parker, Dr. R.M.
Homeopathic Physician, Cedar Street between 1st & 2nd Streets

Reeves & Son
Groceries, coal, lime, salt, dry goods, steamboat & raft supplies, etc. agents for Diamond Jo. Pt. Co.

Rigg, J.J.
Physician and Acoucher. Calls in town or country answered day or night. (Couch-to treat a cataract or a person having a cataract by an operation intended to restore partial vision by displacing the lens of the eye into the vitreous humor).

Walters, W.M.
Meat Market (fresh & smoked). Orders delivered free to Bluff Park or any part of the city. Highest market prices paid for hides & tallow.

Ward, Thomas
Post Office, Drug Store. Pure drugs, Diamond dyes, tobacco, cigars. Complete stock of everything found in a first-class Drug Store. A full line of stationary & school supplies

Source: History of Montrose collections located at the Montrose Library; July 29, 1892 issue of The Bluff Park Journal

Bartlett Photographer of Nauvoo

Bluff Park Journal Newspaper.
Published at the beautiful Summer Resort of South Eastern Iowa. Locals 10 cents per line--Obituary notices $1.00. Write for our liberal rates on standing advertisements.

Farris, C.H.
Montrose Agent for Diamond Joe Line Steamers. Now running 2 Steamers each way every week between St. Louis & St. Paul.

Ferry City of Nauvoo,
Leaves Montrose at the following times: 8:40, 10:00 & 11:15a.m., 2:00, 3:45 & 5:20 p.m.

Hahn, Fred
Proprietor, Galt Hotel. At the Old Stand. Good beds and board.

Houghton, David
Barber & Hair Dresser, Front Street opposite Depot. Open each day of the week.

L.L. May & Co.
Nurserymen, Florists & Seed, St. Paul, MN. WANTED - Salesmen, Local & Traveling. To represent our well known house. You need no capital to represent a firm that warrants nursery stock firstclass and true to name. Work all the year. $100 per month to the right man. Apply quick stating age.

Maddox, W.B.(M.D.)
Physician & Surgeon. Office 3 doors east of Post Office. Calls answered promptly day or night.

Reddick, D.C.
Attorney at Law

Ward, Thomas

Yarnall Mfg. Co., St. Louis, MO

Source:  History of Montrose collections located at the Montrose Library, The Banner, December 10, 1906

Barber, F.P.
Proprietor of Hotel Annex. Choice wines, liquors & cigars--Agt. for Peckstein & Nagel's Beer.

Bonapart Record Newspaper
Bonapart, IA

Bowen, P.W. (Mrs.)
Agent, pianos and organs
Burlington Hawkeye Newspaper

Carnes, H., (Dr.)
Physician & Surgeon. Office corner First & Main Sts. Office equipped with the latest appliances for treating chronic diseases.

Clingman, Jennie
Publisher, The Banner, published monthly --subscription price 25 cents per year, payable in advance. Advertising rates 50cents per inch.

Elliott's Business College Burlington, IA

Gate City Newspaper

Hancock, W.A.
Blacksmith and horse shoer, has facilities for doing machine work with neatness & dispatch. Corner First & Cedar Sts.

Kendall, C.W.
Proprietor, New Meat Market. All home killed meat from select stock. Opposite Montrose Postoffice.

Kennedy, C.A.
Congressman, First District

Keokuk Standard
Published every Saturday by Dr. G. Walter Barr. The paper was established in 1895.

Kiel, J.B.
Drug Store. Do you want a post card of yourself, the baby, or the whole family? If so see J.B. Kiel, a full line of scenic views of Montrose and vicinity, can be seen at the drug store.

Latta, R.S.
Livery, Feed & Sale Barn, heavy teaming. Sole agent for Sunny Brook Whiskey, & Leisy's Beer.
20 to 30 choice brands of cigars, choice wines & other imported goods.

Lodges A.O.U.W. Lodge, Joppa Lodge A.F. & A.M.

Bluff Park Camp No. 853 M.W.A.

Montrose Canning
Factory Manager - Keith

Montrose Savings Bank

Nauvoo Academy

Noles, W.
Inventor of the Noles Water Filter. Call or write Mr. Noles for particulars.

Reeves, H.D.
Headquarters for groceries, notions, coal & ice.

Rigg, J.J. (Dr.)
Doctor, Argyle, IA

Scott, John C.
Mayor of Montrose

The Ft. Madison Democrat Newspaper

Vanosdoll, J.L.
Dealer in groceries, notions, men's working clothes, flower pots & jewelry.

Transcribed by Ruth Dresser

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