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Sallen Herman West Point Farm
Sandbothe George West Point Farm
Sander Ralph L. Primrose Farm
Sander Carl Primrose Farm
Sanders J. G. Houghton Office
Sanders J. G. Houghton Residence
Sanders Joseph Houghton Farm
Sanders W. F. Houghton Farm
Sanders Henry Donnellson Farm
Sanders Joe Hillaboro Farm
Sanders W. F. Primrose Farm
Sanders B. H. West Point Residence
Sanders Gehr. West Point Residence
Sanders Bros. Wreaking Co.
West Point Office
Sander Used Cars
West Point
Sanderson Glen Hillaboro Farm
Sanderson Paul Primrose Farm
Sanderson & Son Hillsboro Hardware Store
Sanderson & Son, Gilford Hillsboro Residence
Sargent Mrs. O. G. Argyle Farm
Sarr Dr. J. L. Donnellson Office
Sarr Dr. J. L. Donnellson Residence
Satterly S. O. Primrose Farm
Saxe Stewart Primrose Farm
Schaffer Mrs. Chris Donnellson Farm
Scharpman Joseph Houghton Farm
Scharpman Henry Houghton Farm
Schau Herman Primrose Farm
Scheffler Albert Donnellson Farm
Scheffler Edward Donnellson Farm
Scheffler Mrs. William Donnellson Farm
Schelburg Fred Primrose Farm
Scheuerman Martin Primrose Residence
Schevers John Argyle Farm
Schier Ben West Point Residence
Schierbrock Bros.
West Point Groceries
Schiller Chris Donnellson Farm
Schinstock Bros. Houghton Farm
Schlicker Chris Donnellson Farm
Schlicker Dan Donnellson Residence
Schlicker Jacob Jr. Donnellson Residence
Schlicker Ben Donnellson Farm
Schmidt John Donnellson Farm
Schmidt Jacob Donnellson Residence
Schmidt Val Donnellson Residence
Schmidt Dr. L. A. West Point Veterinary Office
Schmitt Jacob & Carl Primrose Farm
Schneble John Donnellson Farm
Schneble Jacob Donnellson Residence
Schneider Art West Point Farm
Schock O. J. Donnellson Store
Schoemaker Mrs. L. Donnellson Residence
Schoemaker Mrs. Joe Donnellson Farm
Schoene C. O. Donnellson Residence
Schoene William Donnellson Residence
Schoene George Primrose Farm
Schoene John Primrose Farm
Schoene Martin West Point Farm
Schoene Ray West Point Farm
Argyle Argyle
School House Donnellson Office
Schott Charles Primrose Residence
Schowalter Abraham Donnellson Farm
Schreiner William Jr. Donnellson Residence
Schreiner Wiliam West Point Farm
Schrepfer Herman Houghton Garage
Schrepfer Herman Houghton Residence
Schrepfer George Primrose Residence
Schrepfer Ralph Primrose Farm
Schriner William Sr. Donnellson Farm
Schroeder Steve West Point Dry Gds. &
Schroeder H. B. West Point Residence
Schubert Charles Houghton Farm
Schubert Lloyd Hillsboro Residence
Schuck Dr. F. P. Donnellson Residence
Schuck Dr. F. P. Donnellson Office
Schuelka August Primrose Farm
Schuelke Lewis Donnellson Residence
Schulte Henry Houghton Farm
Schulte Ben West Point Farm
Schulte Joe West Point Farm
Schumacher Henry West Point Farm
Schumacher Mrs. Lewis West Point Franklin
Schuppy Ross Houghton Farm
Schutte Henry West Point Residence
Schwartz Nick West Point Farm
Schwartz Jake West Point Farm
Schwartzentruber Charles Donnellson Farm
Schweer Louis Primrose Farm
Scott Eli Donnellson Residence
Scott J. C. Montrose Bluff Park
Scovern B. B. Argyle Farm
Seamans E. D. Houghton Farm
Seiferheld Louis Argyle
Service Oil Station West Point Office
Seyb T.H. Donnellson Residence
Seyb Brothers Donnellson Store
Seyb Edward Donnellson Residence
Seyb O. D. Donnellson Farm
Seyb Peter Donnellson Farm
Seyb Mrs. Phillip Donnellson Farm
Seyb William Donnellson Farm
Shadle L. C. Montrose Farm
Shadwell Richard West Point Residence
Shamblin Gilmore Hillsboro Farm
Shamblin H. J. West Point Farm
Shark Fred Argyle Shop
Shark Fred Argyle Farm
Sheffer W. D. Donnellson Farm
Shellman John Hillsboro Residence
Shellman Otto Hillsboro Farm
Shields George Donnellson Farm
Shiller Charles Argyle Farm
Shipley G. L. Houghton Farm
Silvers O. X. Montrose Farm
Simpkins C. W. Primrose Farm
Skog A. C. Montrose Farm
Slater Walter Argyle Farm
Slaughter Bert Primrose Farm
Slaughter James Primrose Residence
Sleichter Dr. S. U. West Point Dental Office
Sleichter Dr. S. U. West Point Residence
Slusher B. F. Primrose Farm
Smart Frank Hillsboro Farm
Smith Robert Argyle Farm
Smith Noble Argyle Farm
Smith W. P. Donnellson Farm
Smith H. O. Donnellson Farm
Smith George Montrose Farm
Smith R. N. Montrose Store
Smith R. N. Montrose Residence
Smith P. G. Co. Montrose Factory
Smith George Primrose Farm
Smith John Primrose Farm
Smith J. R. Primrose Farm
Smith Fred West Point Farm
Smultz B. R. & Sam Hillsboro Farm
Smultz Willis Hillsboro Farm
Smultz Craig Hillsboro Farm
Smutz Harley Houghton Farm
Smutz John Hillsboro Farm
Snaadt Gerhard Sr. West Point Residence
Snedden Richard Donnellson Farm
Snyder Mrs. Wm. Montrose Residence
Snyder Orvil Primrose Farm
Snyder Elzie Primrose Farm
Sonntag Joe West Point Farm
Soppe Ben J. Houghton Farm
Soppe John Houghton Farm
Soppe Ben Jr. Houghton Farm
Soppe Edward Houghton Farm
Soppe Henry West Point Farm
Spahr S. N. Montrose Farm
Specht John Donnellson Farm
Spiekermeier Steve West Point Farm
Spiekermeier Henry West Point Farm
Spiesz Henry Donnellson Farm
Spiesz Phillip Donnellson Farm
Sponheimer Edgar Donnellson Farm
Sporkman Bennie Houghton Residence
Sporkman Mrs. Minnie West Point Residence
Spray Max Hillsboro Farm
Spray Frank Hillsboro Farm
Springer Henry Jr. Donnellson Farm
Springer Henry Sr. Donnellson Residence
Sprott Walter Hillsboro Farm
Sprott John Hillsboro Farm
Sprott Charles Montrose Farm
Standley Lem Hillsboro Farm
Standley Robert Hillsboro Farm
Stanley Charles Hillsboro Farm
Stanley Merle Hillsboro Farm
Starr Art Argyle Farm
State Farm St. of Iowa Montrose Farm
Stauffer Herman Donnellson Farm
Stecker John Hillsboro Farm
Steffensmeier Bennie Houghton Farm
Steffensmeier Chris Houghton Farm
Steffensmeier Ben Houghton Farm
Steffensmeier John Houghton Farm
Steffensmeier Steve Houghton Farm
Steffensmeier Will West Point Farm
Steneger Fred West Point Farm
Steneker Fred Donnellson Farm
Stevenson Hardware
West Point Office/Lowell
Steward Logrin Houghton Farm
Steward Orville West Point Farm
Stewart John West Point Farm
Stiles T. A. Montrose Residence
Stillwell Milt Hillsboro Farm
Stillwell Jim Hillsboro Farm
Stoerker Rev. E. Donnellson Residence
Stonehouse Richard Hillsboro Farm
Stonehouse Richard Primrose Farm
Stoner C. W. Houghton Residence
Stoner C. W. Houghton Mt. Hamill Store
Storms Harry Argyle Farm
Storms Frank Argyle Farm
Streeter Lumber Co. Donnellson Store
Strothman Bros. West Point Farm
Stuekerjurgen John Houghton Shop
Stuekerjurgen Henry Houghton Farm
Stuekerjurgen George Houghton Farm
Sullivan Rodger Houghton Farm
Sullivan A. C. Hillsboro South Side Cafe
Sullivan A. C. Hillsboro Residence
Sundeen Will Argyle Farm
Surene S. N. Primrose Farm
Swartout Arthur Hillsboro Farm
Swartz L. C. Argyle Farm
Sweet Mart Argyle Farm
Swift & Co.
Donnellson Produce Store
Swift & Co. Harry Hillsboro Farm
Swinderman Walter Argyle Farm
Swinderman Edward Argyle Farm
Swinderman Frank Argyle Farm
Swinderman Will Argyle Farm
Swinderman William Donnellson Residence
Swink Frank Hillsboro Residence
Swink, Easter Motor Co. Hillsboro Office
Tade H. D. Hillsboro Residence
Tade Will Hillsboro Farm
Talbert Raymond West Point Farm
Tatum Walter Houghton White's Institute
Tayler Ware Primrose Farm
Taylor Glen Donnellson Farm
Taylor Delbert Hillsboro Residence
Taylor Murry Hillsboro Farm
Taylor Sherman Hillsboro Farm
Taylor Ware Hillsboro Residence
Teeter Claud Hillsboro Farm
Tempelton J. U. Primrose Farm
Templeto Jim Hillsboro Farm
Teter Den Hillsboro Farm
Teter Silas & Roy Hillsboro Residence
Tewis Clem Houghton Farm
Thews Frank Primrose Farm
Thomas Bannon Helper Argyle
Thomas William Donnellson Farm
Thomas John Montrose Residence
Thomas Arthur Primrose Farm
Thompson Dr. I. F. Donnellson Office & Residence
Thon F. C. Montrose Farm
Thornberg Harry West Point Farm
Thornberg C. B. West Point Farm
Thornberg Lloyd West Point Farm
Thornton Mrs. W. A. Hillsboro Residence
Thornton Robert Hillsboro Residence
Thornton Jess Hillsboro Farm
Thornton Will Hillsboro Farm
Thornton William Primrose Farm
Thornton Jess Primrose Farm
Tiebe William Primrose Farm
Timpe Mrs. Henry Donnellson Residence
Timpe Miss Emma West Point Residence/Franklin
Timpe F. W. West Point Farm
Timpe Herman West Point Farm
Townsend Harry Primrose Farm
Trabert L. H. Primrose Farm
Trevitt Dr. E. L. West Point Office
Tri State Electric
Donnellson Office
Trimble E. B. Montrose Farm
Trump Henry Donnellson Residence
Tweedy H. E. Montrose Farm
Umthum Joe West Point Farm
Umthum Barney West Point Farm
Umthum John West Point Residence
Umthum Steve West Point Farm
Vale Bruce Hillsboro Farm
Valkenberg J. W. Montrose Farm
Van Hyning Lon Donnellson Farm
Van Winkle Verl Donnellson Farm
VanAusdoll F. M. Montrose Farm
VanAusdoll West Montrose Farm
Vandenberg Mrs. Bert Primrose Farm
Vanetten E. W. Primrose Farm
Vantiger Mrs. Con Houghton Farm
Vantiger Joseph Houghton St. Paul Farm
Vantiger Henry Houghton Farm
Vantiger Mrs. Anna West Point Residence
Vantiger Frank West Point Farm
Vermazen Lou Montrose Farm
Vermazen Ed Montrose Farm
Vermazon James Donnellson Residence
Vermazon & Seyb
Vincent Earl West Point Farm
Vogel Henry Houghton Farm
Vogt John Donnellson Residence
Vonderhaar Albert West Point Residence
Vornkahl Fred Donnellson Residence
Wagner Edward Argyle Farm
Wagner John Donnellson Farm
Wagner E. G. Montrose Farm
Waher M. W. Argyle Farm
Waher Joseph Argyle Farm
Wahrer B. C. Donnellson Farm
Wahrer Ferd Donnellson Farm
Wahrer Jacob Donnellson Residence
Wahrer Otto Donnellson Farm
Wahrer Louis Montrose Residence
Wahrer Louis & Co.
Montrose Store
Wahrer Emil Montrose Residence
Waldron Charles Argyle Farm
Wallingford Bernard Hillsboro Farm
Wallingford E. B. Primrose Farm
Wallintine Phil Primrose Farm
Walljasper Mrs. Frances Houghton Farm
Walljasper J. F. West Point Residence
Walljasper John Sr. West Point Residence
Walljasper O. B. Co.
West Point Mill
Walljasper O. B. West Point Residence
Walljasper A. B. West Point Farm
Waltering Anton Houghton Farm
Waltering A. C. Primrose Farm
Walters A. J. Argyle Farm
Walters O. H. Argyle Farm
Waltz A. J. Houghton Farm
Waltz Frank West Point Store/Lowell
Walz A. J. Primrose Farm
Wardlow J. R. Argyle Farm
Wardlow John R. Montrose Farm
Wardlow J. C. Montrose Farm
Wardlow Charles Montrose Residence
Wardlow Harry Montrose Farm
Ware W. A. Argyle Farm
Ware W. E. Montrose Farm
Ware Granville Primrose Farm
Warren B. F. Donnellson Residence
Warren Charles Donnellson Farm
Warson Mrs. George Primrose Farm
Warson E. J. Primrose Farm
Washburn Sarah Argyle Farm
Washburn Harry Argyle Farm
Washburn Burl Argyle Farm
Washburn Will Argyle Farm
Watkins Fred Primrose Farm
Watson Boyde Hillsboro Residence
Watson Mrs. Eunice Hillsboro Residence
Watson John Hillsboro Farm
Watson Joe Hillsboro Farm
Watznauer L. A. Montrose Farm
Weaver P. B. Montrose Farm
Weber Mrs. D. C. Argyle Farm
Weber Irwin Argyle Farm
Weber E. P. Donnellson Farm
Weber J. E. Donnellson Farm
Weber George Donnellson Residence
Weber Martin Donnellson Farm
Weber T. P. Primrose Farm
Wedel Mike Primrose Farm
Wedel Rex Primrose Farm
Weeks Dan Hillsboro Residence
Weigard William Donnellson Farm
Weigard Wm. Montrose Farm
Weigner C. A. Donnellson Farm
Weigner C. A. Donnellson Shop
Weigner Mrs. Peter Donnellson Farm
Weigner George Donnellson Farm
Weigner C. A. Donnellson Filling Station
Weirather F. B. Montrose Farm
Weishaar Geore Primrose Farm
Weiss John West Point Farm
Weiss George West Point Farm
Welch M. R. Montrose Farm
Wellman Ben West Point Farm
Wellman Gerhard Jr. West Point Farm
Wellman Gerhard Sr. West Point Farm
Wellman Mrs. B. West Point Farm
Wellman George West Point Farm
Wenger Sam Donnellson Farm
Wertz Forest Argyle Farm
Wertz Wilson Argyle Farm
West Point Battery
West Point Office
West Point Lum./Hdw. West Point Store
Westermeier Tony Argyle Farm
Westermeier Louis Argyle Farm
Wharton Willis West Point Farm
Wheeler Gerald West Point Farm
Whitaker Frank Hillsboro Farm
White's Instutute
Houghton Office
White's Instutute, Guy Argyle Farm
Whorton Frank Montrose Farm
Wiggenjost George West Point Farm
Wilcox F. O. Montrose Residence
Wilcox F. O. Montrose DrugStore
Wilhelm Albert Houghton Residence
Wilhelm Henry West Point Residence
Wilhelm Herbert West Point Farm
Williams James B. Argyle Power Co.
Williams John Donnellson Farm
Williamson Fred Donnellson Store
Williamson Fred Donnellson Residence
Williamson W. L. Montrose Farm
Williamson P. G. Montrose Farm
Williamson F. M. Montrose Residence
Wilson Joe Hillsboro Residence
Wilson O. C. Primrose Residence
Wilson Mrs. H. D. West Point Residence
Wilson Mrs. H. D. West Point Millinery
Wilson Robert West Point Residence
Wilson William West Point Residence
Wilson Mrs. Dan West Point Residence
Wilson Clarence West Point Farm
Wilson Russell West Point Farm
Wilson & McKee
Primrose Store
Winkler John Donnellson Farm
Winkler John West Point Farm
Winnike Clem West Point Farm
Winnike Henry West Point Farm
Winnike Gus West Point Farm
Winnike William West Point Residence
Winnike Jos. Jr. West Point Residence
Wirsig Albert Donnellson Residence
Wirsig Paul Primrose Farm
Wirsig Orvil Primrose Farm
Wirsig Marvin Primrose Farm
Wirtz George Montrose Farm
Wirtz & Seltzer
Montrose Summitville Store
Wise J. L. Donnellson Furniture &
Wise J. L. Donnellson Residence
Witting Henry Houghton Farm
Wittle Albert Houghton Farm
Woerdeman Barney Houghton Farm
Wolf M. M. Argyle Farm
Wolf O. B. Argyle Farm
Wolter A. J. Montrose Farm
Woods Leslie Montrose Farm
Worster R. E. Montrose Residence
Wright Andy Hillsboro Farm
Wright V. O. Hillsboro Farm
Wright C. E. Montrose Farm
Wright Ralph Montrose Farm
Wright S. S. Montrose Farm
Wuebben Rev. W. P. Primrose Residence
Wyrick Jess Argyle Farm
Yargus Walter Hillsboro Farm
Yeager C. E. West Point Hotel
Young William A. Houghton Farm
Young J. H. Argyle Farm
Young Marshall Argyle Farm
Young John Donnellson Farm
Young Mrs. Mary Hillsboro Residence
Young William Primrose Farm
Youngquist Albert Argyle Farm
Younkin Wm. Montrose Farm
Younkin Mrs. S. G. Montrose Farm
Younk's Hotel
West Point

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