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Multiple Towns

Magchelsen John Montrose Residence
Magchelsen C. W. Montrose Farm
Magerkurt Ernest Houghton Farm
Manny Fred West Point Farm
Marion Emil Donnellson Farm
Marion Fleix Donnellson Farm
Marquis Frank Donnellson Farm
Marsh V. J. Argyle Residence
Marshall Frank Montrose Farm
Marshall John Montrose Residence
Martin Mrs. Jacob Houghton Farm
Martin O. H. Primrose Farm
Martin Bud Primrose Farm
Matheney David Hillsboro Farm
Mathews Harry Primrose Farm
Mathiasmeier Ferd Houghton Farm
Mathiasmeier Henry Houghton Farm
Mattern George Donnellson Residence
Mattern J. C. Donnellson Residence
Mattern Kathryn Donnellson Residence
Maxfield R. W. Argyle Farm
May E. C. Argyle Farm
McBride J. B. Montrose Farm
McCabe Fred Hillsboro Farm
McCabe Frank Hillsboro Farm
McCann William Montrose Residence
McCarty Dan Argyle Farm
McChord John Houghton Farm
McCoy Mrs. Lousia Hillsboro Residence
McCoy A. C. Primrose Farm
McCoy J. A. West Point Farm
McCracken C. C. Houghton Farm
McCracken J. E. Donnellson Residence
McCulloch Raymond L. Primrose Farm
McGreer Miss Mary Primrose Farm
McKeehan Mrs. James Primrose Farm
McKeehan Bert Primrose Farm
McKeehan Frank Primrose Star Garage/
McMillan W. A. Primrose Farm
McNeill George West Point Residence
McPherson Perry Primrose Farm
McPherson Pearl Primrose Farm
McVay Edward Donnellson Farm
Meat Market
Donnellson Store
Meents Dr. D. J. West Point Office
Meents Dr. D. J. West Point Residence
Mehl Ernest Donnellson Residence
Mehl Henry West Point Farm
Mehmert Ben Houghton Farm
Mehmert George West Point Farm
Meierotto Frank Houghton Farm
Meierotto Chris Houghton Shipper
Meierotto C. J. Jr. Houghton Farm
Meierotto Casper Primrose Farm
Meierotto Frank Primrose Farm
Meierotto Otto West Point Farm
Meierotto John Sr. West Point Farm
Meinhardt George Primrose Farm
Meinhardt Harold Primrose Farm
Meissner Hattie Donnellson Residence
Meissner Paul Donnellson Farm
Menke Henry Houghton Farm
Menke John T. Houghton Farm
Menke Raymond Houghton Farm
Menke Ben Houghton Farm
Menke Ben G. Houghton Farm
Menke Gerhard Jr. Houghton Farm
Menke Chris Houghton Farm
Menke John Houghton Farm
Menke William Houghton Farm
Menke George H. Houghton Farm
Menke Henry G. West Point Farm
Menke Henry F. West Point Farm
Menke August West Point Farm
Menke Al West Point Residence
Menke Motor Co.
West Point Office
Merchman Bros. Garage Houghton Office
Merchman Bros. Houghton Residence
Merschbrock Henry West Point Farm
Merschman George West Point Farm
Merschman Conrad West Point Farm
Mertens John G. Houghton Farm
Mertens Edward Houghton Farm
Mertens Mrs. C. Houghton Farm
Mertens Frank Houghton Farm
Mertens Frank Houghton Farm
Mertens Peter Houghton Farm
Metcalf Hugh Houghton Farm
Mettenburg Conrad Houghton Farm
Mettenburg Andrew Houghton Farm
Metz A. B. Argyle Farm
Metzger Henry West Point Farm
Metzinger W. H. Montrose Store
Meyers Herman H. West Point Farm
Middaugh Mrs. John Hillsboro Residence
Middendorf J. B. Houghton Farm
Miller Mrs. Mary Houghton Farm
Miller Earl Houghton Farm
Miller E. Laning Houghton Produce Store
Miller E. Laning Houghton Residence
Miller Carl Donnellson Residence
Miller Mrs. Bess Hillsboro Farm
Miller Bruce Hillsboro Farm
Miller Boyd Hillsboro Farm
Miller John Hillsboro Farm
Miller W. N. Hillsboro Buick Sales
Miller W. H. Montrose Residence
Miller Bruce Primrose Farm
Miller Charles West Point Residence/Franklin
Miller Bros.
West Point Farm
Miner Sherman Donnellson Farm
Mitchell Earl Argyle Farm
Mitchell B. C. Montrose Farm
Moander Lewis Argyle Farm
Moeller Ben Houghton Shipper
Moeller John Houghton Farm
Moeller W. T. Houghton Farm
Moeller Gerhard Houghton Farm
Moeller W. H. Montrose Farm
Moeller Theo. West Point Farm
Mogle George Hillsboro Farm
Mogle Charles Hillsboro Farm
Mohrfield Otto Houghton Farm
Moline Perry Primrose Farm
Monks Bart Argyle Farm
Monks John Argyle Farm
Moody Guy Donnellson Farm
Moon A. G. Montrose Farm
Moon C. G. Montrose Farm
Moore Roy Hillsboro Farm
Moore Mrs. M. Primrose Farm
Moore Roy Primrose Farm
Morgan J. A. Montrose Residence
Moriarity T. J. Montrose Farm
Morris Everette Hillsboro Farm
Morris Rex Hillsboro Farm
Morrisey Chris Donnellson Farm
Morrison James A. Primrose Farm
Mounce J. R. Donnellson Residence
Moxley Grant Hillsboro Residence
Moyle Noah Hillsboro Farm
Mueller Joseph Houghton Farm
Mueller William H. Houghton Farm
Mueller Henry Donnellson Farm
Mueller Earl Primrose Farm
Mueller Adam West Point Farm
Munson Alvin Hillsboro Residence
Myers Harold Houghton Farm
Nacke Conrad West Point Farm
Naschert Barney West Point Farm
Nau Otto Hillsboro Farm
Nelson Ralph Hillsboro Farm
Nelson George Hillsboro Farm
Nelson Earl Hillsboro Farm
Nelson N. J. Primrose Farm
Nelson Nathan Primrose Farm
Neuwig John West Point Farm
Neuwig Henry West Point Farm
Neville Andrew Houghton Bell Farm
Neville John Houghton Farm
Newberry V. W. C. Argyle Residence
Newberry O. O. Argyle Residence
Newberry C. D. Argyle Farm
Newbold Gene Hillsboro Farm
Newbold Ottis Hillsboro Farm
Newby Joseph V. S. Houghton Residence
Nichols Charles Hillsboro Farm
Nicholson Pearl Hillsboro Farm
Nichting John Houghton Farm
Nichting Mrs. B. Houghton Farm
Nichting J. J. Houghton Office
Nichting J. J. Houghton Residence
Niemeier William H. Houghton Farm
Noonan J. H. Montrose Residence
Norman L. S. Primrose Residence
Nugen Bert West Point Residence
Nyberg Robert Hillsboro Farm
Nyberg Robert Primrose Farm
Nye Will Argyle Farm
O'Conner Edward Argyle Farm
O'Conner Miss Mary Argyle Farm
Odiorn J. B. Donnellson Residence
Olin Arthur Houghton Farm
O'Neal John Argyle Farm
Ossenbrin F. H. West Point Residence
Ossenbrink Drug Co.
West PointStore
Ostermeier Will Hillsboro Farm
Ott John Donnellson Farm
Ott Fred Donnellson Farm
Ott William Donnellson Farm
Ott William Primrose Farm
Ott J. M. Primrose Farm
Overberg Gerhard West Point Farm
Overburg Lawrence Houghton Farm
Overton M. L. Houghton Farm
Overton E. E. Houghton Farm
Overton John Jr. Houghton Farm
Overton Mrs. John Sr. Houghton Farm
Overton Frank Houghton Farm
Overton W. W. Houghton Farm
Overton Ben Houghton Farm
Overton Roy Houghton Farm
Owen Zach Montrose Farm
Page J. R. Hillsboro Store
Page J. R. Hillsboro Residence
Paisley William Houghton Farm
Palin J. S. Houghton Residence
Palmer ? Argyle Residence
Pangborn J. H. Houghton Farm
Pannenberg Jos. A. Jr. West Point Farm
Pannenberg Jos. Sr. West Point Residence
Panther Edward Houghton Farm
Panther Ben Houghton Farm
Pardall Louis Donnellson Farm
Pardall Louis West Point Farm
Parker John Hillsboro Farm
Parson Al West Point Farm
Parsons John Donnellson Farm
Paschal Ora West Point Farm
Paschal Mrs. James West Point Farm
Paschal James H. West Point Farm
Pease Boyd Primrose Farm
Peasley Albert Argyle Farm
Peasley Albert Montrose Farm
Peitzmeier Conrad Houghton Residence
Peitzmeier Steve & Son Houghton Farm
Peterschmidt Theo West Point Residence
Peterschmidt Al West Point Farm
Peterson Clarence Houghton Farm
Peterson John Argyle Farm
Peterson Gus Argyle Farm
Peterson Frank Argyle Farm
Petty J. M. Argyle Farm
Petty Mrs. J. A. Montrose Residence
Petty James H. Montrose Farm
Petty F. F. Montrose Farm
Pfiigerstofer Gus Argyle Farm
Phillips James Hillsboro Farm
Phillips Walter Montrose Bluff Park
Philp Andrew Montrose Farm
Philp Ralph Montrose Farm
Philps Mrs. A. Argyle Farm
Pickard Oscar Houghton Farm
Pickard Hiram Houghton Farm
Pickard Blain Donnellson Farm
Pickard Hiram Primrose Farm
Pickard Fred Primrose Farm
Pickering James Donnellson Farm
Pieper Frank Houghton Farm
Pieper Ernest Houghton Farm
Pieper Edward Houghton Farm
Pieper Joe West Point Farm
Pietz John West Point Residence
Pietz Steve West Point Residence
Piper R. A. Donnellson Farm
Piper Chris Donnellson Farm
Pitt Tom Primrose Farm
Pletcher John Jr. Donnellson Farm
Pletcher John Sr. Donnellson Farm
Pletcher Albert West Point Farm
Plowman Miss Jessie Montrose Residence
Plumer G. G. Hillsboro Store
Plumer G. G. Hillsboro Residence
Plumer Pitt Hillsboro Farm
Poe Elmer Houghton Farm
Pogge Henry West Point Meat Market
Pogge A. H. West Point Residence
Pogge George West Point Residence
Pogge F. J. West Point Residence
Pohlmeyer J. M. West Point Residence
Polchow Ben Donnellson Farm
Polchow Ben West Point Farm
Pollmiller Steve Houghton Farm
Pollmiller Henry West Point Farm
Pollpeter Ben West Point Farm
Pollpeter Henry West Point Farm
Pollpeter John West Point Farm
Pomberg Henry Houghton Farm
Pomberg Frank Houghton Farm
Pomberg John Houghton Farm
Ponte Edward Houghton Pieper Farm
Poole Benton Primrose Farm
Poole Joe Primrose Residence
Poole Rollie Primrose Residence
Poole N. E. Primrose Residence
Poole Byron Primrose Farm
Pope Mrs. Phenie Hillsboro Residence
Pope Will Hillsboro Farm
Post Office
Donnellson Donnellson
Post Office Montrose Montrose
Powers C. E. Houghton Farm
Powers George Donnellson Farm
Pratt & Son Houghton Farm
Price Frank Argyle Residence
Priestley J. W. Hillsboro Residence
Proenneke Mrs.Chris Primrose Residence
Proenneke William Primrose Residence
Proenneke Charles Primrose Farm
Proper W. A. Hillsboro Farm
Purdy George Primrose Farm
Quarry, Burlington Co.
Montrose Office
Queisner Tobert Montrose Farm
Queisner Bros. Montrose Farm
Raid Harvey Donnellson Farm
Raid Mrs. John West Point Farm
Ranck Walter West Point Farm
Ranck Robert West Point Farm
Randal Earl Houghton Farm
Randolf Raymond Hillsboro Farm
Randolph Ora Argyle Farm
Rangger Rev. J. J. Houghton Residence
Ransom Rollie Primrose Farm
Ranson Frank Hillsboro Farm
Rasch O. W. Primrose Garage
Rasch O. W. Primrose Residence
Rasch William Primrose Residence
Rauenbuehler Carl West Point Farm
Rauenbuehler Wiliam West Point Farm
Reed J. H. Montrose Residence
Reed R. L. Montrose Residence
Reed John Montrose Residence
Reed Charles Montrose Residence
Reeves Mrs. Jennie Montrose Residence
Refior George Houghton Farm
Refior Chris Houghton Farm
Refior Fred Donnellson Farm
Refior Mrs. George Donnellson Residence
Refior Chris Primrose Farm
Reid George Donnellson Farm
Reineke Oscar Primrose Farm
Reither Fred Donnellson Farm
Reitz Henry Primrose Farm
Renz Jacob & Wm. Donnellson Farm
Reuther Ed Montrose Farm
Reuther Fred Montrose Farm
Reuther Henry Montrose Farm

Office [Newspaper]
Rhum Frank West Point Farm
Rice Mrs. Isabel West Point Residence
Richey James Argyle Farm
Richey Miss Mary Primrose Farm
Richey Mrs. B. E. Primrose Farm
Rickelman Herman West Point Farm
Rickelman George West Point Farm
Riddle William Montrose Farm
Ridgeway Roy Hillaboro Farm
Riley William Houghton Farm
Riley Earnest Hillaboro Farm
Rings Arthur Donnellson Farm
Rinkel George Donnellson Farm
Rippenkroeger Steve Sr. Houghton Residence
Rippenkroeger Steve Jr. Houghton Residence
Roaglin Paul Argyle Farm
Roberts Jess Argyle Residence
Robertson John Argyle Farm
Robertson T. R. Primrose Farm
Robertson Willis Primrose Farm
Robinson Sam Primrose Residence
Roe H. E. Donnellson Farm
Rogers Rev. O. B. Donnellson Residence
Rohdy Grover Primrose Farm
Rohdy Charles Primrose Farm
Rohdy Jacob Primrose Farm
Rohdy Lewis Primrose Farm
Rokey A. H. Argyle Farm
Rokey Fred Donnellson Farm
Rook George Houghton Farm
Rooney Edward Argyle Farm
Rooney George Argyle x
Ross Wayne Houghton Farm
Ross Alfred Hillsboro Residence
Ross Cody Hillsboro Farm
Ross Sherman Hillsboro Farm
Ross W. S. Primrose Farm
Roth Fred Donnellson Farm
Roth Peter Donnellson Residence
Roth Walter Donnellson Residence
Roth Paul Primrose Farm
Roth Elmer Primrose Farm
Roth Mrs. Fred Primrose Farm
Roth Ed Primrose Farm
Roth Otto Primrose Farm
Roth William Primrose Farm
Roth Julian Primrose Farm
Rotter Mrs. Ida Donnellson Farm
Rotter John West Point Farm
Rotter George West Point Farm
Rotter Nick West Point Farm
Roush George Argyle Farm
Roush Frank Argyle Farm
Roush Bates Hillsboro Farm
Rube George Primrose Farm
Rudd Hugh Argyle Farm
Rudd George Donnellson Residence
Rudd George Montrose Farm
Rudd V. C. Montrose Farm
Rueter Raymond Houghton Farm
Rueter John West Point Farm
Rump Kathryn West Point Residence
Rung George Houghton Farm
Runyon L. A. Hillaboro Farm
Runyon Mrs. Mame Hillaboro Farm
Russell John Primrose Residence

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