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City Directory
Gabel Will Argyle Store
Gabel Henry Donnellson Farm
Gabel Bros. Donnellson Farm
Gaibel Louis Houghton Cottonwood Store
Galle Jacob Donnellson Farm
Gardner Albert Hillsboro Farm
Garland Fred West Point Farm
Geers Barney West Point Farm
Geers Gerhad West Point Residence
Geers Henry West Point Farm
Geers Herman West Point Farm
Geers Mrs. E. West Point Residence
Geers Anton West Point Residence
Geeseka G. R. West Point Farm
George Albert Argyle Farm
Giesel W. L. Hillsboro Farm
Gill Herbert Donnellson Farm
Gill Elmer Hillsboro Carter Farm
Gillaspy Espy Argyle Farm
Gillaspy A. B. Argyle Farm
Gillman William Montrose Residence
Glendenning Herbert Houghton Farm
Glendenning Riley Houghton Farm
Glendenning Riley Primrose Farm
Goebel George Primrose Farm
Gompf Mrs. John Donnellson Farm
Gompf William Primrose Farm
Graber Fred Sr. Donnellson Residence
Graber Fred Jr. Donnellson Farm
Graber Henry Donnellson Farm
Graber Martin Donnellson Farm
Graber Walter Donnellson Farm
Graham Edward Houghton Farm
Graham George Primrose Farm
Gram Gus West Point Farm
Grant William Donnellson Residence
Graves Dr .C. E. Hillsboro Dental Office
Graves Dr. C. E. Hillsboro Residence
Green Mrs. George Donnellson Residence
Green Mrs. John Donnellson Farm
Grelk Andy West Point Farm
Grey Dr. Albert Argyle Vincennes
Grimes R. G. Montrose Farm
Griswold Mrs. James Montrose Farm
Groene John Primrose Farm
Groene Julius West Point Farm
Groene George West Point Farm
Groene Henry West Point Farm
Grossenkempker Jonathon Houghton Farm
Grossman Charles Primrose Farm
Grothe Rev. H. West Point Residence
Guler Bros. Argyle Farm
Hackard L. T. Argyle Residence
Hackard E. T. Donnellson Residence
Haeffner Robert Donnellson Farm
Haeffner Fred Donnellson Farm
Haeffner George Donnellson Farm
Haffner Albert Argyle Farm
Haffner Eugene Donnellson Residence
Haffner Miss Louise Donnellson Farm
Haffner Dan Primrose Farm
Haffner Henry West Point Farm
Haffner Walter West Point Farm
Halbasch John Primrose Farm
Halfman Otto Donnellson Farm
Halfman Jacob Donnellson Farm
Hall Fred West Point Farm
Hall Raymond West Point Residence
Halliwill Roy Primrose Farm
Halm George Donnellson Farm
Halterbran Mrs. Ella Hillsboro Residence
Halterbran Edward Hillsboro Farm
Halterbran Paul Hillsboro Farm
Hamilton Clarence Argyle
Hamilton Bob Argyle
Hammer Charles West Point Farm
Hammer Ed West Point Farm
Hampton Charles West Point Farm
Hancock Mrs. D. A. Argyle Farm
Hancock W. A. Montrose Farm
Hand Joe Argyle Farm
Hanson Walter Argyle Farm
Hardin Robert Montrose Farm
Harlan M. E. Hillsboro Residence
Harlan Walter Hillsboro Farm
Harlan Whit Hillsboro Farm
Harlan Dr. Rufus Hillsboro Office &
Harmeyer Joe West Point Residence
Harmeyer Al West Point Residence
Harmeyer Gerhard West Point Farm
Harmeyer Arnold West Point Farm
Harmeyer Leo West Point Farm
Harmon J. A. Montrose Farm
Harmon L. F. Montrose Farm
Harnagel Albert Primrose Farm
Harnagel Herbert West Point Farm
Harnagel Henry West Point Farm
Harrison Charles Argyle Farm
Harrison William Argyle Farm
Harsh Will Argyle Farm
Hart Henry Montrose Residence
Hart & Head Garage Montrose Business
Hass Bros. Donnellson Farm
Hatch Arthur Primrose Farm
Hatton Peter Montrose Farm
Hawkeye Lumber Co. Hillsboro Office
Hawkins Otto Argyle Farm
Hayes James Argyle Farm
Hayes W. T. Montrose Farm
Head John Montrose Residence
Head Elmer Montrose Residence
Heaton Frank Hillsboro Farm
Heaton Mrs. Allen Primrose Farm
Hedrick Emil Donnellson Farm
Heine Charles Argyle Farm
Heiser Fred Donnellson Farm
Hellman George Houghton Pilot Grove Store
Hellman George Houghton Residence
Hellman & Son
Hellman & Son Houghton Residence
Hellweg John Houghton Farm
Hellweg Henry Houghton Farm
Hellweg Aloys Houghton Farm
Hellweg V. J. Houghton Farm
Hellweg Hubert West Point Residence
Hellweg Rudolph West Point Farm
Helm Tom West Point Farm
Helm Bud West Point Farm
Helsel Dr. Donnellson Res. & Office
Helterbran George W. Houghton Farm
Helterbran Aaron Hillsboro Farm
Helterbran Guy Hillsboro Farm
Hemminger Creigh Primrose Farm
Hemmings Wesley Donnellson Residence
Hemmings Will Hillsboro Residence
Hemmings William Primrose Farm
Hemmings Archie Primrose Farm
Hemmingway Edward Montrose Farm
Henkle Delbert Primrose Farm
Henn John Montrose Farm
Hennies William Donnellson Residence
Hennies August Donnellson Farm
Hennies Otto Primrose Farm
Hentzel Aaron Argyle Farm
Hentzel Omer Primrose Farm
Hentzel Ed Primrose Farm
Hermuth Otto Primrose Farm
Herron Charles Primrose Farm
Herron Ben Primrose Farm
Hesse Joe West Point Residence
Heulsebus Lawrence Donnellson Farm
Heulsebus William Donnellson Farm
Highland Garage
West Point Office
Hillsboro Produce Co. Hillsboro Office
Hirschler Irvin Donnellson Farm
Hirschler Ralph Donnellson Farm
Hirschler Otto Donnellson Farm
Hirschler August Donnellson Residence
Hixon Boyd Hillsboro Residence
Hixon John Hillsboro Farm
Hoaglin Charles Hillsboro Residence
Hoaglin Joe Hillsboro Farm
Hoaglin & Sons
Hillsboro Store
Hobbs Delbert Hillsboro Farm
Hobson Mattie Hillsboro Farm
Hoenig Bros. Donnellson Farm
Hoenig Bros. West Point Farm
Hohl Edward Donnellson Farm
Hohl Mrs. Phillip Donnellson Residence
Hohl August Donnellson Farm
Hohl Jacob Donnellson Farm
Hohl Henry Donnellson Farm
Hohl John Primrose Farm
Hohl Edgar Primrose Farm
Hohl P. A. Primrose Farm
Hohl Ernest Primrose Farm
Hohl Alfred Primrose Farm
Hohl Jake West Point Farm
Holdefer John Donnellson Mill
Holdefer John Donnellson Residence
Holdefer Alfred Primrose Farm
Holdefer Cafe Donnellson Business
Holland Bert Houghton Farm
Hollowell Roy Houghton Taylor Farm
Holmes Sidney Argyle
Holmes Mr. E. L. Donnellson Farm
Holmes Mrs. E. L. Montrose Farm
Holtkamp William Houghton Farm
Holtkamp Steve Houghton Farm
Holtkamp C. J. Houghton Farm
Holtkamp Henry Jr. Houghton Farm
Holtkamp Henry Sr. Houghton Farm
Holtkamp Gerhard Houghton Farm
Holtkamp B. J. Houghton Farm
Holtkamp B. B. Houghton Farm
Holtkamp Ben A. Houghton Farm
Holtkamp Leo Houghton Farm
Holtkamp William Jr. Houghton Farm
Holtkamp Frank Houghton Farm
Holtkamp John Houghton Farm
Holtkamp Joe West Point Farm
Holtkamp Aloys West Point Farm
Holtz Dr. S. P. West Point Veterinary Office
Honadel George Donnellson Residence
Hopp Roy Argyle Farm
Hopp Frank Argyle Farm
Hopp John Montrose Residence
Horne Keeler Montrose Residence
Horsey Henry Primrose Farm
Hotel Montrose Montrose Business
Hotop Charles Donnellson Farm
Hotop Fred Donnellson Farm
Hotop Morris West Point Farm
Hotop Gust West Point Farm
Hott Boyd Hillsboro Farm
Hott Henry Hillsboro Farm
Howard Stanley Hillsboro Farm
Howard Miss Minnie Montrose Farm
Howarth J. D. Argyle Farm
Howe Dr. J. M. Hillsboro Office
Howe Dr. J. M. Hillsboro Residence
Hoyer Albert Houghton Farm
Hoyer Mrs. Houghton Farm
Hoyer Arnold Donnellson Farm
Hoyer Emil Donnellson Farm
Hoyer Henry Donnellson Farm
Hoyer Arnold Montrose Farm
Huchten Bros.
Houghton Farm
Hueser John West Point Residence
Huff Edward Houghton Farm
Huges Rev. L.. Montrose Residence
Huggard Dr. T. S. West Point Residence
Huggard Dr. T. S. West Point Office
Hull Ray Donnellson Farm
Hummell Ike Hillsboro Farm
Hunold William Houghton Farm
Hunold William West Point Farm
Hurley Bros.
Montrose Farm
Ingersoll S. W. Donnellson Residence
Ingstrom Oscar Montrose Farm
Iowa Fruit Co. Business Montrose Office
Isaacson Frank Hillsboro Farm
Isaman Mrs. Maggie Hillsboro Farm
Ivins Charles Donnellson Farm
Jack Clayton Primrose Farm
Jackman Clyde West Point Farm
Jacobsmeier Gerhard Houghton Farm
Jacobsmeier Henry Houghton Farm
Jacobsmeier John Houghton Farm
Jacobsmeier Anton Houghton Residence
Jacoby Rev. Wm. West Point Residence
James Mrs. Martha Donnellson Farm
Jansen Mrs. Joe West Point Residence
Jansen Mrs. Helen West Point Residence
Jaschke Sophia West Point Farm
Jefferies Abe Argyle Farm
Jefferies Pearl Argyle Farm
Jennings Glen Donnellson Farm
Jennings W. B. Primrose Farm
Jennings Russell Primrose Farm
Jennings Ed West Point Farm
Jennings H. A. West Point Farm
Jesberg Rudolph Primrose Farm
Jesberg Ernest Primrose Farm
Johnson Albert Argyle Farm
Johnson Joe Argyle Farm
Johnson H. G. Argyle Farm
Johnson Andrew Argyle Farm
Johnson J. W. Argyle Farm
Johnson C. C. Argyle Farm
Johnson C. E. Argyle Farm
Johnson Otto Argyle Farm
Johnson Mrs. Carl Argyle Farm
Johnson Ira Donnellson Farm
Johnson David Sr. Hillsboro Farm
Johnson Elmer Hillsboro Residence
Johnson Jack Hillsboro Residence
Johnson Robert Hillsboro Farm
Johnson William Hillsboro Residence
Johnson Ira Montrose Farm
Johnson S. P. Montrose Farm
Johnson Mrs. John Montrose Farm
Johnson Emil Montrose Farm
Jones Frank Argyle Farm
Jones William West Point Farm
Jostandt Casper Houghton Farm
Judy G. W. Montrose Farm
Judy Mrs. H. H. West Point Farm
Judy Tom West Point Farm
Judy George West Point Farm
Junkins Earl Montrose Farm
K. of C. [Knights of Columbus]
West Point Club Rooms
Kaltefleiter Henry West Point Farm
Kaltefleiter John West Point Residence
Kaltefleiter Ed West Point Residence
Kaltefleiter Hardware West Point Store
Kanabe F. C. West Point Farm
Kaneff E. C. Montrose Farm
Keil Mrs. J. B. Montrose Residence
Kelley Charles Primrose Farm
Kelley Cecil Primrose Farm
Kelley Mrs. Joe Primrose Farm
Kelley L. C. Primrose Farm
Kemp C. C. Donnellson Residence
Kemper Mrs. Henry Houghton Farm
Kempker Gerhard West Point Farm
Keniyer Everett Donnellson Farm
Kennedy Dwight Houghton Farm
Kennedy James Hillsboro Farm
Kennedy G. W. Montrose Residence
Kennedy C. A. Montrose Residence
Kennedy Tim Montrose Bluff Park
Kennedy J. P. Montrose Farm
Kennedy William Primrose Farm
Kerr Mrs. L. W. Montrose Farm
Kerr & Kennedy
Montrose Hardware Store
Ketchum Clay Primrose Farm
Kieber Mrs. Mary E. Houghton Residence
Kiefer Mrs. West Point Farm
Kincade Hugh Argyle Farm
Kincade Oscar Argyle Farm
Kincaid John Donnellson Farm
Kincaid Andy Primrose Farm
King Charles Houghton Farm
King Jim Houghton Farm
King Derr Houghton Farm
King Harry Primrose Farm
King J. H. West Point Residence
King D. A. West Point Residence
King Albert M.
West Point Farm
King Harry Hillsboro Farm
Kirchner Andrew Donnellson Farm
Kirchner Charles Donnellson Farm
Kirchner C. K. Donnellson Farm
Kirchner Ferd Donnellson Farm
Kirchner Fred Donnellson Farm
Kirchner Jacob Donnellson Farm
Kirchner John Donnellson Farm
Kirchner William Donnellson Farm
Kirchner Herman Donnellson Farm
Kirkpatrick W. W. Montrose Farm
Kirkpatrick William West Point Farm
Kite Clarence Argyle Farm
Kleber Sisters Donnellson Farm
Klesener Mrs. Conrad West Point Farm
Klesner Henry Houghton Farm
Klesner Joseph Houghton Farm
Klinger Charles Donnellson Farm
Klinger Mrs. George Donnellson Farm
Klinger Rhine Donnellson Farm
Klinger John Donnellson Farm
Klug Richard Argyle Farm
Klug Herman Argyle Farm
Knabe F. C. Donnellson Farm
Knabe Adam Primrose Farm
Knedler Robert Primrose Farm
Knowles Lloyd Argyle Farm
Koch Edward Donnellson Farm
Koch Mrs. Jacob Donnellson Residence
Koch S. A. Montrose Residence
Koepping Ferdinand West Point Farm
Koeppler William West Point Residence
Koller Ernest Donnellson Farm
Koller D. F. Donnellson Farm
Koller Walter Donnellson Farm
Kopf A. M. Primrose Farm
Krauter Jacob Primrose Farm
Krebill & Hopp
Krebill A. D.
Donnellson Residence
Krebill E. J.
Donnellson Farm
Krebill F. C.
Donnellson Farm
Krebill F. H.
Donnellson Residence
Krebill Harry Donnellson Farm
Krebill Henry F.
Donnellson Farm
Krebill Joe Donnellson Farm
Krebill John G.
Donnellson Residence
Krebill Otto Primrose Farm
Krebill R. J.
Donnellson Farm
Krebill S. S. Donnellson Farm
Krebill Walter Donnellson Farm
Krehbiel Ernest Donnellson Farm
H. G. Donnellson
Krehbiel H. J. Donnellson Farm
Krehbiel Herman Donnellson Residence
Krehbiel Jacob A. Donnellson Residence
Jacob G.
Donnellson Residence
Donnellson Residence
Krehbiel R. H. Donnellson Farm
Krehbiel Sisters
Donnellson Millinery
W. J. Donnellson Residence
Kreikenbaum Al West Point Residence
Krieger Ernest Donnellson Residence
Kritenbrinck Henry West Point Farm
Krueger Barney West Point Residence
Kruse Conrad Houghton Farm
Kruse Steve Houghton Farm
Kruse Edward Houghton Farm
Kruse Henry Houghton Farm
Kruse Louis Houghton Hardware Store
Kruse Louis Houghton Residence
Kuhljuergen Chris West Point Farm
Kuhljuergen Conrad
Kuhljuergen Herman
West Point
Kutkamp Fred Primrose Farm
LaFever A. R. Montrose Farm
Lachman Richard Donnellson Farm
Lamm Jack Houghton Farm
Lamm A. J. Primrose Farm
Lampe Henry Houghton Farm
Lampe Henry West Point Farm
Lampe T. W. West Point Farm
Lampe Al West Point Residence
Lampe George West Point Residence
Lampe Ben West Point Farm
Landes Joseph Primrose Farm
Landis Russil Houghton Farm
Landis Milt Hillsboro Farm
Lang Clarence Donnellson Farm
Lang William Donnellson New Farm
Lang William Donnellson Farm
Lang Albert Donnellson Farm
Lang Peter Donnellson Farm
Lang John Primrose Farm
Lang Chris Primrose Residence
Larson Adrian Argyle Farm
Lauth Henry Donnellson Farm
Lay Carl Donnellson Farm
Lazenby John Hillsboro Farm
Leazer Horace Primrose Farm
Leazer Guy Primrose Farm
Leazure Clarence Houghton Farm
Leazure Hamlin Houghton Farm
Leazure Mrs. Retha Houghton Farm
Leazure Clyde Houghton Residence
Lee A. M. Argyle
Lee Mrs. Nellie Hillsboro Residence
Leeper William Montrose Farm
Leeper C. W. Montrose Farm
Leffler John Hillsboro Farm
Leisy Albert Donnellson Farm
Leisy O. A. Donnellson Farm
Leveling John West Point Farm
Lightfoot Harry Primrose Farm
Lind Jacob Argyle Farm
Lingo A. L. Houghton Farm
Link E. J. West Point Groceries &
Link John West Point Farm
Link L. H. West Point Residence
Link Isidore West Point Farm
Link S. J. West Point Auctioneer
Link William Jr. West Point Farm
Linn Sisters
Montrose Farm
Linquist Andrew Argyle Farm
Linquist A. J. Montrose Farm
Logan Harris Houghton Farm
Logan Harry Hillsboro Farm
Logan Sherman Hillsboro Farm
Logan A. C. Hillsboro Farm
Logan A. C. Primrose Farm
Loges Mrs. Chris Donnellson Residence
Loges Edward Donnellson Farm
Loges August Primrose Farm
Loges William Primrose Farm
Lohman Gus West Point Furniture Store
Lohman Gus West Point Residence
Lohman Martin West Point Farm
Lohman Ed West Point Farm
Lohman Barney West Point Farm
Lohman Joe West Point Farm
Lowenberg John Argyle Farm
Lowenberg August Donnellson Farm
Lowenberg Arnold Donnellson Farm
Lowenberg Chris Donnellson Residence
Lowenberg Hugo Donnellson Farm
Lowenberg J. C. Donnellson Farm
Lowenberg John Donnellson Farm
Lowenberg Thomas Donnellson Farm
Lowenberg Roy Donnellson Farm
Lowenberg Lumber Co.
Donnellson Business
Lucas Ernest Argyle Farm
Luetkehans Henry Sr. West Point Farm
Luetkehans Henry Jr. West Point Farm
Lumber Co.
Argyle Argyle
Lydolf Homer Hillsboro Farm
Lynn E.C. Donnellson Office
Lynn E.C. Donnellson Residence

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