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Shower and Easterly City Directory
Fort Madison
A to L

agt.. agent mnfr...manufacturer Rev...Reverand
al....alley mngr...manager se....southeast
av....avenue N or n..north sw....southwest
bds...boards ne....northeast S or s..south
bet...between nr...near
ns....north side ss...south side
nw....northwest sec...secretary
col...colored opp...opposite supt...superintendant
cor...corner pl....place tel....telegraph
dept..department P.O...Post Office U.S...United States
E or e..east pres..president W or w..west
es....east side prin...principal ws...west side
ft....foot propr..proprietor whol...wholesale
hd....head pub..publisher wks...works
junc..junction r...residence wid...widow
lw....lower rd...road X...rear

Listings show Name - Occupation - Residence

ABBAS Matilda Mrs. r. 1202 6th
ABBOTT Caroline E. Mrs. r. 1209 5th
ABEL Gertrude M. Mrs. (widow) r.515 Front
ABEL Mary A. Mrs. r 515 Front
ABEL Wm. F. groceries & notions, r 515 Front
ABERLING Conrad (retired), r 1211 2d
ABERLING Conrad Mrs. r. 1211 2d
ABERLING Louis, butcher, bds. 1211 2d
ADAMS C.L. Mrs. milliner, r. 732 2d
ADAMS G.W. engineer I.F. Tool Co. r. 105 3d
ADAMS Milton, wks. Waverly Hotel
ADRIANCE Chas. hardware, r. cor. Union & Santa Fe av
ADRIANCE Mary Mrs., r. cor Union & Santa Fe av
AGNEW E.N. conductor Santa Fe, r. 1027 2d
AGNEW Lulu MISS, R. 1027 2D
AGNEW Mary C. Mrs. r 1027 2d
AITCHISON James, engineer Santa Fe av. enquire shops depot
AITCHISON James, Santa Fe av.
ALBERS Frank, brickmason, r. 1307 3d
ALBERS Frank Mrs. r. 1307 3d
ALBERS Henry, laborer, r. 1307 Spruce
ALBERS Herman, laborer, r 1307 Spruce
ALBRIGHT Carrie E. Mrs. r. 909 4th
ALBRIGHT Cyd Miss. r 716 3d
ALBRIGHT Cynthia, Mrs. r 716 3d
ALBRIGHT Harry A. insurance agt. r 909 4th
ALBRIGHT H.Edward, civil engineer, bds 909 4th
ALBRIGHT Grace E. Miss, r. 909 4th
ALBRIGHT Grace Miss, r 716 3d
ALBRIGHT Jacob W. city clerk, r 718 3d
ALBRIGHT Kate M. clk, R.W. Albright & Son, r 915 4th
ALBRIGHT Louise Miss, r 909 4th
ALBRIGHT Rachel Mrs. (widow) r. 718 3d
ALBRIGHT Robert W. (R.W. Albright & Son)r. 915 4th
ALBRIGHT R.W. & Son, bookseller & stationery, 723 2d
ALBRIGHT Wm. G. dry goods, 719 2d, r 716 3d
ALDEN Charles S. call boy Santa Fe, bds. 306 4th
ALDEN E.C. fireman Santa Fe, bds. 306 4th
ALDEN G.C. R 396 4th
ALDEN G.C. Mrs. r. 306 4th
ALLEN L. laborer, r 406 Bluff
ALLEN M.Mrs. r. 406 Bluff
ALLEN Mary Mrs. (widow) r. 925 5th
ALLEY Devore, stenographer, r 226 3d
ALLEY D.L. pilot, r 232 2d
ALLEY Fannie Mrs. r 232 2d
ALMENDINGER Barbara Mrs. r 806 6th
ALMENDINGER Jacob, brewer, r. 806 6th
ALMENDINGER Julius, clk. Wm. Eitman, bds 806 6th
ALTER Emma Miss, bds. 629 3d
ALTON Elliot, painter & mngr. opera house, r 531 Front
ALTON Lizzie Mrs. r 531 Front
AMBORN Adolph, (Rollett & Amborn) grocers 703 2d st. bds 119 Pine
AMBORN Barnadine Mrs. (widow) r 524 5th
AMBORN Barbara Miss, r (1?)14 Pine
AMBORN Candace Mrs. r. 921 2d
AMBORN Conrad jr. (C.Amborn & Bro), bds 720 2d
AMBORN Conrad sr. furniture dealer, r. 720 2d
AMBORN Conrad sr. Mrs. r 720 2d
AMBORN C. & Bro., books & stationery, 733 2d
AMBORN Esther Miss, r. 820 5th
AMBORN Eva A. Mrs. r 119 Pine
AMBORN FRED A. men's furnisher 718 2d, bds. 720 2d
AMBORN Henrietta Mrs. r 820 5th
AMBORN Henry, clk. Wm Amborn, bds 113 Pine
AMBORN Kate Mrs. r 1128 3d
AMBORN Nellie Mrs. r. 117 Pine
AMBORN Lena Miss, r. 720 2d
AMBORN Philip. (C. Amborn & Bros)r 1128 3d
AMBORN Peter, baker, r 114 Pine
AMBORN Robert A., grocer 709 2d, r. 117 Pine
AMBORN Rudolph, (C.Amborn & Bro) r. 921 2d
AMBORN Wm. jr. carpenter, r. 820 5th
AMBORN Wm., sr. furniture dealer, r 115 Pine
ANDERLE Albert, laborer, r. 1324 3d
ANDERLE Andrew, brickmason, r. 1324 3d
ANDERLE Bertha Miss, r. 1324 3d
ANDERLE Kate Miss, r. 1324 3d
ANDERLE Maggie Miss, r. 1324 3d
ANDERLE Maggie Mrs. r. 1324 3d
ANDERNACHT Andress, laborer, r. 1320 Front
ANDERNACHT Anna M. Mrs. r 1320 Front
ANDERSON Albert, baker, bds. 115 Pine
ANDERSON Andrew, laborer, bds. 201 Des Moines
ANDERSON Letitia Mrs. (widow) r. 1110 Des Moines
ANDERSON Roy, railroad brakeman, bds, 1110 Des Moines
ANDREW John, call boy Santa Fe, bds. 422 2d
ANDREW Michael, carpenter, r 422 2d
ANDREW Rebecca Mrs. r. 422 2d
ANDREWS Charles E. conductor Santa Fe, r 1611 5th
ANDREWS Carrie L. Mrs. r. 1611 5th
ANDREWS Elizabeth B. Miss, r 1611 5th
ANDREWS Fred, laborer, bds 1618 Front
ANDREWS G. Mrs. r 1618 Front
ANDREWS N.J. carpenter, r 1618 Front
ANDREWS W.R. employee Santa Fe, bds. 1007 4th
ANTHES ALBERT N. plumber, 911 Front, bds. Hotel Anthes
ANTHES Alice Mrs. bds. Hotel Anthes
ANTHES Anna Mrs. (widow), bds. Hotel Anthes
ANTHES CHARLES B. mgr. Hotel Anthes, bds. Hotel Anthes
ANTHES Libbie E. Miss, bds. Hotel Anthes
ANTHONY James, machinest I.F. Tool Co. r 903 5th
ANTHONY M.R. Mrs. r. 903 5th
AOBERMAN Anton Mrs. (widow) r. 1218 5th
AOBERMAN Lizzie Miss, r. 1218 5th
APPLETON Wyonia Miss, r 906 5th
ARENS Theo. brickmason, r. 1213 4th
ARGO E.N. woodworker, r 1027 2d
ARGO, Mary O. Mrs. r.1027 2d
ARMSTRONG Anna Mrs. r. 1506 7th
ARMSTRONG Charles H. r. cor 2d & Union av
ARMSTRONG James, teamster, r 1506 7th
ARMSTRONG Sarah M. Mrs. r cor. 2d & Union av
ARNIN John J. boiler maker, bds, Waverly hotel
ARNIN John J. Mrs. bds. Waverly hotel
ARTES Mary Mrs. r 318 3d
ASHLOCK Albert, teamster S. & J.C. Atlee, r. 119 Arch
ASHLOCK Mary Mrs. r. 119 Arch
ATCHISON Cora Mrs. (widow), r 523 3d
ATLEE Amelia Mrs. bds. Hotel Anthes
ATLEE Charlotte F. Mrs. r. 903 4th
ATLEE Ella Miss, r. 914 3d
ATLEE Emmeline Mrs. r. 816 4th
ATLEE John C.S. & J.C. Atlee, r 816 4th
ATLEE Joseph B. foreman S. & J.C. Atlee, r 1405 Johnson
ATLEE Lucy Mrs. r. 1405 Johnson
ATLEE Marian Miss, r. 914 3d
ATLEE Nancy M. Mrs. r 806 4th
ATLEE Samuel, S. & J.C.Atlee, r 806 4th
ATLEE S. & J.C. lumber mills, cor Arch & Johnson
ATLEE Walter S. clk S. & J.C. Atlee, bds Hotel Anthes
ATLEE Will H. book keeper S. & J.C. Atlee, r 903 4th
ATLEE Zachariah, laborer, bds. 1135 Des Moines
AUGE Enoch, laborer, r. 820 6th
AUGE Enoch Mrs. r. 820 6th
AUGE Henry, laborer, bds. 820 6th
AUGE Joseph, laborer, bds. 820 6th
AUGE Kate Miss, r. 820 6th
AUGIE Caroline Mrs. 1502 4th
AUGIE John, laborer, r. 1502 4th
AUSTIN Frank B. asst. road master A.T. & S.F. railroad, r. 615 3d
AUSTIN Frank B. Mrs. r. 615 3d
AUSTIN Mary E. Miss, r. 615 3d
AUWAERTER Anna Miss, clk, 731 2d r. 624 2d
AUWAERTER Ella Miss, r. 624 2d
AUWAERTER John M. wagon maker, r. 624 2d
AUWAERTER Kate Miss, r. 624 2d
AUWAERTER Minnie Miss, r. 624 2d
AUWAERTER & Faeth, John M. & Conrad, blacksmiths & wagon makers, shop 624 2d
AXT JULIUS H. druggist & pharmacist, James block 740 2d bds. Hotel Anthes

BABB E.M. engineer, r. 2621 Heck
BABB E.M. Mrs. r. 2621 Heck
BOON Alpha Miss, r. 825 4th
BOON J.H. stock dealer, r. 825 4th
BOON L.M. Mrs. r. 825 4th
BAILEY Annie Mrs. washerwoman, r. 416 6th
BAIRD HORACE, (Baird & Truesch), Hotel Anthes
BAKER Bros. horse shoeing, shop 915 2d
BAKER Chas. A. (Baker Bros.) bds Waverly hotel
BAKER Chas. O. Dr. homeopatic physician, r. 221 Pine
BAKER Chas. O. Mrs. r. 221 Pine
BAKER Will D. (Baker Bros.) bds Waverly hotel
BALDWIN Al. machinist Santa Fe, r. 103 Union
BALDWIN Esther Mrs. r. 621 Front
BALES Catherine Mrs. r. 2703 Kansas
BALES James, carpenter, r. 2703 Kansas
BANKS Mary Mrs. r. 1317 Des Moines
BARCLAY Lizzie, waitress Hotel Anthes 901 Front
BARNES James, laborer, r. 1220 Front
BARNES James Mrs. r. 1220 Front
BARNES James, (col), porter Hotel Anthes
BARNETT A.C. carpenter, r 932 5th
BARNETT Fenton, fuel agt. r. 2405 Bush
BARNETT Jennie Mrs. r. 932 5th
BARNETT Mattie Mrs. r. 932 Bush
BATHURST John, laborer, r. 1923 2d
BATHURST Theressa Mrs. r. 1922 2d
BARKLEY Jane Mrs. (widow) r 1303 Front
BARKLEY Wm. laborer, r. 1303 Front
BARTH Dorothy Mrs. r. 1335 Front
BARTH Henry, miller, r. 1335 Front
BARTLETT Eugene B. photographer, r. 1312 Front
BARTLETT Eugene Mrs. r. 1312 Front
BARTLETT Isadore Mrs. r. 2821 Shawnee
BARTLETT Thos. carpenter, r. 2821 Shawnee
BARTLEY Geo. laborer, r. 1206 3d
BARTLEY Jane Mrs. r. 1206 3d
BARTLEY Jane Mrs. r. 1206 3d
BARTSCH FERDINAND, minister Evangelical church, 1008 4th
BARTSCH Louisa Mrs. r. 1008 4th
BARR Robt. r. 525 2d
BARR Robt. Mrs. r 525 2d
BARR R.J. insurance agt. r. 729 3d
BARR A.W. Mrs. r. 729 3d
BATHE Anna Miss, r. 927 5th
BATHE Casper, laborer, r. 927 5th
BATHE Kate Miss, r. 927 5th
BATHE Maggie Mrs. r. 927 5th
BAUCH GUSTAVE F. jeweler, 607 2d, r. 718 4th
BAUCH Louisa Mrs. r. 718 4th
BAUGESS R.Y. laborer, r. 302 Olive
BAUMERT Edward, porter Hotel Anthes
BAVER A. laborer, r. 1520 Division
BAVER John, laborer, r. 1520 Division
BAVER Nellie, r. 1520 Division
BAXTER Chas. laborer, r. 1232 Johnson
BEARD Alice M. Miss, r. 623 5th
BEARD David, car accountant Santa Fe, 623 5th
BEARD James, deputy warden I.P. r. prison grounds
BEARDSLEE A.S. conductor Santa Fe, bds. Hotel Florence
BEARDSLEE Robert, bookkeeper, bds Metropolitan hotel
BEALL E.A. Mrs. (widow) r. 1307 5th
BEALL Joshua O. engineer Santa Fe, r. 1307 5th
BEALL Joshua O. Mrs. r. 1307 5th
BEAMER Anton, carpenter, r. 1813 3d
BEAMER Anton Mrs. r. 1813 3d
BECK Joseph M. Judge, supreme court Iowa, r. 314 Pine
BECK WM. J.R. attorney at law, r. 314 Pine
BECK Villisca R. Miss, r. 314 Pine
BECKDOLF Wm. baker, r. 1102 4th
BECKETT C.F. carpenter, r. 3027 Chicago
BECKETT Kate Mrs. r. 3027 Chicago
BECKER Charles, blacksmith, r. 1408 4th
BECKER Charles Mrs. r. 1408 4th
BECKER Emma Miss, r. 731 2d
BECKER Katie Miss, r. 1408 4th
BECKER Lena Miss, r. 1408 4th
BECKER Minnie Miss, r. 1408 4th
BECKER Nellie Miss, r. 1408 4th
BECKY Henry, laborer, r. 1115 2d
BEECRAFT Czar, laborer, r. 436 2d
BEECRAFT George, laborer, r. 436 2d
BEECRAFT F.E. boiler man, r. 2130 Beck
BEECRAFT Kate Mrs. r. 2130 Beck
BEELER Lawrence, tailor, 719 Front
BEEMER S.A. laborer S.&J.C. Atlee, r 1622 Division
BEEMER S.A. Mrs. r. 1622 Division
BEGER Stephen, laborer, r. 627 Des Moines
BEGER Therese Mrs. r. 627 Des Moines
BEIMER Henry, carpenter, r. 2631 Union av.
BEINE Joseph, baker, r. 1102 4th
BEINE Stephen, laborer, r. 1211 5th
BEITHAN Catherine Mrs. r. 1313 5th
BEITHAN Dora Miss, clerk N.Y. store, r. 1313 5th
BEITHAN Frederick, grocer, r. 303 Front
BEITHAN Fred C. asst. cashier G.A. Bank, r. 1313 5th
BEISTROM Gustave, section man Q. railroad, r. 1301 Spruce
BEISTROM Gustave Mrs. r. 1301 Spruce
BELL A. laborer, r. 1627 3d
BELL Austin, coppersmith Santa Fe, r. 2808 Kinsley
BELL C.R. book agent, r. 424 5th
BELL H.T. traveler, r. 424 5th
BELL Lulu Miss, domestic, r. 823 3d
BELL M.J. Mrs. r. 424 5th
BELLMAN George A. traveler fan mills, 1215 5th
BELLMAN George A. Mrs. 1215 5th
BENBOW A.J. grain dealer, r. 929 4th
BENBOW Alfred R. clerk 111 Pine, r. 1717 Front
BENBOW Alice Miss, r. 1717 Front
BENBOW Edith Mrs. r. 1309 5th
BENBOW Edw. C. grain dealer, r. 1309 5th
BENBOW Emma Mrs. r. 929 4th
BENBOW Horatio F. mail carrier, r. 929 4th
BENBOW John, grain dealer, r. 1717 Front
BENBOW J.W. Mrs. (widow) r. 1717 Front
BENDLAGE Anna Mrs. r. 1213 4th
BENDLAGE Anton H., restaurant, 943 Front
BENDLAGE Herman J. restaurant 717 Front, r. 1213 4th
BENDLAGE J.B. Mrs. (widow) r. 1203 4th
BENDLAGE Kate Mrs. r. 943 Front
BENTON Wm. laborer, r. 2622 Heck
BENTON Wm. Mrs. r. 2622 Heck
BERENS Bertha Mrs. r. 409 Front
BERENS Conrad, shoe dealer 710 2d, r. 1314 4th
BERENS Dora Mrs. r. 1314 4th
BERENS Dora Miss, r. 1314 4th
BERENS Frederick K. baker, r. 409 Front
BERENS Wm. barber 722 2d, r. 1314 4th
BERGMAN Ignatz, teacher & organist St. Mary's, r. 1416 5th
BERGMAN Wilhelmina Mrs. r. 1416 5th
BERGMEYER Anna Miss, r. 324 3d
BERGMEYER Catharine Mrs. r. 324 3d
BERGTHOLD Amelia Mrs. r. 1310 3d
BERGTHOLD James, tailor B.B. Hesse, r. 1310 3d
BERGTHOLD Jacob, (Stoevenor & Bergthold) r. 232 Walnut
BERGTHOLD Jacob Mrs. r. 232 Walnut
BERKSHIRE F.M. driver street railway company, r. 2816 California
BERKSHIRE M.J. Mrs. 2816 California
BERNHARD Dorothea Mrs. r. 1025 Front
BERNHARD EDW. P. (Peters & Bernhard Mill Co) 1025 Front
BERRY Cornelia Mrs. (widow) r. 121 Pine
BERRY Isaac, painter, r. 121 Pine
BERSTLER Anna Miss, r. 331 4th
BERSTLER Ella Miss, r. 331 4th
BERSTLER Florence Miss, clerk tel. exchange, r. 224 5th
BERSTLER Jennie Miss, r. 331 4th
BERSTLER John G. guard I.P. r. 331 4th
BERSTLER John, wks, J. Bullard's stable, r. 331 4th
BERSTLER L.J. Mrs. r. 224 5th
BERSTLER S.C. mail carrier, r. 224 5th
BEST Edwin, clerk at J.G. Swartz, r. 707 3d
BEST Hannah Miss, r. 707 3d
BEST Mary Miss, r. 707 3d
BEST Peter, jailor county jail, r. 707 3d
BEUCHEL Valentine, (retired) r. 1507 3d
BEUCHEL Valentine Mrs. r. 1507 3d
BEUTER Dena Mrs. r. 1236 3d
BEUTER Herman, laborer I.F.T. Co. 1236 3d
BEUTER Margaret Mrs. (widow) r. 1232 3d
BIDLEY Jennie Mrs. r. 1632 2d
BIDLEY John, storekeeper, r. 1632 2d
BIGGS Anna Mrs. r. 110 Hanover
BIGGS Bryant, carpenter, r. 1302 Des Moines
BIGGS George, truckman Santa Fe, r. 110 Hanover
BIGGS Grant G. carpenter, r. 1302 Des Moines
BIGGS O.T. retired lawyer, r. 1302 Des Moines
BIGGS Susan Mrs. r. 1302 Des Moines
BINDER John, laborer S. & J.C. Atlee, r. 1433 3d
BINDER Selma Mrs. r. 1433 3d
BINDER John, engineer, r. 2523 Peck
BINDER John Mrs. r. 2523 Peck
BISHOP S.D. sewing machine agt. bds. Waverly hotel
BITTEL Jennie K. Mrs. r. 1634 Des Moines
BITTEL JULIUS, shoe dealer 1331 Front, r. 1634 Des Moines
BLACK Wm. carpenter, r. 1410 4th
BLACK Wm. Mrs. r. 1410 4th
BLACKMAN George, laborer, r. 331 5th
BLACKMORE H.H. conductor Santa Fe, bds. Hotel Florence
BLAND Joseph, fireman Santa Fe, bds 2520 Hamilton
BLANKE Henry, laborer, r. ---Kinsley
BLANKE Maggie Mrs. r. ---Kinsley
BLEVINS Joseph, fireman Santa Fe, bds 210 Morrison av.
BLIZNER Julius A. carpenter, r. 2703 Kansas
BLIZNER Julius A. Mrs., r. 2703 Kansas
BLOOM W.F. railway mail clerk, bds. Hotel Anthes
BLUE George, conductor Santa Fe, bds Hotel Florence
BLUE Mary Mrs. r. 3001 Shawnee
BOAHENT John, laborer, 1135 2d
BOCK Wm. railroad engineer, bds 127 Peck
BODEY Eva Miss, r. 229 Maple
BOEHME Chris, gardener, r. ---8th
BOHEN James, railroad switchman, r. 1333 Des Moines
BOLSTER Henry, well cleaner, r. 304 5th
BOLSTER Mary Ann Mrs. r. 304 5th
BOLTE George, laborer, r. 1031 5th
BOLTE Joseph, laborer, r. 1031 5th
BOLTE Louise Mrs. r. 1031 5th
BOLTE Steven, laborer, r. 1031 5th
BOLTZE Christian, barber Hotel Anthes, r. 1117 3d
BOLTZE Gussie, cook, r. 839 Front
BOLTZE Susie Mrs. r. 1117 3d
BOREMAN George, r. 422 5th
BOREMAN John, r. 422 5th
BOREMAN Maggie Miss, r. 422 5th
BOREMAN Mary Mrs. r. 422 5th
BORGFECHTEL Mary Miss, domestic, r. 923 4th
BORTE Frank, cooper, r 1112 5th
BORTE Frank Mrs. r. 1112 5th
BORTS John, tel operator "Q" railway, bds. Hotel Florence
BOWEN James, fireman Santa Fe, bds. Ivanhoe house
BOWEN M.L. jeweler 727 2d, r.316 Market
BOWEN M.L. Mrs. r. 310 Market
BOWER George, laborer, r. 1026 Des Moines
BOWMAN Charles, brakeman Santa Fe, r. 229 Maple
BOWMAN Fannie Miss (col) r. 115 Elm
BOWMAN Maggie Mrs. r. 229 Maple
BOWMAN Patrick (col) laborer, r 115 Elm
BOWMAN Rebecca Mrs. (col) r. 115 Elm
BOWMAN Samuel (col) laborer, r 115 Elm
BOYD Fannie S. Miss, r. 733 4th
BOYLE Charles L. fireman Santa Fe, r 3019 Windmayer
BOYLE Emma Mrs. r. 3019 Windmayer
BOYER Emma Mrs. r. 3017 Shawnee
BOYER George D. Santa Fe railroad, 3017 Shawnee
BRADISH H.T. foreman Huiskamp Bros. r. 318 Market
BRADISH H.T. Mrs. r. 318 Market
BRADLEY Emma E. Mrs. r. 222 Oak
BRADLEY James G. foreman I.F.T.Co., r. 222 Oak
BRADY James, engineer Santa Fe, r. 210 Morrison av
BRADY Joseph, laborer, bds 929 Front
BRANDENBURGER Fred, carpenter, r. 1303 Front
BRANDENBURGER Helen Mrs. r. 1303 Front
BRANDES Henry, wks. Hotel Anthes
BRANDES Wm. jr. runs restaurant Hotel Anthes, r. 1429 Front
BRANDES Wm. Mrs. r. 1429 Front
BRANDES Wm. sr. laborer, r. n 8th
BRANDES Wm. Mrs. r. n 8th
BRANNUM Alice Miss, domestic, r. 804 3d
BRANTLACHT Anthony, teamster, r. 1524 3d
BRANTLACHT Mary Mrs. r. 1524 3d
BRANT Swan, laborer, r. 350 Division
BRECHT Fritz, wks T. Smith, 931 Front
BRECHT Hannah Mrs. cook Hotel Anthes
BRECHT Olga Miss, bds Hotel Anthes
BRECHT Zelda Miss, bds Hotel Anthes
BREITENSTEIN Clara Mrs. r. 919 5th
BREITENSTEIN Henry, carpenter, r 919 5th
BREIDING Emma Mrs. r. 221 Maple
BREIDING Grant, mechanic r. 221 Maple
BREINER Carrie Mrs. r. 1702 2d
BREINER George, grocery clerk, r. 1701 2d
BREINER Lizzie Miss, r. 1701 2d
BREINER Toney, machinist, r. 1701 2d
BRENDEL Catherine Mrs. r. 2621 Santa Fe av.
BRENDEL GEORGE, merchant, r. 2621 Santa Fe av
BRENDEL George Mrs. r. 2621 Santa Fe av
BREWSTER Charles B. retired banker, r. 629 3d
BRIANT W.B. conductor Santa Fe, bds Hotel Florence
BRICKER Clara Mrs. carpet weaver, r. 423 2d
BRICKER Gussie Miss, r. Hotel Metropolitan
BRICKER Florence Miss, r. 507 2d
BRICKER J.E. mechanic, r. 507 2d
BRICKER R.J. Mrs. r. 507 2d
BRINER Kate Mrs. r. 1926 Division
BRINER L. laborer paper mill? r. 1926 Division
BRINKSCHROEDER George, laborer, r. 1102 6th
BRINKSCHROEDER Helane Mrs. r. 1102 6th
BROCKELMAN Steven, carpenter, r. 303 Maple
BROCKELMAN Therese, r. 303 Maple
BROCKHAGEN Mary Miss, r. Hotel Metropolitan
BROCKHAGE Katie, servant, r. 910 5th
BROCKLEMAN John, fisherman, r. 1316 1st
BROCKLEMAN John Mrs. r. 1316 1st
BROE Joseph, switchman, bds 1107 Front
BROOKS T.R. laborer, r. 127 Des Moines
BROOKS Ruth, r. 127 Des Moines
BROWN Annie Mrs. r. 526 2d
BROWN Arbelin Mrs. r. 2806 California
BROWN A.P. paper mill mngr. r. 1525 Johnson
BROWN Benjamin, teamster, r. 304 Olive
BROWN Charles, r. 124 Peck
BROWN D.T. bookkeeper paper mill, r. 629 4th
BROWN Eliza, r. 2606 Hamilton
BROWN Elizabeth Mrs. r. 304 Olive
BROWN Elizabeth K. r. 4th
BROWN Etta Miss r. 124 Peck
BROWN H.A. engineer, r. 115 Gimmett av
BROWN H.B. moulder, r. 115 Gimmett av
BROWN Ha..y, r. 124 Peck
BROWN Hattie, r. 2606 Hamilton
BROWN James, engineer, r. 2906 Hamilton
BROWN Julia A. r. 2606 Hamilton
BROWN Julia A. Mrs. r. 2606 Hamilton
BROWN J.H. r. 526 2d
BROWN S. Miss, r 124 Peck
BROWN Mary, r. 436 Johnson
BROWN Mary Miss, r. 124 Peck
BROWN May Miss, r. 124 Peck
BROWN Myra Mrs. r. 629 4th
BROWN Robert W. machinist, r. 2806 California
BROWN Rose E. r. 115 Gimmett
BROWN Sadie, (widow) housekeeper E.J. Rizer
BROWN S.C. Mrs. r. 124 Peck
BROWN Wm. r. 124 Peck
BROWN W.E. mngr. Knapp, Stout & Co. r. 621 4th
BROWN W.E. Mrs. r. 621 4th
BROXLAN Austin, laborer, r. 1510 8th
ABROXLAN Kate Mrs. r. 1510 8th
BRUNER Walter, painter, r. 2718 Kansas
BRUNER Walter Mrs. R. 2718 Kansas
BRUCE Eliza Mrs. r. 326 Market
BRUCE Frank, master mechanic, r. 326 Market
BRUCE Frank J. r. 326 Market
BUCHHOLZ Belinda Miss, r. 705 Front
BUCHHOLZ Emma, r. 725 Front
BUCHHOLZ Ferd. J. barber 103 Pine, r. 705 Front
BUCHHOLZ Fred r. 705 Front
BUCHHOLZ Gus. barber, r. 741 Front
BUCHHOLZ Louisa Mrs. r. 725 Front
BUCHHOLZ Louise Mrs. r. 741 Front
BUCHHOLZ Martha, r. 705 Front
BUCHHOLZ Robert, barber, r. 725 Front
BUCHHOLZ Wm. r. 725 Front
BUCKLER Ben. r 605 5th
BUCKLER Bertah Miss, r. 1001 Walnut
BUCKLER Hattie Mrs. r. 605 5th
BUCKLER Herman, foreman plow works, r. 603 5th
BUCKLER Joseph, cooper, r. 1001 Walnut
BUCKLER Josephine Mrs. r. 1001 Walnut
BUCKLER Kate Mrs. r. 603 5th
BUCKLER Lena Miss, r. 1334 5th
BUCKLER Louisa Mrs. r. 1113 4th
BUCKLER Louise Miss, r. 1334 5th
BUCKLER Stephen, laborer, r. 1001 Walnut
BUCKLER Steven, cooper, r. 1334 5th
BUCKLER Theresa Mrs. r. 1334 5th
BUDKE Geo. H. lumberman, r. 1309 Des Moines
BUDKE Henry, laborer, r. 1431 Front
BUDKE Henry, teamster, r. 1309 Des Moines
BUDKE Herman, wks 1131 Front, r. 1129 Front
BUDKE Katie Miss, R. 1309 Des Moines
BUDKE Katie Mrs. r. 1431 Front
BUESCHER CHRIST, meat market, r. 536 2d
BULLARD JAMES & SON, livery stable bet. 2d & 3d--Cedar
BULLARD EUGENE with James Bullard & Son, r. 612--
BULLARD JAMES & SON, Gem City livery, --12 2d
BULLARD JOHN, livery & sale stable 935--r. 1110 2d
BULLARD John Mrs. r. 1110 2d
BULLOCK Elizabeth Mrs. r. 517 5th
BULLOCK S.A. guard, r. 517 5th
BUNER J.C. r. 1310 3d
BUNER Mollie Mrs. r. 1310 3d
BURDS Emily, housekeeper, r. 115 Oak
BURLINGHAM Ed. clerk, r. 104 Cedar
BURLINGHAM E.H. pharmacist, r. 713 Front
BURLINGHAM Mary Mrs. r. 104 Cedar
BURLINGTON Pickle Works, cor. Division & Spruce
BURKE James, boiler wiper, r. 205 Morrison av.
BURNS Henry B. carpenter, r. 1922 2d
BURNS Henry B. Mrs. r. 1922 2d
BURSTER Augusta Mrs. (widow) r. 1635 3d
BUSARD Susie Miss, domestic, r. 941 Front
BUTES Charles, engineer, bds. Hotel Florence
BUTKE Benjamin, clerk, r. 1407 2d
BUTTERFIELD M.T. clerk, r. 825 4th
BUTTERFIELD M.T. Mrs. r. 825 4th
BUTT-- Lida, r. 437 Johnson

CALE Caroline Mrs. r. 714 Beck
CALE Hulda Mrs. r. 714 Beck
CALE Lucy Mrs. r. 714 Beck
CALE Simeon, r. 714 Beck
CALHOUN Charles, call boy Santa Fe railroad, r. 1022 3d
CALHOUN James, expressman, r. 1022 3d
CALHOUN Mary Mrs. r. 1022 3d
CALHOUN Robert J. expressman, r. 1022 3d
CAMPBELL Benj. H. clerk at Q depot, r. 823 4th
CAMPBELL E.J. Mrs. r. 823 4th
CAMPBELL I.R. medical student, r. 823 4th
CAMPBELL James W. jr. mngr Haverly's minstrels, r. 823 4th
CAMPBELL J.W. sr. mngr Knap, Stout & co. city yeard, r. 823 4th
CAMPBELL Mathew F. fireman, r. 1111 Front
CAMPBELL Myrtle Miss, r. 523 3d
CAMPBELL N.C. Mrs. r. 523 3d
CAMPBELL N.C. Prof. supt. city schools, r. 523 3d
CAMPBELL Sarah Mrs. (widow) r. 612 4th
CAMPBELL Sarah J. Mrs. r. 1111 Front
CAMPBELL William, chief clerk supt. office C.F.M. & Des Moines railroad 1019 Water, r. 612 4th
CAMPION Sophia Mrs. (widow), r. 718 3d
CANNON Alice Mrs. r. 3025 Shawnee
CANNON John, moulder, r. 3025 Shawnee
CARHOFF Francesca Mrs. r. 5th
CARHOFF George H. laborer, r. 5th
CARBURY Annie Miss, r. 201 Des Moines
CARBURY Carrie Miss, r. 201 Des Moines
CARBURY Gertie Miss, r. 201 Des Moines
CARBURY Ida Miss, r. 201 Des Moines
CARBURY Lenora Miss, r. 201 Des Moines
CARBURY William, section foreman Santa Fe railroad, r. 201 Des Moines
CAREY Emma M. Mrs. r. cor. Front & Elm
CAREY Lee, laborer, r. cor. Front & Elm
CARL Ellen Mrs. r. 323 Johnson
CARL James, laborer, r. 323 Johnson
CARL Joseph, car repaiarer, r. 4030 Division
CARLSON Gus. engineer, r. 2621 Kinsley
CARMON J. E. DR. (dentist) office 707 2d, r. 729 3d
CARMON J.E. Mrs. r. 729 3d
CARPENTER Annie Mrs. laundress, r. 935 3d
CARPENTERS & Cigar Makers Union, rooms 615 Front
CARR Eli, restaurant clerk 116 Pine, r. 513 Elm
CARR G.H. carpenter, r. 407 Front
CARR Lydia, r. 407 Front
CARR Mahala Mrs. r. 407 Front
CARR Robert R. laborer, r. 407 Front
CARR William H. laborer, r. 407 Front
CARROLL Alex. F. riverman, r. 1404 3d
CARROLL Frank, brickmason, r. 1227 Front
CARROLL Frank Mrs. r. 1227 Front
CARROLL James, laborer, r. 323 Johnson
CARROLL Mary e. Mrs. r. 1404 3d
CARROLL Mike, railroad fireman, r. 935 Front
CARROLL Mike Mrs. r. 935 Front
CARROLSON Fannie M. dressmaker, r. 1820 3d
CARTER John, laborer r. 442 Division
CARTER Susan Mrs. domestic Ivanhoe House 2631 Santa Fe av
CARRUTHERS Kittie Miss, r. 1725 Division
CARRUTHERS Mary Mrs. r. 1725 Division
CARRUTHERS Robert, engineer, r. 1725 Division
CARSTEN Henry, laborer, r. Shawnee
CASE Edward M. Directory Co. r. 815 3d
CASE E.J.L.Mrs. r. 815 3d
CASE Louise M. Miss, r. 815 3d
CASE Mourton, dealer in coal & wood, r. 815 3d
CASE M. Wood & Coal Co. 1029 Water
CASEY Albert E. paper hanger, r. 6th & Locust
CASEY JOSEPH M. Jr. physician 602 2d, r. 6th & Locust
CASEY Joseph M. Hon. sr. judge district court, r. 6th & Locust
CASEY SABERT M. (Casey & Stewart attorneys) r. 6th & Locust
CASEY Sallie Miss, r. 6th & Locust
CASEY Sarah Mrs. r. 6th & Locust
CASEY & Steward, attorneys at law, office 124 Pine
CASSIDY Etta Miss, domestic, r. 621 3d
CATTERMOLE A.C. Mrs. (widow) bds. Metropolitan hotel
CATTERMOLE Charles, clk at 121 Pine, r. 805 3d
CATTERMOLE Elizabeth Mrs. r. 805 3d
CATTERMOLE George, jr. clerk 121 Pine, r. 805 3d
CATTERMOLE George, sr. grocer 121 Pine, r. 805 3d
CATTERMOLE Henry, pres't. German American Bank cor 2d & Pine, r. 805 3d
CATTERMOLE Jennie Mrs. r. 805 3d
CATTERMOLE Robert W. Directory Co. bds. Metropolitan hotel
CAWI Antone, laborer, r. cor. 2d & Arch
CAWI Pauline Mrs. r. cor. 2d & Arch
CENTRAL Fire Station, John Rieffenach watchman, cor. 4th & Market
CHAMBERLAIN Carrie Miss, r. 503 5th
CHAMBERLAIN Harriett Mrs. r. 503 5th
CHAMBERLAIN Jay, canvaser, r. 503 5th
CHAMBERLAIN Manuel S. city assessor, r. 503 5th
CHAMBERS Alice R. Mrs. r. Chestnut bet. Front & 2d
CHAMBERS Fred, clerk, B.C. Davis, r. 305 2d
CHAMBERS George, (colored) minister, r. 1120 2d
CHAMBERS John, r. 305 2d
CHAMBERS Oscar F. engineer, r. Chestnut bet. Front & 2d
CHAMBERS Thomas C. Mrs. r. 305 2d
CHAMBERS Thomas C. river engineer, r. 305 2d
CHAMBERS William, river engineer, r. 305 2d
CHANLER Lina Mrs. dress maker, r. 1301 2d
CHATFIELD Arthur, J. inspector of water service, r. 1032 3d
CHATFIELD Julia Mrs. r. 1032 3d
CHILDS F.W. local engineer, r. 213 Maple
CHILDS J. Mrs. r. 213 Maple
CHLDS S.B. conductor, r. 1214 5th
CHILDS S.B. Mrs. r. 1214 5th
CHILDS S.E. Miss, r. 1214 5th
CHOTT John A. laundry 3d & Chestnut, r. 902 3d
CHOTT Filomina, r. 902 3d
CHOUMEE Hubert, painter, Ivanhoe house 2631 Santa Fe av.
CHOUMEE Mary A. (widow), Ivanhoe house 2631 Santa Fe av
CHAUFFIN Annie Miss, housekeeper, r. 2704 California
CLARK Abner, nurseryman, r. 1212 4th
CLARK Charles, Santa Fe railroad, r. 1212 4th
CLARK Fred M. hostler Gem city livery, r. 612 2d
CLARK Grace Miss, r. 1212 4th
CLARK Kate Mrs. r. 1212 4th
CLAPP Carrie Mrs. r. 1729 Des Moines
CLAPP Clara Mrs. r. 1209 3d
CLAPP Frank, carpenter, r. 1209 3d
CLAPP H.H. engineer, r. 1729 Des Moines
CLAYTON Ella Mrs. dress maker, r. 1028 Front
CLOCK J.A. clerk, bds Hotel Florence
CLOGHLAN Daniel, painter, r. 205 Morrison av
CLOUGH William, painter at Atlee's, r. 2100 Johnson
CLOUGH Amsley Mrs. r. 2100 Johnson
CLUTE John, prison guard, r 515 5th
CLUTE Laura Mrs. r. 515 5th
COAL G.W. conductor Santa Fe railroad, bds. Anthes house
COBLE Al F. fireman, bds. 2520 Hamilton
COCHRAN Morris, r. 1404 5th
COFFENBERG R.A. painter, r. 1431 2d
COLBURN C.E. Mrs. r. 520 6th
COLBURN William, boiler maker, Shawnee
COLE A.J. Dr. U.S. examining surgeon, 607 Front
COLE Caroline, r. 1127 2d
COLE C.V. laborer, r. 1127 2d
COLE Edward, laborer, r. 415 2d
COLE Jessie, r. 1125 2d
COLE John G. marble cutter, bds. Waverly hotel
COLE John G. Mrs. bds. Waverly hotel
COLE Mary Mrs. bds. 415 2d
COLE M. bds. 1127 2d
COLE Mont, bds. 1125 2d
COLEGROVE H. wks J.M. Murphy & co. r. 415 Front
COLEGROVE John, wks J.M. Murphy & Co. r. 415 Front
COLEGROVE Mercy Mrs. r. 415 Front
COLMAN John, bridge carpenter Santa Fe, bds. Waverly hotel
COLTERS Aggie, r. 1608 Front
COLTERS M.J. clerk, r. 1608 Front
COLWELL A.B. r. 729 3d
COLWELL Barbara Mrs. r. 2622 Hamilton
COLWELL Frank, fireman, r 2622 Hamilton
COMPTON M.M. Mrs. r. 308 4th
COMPTON W.H. blacksmith, r. 308 4th
CONLEY Eva Mrs. r. cor. Hale & Johnson
CONLEY James, saw filer, r. cor. Hale & Johnson
CONLEY William, fireman Santa Fe railroad, r. 101 Union
COONS Caliph, assistant orderly, hospital
CONNER Elsie Mrs. r. 1722 2d
CONNER Emma Miss, r. 1722 2d
CONNER Henry A. carpenter, r. 1722 2d
CONNER John Henry, air inspector Santa Fe railroad, r. 1722 2d
CONNER Patrick, blacksmith helper Santa Fe, r. 101 Union
CONRADT Barbara Mrs. r. 522 Walnut
CONRADT CHARLES F. Jr. butcher, r. 210 Pine up stairs
CONRADT Charles F. sr. (Conradt's meat market 212 Pine) r. cor. Walnut & 5th
CONRADT Charles F. Mrs. r. 210 Pine
CONRADT Harry, salesman, r. 522 Walnut
CONRADT Nettie Miss, r. 522 Walnut
COOK George, painter, r. 1734 3d
COOK H.E. clerk at Hotel Anthes 901 Front
COOK John, wks. Knapp, Stout & Co. r. 1734 3d
COOK Lizzie, r. 1734 3d
COOK Peter, painter, r. 1734 3d
COOK William, laborer, r. 1312 2d
COON Annie Miss, domestic, r. 1313 3d
COON D.N. physician, office 111 Pine r. 517 Pine
COON D.N. Mrs. r. 517 Pine
COONS Frank, laborer, ---Lincoln av
COONS Katie Mrs. --- Lincoln av
COOPER Frank, flue welder, r. 3034 Seneca
COOPER Frank Mrs. r. 3034 Seneca
COOPER James, hostler, r. 935 2d
COPPRESS Benton, railroad engineer, r. 1125 4th
COOPRESS Benton Mrs. r. 1125 4th
COPPRESS Minnie Miss, book-keeper, r. 1125 4th
CORIELL Julian D. farming, r. 616 3d
CORIELL Julian Mrs. r. 616 3d
CORRIGAN Thomas, laborer, r. 2640 California
CORSE Berhard, carpenter, r. 726 5th
CORSE S.C. plow fitter, r. 722 5th
CORSE Lena Mrs. r. 722 5th
COULTER Ebb, foreman at foundry, r 2912 California
COULTER J.N. shipping clerk Tool Co. r. cor. Oak & 2d
COULTER Phylissia Mrs. r. cor. Oak & 2d
COULTER Rhoda Mrs. r. 2912 California
COUNTY Jail, 707 3d
COURT House, cor. Pine & 3d
COWLES Alva, lumber assorter, r. 906 3d
COWLES Diana, r. 714 4th
COWLES George, carpenter, r. 714 4th
COWLES Malissa Miss, r. 714 4th
COWLES Mary, r. 906 3d
COY H.M. machinist, r. 3005 Shawnee
COY H.M. MRS. r. 3005 Shawnee
CRAIG A.F. Mrs. r. 2133 Division
CRAIG Frank B. Engineer, Santa Fe, r. 2133 Division
CRAIG Ida Miss, r. 2133 Division
CRALEY Gus. clerk, r. 731 2d
CRANE Charles A. r. 141 Peck
CRANE Charles A. Mrs. r. 141 Peck
CRANE Charles, r. 141 Peck
CRANMER Luther, laborer, r. 1528 8th
CRANMER Nancy J. r. 1528 8th
CRAWFORD R.G. conductor Santa Fe, r. 417 2d
CREPS Lizzie Mrs. r. 906 5th
CREPS Reuben, carpenter, r. 906 5th
CRESAP E.B. conductor Santa Fe, bds Waverly hotel
CRINER Charles, r. 3131 Mohawk
CRINER Ella Mrs. r. 3131 Mohawk
CRINER James E. machinist, r. 3131 Mohawk
CRINER James E. Mrs. r. 3131 Mohawk
CRONIN Lawrence, blacksmith, r. 2721 Madison
CRONIN Mary Mrs. r. 3104 Madison
CRONIN Patrick machinist, r. 3104 Madison
CRONIN Peter, foundryman, bds. 127 Dodd av.
CRONIN Rose Mrs. r. 2721 Madison
CROSLEY George B. teamster, r. 1436 Des Moines
CROSLEY Permela Mrs. r. 1436 Des Moines
CROSSLEY Mary Mrs. r. 2705 Chicago
CORSSLEY Ross, laborer, r. 2705 Chicago
CROUSE F.S. nurseyman, bds. Waverly house
CROW Harry, r. 137 Peck
CROWN William, carpenter, r. 1627 3d
CROWN William Mrs. r. 1627 3d
CRUIKSHANK J.P. real estate, 910 5th
CRUIKSHANK Mattie Mrs. 910 5th
CRUMPTON John, tool dressr, r. 3119 Mohawk
CRUMPTON John Mrs. r. 3119 Mohawk
CUMMINGS John, boiler maker, r. 616 Division
CUMMINGS Sarah Mrs. r. 616 Division
CUNNINGHAM F. railroad brakeman, bds. Hotel Anthes
CUNNINGHAM Jack, fireman, r. 3001 Shawnee
CURE John, laborer, r. 1418 Des Moines
CURFMAN Cora Miss, r. 1228 2d
CURFMAN Ira, laborer, r. 1228 2d
CURFMAN Lucy Mrs. r. 1228 2d
CURRIER T.G. creamery, 513 Front
CURTIS G.B. postal clerk, bds. Hotel Anthes
CUSHMAN Earl, foreman at prison, r. 408 5th
CUSHMAN Nellie Mrs. r. 408 5th

DAGE Thos. laborer, bds. 331 5th
DALE Wm. laborer, bds --Shawnee
DALEY Danl. W. engineer Santa Fe, r. 2121 Des Moines
DALEY Harry, fireman Santa Fe, bds 205 Morrison av
DALEY Julia Miss, r. 2121 Des Moines
DASSAU Emil, artist, r. 718 4th
DASSAU Emma Miss, r. 718 4th
DAUGHERTY Kate Mrs. r. 1912 Peck
DAUGHERTY Frank P. laborer, r. 1912 Peck
DAVIDSON Allen, Turnkey I.P. bds. 323 Olive
DAVIS, DODD & CO. real estate & ins. agts. (G.E.D & H.W.D.) nw. cor. Pine & 2d
DAVIS Byron C. boots & shoes, 409 2d. r. 409 4th
DAVIS Benjamin, (col) laborer, r. 316 3d
DAVIS Benjamin Mrs. (col) r. 316 3d
DAVIS Daisy Miss, r. 1013 3d
DAVIS Estella Miss, domestic, wks. 1215 5th
DAVIS Etta Miss, r. 1425 4th
DAVIS Gerturde G.Miss, seamstress, bds. 826 3d
DAVIS Gardner, woodworker, r. 1007 2d
DAVIS GEORGE E. (Davis, Dodd & Co) real estate agts. r. 423 Pine
DAVIS George E. Mrs. r. 423 Pine
DAVIS Herbert W. mail carrier, r. 423 Pine
DAVIS John A. laborer, r. 1516 Occidental
DAVIS John, laborer, r. 1425 4th
DAVIS Lizzie B. Mrs. r. 409 4th
DAVIS Lizzie Mrs. r. 1013 3d
DAVIS Leonard D. artist, r. 1013 3d
DAVIS Martin, sawyer S.& J.C. Atlee, r. 1516 Occidental
DAVIS Martin Mrs. r. 1516 Occidental
DAVIS Mary Mrs. r. 1007 2d
DAVIS Nettie Miss, r. 1425 4th
DAVIS Oscar P. wks. Santa Fe, r. 1013 3d
DAVIS Samuel H. carpenter, r. 1013 3d
DAVIS Samuel H. conductor Santa Fe, r. 705 4th
DAVIS Susan Miss, r. 1425 4th
DAVIS Winifred Miss, teacher, r. 423 Pine
DAWSON Jas. laborer, r. 227 Occidental
DAWSON Wm. laborer, r. 227 Occidental
DAY John W. r. 411 2d
DAY M.E. Mrs. boarding house, r. 411 2d
DEAL Emma Miss, canvasser, r. 741 Front
DEAMUDE Carrie Miss, r. 606 4th
DEAMUDE Jessie Miss, r. 606 4th
DEAMUDE Sophy Mrs. r. 606 4th
DEAMUDE Theo. D. contractor, r. 606 4th
DEAMUDE Vallie Miss, teacher, r. 606 4th
DeCAILLEY L.Rev. Father (St. Joseph's) r. 520 3d
DECKER Benjamin, laborer, r. 1534 3d
DECKER Catherine Mrs. r. 1526 4th
DECKER Gertrude Mrs. r. 1526 2d
DECKER Henry, drayman, r. 1534 3d
DECKER Herman, laborer, r. 1526 4th
DECKER Lizzie Mrs. r. 1534 3d
DECKER Martin, wks. K.S. & com. Co. r. 1526 2d
DECKER Wm. laborer, r. 1534 3d
DEFENBAUGH John, laborer, bds. 1309 2d
DEGEN Anna Mrs. r. 834 6th
DEGEN John A. brickmaker, r. 834 6th
DEGEN John, retired, r. 830 6th
DEGEN Joseph, blacksmith, r. 830 6th
DEGEN Kate Miss, r. 830 6th
DEGEN Lizzie Mrs.r. 830 6th
DeHART Peter W. r. 726 5th
DeHART Peter W. Mrs. 4. 726 5th
DEIMAN Joseph, r. 1022 2d
DEIMAN Sabra Mrs. r. 1022 2d
DELAP Geo. laborer, r. 131 Goodman
DELAP John, r. 131 Goodman
DELAP Mary Mrs. (wid) dressmaker, r. 131 Goodman
DELAP Mary J. Mrs. r. 1636 Front
DELAP Samuel, laborer, r. 1636 Front
DELAP Wm. laborer, r. 1636 Front
DELAP Wm. r. 131 Goodman
DELASHMUTH Emma Mrs. r. 723 5th
DELASHMUTH Frank C. clerk Santa Fe depot, r. 723 5th
DENWIDDIE Frank, laborer, r. --Massachusetts av.
DENWIDDIE Ida Mrs. r. --Massachusetts av.
DENZ Lizzie Mrs. r. 1113 Front
DENZ Ivo, coppersmith, r. 1113 Front
DEPOT C.B. & K.C. and St. L.K. & N.W.R.R.'s, O.E. Newton agt. cor. Water & Walnut
DEPOT A.T. & S.F.R.R., B.A. Johnson agt. cor. Water & Chestnut
DEPOT C. Ft. M.& D.M.R.R., W.C.Campbell agt. 1023 Water
DERIVA Julia Miss, domestic, wks. 2420 Burr
DERENKAMP Barney, carpenter, r. 1011 Front
DERENKAMP Ella Miss, r. 1011 Front
DERENKAMP Fred. carpenter, r. 1011 Front
DERENKAMP John, conductor M.K. & T.R.R. r. 1011 Front
DERENKAMP Lizzie Miss, r. 1011 Front
DETMAR Barney, machinist, r. 1133 5th
DETMER Edward, carpenter, r. 1736 Occidental
DETTMER Edward, carpenter, r. ---Locust
DETTMER Kate Mrs. r. ---Locust
DETTMER Martin, laborer, r. 1516 7th
DETTMER Terese Mrs. r. 1516 7th
DETTMER Therese Mrs. (wid) dressmaker, r. 1133 5th
DEVENPORT Edna Mrs. r. 2220 Santa Fe av.
DEVENPORT Geo. wks. Santa Fe car shops, r. 2220 Santa Fe av.
DeWITT S.J. Mrs. r. 924 3d
DIAMOND Jo Packet Co. J.H. Einspanjer agt. office 613 2d
DICKSON Jas. laborer, bds. 201 Des Moines
DICKSON N. fireman Santa Fe, r. 1723 Johnson
DICKSON Sadie Mrs. r. 1723 Johnson
DIEDRICH CHAS. D. (Soechtig & Diedrich, grocers & bakers, 115 Pine) r. 315 Walnut
DIEDRICH Katie S. Mrs. r. 315 Walnut
DILLARD Benj. laborer, r. 3022 Windmayer
DILLARD Sarah Mrs. r. 3022 Windmayer
DIMMETT Isadore Mrs. r. 206 Morrison
DIMMETT Wm. carpenter, r. 206 Morrison
DINGMAN Kate Miss, dressmaker, r. 609 5th.
DODD Florence Miss, dressmaker, r. 729 3d
DODD H.W. (Davis, Dodd & Co. real estate agts) r. se. cor 4th & Cedar
DODD H.W. Mrs. r. se. cor. 4th & Cedar
DODD I.J. traverler K. of P. r. 229 5th
DOERING GEO. Sr. butcher 1732 2d, r. 1731 2d
DOERING Geo. Jr. r. 1731 2d
DOERING Henry J. butcher 1732 2d, r. 1810 3d
DOERING John, r. 1731 2d
DOERING Kate V. Mrs. r. 1810 3d
DOERING Mary Mrs. r. 1731 2d
DOERING Mary Miss, r. 1731 2d
DOERING Peter, r. 1731 2d
DOERR Albert M. clerk Sant Fe storehouse, bds. 812 3d
DOERR Cuno W. Directory co. bds. 812 3d
DOERR Catharine Mrs. r. 812 3d
DOERR Chas. (Doerr & Townsend real estate & insurance, 111 Pine) r. 812 3d
DOERR Edw. F. civil engineer, bds 812 3d
DOERR Nettie H. Miss, r. 812 3d
DOERR Philip, retired, r. 812 3d
DOERR Philip O. cashier C.B. & Q. freight office, bds 812 3d
DOERR & Townsend (Chas. & John T.) real estate & insurance, 111 Pine
DOLES Frank, waiter, bds 839 Front
DOLPH H.M. engineer Santa Fe, cor Purcell & Madison
DOLPH H.M. Mrs. cor. Purcell & Madison
DOONAN Robert, laborer, bds. 929 Front
DONOVAN Bfernivan, 2119 Depot
DONALDSON Mildred Miss, waiter, Hotel Anthes
DONALDSON Mildred Mrs. waiter, Hotel Anthes
DOTY Annie Mrs. r. 1301 2d
DOTY Frank, laborer, r. 1301 2d
DOTY Warren, laborer, r. 1301 2d
DOVI Anton, fruit store, 733 Front
DOVI Presidio, fruit store, 733 Front
DOWNS JOHN Dr. physician & surgeon, r. 535 3d
DOWNS Kate Mrs. r. 535 3d
DOWNS Patrick, timekeeper Santa Fe, bds. 205 Morrison
DOYLE Chas. wks. Santa Fe round house, bds. 602 4th
DOYLE Julia A. Miss, r. 602 4th
DOYLE Joe Miss, housekeeper, r. 520 4th
DOYLE John, coppersmith, r. 2808 Kinsley
DOYLE May Mrs. r. 2808 Kinsley
DOYLE Samuel C. supt. water works office 815 Front, r. 602 4th
DOYLE Samuel Mrs. (wid.) r. 602 4th
DRAKE Ella Miss, r. 320 Market
DRAKE S.A. Mrs. (wid) r. 320 Market
DREXEL Minnie Mrs. r. 737 Front
DROE Amiel, laundryman, Hotel Anthes
DRUPPEL Anna Mrs. (wid) r. 309 Elm
DRUPPEL Clement, marble cutter, r. 309 Elm
DRUPPEL George, laborer, r. 1920 2d
DRUPPEL George Mrs. r. 1920 2d
DUDLEY Herbert, engineer, r. 2819 Peck
DUDLEY Kate Mrs. r. 2819 Peck
DUES & Schroeder (Wm. D. & B.S.) restaurant, 1323 Front
DUES Henry, moulder, r. 1012 2d
DUES John, horse collar maker, r. 1012 2d
DUES Kate, domestic, r. 711 Front
DUES Lena Miss, r. 1012 2d
DUES Wm. restaurant, r. 1114 4th
DUES Wm. Mrs. r. 1114 4th
DUFFUS Jas. H. postmaster & proprietor Plain-Dealer, 106 Pine, r. 805 Front
DUFFUS Jas. H. Mrs. r. 805 Front
DUFFUS Lettie Miss, bookkeeper Plain-Dealer, r. 805 Front
DULTE Herman, laborer, r. 1112 Locust
DULTE Marie Mrs. r. 1112 Locust
DUNN Martha E. Mrs. r. 1007 Water
DUNN Richard, watchman S. & J.C. Atlee, r. 1007 Water
DUNN Thomas R. conductor Santa Fe, r. 1007 Water
DUNNICK Frank, engineer, r. 1203 4th
DUNNICK Elizabeth Mrs. r. 1203 4th
DUPUIS GUS, brewer, r. 1712 2d
DUPUIS Gus Mrs. r. 1712 2d
DURANT Carrie Mrs. r. 920 6th
DURANT Thomas, teamster, r. 920 6th

EAGY J.H. conductor, r. 2733 Heck
EAGY J.H. Mrs. r. 2733 Heck
EAGY R.E.V. machinist, r. 2733 Heck
EARNST Bertha, r. cor. 3d & Vine
EBBESMEIER Herman, r. 1536 5th
EBBESMEIER Mary A. r. 1536 5th
EBERLING Christ, meat market 2d, r. 1204 2d
EBBERLING Minnie Mrs. r. 1204 2d
EBINGER Anna Mrs. r. 712 Kinsley
EBINGER Edward, proprietor opera house, r. 712 Kinsley
ECKHART M.Mrs. r. 621 Front
ECKLE Chester, boiler wiper, r. 205 Morrison av
ECKLEY Mary Mrs. r. 1415 4th
ECKLEY T.R. veterinary surgeon, r. 1415 4th
ECKLEY T.R. Mrs. r. 1415 4th
ECKLEY W.T. Dr. office 1104 4th, r. 1415 4th
EDDY A.N. r. 307 4th
EDDY J.H. r. 307 4th
EDGECOMBE James, laborer, r. 1312 2d
EDWARDS Ed. round house Santa Fe, r. 2029 Beck
EDWARDS Naoma Mrs. r. 0n 2d near Union av
EDWARDS P.A. blacksmith, on 2d near Union av.
EHART Annie, r. 1022 2d
EHART Belva D. r. 1012 5th
EHART Catherine Mrs. r.1505 5th
EHART D. clerk, r. 1022 2d
EHART Fred, painter, r. 1227 4th
EHART George, cooper, r. 1505 5th
EHART John, cooper, r. 1022 2d
EHART John W. American Ex. agt. 707 Front, r. 1012 5th
EHART JOSEPH C. r. 712 4th
EHART JOSEPH & SON, hardware, r. 705 2d
EHART Joseph Mrs. r. 712 4th
EHART Mary, r. 1705 Johnson
EHART Minnie Mrs. r. 1227 4th
EHART William, clerk, 734 2d
EHART William, fireman Santa Fe, r. 1705 Johnson
EHART Philbena, dress maker, r. 1505 5th
EHINGER Clara Miss, r. 1030 1st.
EHINGER Ed. clerk, 719 Front, r. 1030 1st
EHINGER Eugene E. telegraph operator C.B. & Q. r. 1219 5th
EHINGER Gus, r. 1030 1st.
EHINGER Johannah Mrs. (widow) r.--
EHINGER Minnie Miss, r. ---
EICHORN Henry, retired, r. 1609 5th
EICHORN Lena Miss, r. 1609 5th
EICHORN Lena Mrs. r. 1609 5th
EIDSON Cora Mrs. r. 711 5th
EIDSON Dan. fireman, r. 711 5th
EIDSON J.S. veterinary surgeon, r. 211 Front
EIDSON J.S. Mrs. r. 211 Front
EIDSON Ruth Miss, r. 711 5th
EIKMERER Henry, r. 1429 2d
EINSPANJER H. & SON, grocers (Henry & J.H.) r. 612 2d
EINSPANJER H. (H. Einspanjer & Son grocers) r. 613 2d
EINSPANJER Henry J. clerk, r. 613 2d
EINSPANJER J.H. (H. Einspanjer & Son) r. 612 3d
EINSPANJER Kate Miss, r. 513 2d
EINSPANJER Lena Mrs. r. 612 3d
EINSPANJER Mary A. r. 612 2d
EITMAN Wm.Mrs. r. 303 Walnut
EITMAN Laura Miss, r. 303 Walnut
EITMAN William, boots & shoes, 713 2d, r. 303 Walnut
EKINS Thomas H. butcher, r. 931 Front
EKSTRAND Charles, laborer, bds. 1110 2d
ELLERMAN August, stone mason, r. 507 5th
ELLERMAN Philippine Mrs. r. 507 5th
ELLIOTT Minnie Miss, r. 1604 Johnson
ELLIS Chester, boiler wiper, r. 205 Morrison av.
ELLIS John, engineer Santa Fe, r. 212 Johnson
ELLWANGER F.D. restaurant keeper, r. 723 Front
EMERICK Catherine Mrs. r. 211 2d
EMERICK Charles, r. 211 2d
EMERICK G.W. contractor & builder, r. 211 2d
EMERICK G.W. jr. carpenter, r. 211 2d
EMMONS Lizzie Miss, dress maker, r. 932 5th
EMMONS Port A. printer, r. 932 5th
ENDERLE E. Mrs. r. 1012 2d
ENDERLE Frank, wks. Atlee's mill, r. 1012 2d
ENDERLY William, river pilot, r. 1310 5th
ENDERLY William Mrs. r. 1310 5th
ENGEMANN Annie Miss, r. 1405 4th
ENGEMANN Charles, shoe dealer, r. 1405 4th
ENGEMANN Mary Mrs. r. 1405 4th
ENGMAN August, carpenter, r. 1126 4th
ENGMAN Charlotte Mrs. r. 1126 4th
ENNIS Elenora Mrs. 1910 Knapp
ENNIS Lily Miss, dress maker, room 6 James block
ENNIS Walter, shipping clerk 1910 Knapp
ENTERPRISE Portrait Co. Wolpers & Kaiser, 1003 Front
ERNEST M.B. laborer, r. 1707 Johnson
ERNEST Nettie Mrs. r. 1707 Johnson
ERNST Alvine Mrs. r. 721 Front
ERNST Clara Miss, r. 721 Front
ERNST David, restaurant, r. 723 Front
ERNST Flora Miss, r. 721 Front
ERNST Freda Miss, r. 721 Front
ERNST Lena Miss, r. 721 Front
ERNST Lizzie Miss, r. 422 Pine
ERNST Theo. jeweler, r. 721 Front
ESPY Emmett, retired, r. 1033 6th
ESPY Florence Miss, r. 412 2d
ESPY Georgia Miss, r. 415 2d
ESPY Rebecca Mrs. (widow), r. 412 2d
ESPY Thomas S. Gen'l attorney at law, r. 1033 6th
ESPY Thomas S. Mrs. r. 1033 6th
ERWIN Cora Miss, r. 330 5th
ERWIN Mary Mrs. r. 330 5th
ERWIN G.S. guard, r. 330 5th
ESEX B.R. (Soap Factory Co. 423 Front) r. 411 2d
ETKA Turner, clerk Metropolitan hotel cor. 2d & Cedar
ETZKORN Albert, r. 1212 5th
ETZKORN Bert. r. 1212 5th
ETZKORN Catherine Mrs. (widow), r. 523 Front
ETZKORN H.C. harness maker 616 2d, r. 1212 5th
ETZKORN Henry, r. 1212 5th
ETZKORN J.L. painter 609 Front, bds. 1212 5th
EUBANKS Charles, (colored) porter Anthes house
EVANS Kate Miss, r. 307 4th
EVANS R. prison guard, r. 307 4th
EVANS R. Mrs. r. 307 4th (NOTE: This page is difficult to read)
EVERHART Priscilla Miss ????
EVIS August, boarder r. 16o5 Johnson
EVIS MOLLIE Mrs. r. 1605 Johnson
EVIS P. laborer, r. 1605 Johnson
EWING James, fireman Santa Fe, r. ---Johnson?
EYLER Robert, fireman, bds 2-2- Hamilton

FAETH Augusta Mrs. r. ----2d
FAETH Conrad, (Auwaerter & Faeth, blacksmith & wagon works) bds. Pease house
FAETH Frederick, laborer --?
FAGAN James, switchman Santa Fe, r. 1333 Des Moines
FAGAN Sarah Mrs. r. 1333 Des Moines
FAHIEN John, carpenter, bds 1107? Front
FAHEY Michael J. iron worker, r. 824 5th
FAHEY Richard Mrs. (widow) r. 824 5th
FAHEY Margaret Miss, r. 824 5th
FAULKNER Jerry W. engineer, r.3006? Seneca
FAULKNER Jerry W. Mrs. r. 3006 ? Seneca
FEDLER Frank, carpenter, r. 1048? 5th
FEDLER Gus, laborer, bds, 1434 Front
FEDLER Therese Mrs. r. 1018 5th
FEE Samuel, printer, r. 748? 2d
FEE Samuel Mrs. dressmaker, r. 748? 2d
FEIE Herman, blacksmith, r. 1319 4th
FEIE Herman Mrs. r. 1319 4th
FEIERTAG Hugo, brickmaker, r. 520? Chestnut
FENWICK F. Mrs. dressmaker, r. ---2d
FENWICK Lena? R. Mrs. r. 135 Dodd?
FENWICK Wm. engineer, r. 135 Dodd?
FERRELL Bertha Miss, r. 235 3d
FERRELL I. L. guard, I.S.P. r. 235 3d
FERRELL I.L. Mrs. r. 235 3d
FERRELL Lou Miss, r. 235 3d
FETTINGER Conrad, laborer, r. 1421 3d
FETTINGER Mary Mrs. r. 1421 3d
FICKEL Carrie Mrs. r. 3137 Mohawk
FICKEL Edith Miss, r. 3137 Mohawk
FICKEL Erastus, carpenter, r. 3137 Mohawk
FIELD Wm. fireman Santa Fe, bds. 2133 Des Mooines
FIFER Anna Miss, milliner, r. 1327 Des Moines
FIFER Edith Miss, r. 1327 Des Moines
FIFER Geo. W. sawyer, S. & J.C. Atlee, r. 1327 Des Moines
FIFER Geo. W. Mrs. r. 1327 Des Moines
FIGGEN Lawrence, retired farmer, r. --Hanover
FIGGEN Mary Mrs. r. ---Hanover
FIHIAN Henry, laborer, r. 1312 4th
FIHIAN Lisetta Mrs. r. 1312 4th
FIHIAN Wm. carpenter, r. 1312 4th
FINCH Bessie Miss, saleslady C.N. Ross, r. 416 Market
FINCH Chas. H. machinist I.F. Tool Co. r. 416 Market
FINCH EMMA MRS. dressmaker Hesse block 2d, r. Arch near Johnson
FINCH Fred E. r. 416 Market
FINCH Hiram, engineer I.S.P. waterworks, r. 416 Market
FINCH Hiram Mrs. r. 416 Market
FINGER John C. carpenter, r. 1027 5th
FINGER John C. Mrs. r. 1027 5th
FINLEY Evalina Mrs. r. 3133 Mohawk
FINLEY James H. laborer, r. 3133 Mohawk
FINLEY James H. Mrs. r. 3133 Mohawk
FINN Wm. C. switchman, bds 1107 Front
FIPP Henry, harness maker Geo. Robers & Son, r. 1419 2d
FIRST National Bank, Jos. B. Morrison president, W.H. Miller, cashier, 113 Pine
FIRST M.E.Church, Rev. A.H. Kendricks pastor, 4th & Pine
FISCHER Chas. Gem Restaurant 617 2d, r. 235 2d
FISCHER Chas. Mrs. r. 235 2d
FISCHER Margarita Miss, r. 235 2d
FISCHER Lizzie Miss, r. 507 6th
FITZGERALD John, car inspector Santa Fe, r. 2311 Depot
FITZGERALD John T. switchman Santa Fe, bds 210 Morrison av
FITZGERALD Mary Mrs. r. 2311 Depot
FITZGERALD Lizzie Miss, dressmaker, r. 931 2d
FLANAGAN John R. foreman Ft.M. Chair Co. r. 118 Elm
FLANAGAN Lizzie Mrs. r. 118 Elm
FLANNERY Wm. fireman Santa Fe, bds. 2023 Johnson
FLEITMAN Henry, laborer, r. 1214 6th
FLEITMAN Lizzie Miss, r. 1214 6th
FLEITMAN Mary Mrs. r. 1214 6th
FLEISCHBEIN Anton, r. 209 Lathrop
FLEISCHBEIN Louis, machinist, r. 209 Lathrop
FLEISCHBEIN Mary Mrs. r. 209 Lathrop
FLINT Mary Mrs. r. 412 3d
FLORIDA Henry, conductor Santa Fe, r 615 4th
FLORIDA Mary Mrs. r. 615 4th
FOECKE Alice Mrs. r. 423 Elm
FOECKE Ben. restaurant 633 Front, r. 423 Elm
FOECKE Henry, watchman Santa Fe, r. 1622 6th
FOECKE Mary Mrs. r. 1622 6th
FOECKE Maggie Miss, r. 1622 6th
FOGERTY Mark, engineer Santa Fe, bds Hotel Florence
FORMAN Della Mrs. r. 2607 Webster
FORMAN Sam. painter, r. 2607 Webster
FORNERI D. asst. engineer C.F.N.M.& D.M. railway, room 11 James block
FORT Madison Chair Co. W.E. Harrison president, J.H. Kinsley secretary, cor. 4th & Olive
FORT MADISON DEMOCRAT, Roberts & Roberts, proprs. weekly & daily, cor. 2d & Cedar
FORT Madison Electric Light Co. room 4, 602 2d
FORT MADISON FOUNDRY, J.G. Miller propr. cor 3d & Vine
FORT MADISON FUEL CO. O.H.Johnson mgr. 2d bet. Market & Chestnut
FORT Madison Iron Works, west end
FORT Madison Loan & Building Association, J.W. Albright, sec . 635 Front
FORT Madison Opera House, Elliott Alton, mngr. 735 Front
FORT Madison Paper Co. A.P. Brown, mngr.
FORT Madison Plain-Dealer Co. J.H. Duffus, propr. cor. Pine & Front
FORT Madison Roller Feed Mill, John W. Miller, propr. cor. 3d & Vine
FORT Madison Street Railway Co. 635 Front
FORT Madison Town & Land Co. 635 Front
FORNEY Irvin, r. 3120 Morrison
FORNEY Marie Mrs. r. 3120 Morrison
FOSKETT W.B. foreman Chair Co. r. 307 5th
FOSKETT W.B. Mrs. r. 307 5th
FOSTER Laura Mrs. r. 412 6th
FOSTER Marie Miss, r. 412 6th
FOSTER M. laborer, bds. 312 Arch
FOULDS Aaron M. grocer, r. 1119 Front
FOULDS Ella E. Mrs. r. 1119 Front
FOUST D.W. switchman, bds. Waverly Hotel
FOWLER J.C. traveler, r. 419 2d
FOWLER J.C. Mrs. r. 419 2d
FOWLER W.H. (col.) paper hanger, 1121 Front
FOX Susan Mrs. (wid.) r. 114 Oak
FRAILEY Margaret S.Miss, teacher, r. 503 4th
FRAILEY Peter H. shipping clerk Chair Co. r. 503 4th
FRAILEY Rebecca L. Mrs. r. 503 4th
FRANK Caroline Mrs. (widow) general store 401 Front
FRATCHER Susan Mrs. r. 833 5th
FRATCHER Wm. chief clerk road master Santa Fe, r. 833 5th
FRASS C.A. painter, bds 2631 Santa Fe av.
FRAUNE Lizzie Mrs. r. 1335 6th
FRAUNE Theo. laborer, r. 1335 6th
FRAZEE Chris, wks. E.J. Rizer, head of Chestnut
FREDERICK Charles, hardware, r. 1228 5th
FEDERICK Fanny G. Mrs. r. 1108 2d
FREDERICK Lou W. clerk, r. 1228 5th
FREDERICK Nan. Mrs. r. 1228 5th
FREDERICK Wm. B. mngr. pickle works, r. 1108 2d
FREDERICKSON Elsie Miss, r. 1522 4th
FREEMAN Adelbert, carpenter, r. 1127 4th
FREEMAN Adelbert Mrs. r. 1127 4th
FREHLING Charles, laborer, r. 342 Massachusetts
FREHLING George, laborer, r. 342 Massachusetts
FREHLING Sadie Mrs. r. 342 Massachusetts
FREISE Catharine Mrs. r. 1424 5th
FREISE Clara Miss, r. 1424 5th
FREITAG Henry, laborer, r. 1716 3d
FREITAG Henry Mrs. r. 1716 3d
FREITAG Kate Miss, r. 1716 3d
FRICKENSTEIN Fritz, laborer, r. ---7th
FRIDAY Kate Miss, cook Metropolitan hotel
FRIEDE Elizabeth Mrs. r. 1514 4th
FRIEDE Joseph, laborer, r. 1514 4th
FRITZLY Lena Miss, r. 424 5th
FROEBEL Charles, (retired), r. 719 5th
FROEBEL Christine Mrs. r. 719 5th
FROEBEL Emma Miss, dressmaker, r. 719 5th
FRUEHLING Charles, machinist, r. 2719 Kansas
FRUEHLING Charles Mrs. r. 2719 Kansas
FRY Clarence, musician, r. 406 2d
FRY Kate Mrs. r. 406 2d
FUCHS Alex. flour & feed, (A.Fuchs & Son) r. 615 2d
FUCHS Dorothea Mrs. r. 615 2d
FUCHS George A. (A.Fuchs & Son( r. 615 2d
FUES Henry, laborer, r. 1516 Front
FUES Minnie Mrs. r. 1516 Front
FUES Recke Miss, r. 1516 Front
FULLARD Mary Mrs. r. 3005 California
FULLER Sadie Mrs. r. 310 Arch
FULLER Wm. fireman Santa Fe, r 310 Arch
FULTON Anna Mrs. r. 313 Olive
FULTON C.E. railway mail clerk, r. 803 6th
FULTON Dick, laborer, bds. 1516 Division
FULTON M.E. Mrs. r. 803 6th
FULTON Marion, laborer, r. 706 3d
FULTON O.C. teamster, r. 313 Olive
FULTON Versa Mrs. r. 706 3d
FULTON Wilson, employe Santa Fe, bds. 1917 Johnson
FUNKHOUSER Benjamin F. laborer, r. 1609 2d
FUNKHOUSER Callie Mrs. r. 309 2d
FUNKHOUSER David E. brakeman Santa Fe, r. 1609 2d
FUNKHOUSER Ella M. Miss, r. 1609 2d
FUNKHOUSER Henry F. laborer, r. 309 2d
FURRER Amanda Mrs. r. 1322 4th
FURRER John, carpenter, r. 1322 4th
FURRER John F. carpenter, r. 1328 4th
FURRER Lizzie Mrs. r. 1328 4th
FURRER Mary Miss, r. 1328 4th
FUSCH Mary Miss, musician, r. 1001 Walnut
FUSCH Chris. mason, r. 1001 Walnut
FUSCH Louis, mason, r. 1001 Walnut
FUSCH Josephine Mrs. (widow) r. 612 3d
FUSCH Robert, mason, r. 1001 Walnut
GABIN George, engineer, r. ---Shawnee
GALLAND Washington, attorney at law, rooms 3 & 3 1/2 James block
GALLAGHER B. Mrs. r. 1426 2d
GALLAGHER Hugh, engineer, rooms 2524 Hamilton
GARDNER David E. engineer Santa Fe, r. 128 Dodd av
GARDNER Ida Mrs. r. 129 Dodd av
GARDNER Mary Mrs. r. 1708 Des Moines
GARNDER W. r. 2521 Hamilton
GARNDER William S. laborer, r. 1708 Des Moines
GARNER A. Mrs. r. 320 4th
GARNER W.H. prison guard, r. 320 4th
GASTON Charles, prison guard, r. 227 3d
GASTON Cora Miss, r. 227 3d
GASTON G.W. prison guard, r. 227 3d
GASTON G.W. Mrs. r. 227 3d
GAUMER W. Norman, editor "Plain Dealer" 106 Pine, r. 805 Front
GAVIN Thomas, watchman round house, bds. 2808 Kinsley
GAVIN Thomas, bds. 137 Peck
GAY W.S. prison guard, bds. with prison warden
GAYLORD Andrew S. jr. carpenter, r. 513 6th
GAYLORD Andrew S. sr. carpenter, r. 513 6th
GAYLORD Sadie Miss, r. 513 6th
GAYLORD Sarah Mrs. r. 513 6th
GEE N.W. r. 2626 Kinsley
GEE Robert, r. 2626 Kinsley
GEE William, r. 2626 Kinsley
GEIRITE G. tailor, r. 1112 2d
GEIRITE John, tailor, r. 1112 2d
GELDTNER Adolph, laborer, r. 911 2d
GELDTNER August, laborer, r. 911 2d
GELDTNER Hanna Mrs. r. 911 2d
GEM City Newspaper Co. 609 Front
GEMMETT Hattie Miss, r. 1212 2d
GEMMETT L.F. county recorder, r. 1212 2d
GENCK Alvena Mrs. r. 129 Dodd
GENCK Henry, carpenter, r. 129 Dodd
GENTRY Lou Mrs. r. 815 Front
GENTRY S. laborer, r. 815 Front
GEORGE A.J. pattern maker Santa Fe, r. 1015 Water
GEORGE Caroline Mrs. r. 2118 Des Moines
GEORGE Rachiel Mrs. r. 1015 Water
GEORGE S.J. foreman, r. 2118 Des Moines
GERARD Anna Miss, r. 221 5th
GERARD Barbara Mrs. r. 321 2d
GERARD Clara Mrs. r. 221 5th
GERARD Gertha Miss, r. 321 2d
GERARD John blacksmith r. 221 5th
GERARD Joseph, engineer, M.P. Co. r. 321 2d
GERARD Lizzie Miss, r. 221 5th
GERARD Mary Miss, r. 221 5th
GERARD Mary Miss, r. 321 2d
GERARD William, laborer, r. 221 5th
GERKE Kate Miss, housework, r. 1319 4th
GERKE Joseph, laborer, r. 1229 3d
GERKE Mary Mrs. r. 1229 3d
GERLING Annie Mrs. r. 1520 5th
GERLING Henry, laborer, r. cor. Hamilton & Walker
GERLING James, laborer, r. 1520 5th
GERLING, Lizzie, Mrs. r. cor. Hamilton & Walker
GERMAN American Bank, 701 2d, H. Cattermole, president; H.D. McConn cashier
GERRER John, machinist, r. 1835 5th
GIBBONS Florence Miss, r. 839 1st
GIBSON Charles, grocery clerk, r. 128 Pine
GIBSON Mary Mrs. boarding house, 2518 Hamilton
GIEDMAN Henry, fireman, r. 118 Peck
GILBERT Clarence W. switchman, r. 1309 Des Moines
GILBERT Clarence W. Mrs. r. 1309 Des Moines
GILBERT Ed. boiler maker, r. 724 2d
GILCHRIST C.A. Gen'l. civil engineer, r. 826 4th
GILCHRIST Ellen L. Mrs. r. 826 4th
GILCHRIST Magnolia V. Miss, artist, studio room 2 James block, r. 826 4th
GILCHRIST Nellie F. Miss, r. 826 4th
GILLETTE A.H. guard, r. 321 5th
GILMARTIN J.E. wks. Fort Madison Gas Co. bds. Hotel Anthes
GILMARTIN Thomas, wks. Fort Madison Gas Co. bds. Hotel Anthes
GINKINS Charles, laborer, r. 1631 1st
GINKINS Rebecca Mrs. r. 1631 1st
GITHENS Irene Miss, dress maker, r. 1027 2d
GLAHE Henry, cooper, r. 1313 Des Moines
GLAHE John, grocery clerk, r. 1236 Front
GLAHE Josie Miss, r. 1313 Des Moines
GLASEFORD Mary Mrs. r. 123 Elm
GLASEFORD Samuel, laborer, r. 123 Elm
GLASEKER Theressa Mrs. r. 1307 4th
GLASGOW George, brakeman, bds. Hotel Waverly
GLAZIER Albert E. harness maker 712 2d, r. 512 5th
GLAZIER Fred J. harness maker 712 2d, r. 512 5th
GLAZIER Susan L. Mrs. r. 512 5th
GOEBEL Mary Miss, r. 1236 Front
GOECKEL Anna Mrs. r. 1220 3d
GOECKEL Barney, tailor 2d, r. 1220 3d
GOEDE Henry, laborer, r. 121 Occidental
GOEDE Henry Mrs. r. 121 Occidental
GOEDE John, lumberman, r. 1423 2d
GOEDE Peter, r. 1323 3d
GOLDSMITH C.E. Mrs. r. cor. 2d & Pine
GOLDSMITH W.M. proprietor Hotel Metropolitan, cor. 2d & Pine
GOLIKE David, carpenter, r. 1514 3d
GOLIKE Maggie Mrs. r. 1514 3d
GORHAM Edwin J. engineer Santa Fe, r. 322 Market
GORHAM Lillie Mrs. r. 322 Market
GORHAM Sarah Mrs. r. 322 Market
GORMAN Mary Mrs. r. 1906 Beck
GORMAN Thomas, foreman Santa Fe, r. 1906 Beck
GRAF Mollie Miss, domestic, r. 2016 Johnson
GRAFT Christ, shoemaker, r. 608 4th
GRAHAM Ida Miss, domestic, r. 608 4th
GRAHAM Josephine Mrs. r. 1611 2d
GRAHAM William I. wks. Knapp, Stout & Co. r. 1611
GRAHE Barnard, r. 202 Callowhill
GRAHE Ferdinand, r. 202 Callowhill
GRAHE Ferdinand Mrs. r. 202 Callowhill
GRAHE George, r. 202 Callowhill
GRAHE Henry, r. 202 Callowhill
GRAHE Lewis, r. 202 Callowhill
GRAHN J. laborer, r. 200 2d
GRALEY John, laborer, r. 323 Johnson
GRANER Adolph, r. 1009 Front
GRANER Barbara Mrs. r. 1009 Front
GRANER Charles, marble cutter, r. 1009 Front
GRATEHOUSE Henry, laborer, r. 2617 Kinsley
GREEN Bell Miss, domestic, 629 4th
GREEN Cora Miss, bds. Metropolitan hotel
GREENUP Mary Mrs. dress maker, r. 535 Front
GREER Emma Mrs. r. 2129 Des Moines
GREER N.B. mangr. Santa Fe stock yards, r. 2129 Des Moines
GREGG C.A. book keeper Santa Fe Tool Co. r. 312 4th
GREGSON Thomas, foreman round house, r. 2524 Hamilton
GREINER C.A. painter & paper hanger, r. 315 Olive
GREINER Mary M. Mrs. r. 315 Olive
GREITENS Annie Mrs. r. 1420 5th
GREITENS George, r. 1531 5th
GREITENS Henry, farmer, r. 1531 5th
GREITENS John, r. 1420 5th
GREITENS Theressa Mrs. r. 1531 5th
GRIFFIS Jennie Mrs. r. 2631 Hamilton
GRIFFIS SYLVESTER, boarding house, r. 2634 Hamilton
GRIGGS Clara Miss, r. 1014 5th? (this page diffult to read)
GRIGGS Ida Miss r. ---5th
GRIGGS John r. 1014 5th?
GRIGGS John L. ???? r. 1014 5th
GROFF William H. Union market, r. West End
GROFT William, laborer r. 2734? California
GROSSKEMPER Anna Mrs. r. 1528? 4th?
GROSSKEMPER Henry, laborer, r. 1528 ? 4th
GROONER Mary Mrs. r. 321? Webster
GROONER W.M. laborer, r. 321? Webster
GRUBB John machinist r. 205? Morrison av
GUENTHER Annie Mrs. r. 16-- 3d
GUENTHER Anna Miss, r. 1549 7th
GUENTHER Ben. barkeeper, r. 902 2d
GUENTHER Elizabeth Miss r. 1549 7th
GUENTHER Henry, tinner, r. 902 2d
GUENTHER Henry B. laborer, r. 1549 7th
GUENTHER John laborer r. 1608 3d
GUENTHER Joseph, saloon keeper, r. 902 2d
GUENTHER Josephine Miss r. 1549 7th
GUENTHER Peter, jr. tinner, r. 902 2d
GUENTHER Peter, sr. hardware, r. 902 2d
GUSTAFSON Hildah Mrs. (widow) r. 212 2d
GUSTIN F.M. mngr. telephone exchange, office 109 Pine upstairs r. 9?24 3d
GUSTIA Lena Mrs. r. 924 3d
GUTHRIE Martha M. Mrs. r. 1345 3d
GUTHRIE Seth S. railroad conductor, r. 1315 3d
GUTHRIE Seth S. Mrs. r. 1345 3d
GUTHRIE William D. Mrs. r. 1345 3d

HADLEY B.-? travel agt 540 4th?? This page difficult to read
HADLEY B.F. Mrs. r. 540 4th?
HAESSIG Charles r. 1016 4th
HAESSING (sic) Charles, restaurant, 118? Pine, r. 1----4th
HAESSIG Edward, carpenter, r. 1016 4th
HAESSIG Ella Miss, r. 1404? 4th
HAESSIG Geo. constable?, r. 911? 2d
HAESSING Geo. restaurant 146 Pine r. 1029 4th
HAESSIG George, carpenter, r. 1016 4th
HAESSIG Henry, cigar maker, 701? Front, r. 1034 2d
HAESSIG Jacob, carpenter, r. 1401 4th
HAESSIG Katie, r. 1401 4th
HAESSIG Katie Mrs. r. 1401 4th
HAESSIG Lizzie Mrs. r. 911 2d
HAESSIG Lizzie, r. 1401 4th
HAESSIG Pauline, r. 1034 2d
HAESSIG Wm. butcher Kammerer Bros. r. 824 2d
HAIGHT Geo. Santa Fe storehouse, r. 1235 1st
HAIGHT Maggie Mrs. r. 1235 1st
HALE Hardware Co. (I. Hale, S.Hale & W.B. McAshan) 805 2d
HALE Isaiah (Hardware Co. 2d) r. 735 3d
HALE Sara Mrs. r. 735 3d
HAINES Wm. laborer, r. 1-4 Peck
HALE Bird F. school teacher, r. 705 4th
HALE Chas. T. civil engineer, r. 705 4th
HALE E.F. Mrs. r. 705 4th
HALL James M. r. 1522 4th
HALL John E. machinist, bds. Waverly House
HALL Litha Mrs. r. 1522 4th
HALL Mollie Mrs. r. 1921 2d
HALL Wm. A. engineer, r. 1921 2d
HALLBAW Wm. brakeman Santa Fe, ---
HALLISEY Timothy, machinist, r. 1305 5th
HALLISEY Timothy Mrs. r. 1305 5th
HALLOWELL Nettie Mrs. r. 229 Front
HALLOWELL T.P. prison guard, r. 229 Front
HAMILTON Emma Mrs. r. 205 Morrison av
HAMILTON Geo. switchman, 205 Morrison av
HAMILTON James, Hospital
HAMILTON James, switchman, r. 2018 Johnson
HAMILTON JOHN D.M. Hon. mayor & attorney at law, r. 507 4th
HAMILTON Mamie Mrs. r. 507 4th
HAMILTON Rose Mrs. r. 2018 Johnson
HAMILTON Wm. engineer, r. 2520 Hamilton
HAMMER Albert, fireman Santa Fe, r. 116 4th
HAMMER George, wks. Santa Fe store house, r. 116 4th
HAMMER George Mrs. r. 116 4th
HANCHETE G.M. cashier Lee Co. savings bank, r. 335 4th
HANCHETT (sic)G.M.Mrs. r. 335 4th
HANCOCK Alviny, r. 124 Peck
HANCOCK Fred L. barber, r. 631 Front
HANCOCK J.W. barber, r. 103 Pine
HANCOCK M. C.?? r. 631 Front
HANCOCK Wm. bridge carpenter C.B.&Q. bds Waverly House
HAND J.H. wks. Atlee's mill, r. 1525 Johnson
HAND Mary Mrs. r. 1525 Johnson
HANLEY P.M. supt. Gas Co. bds Metropolitan Hotel
HANSEE Louis, r. 1429 2d
HANSMAN Louis, cigar maker, 741 Front, r. 923 3d
HANUSH Joe, lumberman, r. 1418 Des Moines
HANUSH John, barkeeper, r. 1418 Des Moines
HANUSH Mary Mrs. r. 1418 Des Moines
HANUSH Weneese, lumberman, r. 1418 Des Moines
HARBOLT Lena Mrs. r. 2016 Johnson
HARBOLT Stanley, barakman Santa Fe, r. 1624 Division
HARBOR John, carpenter, r. 1624 Division
HARDING A.J. Mrs. r. 319 4th
HARRICK B.B. sawfiler, r. 1624 Division
HARRIS Addie r. 517 Pine
HARRIS Addie Miss, r. 1115 Front
HARRIS Avonia Miss, dressmaker, r. 1115 Front
HARRIS Chas. barber Metropolitan Hotel, r. 1115 Front
HARRIS Sara Mrs. r. 1115 Front
HARRIS Matthew J. carpenter, r. 1115 Front
HARRISON W.E. supt. Chair Co. r. 313 Elm
HARRISON W.E.Mrs. r. 313 Elm
HARSHMAN Bird, sewing machine agt. r. 1427 4th
HARSHMAN Mary B. Mrs. r. 1427 4th
HARTSOCK Eliza J. Mrs. r. 206 Des Moines
HARTSOCK William, carpenter, r. 206 Des Moines
HASLETT A.C.Mrs. r. 1012 4th
HASSET John, blacksmith, r. 3001 Shawnee
HATCH Elizabeth Mrs. r. 733 4th
HATCH Robert, traveling man, r. 616 3d
HATFIELD John fireman, bds 1107 Front
HATHAWAY Chas. blacksmith, r. 205 Morrison av
HAUMMAN A. fireman, r. 2726 California
HAUMMAN Marie Mrs. r. 2726 California
HAYS Wm. car cleaner Santa Fe, r. 741 1st
HAYS Wm. laborer, r. 412 6th
HAYS Wm. Mrs. r. 412 6th
HAZEN E.P. dentist, office 123 Pine, r. cor. 3d & Pine
HEADDY & Koonsman, grocery, 2524 Santa Fe av
HEAL Etta, r. 436 2d
HEALS Geo (Democrat Publishing Co) r. 602 2d
HEATH H.F. supt. street car line, r. 2401 Santa Fe av
HEDRICK John, laborer, r. 3015 Cherokee
HEDRICK John Mrs. r. 3015 Cherokee
HEDRICK Lida Mrs. r. 3015 Cherokee
HEENEY Andrew, blacksmith, r. 3009 Shawnee
HEENEY Jane, Mrs. r. 3009 Shawnee
HEER FRANK, grocery store, r. 1337 Front
HEIDBREDER Annie Mrs. r. 1528 2d
HEIDBREDER Emma Mrs. r. 1528 2d
HEIDBREDER Geo. C. blacksmith, r. 1130 5th
HEIDBREDER Jake, laborer, r. 1528 2d
HEIDBREDER Pluma Mrs. r. 1130 5th
HEIDE Philip, r. 2622 Kinsley
HEIDE Philip Mrs. r. 2622 Kinsley
HEIDENREICH Clara Mrs. r. 3013 Windmayer
HEIDENREICH Henry, laborer, r. 3013 Windmayer
HEIRS Conrad, laborer, r. 1418 2d
HEIRS Mary Mrs. r. 1418 2d
HEIMANN Lena, r. 2538 Hamilton
HEIMANN Lizzie r. 2538 Hamilton
HEIMANN Theo. W. r. 2538 Hamilton
HEIN Clara J. Mrs. r. 1818 3d
HEIN Henry, furniture 2d, r. 1818 3d
HEINTZ George J. barber, bds. Waverly House
HEISEY A.Mrs. (wid) r. 235 4th
HEISEY Grace Miss, r. 235 4th
HEISEY Vallie Miss, r. 235 4th
HEISING Augusta E. Mrs. r. 618 2d
HEISING Wm. refreshment house, r. 618 2d
HEITHOLD H. laborer, r. 1430 Des Moines
HEITZ Aug. grocery clerk, r. 811 2d
HEITZ Louis, machinist, r. Denmark Road
HELLENBAUCH John, r. 1404 4th
HELLING B.J. grocery clerk, r. 935 Front
HELLING B.J.Mrs. r. 1503 2d
HELLING Frances Mrs. r. 1503 2d
HELLING FRANK grocer 1118 5th
HELLING Henry, mill fireman, r. 1516 7th
HELLING Joseph, grocer, 1215 4th, r. same
HELLING John, wood & coal dealer, r. 1503 2d
HELLING Katie Mrs. r. 1118 5th
HELLING Mary Mrs. r. 1516 7th
HELLMAN Hannah, r. 1235 2d
HELLMAN Henry, laborer, r. 1514 5th
HELLMAN Henry B. dry goods, bds. 404 3d
HELLMAN Sophia Mrs. r. 1514 5th
HELLRUNG Amelia Mrs. r. 1601 3d
HELLRUNG Joseph, millwright, r. 1601 3d
HELLYA Frank H. wks. Atlee's, r. 1508 2d
HELMAN Nettie, domestic, r. 1026 2d
HEMTSINGER Robt. teamster, r. 1406 2d
HEMTSINGER Robt. Mrs. r. 1406 2d
HENCH Fannie Mrs. r. 533 Front
HENCH Otis F. pressman "Plain-Dealer", r. 533 Front
HENDERSON Chas M. r. 618 3d
HENDERSON J.E. painter, r. 618 3d
HENDERSON John, wks. electric room, r. 602 2d
HENDERSON Martha Mrs. r. 618 3d
HENDERSON Thos. wks electric room, r. 618 3d
HENIS Henry, clerk Santa Fe, r. 1330 4th
HENIS Lacy Mrs. r. 1330 4th
HENKE Matilda Mrs. r. 507 4th
HENKLEY D.W. plasterer, r. 1807 2d
HENKLEY Vina Mrs. r. 1807 2d
HENRY Chas. laborer, r. 136 Spruce
HENRY Dan P. mechanic, r. 926 3d
HENRY D.W. r. 323 Elm
HENRY D.W. Mrs. r. 323 Elm
HENRY Emma, r. 326 3d
HENRY Frank, laborer, r. 136 Spruce
HENRY Geo. laborer, r. 323 Elm
HENRY Mary Miss, r. 323 Elm
HENRY Sarah Mrs. r. 136 Spruce
HENSON Alice Mrs. r. 1600 Johnson
HENSON Harry, laborer, r. 1600 Johnson
HEPPERLY Jane Mrs. r. 308 5th
HERBST Fred. carpenter, r. 1602 Johnson
HERBST Francesca Mrs. r. 1602 Johnson
HERMES F.H. cooper, r. 1308 Front
HERMES Frank Jr. clerk at F.H. Wilken's, r. 1308 Front
HERMES Lizzie Mrs. r. 1308 Front
HERMES Lizzie Mrs. r. 1308 Front
HERMINGHAUSEN F.W. engineer, r. ---5th.
HERMINGHAUSEN F.W.Mrs. r. ---5th.
HERMINGHAUSEN F.Wm. fruit grower, r. 519 Front
HERMINGHAUSEN Hattie Miss, millinery 208 Pine, r. 519 Front
HERMINGHAUSEN Louis W. blacksmith, r. 519 Front
HERMINGHAUSEN Olga Miss, r. 519 Front
HERMINGHAUSEN Omer F. r. 519 Front
HERMINGHAUSEN O.C. attorney at law 124 Pine, r. 519 Front
HERMINGHAUSEN Pauline Mrs. 519 Front
HERMSMEYER Tracy Mrs. 1522 4th
HERN W.B. butcher, r. 931 Front
HERNDEN R.O. telegraph operator Santa Fe, r. Waverly hotel
HERROLD Albertina Mrs. r. 1629 Des Moines
HERROLD Godfrey, r. 1629 Des Moines
HERSTEIN Anna Miss, domestic, r. 2712 Kinsley
HESSE BEN J. restaurant, 1131 Front, r. 1129 Front
HESSE BERNARD B. clothier, 631 and 633 2d, r. 603 3d
HESSE Dina Miss, r. 1214 Front
HESSE Enoch, bartender, r. 1214 Front
HESSE Frank, laborer, r. 1214 Front
HESSE Frank, laborer, r. 1620 6th
HESSE Frank R. cooper, r. 1004 2d
HESSE Frank C. Mrs. r. 1004 2d
HESSE Gertrude Mrs. r. 1214 Front
HESSE John, laborer, r. 1214 Front
HESSE Louisa Mrs. r. 1219 Front
HESSE Mary Mrs. r. 1620 6th
HESSE MAY Miss, dressmaker, r. 1214 Front
HESSE Therese Miss, cashier, 1216 Front
HESSER Chas. Mrs. r. 320 Market
HEWITT Frank, laborer, r. 1535 Division
HEYERS Anna Miss, domestic at 312 Chestnut
HEYING Henry furniture, 903 2d, r. 905 2d
HEYING Henry Mrs. r. 905 2d
HICKMAN Allie, car inspector, r. 2632 California
HICKMAN H.L. r. 2632 California
HIER Frank jr. grocer clerk, r. 1335 Front
HIER Geo. grocer clerk, r. 1335 Front
HIER Minnie Mrs. r. 1335 Front
HIERTAND Samuel E. (Farming Tool Co) r. 318 3d
HIERTAND Susan Mrs. r. 318 3d
HIGBY Frank W. railroad conductor, 1313 3d
HIGBY Frank W. Mrs. r. 1313 3d
HIGLEY Robt. laborer, bds. 1602 Johnson
HILDEBRAND Lizzie Mrs. (widow) r. 718 3d
HILDEBRANDT Fred car repairer, r. 1931 Des Moines
HILDEBRANDT Gus. r. 1931 Des Moines
HILDEBRANDT Louisa Mrs. r. 1931 Des Moines
HILGERS Conrad, wks roound house, r. 1518 Front
HILGERS Ida Mrs. r. 1518 Front
HILL Bertha Miss, r. 127 Peck
HILL Liley Miss, r. 137 Peck
HILLESHEIM Isabella r. 727 3d
HILLS Annie Mrs. r. 836 3d
HILLS Chas. carpenter, r. 836 3d
HINDERSON Fred brakeman r. 2520 Harrison?
HINKE F. shoemaker, r. 923 1st
HINKEL Albert machinist r 2909 California
HINKEL Frederica Mrs. r. 2909 California
HINKEN Adelina Mrs. r. 714 5th
HINKEN Annie Mrs. r. 1101 5th
HINKEN Annie Miss domestic at 816 4th
HINKEN Emma Miss, r 714 5th
HINKEN Fred. moulder r 1101 5th
HINKEN John laborer r. 1101 5th
HINKEN John jr. laborer r. 1101 5th
HINKEN Libba Miss r. 714 5th
HINZE L.C. carpenter r. 1435 2d
HITCH B.J. clerk r 324 4th
HITCH P.G. blacksmith r. 324 4th
HITCH P.G. Mrs. r. 324 4th
HITCH T.T. stenographer r. 324? 4th
HIXSON Geo. wks Plow Works bds 530 2d
HOBBS B.D. machinist bds 834 5th
HODGES Mary Mrs. dressmaker r. 2812 Kansas
HOEING Barney, drayman r 3137 Cherokee
HOEING Henry temaster r. 1915 Front
HOEING Mary Mrs. r. 1915 Front
HOEING Therese Mrs r. 3137 Cherokee
HOFFMAN Alma Miss milliner 732 2d, r. 1022 4th
HOFFMAN Edward laborer r. 1022 4th
HOFFMAN George gardner r 1223? 6th
HOFFMAN George C. jr. r 1221 6th
HOFFMAN George Mrs. r. 1221 6th
HOFFMAN Lizzie Mrs. r 1022 4th
HOFFMAN Mary Miss, r 1221 6th
HOFFMAN Arthur, laborer r 1508 3d
HOFFMAN Martha Mrs. r. 1508 3d
HOFFMAN Martha Mrs. r. 1506 Front
HOFFMAN Robt. laborer, r. 1022 4th
HOFFMAN Rose, domestic, 615 4th
HOFFMAN Rosa, r. 1221 6th
HOFFMEISTER A.W. Dr. (surgeon prison) r. cor. 6th & Bluff
HOFFMEISTER B.Miss, r. cor. 6th & Bluff
HOFFMEISTER B.L. florist, r. cor. 6th & Bluff
HOFFMEISTER B.L.Mrs. r. cor. 6th & Bluff
HOFFMEISTER E.Miss, r. cor. 6th & Bluff
HOFFMEISTER Hulda V. Mrs. r. cor. 3d & Broadway
HOFFMEISTER Herman S. guard prison, r. cor. 3d & Broadway
HOFFMEISTER H.W. r. cor. 6th & Bluff
HOFFMEISTER L. Miss, r. cor. 6th & Bluff
HOFFMEISTER L.B.Mrs. r. cor. 6th & Bluff
HOFFMEISTER M.Miss, r. cor Sixth & Bluff
HOFFMEISTER S.M. r. cor. 6th & bluff
HOLDEN G.M. machinist, r. 226 3d
HOLDEN J.D.Mrs. r. 226 3d
HOLDMAN J.D. brakeman, r. cor. 6th & Cedar
HOLKAN Lizzie Miss, r. 228 Spruce
HOLKAN Mary Mrs. r. 228 Spruce
HOLKAN Wm. laborer, r. 228 Spruce
HOLL Wm. painter Santa Fe shops, r. 101 Union av
HOLLOWELL Chas. plumber, r. 623 Front
HOLMES H.Mrs. r. 310 3d
HOLMES J. laborer, r. 226 6th
HOLMES L. Mrs. r. 219 Walnut
HOLMES Russel C. prison guard, r. 310 3d
HOLT Joseph C. carpenter, r. 1317 Des Moines
HOLTERHOS Terese Mrs. r. 1404 5th
HOLZBERGER Bros. wagon & carriage mnfrs. r. 927 2d
HOLZBERGER Barbara Mrs. r. 818 3d
HOLZBERGER Charles, butcher, r. 522 2d
HOLZBERGER Ella D.Miss, clerk 709 Front, r. 818 3d
HOLZBERGER Fred, blacksmith, r. 818 3d
HOLZBERGER Fred. A. painter, r. 818 3d
HOLZBERGER H.H. r. 818 3d
HOLZBERGER John F. painter, r. 424 5th
HOLZBERGER John F. Mrs. r. 424 5th
HOLZBERGER Kate Mrs. r. 522 2d
HOOERN Jo. Miller, r. 1716 Division
HOOERN Mary Miss, r. 1716 Division
HOOERN Mary Mrs. r. 1716 Division
HOOERN Tracey, laborer, r. 1716 Division
HOOVER Carrie Mrs. r.408 3d
HOOVER Elizabeth Mrs. r. 716 4th
HOOVER Emma Miss, r. 716 4th
HOOVER LIBBIE M. Miss, milliner 609 2d, r. 716 4th
HOOVER Will, wks. Santa Fe, r. 408 3d
HOOVER W.O. attorney at law & bookkeeper for Knapp, Stout & Co. r. 408 3d
HOPKINS & Sons, paints & oils r. 535 2d
HOPKINS Ernest, laborer, r. 304 2d
HOPKINS Howard C. painter, r. 303 2d
HOPKINS Sterling, painter, r. 303 2d
HOPKINS W.W. painter, r. 303 2d
HORN Joe, laborer, r. 1535 Johnson
HORN John, blacksmith, r. 1535 Johnson
HORN Katie Miss, r. 1535 Johnson
HORN M.Mrs. r. 1535 Johnson
HORN Severin, laborer, r. 1535 Johnson
HORTON Jerry, lumberman Atlee's mills, r. 741 4th
HOSKINS, A.H. laborer, r. 1007 Water
HOSKINS Evin H.P.O. dept. r. 1214 3d
HOSSELTON Mrs. r. 1231 4th
HOTEL ANTHES, (Geo. P. Anthes, propr; Chas. B. Anthes, mngr.) 901 Front
HOTEL Florence, (W.H. Barber, propr; J.W. Yooung, mngr;) cor. Front & Chestnut
HOUGH Hattie Mrs. r. 3132 Main
HOUGH Stowe, laborer, r. 3132 Main
HOUSTON Robert, wks. Santa Fe, r. 1917 Johnson
HOWARD C.W. machinist, r. 2625 Hamilton
HOWARD Ed. painter, r. 2625 Hamilton
HOWARD F.H. r. 2625 Hamilton
HOWARD George M. conductor Santa Fe, bds. Hotel Anthes
HOWARD James, restaurant, r. 1026 2d
HOWARD Mary Mrs. r. 1026 2d
HOWARD Millie Miss, r. 2625 Hamilton
HOWARD S.S. r 2625 Hamilton
HOWARD Wm. r. 2625 Hamilton
HOY Martin, boiler maker, r. 101 Union av.
HOYER Conrad, lumber, r. 1429 Front
HOYER W.Mrs. r. 1429 Front
HOYLE Martin, boiler maker, bds. 210 Morrison av.
HUES Henry, laborer, r. 1600 Johnson
HUESER Barney, laborer, r. 1534 4th
HUESER Henry, r. 1428 4th
HUESER Joseph, wks. electric light, r. 602 2d'
HUESER Lizzie Mrs. r. 1534 4th
HUESER Katie Miss, r. 1428 4th
HUESER Mary Mrs. r. 1428 4th
HUISKAMP H.J. (boots & shoes wholesale) r. 509 Front
HUFF Hannah G. r. 1135 Des Moines
HUFFMAN David r. 142 Arch
HUFFMAN Geo. C. wks. Atlee's. r. 142 Arch
HUFFMAN George, r. 2627 Hamilton
HUFFMAN Georgie Miss, r. 142 Arch
HUFFMAN Harriet Mrs. r. 142 Arch
HUGEL E.Mrs. 625 Front
HUGEL J.W. cigars tobacco, r. 625 Front
HUGEL T. Mrs. r. 625 Front
HUGEL Theresa Mrs. r. 123 Pine
HUGHES A.J. lather, r. 328 3d
HUGHES Cora Mrs. r. 418 2d
HUGHES Dollie Miss, school teacher, r. 328 3d
HUGHES Malinda Mrs. r. 328 3d
HUGHES T. r. 418 2d
HUGGINS Etta Miss, r. 530 2d
HUGGINS Jas. A. pattern maker, r. 1722 3d
HUGGINS Mary A. r. 1722 3d
HUGGINS Nannie E. Mrs. r. 530 2d
HUGGINS Wm. F. laborer, r. 530 2d
HULL Chas L. gardener, r. 234 4th
HULL Chas. Mrs. r. 234 4th
HULL Thos L. florist r 210 5th
HUMPHREY E.R. engineer, bds. Anthes House
HUMPHREY E.R. Mrs. bds. Anthes House
HUNDT Herman, carpenter, r. 1813 3d
HUNGER F.W. plumber, r. 1208 2d
HUNGER Rosa Mrs. r. 1208 2d
HUNT Charley E. laborer, r. 1636 Des Moines
HUNT Florence, r. 1636 Des Moines
HUNT Jerome laborer, r. 1636 Des Moines
HUNT Mary Mrs. r. 1636 Des Moines
HUNT Robert T. laborer, r. 1636 2d
HUNT Wm. J. carpenter, r. 1636 Des Moines
HUNT William carpenter r. 1725 2d
HUNT William Mrs. r. 1725 2d
HUNOLD Elizabeth Mrs. r. 1420 5th
HUNOLD Wm. laborer r. 1420 5th
HUNTER Earnest, r. 732 3d
HUNTER Ella Miss, r. 2627 Hamilton
HUNTER Fannie W. Mrs. r 732 3d
HURLEY John, fireman, r 2520 Hamilton
HURLEY Myer, engineer, bds. Waverly House
HURLHEY? Henry, butcher, bds. 721 5th
HURST Annie Mrs. r. 403 Front
HURT C.G. Mrs. propr. Waverly Hotel
HURT CAMPBELL G. propr. Waverly Hotel
HURT S.K. propr. Waverly Hotel
HUSTON Anna J. Miss, r. 730 3d
HUSTON G. REV. Baptist preacher r. 730 3d
HUSTON Lillie Miss, r. 730 3d
HUSTON M. Mrs. r. 730 3d
HUSTON S.B. r. 730 3d
HUTCHINSON C.A. r. 1115 3d
HUTCHINSON Geo. W. canvasser, r. 1115 3d
HUTCHINSON L. Mrs. r. 1115 3d
HUTCHINSON Mary Miss, r. 1115 3d
HUTCHINSON Mrs. & Co. millinery, 732 2d

IKERD A.M. hostler "Gem City" barn, bds 612 2d
ILMBERGER Peter, laborer, r. 2725 Chicago
ILMBERGER Therese Mrs. r. 2725 Chicago
INGALLS Jennie Miss, teacher, r. 401 5th
INGALLS Josephine M. Miss, r. 401 5th
INGALLS Lovinia Mrs. (widow) r. 401 5th
INGHAM D.M. Mrs. (widow) r. 841 6th
INGHAM Leota Miss, r. 841 6th
INKMAN Annie Mrs. r. 1310 3d
INKMAN Henry (retired) r. 1310 3d
INKMAN Kate Miss, r. 1435 4th
INKMAN Lizzie Miss, r. 1435 4th
INKMAN Therese Mrs. r. 1621 Front
INKMAN Therese Miss, r. 1621 Front
INNIS D.R. conductor Santa Fe, bds. Hotel Florence
IRELAND A.M. Mrs. r. 615 Front
IRELAND John F. laborer, r 615 Front
IRELAND Melissa Miss, r. 101 3d
ISABEL Charles, engineer Santa Fe, bds. 2520 Hamilton
IVANHOE Park, summer roesort, foot of Sanata Fe av.

JACK John, bridge carpenter, bds. Waverly hotel
JACKSON Albert, laborer, r. 301 5th
JACKSON Albert Mrs. r. 301 5th
JACKSON Florence Mrs. r. 301 4th
JACKSON George, commercial traveler, r. 301 4th
JACKSON Hannah Mrs. r. Massachusetts
JACKSON Kate Miss, r. 1707 Front
JACKSON Rachel Mrs. r. 1707 Front
JACKSON R.R. commercial traveler, r. 411 2d
JACKSON R.R. Mrs. r. 411 2d
JACOBS C.F. grocer, r. 2705 Santa Fe av
JACOBSMEIER Ferd, laborer, r. 1132 Front
JACOBSMEIER Henry, painter, bds. 521 Park
JACOBSMEIER Mary Mrs. r. 1132 Front
JAEGER Henry, laborer, bds. 1914 Division
JAEGER Henry, gardener, r. cor. 3d & Lincoln av
JAEGER John, laborer, bds. cor. 3d & Lincoln av
JAEGER Joseph, laborer, bds. cor. 3d & Lincoln av
JAEGER Lizzie Miss, r. cor. & Lincoln av
JAEGER Wm. laborer, bds. cor. 3d & Lincoln av
JAMES Ellen B. Mrs. (widow) r. 525 2d
JAMES Mattie E. Miss, r. 525 2d
JAMES Wm. cabinet maker, r. 617 Front
JAMISON Crystal Miss, r. 912 6th
JAMISON Jennie Mrs. r. 912 6th
JAMISON W.B. cigar maker, r. 912 6th
J.D.M.Hamilton Hose Co. station, Maple bet. 3d & 4th
JANSEN Anna Mrs. r. 2714 Hamilton
JANSEN John A. laborer, r. 2714 Hamilton
JEFFERS Benjamin, laborer, r. 314 Massachusetts
JEFFERS Siney Mrs. r. 314 Massachusetts
JENKINS Hay Rake & Stacker Co. cor. Front & Elm
JENKINS Marion R. (Rake & Stacker Co.) r. 1123 4th
JENKINS Marion R. Mrs. r. 1123 4th
JENKINS Mary F. Mrs. r. 2705 Santa Fe av
JENKINS Osborn H. stonemason, r. 2705 Santa Fe av
JEWELS Nick, carpenter, bds. 741 Front
JILLETTE A.H. guard I.S.P. r 321 5th
JILLETTE A.H. Mrs. r. 321 5th
JILLETTE Cora Miss, r. 321 5th
JOACHIM Frank, laborer, bds. 1335 Front
JOHNDROW Olive Mrs. r. 114 Spruce
JOHNS Augusta Mrs. (widow) r. 1009 Front
JOHNS AUGUST E. cigar mnfr. 117 Pine, bds. 1009 Front
JOHNS Charles, cigarmaker 701 Front, r. 1104 3d
JOHNS Emma Mrs. r. 1104 3d
JOHNS Louise Miss, r. 1009 Front
JOHNS Henry, laborer, r. Occidental
JOHNSON Anna Mrs. r. 1114 4th
JOHNSON Anna Mrs. (col) r. 807 6th
JOHNSON Aaron, (retired) r. 303 Elm
JOHNSON A. Mrs. r. 221 2d
JOHNSON B.A. agt. A.T. & S.Fe railroad, bds. Hotel Anthes
JOHNSON Eugene P. billiard hall 619 2d, r. 1114 4th
JOHNSON F.B. engineer, r. 1119 6th
JOHNSON J. laborer, r. 221 2d
JOHNSON J.L. gun smith, 212 Cedar
JOHNSON Mason E. carpenter, r. 842 Occidental
JOHNSON Mary Mrs. r. 1119 6th
JOHNSON Nate W. billiard hall, r. 737 1/2 Front
JOHNSON Nate W. Mrs. r. 737 1/2 Front
JOHNSON Nelson, commercial college, r. 1002 6th
JOHNSON Nelson Mrs. r. 1002 6th
JOHNSON Nellie Miss, r. 1119 6th
JOHNSON Sadie Miss, r. 1002 6th
JOHNSON Tillie Miss, domestic, wks 2520 Hamilton
JOHNSON Wesley (col) laborer, r. 807 6th
JOHNSON Wm. hostler Gem City barn, bds. 226 2d
JOHNSTON E.Mrs. r. 315 Olive
JOHNSTON Myrtle Mrs. r. 1112 2d
JOHNSTON Otto R. mngr. Ft. Madison Fuel Co. r. 1112 2d
JOICE Anna Miss, r. 332 California
JOICE Ellen Mrs. r. 332 California
JOICE John, laborer, r. 332 California
JONES Caroline Mrs. (col) r. 414 6th
JONES Charles M. printer "Gem City" 609 1st, r. 510 2d
JONES Kate Mrs. r. 510 2d
JONES Lou R. guard I.S.P. r. 227 Front
JONES Mary Miss, r. 2513 Hamilton
JONES Rachel Mrs. r. 227 Front
JONES R.H. engineer, r. 2513 Hamilton
JORDAN James A. foreman, I.F. Tool co. r. 528 2d
JORDAN Susie Mrs. r. 528 2d
JORDAN J.B. brakeman, bds. Waverly Hotel
JOSLYN Chas. engineer Santa Fe. bds. Hotel Anthes
JUNK Chris. laborer, r. 3109 Shawnee
JUNK Mary Mrs. r. 3109 Shawnee
JURTH Charles, lumberman, r. 1434 5th
JURTH Elizabeth Mrs. r. 1434 5th

KAINE D. Mrs. r. 1518 Division
KAINE James, laborer, r. 1518 Division
KAISER Frank R. artist, 1003 Front, bds. 1317 Front
KALIN Chris, cigar maker, bds. 335 2d
KALIN Joseph, fireman Santa Fe, bds. 335 2d
KALIN Otto, restaurant 2d, r. 941 Front
KALIN Otto Mrs. r. 941 Front
KALIN Veronka Mrs. r. 335 2d
KALIN William cook r. 335 2d
KALMER August, bds. 1417 Front
KAMMERER BROS (Albert & Charles) meat market 608 2d
KAMMERER ALBERT, (K.Bros) r. 514 4th
KAMMERER Albert Mrs. r. 514 4th
KAMMERER Charles G. watchman Morrison Bros. r. 304 3d
KAMMERER Mary Mrs. r. 304 3d
KAMMERDIENER Cora Mrs. r. 2909 California
KAMMERDIENER James, painter r. 2909 California
KAMP Annie Mrs. sexton cemetery, r. 1422 Des Moines
KAMP Bernard, sexton cemetery, r. 1422 Des Moines
KAMP Henry, laborer, r. 1523 3d
KAMP Kate Mrs. r. 1523 3d
KAMP Kate Mrs. r. 1528 3d
KAMP Stephen, laborer, r. 1528 3d
KANUFFMAN Anna Mrs. r. Arch bet. 5th & 6th
KANUFFMAN Barney, scavenger, r. Arch bet. 5th & 6th
KARHOFF George, laborer, bds. 1916 3d
KASTEN Charles L.sr. insurance agent, r. 2737 Heck
KASTEN Charles L. jr. r. 2737 Heck
KASTEN Georgia Mrs. r. 4031 Arch
KASTEN William laborer, r. 4031 Arch
KASSMEYER Clara Mrs. r. 3612 Arch
KASSMEYER Henry, laborer, r. 3612 Arch
KASSMEYER John, mechanic r. 1330 6th
KASSMEYER T. Mrs. r. 1330 6th
KASSMEIER Maggie Mrs. 1835 3d
KASSMEIER Valentine, laborer, r. 1835 3d
KAYSER G.K. laborer, r. 225 5th
KAYSER G.K.Mrs. r. 225 5th
KEAY Jennie B. Mrs. r. 103 Union
KEAY Wm. S. grocer 101 Union av. r. 103 Union av
KELSH Maria Mrs. r. 2505 Burr
KELSH M.J. laborer, r. 2405 Burr
KEMBLE Catharine Mrs. r. 2011 Johnson
KEMBLE Joseph, engineer S. & J.C. Atlee, r. 2011 Johnson
KEMP John, laborer, r. 1612 Arch
KEMP Mary Mrs. r. 1612 Arch
KEMPF Mary Miss, domestic, r. 915 4th
KENDRICK A.V. Rev. pastor First M.E. church, r. 411 Pine
KENDRICK M.A.Mrs. r. 411 Pine
KENDALL James R. grocer, r. 1012 Des Moines
KENDALL James R. Mrs. r. 1012 Des Moines
KENDALL John W. foreman Santa Fe, r. 1812 3d
KENDALL Sadie Mrs. r. 1812 3d
KENNEDY Cyrus, grocer, r. 1901 Santa Fe av.
KENNEDY Frank J. carpenter, r. 2814 California
KENNEDY George J. justice of the peace & attorney at law, 524 4th
KENNEDY George J. Mrs. r. 524 4th
KENNEDY Herbert J. carpenter, r. 2814 California
KENNEDY J.G. retired, r. 728 3d
KENNEDY James, retired, r. 2814 California
KENNEDY Jane Mrs. r. 2814 California
KENNEDY Kate A. Mrs. r. 2814 California
KENNEDY Mary Mrs. r. 728 3d
KENNEDY S.A.Mrs. r. 1901 Santa Fe av
KENNEDY Thomas, teamster, r. 728 3d
KENNEDY W.R. carpenter, r. 2814 California
KENNY Girlie Miss, milliner, r. 220 Maple
KENNY John D. telegraph operator, r. 220 Maple
KENNY John, stable man S.& J.C.Atlee, r. 220 Maple
KENRICK L.Mrs. r. 725 3d
KENRICK Steve B. retired, r. 725 3d
KENT D.Col. guard I.S.P. r. 329 2d
KENT John, laborer, r. 4030 Division
KENT Sara Mrs. r. 329 2d
KERMER Elizabeth Mrs. r. 1334 Front
KERMER Herman, laborer, r. 1334 Front
KERN Amelia Miss, r. 502 2d
KERN Anton, sexton St. Mary's church, r. 1015 4th
KERN Clarence E. clerk S.A.Kern, r. 712 5th
KERN Daniel, farmer, r. 1516 4th
KERN David, clerk S.A.Kern, r. 712 5th
KERN Ella Mrs. r. 502 2d
KERN Emma L. Mrs. r. 1516 4th
KERN Henry, retired, r. 502 2d
KERN Isham B. clerk R.W. Albright & Son, r. 1516 4th
KERN Lizzie Miss, r. 712 2d
KERN Mary Miss, r. 1015 4th
KERN Peter Rev. Father, St. Mary's church, r. 1015 4th
KERN PETER, (P.Kern & Bro) bakery, r. 1102 4th
KERN Peter Mrs. r. 1102 4th
KERN Peter, laborer, r. 935 2d
KERN Richard, laborer, r. 502 2d
KERN SAMUEL A. farm implements, r. 712 5th
KERN William, laborer, r. 502 2d
KERN WILLIAM (P.Kern & Bro. bakery) r. 1102 4th
KERR Charles, painter, r. 516 4th
KERR Charles Mrs. r. 516 4th
KERSTING George, laborer, r. 1901 5th
KERSTING George Mrs. r. 1901 5th
KESSLER Frank, carpenter, r. 1707 Front
KESSLER Frank jr. clerk H.Rump's grocery, r. 1707 Front
KESSLER Joseph, carpenter, r. 1707 Front
KESSLER Kate Miss, domestic, wks. 621 4th
KESSLER Mary Mrs. r. 1707 Front
KESSLER Therese Miss, r. 1707 Front
KETCHUM George, clerk Hotel Florence r. 839 Front
KEUNEMAN Charles, tailor, r. 1036 Front
KEUNEMAN Hannah Mrs. r. 1036 Front
KIDOO Edward, r. 3121 Mohawk
KIDOO John, carpenter, r. 3121 Mohawk
KIDOO John Mrs. r. 3121 Mohawk
KIEL AUGUST, restaurant, r. 1521 Front
KIEL Emma Mrs. (widow) r. 815 Front
KIEL FERDINAND, (F.Kiel wholesale liquors) r. 1023 Water
KIEL George F. bds 1023 Water
KIEL Johanna Miss, r. 1521 Front
KIEL WILLIAM F. (F. Kiel & Son) r. 1023 Water
KIEL Therese Mrs. r. 1410 2d
KIMBALL William, laborer, r. 1410 2d
KING Albert, wagon maker, bds. 621 Front
KING Stephen, carpenter, r. 407 5th
KING Stephen Mrs. r. 407 5th
KING Thomas, blacksmith, bds. 3001 Shawnee
KINDLE J.R. fireman Santa Fe, r. 1135 Division
KINDLE S. Mrs. r. 1135 Division
KINNE Henry R. engineer Santa Fe, r. 411 Lathrop
KINNE Sophronia Mrs. r. 411 Lathrop
KINNEKIN Albert, engineer P. & B. Roller mill, bds. 1204 2d
KINSLEY Jennie B. Miss, r. 525 4th
KINSLEY John H. sec'y Fort Madison Chair Co. r. 525 4th
KINSLEY Rebecca Mrs. r. 525 4th
KIRKPATRICK Elizabeth Mrs. r. 1532 5th
KIRKPATRICK William, carpenter, r. 1532 5th
KISTNER Charles, compositor "Democrat" Publishing Co. r. 223 3d
KISTNER Frederick, retired, r. 223 3d
KISTNER Louis, laborer, r. 223 3d
KIZER Mrs. (widow) r. 1028 4th
KLEIN Henry, clerk Ehart & son, r. 1306 4th
KLEIN Mary Mrs. r. 1306 4th
KLEINMEYER Joseph, retired, r. 1126 4th
KLEINMEYER Minnie Mrs. r. 1126 5th (sic?)
KLEINS Johanna Mrs. (widow) r. 1203 5th
KNALL William, teamster, r. 1319 2d
KNALL William Mrs. r. 1319 2d
KNAFARL John, laborer, r. 1534 5th
KNAFARL Monica Mrs. r. 1534 5th
KNEAVEL John, Beltman Chair Co. r. 503 Park
KNEAVEL Magdalena Mrs. r. 503 Park
KNEIMEIER Charles, r. 2734 California
KNEIMEIER Edward jr. Union market 2522 Santa Fe av. r. 2734 California
KNEIMEIER FRANK H. prop. Ivanhoe house 2631 Santa Fe av
KNEIMEIER F.Mrs. r. 2734 California
KNEIMEIER Catharine Miss, r. 2734 California
KNIGHT Frank, conductor Santa Fe, bds. Hotel Florence
KNIGHT H.A. foreman Santa Fe shops, bds. Metropolitan hotel
KNIGHT William, fireman Santa Fe, bds. 3001 Shawnee
KNICKERBOCKER Anna Mrs. r. 2710 Peck
KNICKERBOCKER William, engineer Santa Fe, r. 2710 Peck
KNOBLOCK Josephine Mrs. r. 1432 2d
KNOBLOCK Julius, blacksmith, r. 1432 2d
KNUCK Daniel, clerk Solomon's drug store, r. 218 Walnut
KNUCK Fred, carpenter, r. 218 Walnut
KNUCK Fred Mrs. r. 218 Walnut
KNUCK John, engineer, r. --Santa Fe av
KNUCK John Mrs. r. -- Santa Fe av
KNUCK Josie Miss, r. -- Santa Fe av
KNUEWER Catharine Mrs. dress maker, r. 416 Market
KNUEWER Joseph, clerk 115 Pine, bds. 416 Market
KNUEWER Katie Miss, r. 416 Market
KNUEWER Lizzie Miss, r. 416 Market
KOCH Dora Miss, r. 525 2d
KOCH Gustave, machinist, r. 525 2d
KOCH Louis, laborer, r. 525 2d
KOCH Philip jr. butcher, r. 525 2d
KOCH Philip sr. stonemason, r. 525 2d
KOCH Philip Mrs. r. 525 2d
KOECHEHEG Christina Mrs. r. 1028 4th
KOHLER Albert, brakeman Santa Fe, bds 403 Lathrop
KOHLER Charles, laborer, r. 403 Lathrop
KOHLER Christine Mrs. r. 403 Lathrop
KOHLER Oscar A. drug clerk 110 Pine, bds. 403 Lathrop
KOHLNER George, cook at Gem restaurant, r. 1102 6th
KOHLNER Henry, cook at Gem restaurant, r. 1102 6th
KOKJOHN Annie Miss, r. 1513 Front
KOKJOHN Chris, r. 1514 Front
KOKJOHN Elizabeth Mrs. r. 1513 Front
KOKJOHN Mary Mrs. r. 1514 Front
KOKJOHN Kate Mrs. r. 1420 2d
KOKJOHN Theo. car repairer Santa Fe, r. 1420 2d
KOONSMAN A. (Heady & Koonsman grocers( r. 2709 California
KOONSMAN Ella Miss, r. 2709 California
KOONSMAN T.L. Mrs. r. 2709 California
KORSCHGEN Barbara Mrs. r. 306 3d
KORSCHGEN Gus. blacksmith, r. 314 5th
KORSCHGEN Gus. Mrs. r. 314 5th
KORSCHGEN Mary Miss, r. 306 3d
KORTY Hannah Mrs. r. 1131 4th
KORTY William, shoemaker, r. 1131 4th
KOTTENSTETTER Earnest, bds. 1421 5th
KOTTENSTETTER Ernest, laborer, bds. 1123 5th
KOTTENSTETTER Joseph, oil & gasoline wagon, bds. 1123 5th
KOTTENSTETTER Peter. cooper, r. 1123 5th
KOTTENSTETTER Peter Mrs. r. 1123 5th
KOTTENSTETTER Stephen, clerk, bds. 1117 4th
KOTTMER Mrs. F. r. --6th
KOTTMER H. laborer, r. --6th
KOTTMER J. laborer, r. --6th
KRABBE August, drug clerk, r. 429 5th
KRABBE Bernadina Mrs. r. 429 5th
KRABBE Henry J. commercial traveler, r. 429 5th
KRASSE JOSEPH, blacksmith, bds. 1718 5th
KRANTZ Anna Miss, domestic Hotel Anthes
KRESHUM Edward, painter, bds. 2631 Santa Fe av
KRETSINGER Fred. S. sec'y Iowa Farming Tool Co. r. 727 3d
KRETSINGER Grace Mrs. r. 727 3d
KRETSINGER William H. pres't. Iowa Farming Tool Co. r. 422 3d
KRETSINGER William H. Mrs. r. 422 3d
KROPMEIER Chris, teamster, r. 1634 3d
KROPMEIER Kate Mrs. r. 1634 3d
KRUKENMEIER George, printer, room 15 James block
KUHN Henry, undertaker, r. 1811 2d
KUHN Henry Mrs. r. 1811 2d
KUHLMEYER Henry r. 1319 2d
KUHLMEYER Henry Mrs. r. 1319 2d
KUHLMEYER Joseph, r. 417 4th
KUHOMEYER Joseph, laborer, r. 1417 2d
KUMLEH Charles, plumber, r. 1010 4th
KUMLEH Josephine Miss, r. 1010 4th
KUMLEH Louisa Miss, r. 1010 4th
KUMLEH Mattie Miss, milliner, r. 1010 4th
KUMLEH Sophie Mrs. r. 1010 4th
KUMLEH William jr. brakeman, r. 1010 4th
KUMLEH William sr. laborer, r. 1010 4th

LADLOFF Anna Maria Mrs. r. 511 8th
LADLOFF Harmon, cabinet maker, r. 511 8th
LADLOFF John, laborer, r. 511 8th
LADUE Emma Miss, r. 1301 2d
LADUE Grace Miss, r. 1301 2d
LADUE Julia Miss, r. 1301 2d
LADUE William, painter, r. 1301 2d
LAKE Benj. Jr. fireman at Atlee's, r. cor. 6th & Callowhill
LAKE Benj. laborer, r. 1329 5th
LAKE Benj.Mrs. r. 1329 5th
LAKE Frank, laborer, r. 1329 5th
LAKE Frank, clerk, r. 1117 4th
LAKE Joseph, laborer, r. 1325 5th
LAKE Josephine Mrs. r. cor. 5th & Market
LAKE Kate, r. 1325 5th
LAKE Kate A. Mrs. r. cor. 6th & Callowhill
LAKE Lizzie Mrs. r. 1329 5th
LAMB Charles, laborer, r. 2812 Kansas
LAMB Charles R. principal Union av. school, r. 2811 California
LAMB Charles R. Mrs. r. 2811 California
LAMOS Emma Mrs. r. 2821 Heck
LAMOS Geo. W. machinist, r. 2821 Heck
LANE V.H. cigars, news & confections, Hotel Anthes
LANG Bertha, r. 1523 Goodwin
LANG Jennie Mrs. r. 1523 Goodwin
LANGE Jennie Mrs. r. 2405 Burr
LANGE John, telegraph operator, r. 2405 Burr
LANGFORD Belle Mrs. r. 815 Front
LANGFORD Dudley, laborer, r. 815 Front
LaPORTE Chas. H. fireman, bds. 210 Morrison av
LARSON Annie, r. 1021 Water
LARSON August, laborer, r. 1517 7th
LARSON Joe, r. 2629 Kinsley
LARSON John, laborer, r. 1021 Water
LARSON Peter, laborer, r. 1021 Water
LARSON Tena Mrs. r. 1517 7th
LATTA Josie Mrs. r. 814 1st
LATTA Richard S. r. 814 1st
LAUCK D.L. laborer, r. 307 Olive
LAUCK E. Mrs. r. 307 Olive
LAUTHER Elizabeth J. Mrs. r. 825 5th
LAUTHER Maggie Jane Miss, r. 825 5th
LAWBKA H.E.N. yardmaster Santa Fe, bds. Hotel Florence
LAWRENCE Thos. L. clerk C.B.& Q. r. 815 3d
LAWRENCE William A. engineer, r. 2725 Kansas
LAWRENCE William Mrs. r. 2725 Kansas
LAYTON E.A. Mrs. r. 523 5th
LEAR Wm. S. printer, room 15 James block
LEARY Daniel, fireman Santa Fe, bds. Hotel Florence
LEARY Frank, fireman, bds. 2520 Hamilton
LEAVITT C.M. engineer, r. 1426 2d
LEAVITT Mary Mrs. r. 1426 2d
LEE County Savings Bank, S. Atlee, pres.; Geo. M. Hanchett, cashier, 113 Pine
LEE Nancy Mrs. (wid) r. 406 2d
LEHMAN C.A. roadmaster, r. 925 4th
LEHMAN F.A. clerk railroad office, r. 925 4th
LEHMAN Homer, hotel keeper, r. 2029 Beck
LEHMAN L.G. hotel keeper, r. 2029 Beck
LEHMAN Mary Mrs. r. 925 4th
LEHMAN Susan Mrs. r. 2029 Beck
LEHNING J.P. merchant tailor, r. 721 2d
LEHNING Lizzie K. Mrs. r. 721 2d
LEIBOLT Barbara Mrs. r. 2821 Chicago
LEIBOLT Fred. laborer, r. 2821 Chicago
LEIDTKE Christian, machinist, r. 1533 Johnson
LEMALTY Rena Mrs. r. 510 1/2 2d
LENHART Chas A. clerk 627 2d, bds. 404 3d
LEO Sister, superior, Hospital
LERCHE Charles, r. 1409 1st
LERCHE Charles Mrs. r. 1409 1st
LESCH Barbara Miss, r. 622 3d
LESCH CONRAD, shoemaker, r. 622 3d
LESCH Conrad Mrs. r. 622 3d
LESCH John, wks foundry, r. 622 3d
LESH A.Mrs. r. 235 4th
LESH I.B. bookkeeper iron works, r. 235 4th
LESLIE Josephine Mrs. (wid.) r. 417 e Front
LESSINGER Jacob, laborer, r. 613 Front
LESSINGER James, fireman, r. 613 Front
LESSINGER Mary Mrs. r. 613 Front
LIEBE Frank, lumberman, r. 1431 Front
LIKHURT K.Mrs. r. 1533 Johnson
LIKHURT M. laborer, r. 1533 Johnson
LINCH Dennis conductor Santa Fe, r. 1127 Des Moines
LINCH Kate Mrs. r. 1127 Des Moines
LINDERMON John, engineer, bds. 2520 Hamilton
LINDSEY Geo. D. carpenter r. 1510 Johnson
LINDSEY Jos. painter, r. 1510 Johnson
LINDSEY S.C.Mrs. r. 1510 Johnson
LINGENFELTER Ashton, engineer, r. 2523 Hamilton
LINGENFELTER Emma Mrs. r. 2523 Hamilton
LISTON Ollie Miss, bds. Hotel Florence
LOFT Mary Mrs. r. 114 Spruce
LOFT Robert, laborer, r. 114 Spruce
LOGAN Albert, laborer, r. 1533 Johnson
LOGAN Cary laborer, r. 214 Maple
LOGAN Charles laborer, r. 1533 Johnson
LOGAN George W. stonemason, r. 214 Maple
LOGAN George W. Mrs. r. 214 Maple
LOGAN J.W. laborer, r. 1533 Johnson
LOGAN Sarah Mrs. r. 1533 Johnson
LOGAN Stella Miss, r. 1533 Johnson
LOGAN William laborer r 1533 Johnson
LOHMAN Clara Miss, r. 1521 5th
LOHMAN George, clerk, bds. 1117 4th
LOHMEYER Amy Miss, r. 1325 Front
LOHMEYER Anna Miss, r. 1325 Front
LOHMEYER Dora Miss, r. 1325 Front
LOHMEYER Maggie Miss, r. 1325 Front
LOHMEYER Stephen, saloon, r. 1325 Front
LOHMEYER Theresa Miss, r. 1325 Front
LORSHETER FRED. J. city editor "Gem City", 609 Front r. same
LOVINS Wm. boiler wiper, r. 210 Morrison av
LOW James, fireman Santa Fe, r. 1614 Johnson
LOW Leona Mrs. r. 1614 Johnson
LOWREY A.M. printer at "Gem city" office, bds. 722 3d
LOWREY Ella Miss, r. 722 3d
LOWREY Eva Miss, r. 722 3d
LOWREY John barber, r. 1328 2d
LOWREY Kate Mrs. r. 722 3d
LOWREY Mary Mrs. (widow) r. 1328 2d
LUEBBERS Annie Mrs. r. 1410 Des Moines
LUEBBERS Annie Mrs. r. 1410 Des Moines
LUEBBERS Jos. plasterer, r. 1410 Des Moines
LUEBBERS Margaret Mrs. R. 1404 Des Moines
LUGERING Henry r. 211 3d
LUGERING Henry Mrs. r. 211 3d
LUKINS A. chief clerk Santa Fe store house, bds. Hotel Florence
LUKINS A.Mrs. bds. Hotel Florence
LUKINS Louis, blacksmith r. 1012 6th
LUKINS Louis Mrs. r. 1012 6th
LUND Daniel, laborer, r. 3029 Cherokee
LUND L.A. Mrs. r. 3029 Cherokee
LUSK Mina A. Miss, milliner, r. 906 4th
LUSK Sarah A. Mrs. seamstress, r. 906 4th
LYENS Henry, fireman Santa Fe, r. 2023 Johnson
LYENS Jackson, r. 2023 Johnson
LYENS Jane r. 2023 Johnson
LYENS Lue, r. 2023 Johnson
LYMAN George engineer, r. 1331 Des Moines
LYMAN George Mrs. r. 1331 Des Moines
LYON Geo. laborer, r. 1506 Johnson
LYON Horace, laborer, r. 1506 Johnson
LYON Leicester D. carpenter, r. 1506 Johnson
LYON Mercy Mrs. r. 1506 Johnson
LYON Saml. laborer, r. 1506 Johnson
LYONS John, fireman Santa Fe, r. 2023 Johnson
LYONS Lizzie Miss, domestic, 2029 Beck

Transcribed and contributed by Carol Griswold Salli

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