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Denmark Congregational Church Records


NOTE: Some people were listed twice as being received into the church, probably having to do with steps in the formal process for admission into the church. All dates are listed for completeness.

01 Nov 1840 John & Sabina Shepard (by letter); Sarah Giles (by profession)

Jan 1841 Amariah A. Case & Maria Case by letter from Congregational Church in Austinburg, Ohio

Jan 1841 Sarah Blackinton from Quincy, Illinois

10 Mar 1841 Enos Andrews by letter from Congregational Church, Ohio
10 Mar 1841 Mrs. Kneeland on a sickbed (about this time)

10 Mar 1841 Lucius Tuttle, Benjamin Jones, Mrs. Sarah Jones, Gordon Mallett (also baptized) by profession

Nov 1841 Nathan & Sophia Isbell, Mrs. Laura Davis by letter; Franklin Mallett by profession (also baptized)

21 Apr 1842 Jasper Wilson, Hazera Wilson, Rachel Houston, Ira Houston Jr., Chas. E. Whitmarsh, Harriet Whitmarsh, James Hornby, Sarah B. Hornby, Mary W. Hornby, Charlotte S. Fox, Edward F. Newbury, Asabel M. Tuttle (by letter), Elize A. Tuttle by letter), Theron Trowbridge, Annis C. Trowbridge, Nathan Strong, Abel Carpenter, Maria Badger, Betsey A. Isbell, Horace S. Isbell, Oliver C. Isbell, Celia A. Isbell, Hosea S. Case, Emeline F. Thurston, Hannah M. Thurston, Benj. M. Morey, Joseph Badger, Mrs. V. Badger, Martha Sawyer, Alfred Sawyer, Almira Otis, Elizabeth Mallet and Jason B. Cooper

May 1842 Ebenezer A. Eaton, Mrs. Elizabeth Eaton, Eliza Hornby

04 Sep 1842 Clarissa Sawyer, Ruth Field, Margaret Morey (by letter); James B. Cooper

16 Apr 1843 Margaret Morey by profession

16 Apr 1843 Mrs. Harriet W. Taylor, Mrs Mellissa Hills, Frederick W. Burgess

07 Jul 1843 Deacon J. Houston, Zerviah Houston (his wife), Sarah, Abby, Zerviah, and John Jr. (their children)

01 Oct 1843 George Shedd, Mrs. Ann Nash

02 Sep 1844 Mrs. Ann Gooch, Mrs. Angeline Tuttle

08 Feb 1845 Asa and Persis Tuttle

05 Apr 1845 Asa Tuttle, Persis Tuttle, H. L. Montandon, Martha Montandon, Fracis E. Pierce, Sophronia Pierce

01 Oct 1845 Ann Houston, Joseph Houston, Mary Jane Houston, Rachel Cooper, Clement Tuttle, Martha Tuttle, Sarah E.A. Turner, Hannah Whitmarsh (united by Profession)

01 Oct 1845 Maria Sturges

04 Jan 1846 Aaron C. Henderson, Marilla Henderson, E. Warren Henderson, Lavia Shepley (Luvia Shipley), Lemuel Cooper, Jane Cooper one or more by letter from Lyndon, VT - not clear who statement applied to)

05 Apr 1846 Albert A. Sturges, Elizabeth Reeves, Nancy Cooper, Sarah Slippey (date approximate)

05 Apr 1846 Joseph C. Cooper, Maria Sturges, Lemuel Cooper, Mrs. Jane Cooper

05 Jul 1846 Miss Reeves, Miss Nancy Cooper

08 Jul 1846 John S. Woodmansee, Elizabeth Woodmansee, James S. Woodmansee, Abby Smith, Asa M. Fisher, Elizabeth Fisher

08 Jul 1846 Mrs. Simmons, an elderly lady by letter from Presbyterian Church, Wheelersburg, Ohio

03 Jan 1847 Jno. S. Woodmansee, Mrs. Elizabeth Woodmansee, Abby Smith, Mrs. Sarah Shippey

03 Jan 1847 Mr. A. M. Fisher & wife

Apr 1847 Orson Young and Catharine A. Young from Presbyterian Church, Fort Towson (?) Chocktaw Nation

1847 Lucy B. Sawyer, John and Mrs. Farnsworth, Samuel K. Bassett, Jane Bassett, Daniel D. Hart,CatharineHornby

1848 Daniel G. Strong (exact date not given)

01 Jul 1849 Ewing O. Tade (also baptized this date)

02 Oct 1849 Mrs. Elizabeth Gleason, Dr. Lysander B. Gleason, Ellen M. Parmalee, Jane G. Hornby

01 Apr 1850 Cassander & Henrietta Sackett

01 Apr 1850 By Profession: Daniel James, Benjamin J. Tuttle, William L. Brown, Earl D. Aloord, Daniel Jacobs (also baptized), George Wilder (also baptized), Aaron C. Henderson, Thomas S. Taylor, William L. Hornby, William L. Sackett, Charles H. Brown, Henry H. Turner, Franklin Tade (also baptized), Elbridge Sawyer, Horace Sawyer, George L. Epps (also baptized), Ruth Henderson, Ellen Wilder (also baptized), Rowena Houston, Felicia M. Isbell (also baptized), Mercy M. Sackett, Mary E. Green (also baptized), Emeline P. Cooper, Mary E. Turner, Jane A. Bassett (also baptized), Martha Turner, Harriet Frances Fox, Sophronia E. Isbell (also baptized)

06 Jul 1859 Harlow Mills, Faith Ann Mills, Oliver Mills, Sophia A. Mills, Harlow Mills Jr., Elizabeth Mills, Oliver Eastman, Laura Eastman, George W. Drake, Laura Drake, Henrietta L. Eastman

06 Jul 1859 By Profession: George S. Beadle, Emily A. Mitchell  (also baptized), Samuel D. Atwood

06 Mar 1851 James Cayton, Elizabeth Cayton, Mrs. Mary Corless, Elizabeth Roe (letter from Manchester, England)

06 Mar 1851 Franklin B. & Janette Case from Ohio

06 Mar 1851 Hannah Jacobs from Methodist Church, Madison, Ind.

06 Mar 1851 Edward Corless and Mrs. Emerette Carpenter (by profession)

19 Jul 1851 Asa Emerson, Mrs. Philura Emerson, Kellogg Day, Mrs. Mary Day, Mrs. Mary Ingalls, Caroline Ingalls, Wilhelmina Balm by letter)

19 Jul 1851 Mrs. Mary A. Boyt, Sarah Tuttle, Belinta Strong (?), Anna Jacobs (also baptized) (by profession)

27 Jul 1851 Mrs. Fidelia Jacobs

04 Jan 1852 J. Q. A. Hudson (by profession); Mrs. Hudson, Mrs. Nathan Strong, Henrietta Brown (by letter)

01 Apr 1852 By Profession: Amasa C. Mills, Hannah A. Phippin also baptized), Lewis E. Balm (also baptized), Hannah R. Balm (also baptized), Samuel D. Robinson, Persis M. Case, Mary M. Hitchcock, William Whitmarsh (also baptized)

01 Apr 1852 By Letter: William Shippen, Edwin Loomis, Mary W. Loomis

01 Apr 1852 Returned: J. C. & Sarah Cooper, E. A. Turner, Sophia Isbell, Sophronia Isbell, F. M. Isbell

10 Apr 1853 Rev. H. K. Edson (Receptor of the Academy) and wife Celestia, Mrs. Maria J. Bartlett

25 Sep 1853 Christie & Sophia Achilles

01 Oct 1853 John Lockwood, John Hornby, Luthera Bixby, Mary A. Plumb, Sophia Quinton

09 Apr 1854 C. Swain Wilder, Alexander McConnahey

02 Jul 1854 Mrs. Mary A. Plumb, John Lockwood, John Hornby, Elkanah A. Smith 1854 John & Maria Barbour, Mrs. Luthera Bixby

19 Mar 1855 Julia James, Hannah Turner, Mary Powers, Henrietta Sackett

05 Aug 1855 Joseph & Sybil Brown (by letter), Mary and Caroline Brown, their daughters (by profession)

05 Jan 1856 Mrs. Elizabeth D. Adams (wife of Rev. Eph. Adams), Mrs. Phebe E. Wood (wife of Rev. Glen Wood), Mrs. Rachel Wook, Mrs. Josephine Turner (by letter); Mary Ellen Turner (by profession)

Mar 1856 By Profession: David D. James, Theordore Pyle, Charles C. Beadle, Alden F. Brooks, Edward P. Mills, Asa Turner Jr., Ortho Bonsor, Joseph Jackson Whitmarsh, Jos. Ingalls, George P. Brackett, Rufus Underwood, Flora Ann Mills, Dora B. Smith, Mary Martin, Alvena Turtel, Sophia H. Quinton, Mary Emma Day

07 Apr 1856 Charles Adams, Susan Adams, Charles K. Adams, Mrs. Sophia Brooks, Milo Whiting, Keturah Whiting, Mrs. S. E. Higgins, Lucinda Humphrey

07 Jul 1856 Whitman Wilcox (by letter), Amanda T. Wilcox (by profession)

Dec 1856 Geo. H. Prescott, Emily A. Prescott, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Brown, Mary James, Ellen Morgan, Elijah B. Higgins (by profession)

04 Jan 1857 Charles and Harriet H. Weston (by letter), Mrs. Emily Conaro and William Hoover (by profession)

Apr 1857 Emma Adams

May 1857 Augusta Sawyer, Harriet N. Briggs, Jane Brown, Olivia Houston, Mary Montgomery (by letter)

02 Aug 1857 Ellen Eveline, Mary daughters of S. P. & Mary Loomis

02 Jan 1858 Ivers & Eliza Taylor, Russell Park

03 Apr 1858 Mr. Dungan & wife

04 Jul 1858 By Profession: Nelson S. Grosvenor, Laura Day, Lucy L. Grosvenor, Mary Aloord, Artelissa S. Aloord, Eliza J. Taylor, Fanny A. Wilder, Lucy E. Cooper, Cheney & Mary A. Pyle, Charles Tipe, William Stanton, Harriet Rebecca Brown, Barbara Smith, Mary A. Gearhart, Louisa Britt

04 Jul 1858 By Letter: Milton Badger Turner, Edward Turner, Frank Turner



08 Nov 1840 Mr. & Mrs. N. F. Smith & Harriet Smith to a church in Illinois

08 Nov 1840 Benjamin N. Tuttle

08 Nov 1840 A. M. Fisher to Farmington Congregational Church

03 Feb 1844 Enos Andrews, to Wesleyan Church in Denmark

08 Feb 1844 Mary W. Hornby, to Congregational Church in Fairfield

05 Apr 1845 Julia Bullard

12 Apr 1846 Joseph Badger & wife, Nathan Strong & wife to the Congregational
Church in Paysonville, Ill. (On 12 Jul 1846, note states that the Strongs did not unite with the Congregational Church due to the death of Mrs. Strong; Mr. Strong returned to Denmark)

07 May 1848 Calvin Newton, to Hartford, VT

15 May 1848 John Farnsworth and wife

1848 John Woodmansee, wife & son, and Abby Smith dismissed to Wesleyan Church in Pleasant Ridge Tp. (exact date not given)

Mar 1849 Mrs. Elizabeth Reeves, to Pres. Ch. in Pa.

02 Apr 1849 Martha S. Case, to a church in Kentucky

May 1849 Mrs. Gooch and Mrs. Blackinton, to Baptist Church

17 Jun 1849 George W. and Eliza Westgate, to church in Quincy, Ill.

09 Sep 1849 Daniel D. Hart, to Presbyterian Church near Red Rock in Marian Co.

15 Sep 1849 H. L. Case (excommunicated)

04 Nov 1849 Mr. & Mrs. Shepard to church at Woburn, Mass.; Mary W. Loomis

Nov 1849 Mr. John Farnsworth & wife

02 Apr 1850 Martha Tuttle Case, to a Presbyterian Church in Kentucky

03 Jun 1850 Ellen M. Parmalee, to church in Pekin, Ill.

06 Jul 1850 N. & Sophia Isbell, Sophronia E. & Felicia M. Isbell to Presbyterian Church in Keokuk

Jan 1851 Dr. Gleason & wife to the church in Warren

Mar 1851 Dea. Francis and Lucy B. Sawyer, Lemuel Cooper & wife, E. A. Eaton & wife to form a church in Washington Township

16 Dec 1851 Mrs. Sarah Slippey, to the Presbyterian Church in Paris, Ohio

11 Apr 1852 J. Q. A. Hudson & wife

15 Apr 1852 Mary A. Boyle to Baptist Church in Denmark

18 Apr 1852 William N. Henderson & wife to a Congregational Church in Ohio

20 Mar 1852 Timothy Sawyer & Alfred Sawyer, to the Congregational Church in Nevada City, CA

Aug 1852 Oliver Eastman, Mrs. Laura Eastman, G. W. Drake, Laura Drake, Henrietta Eastman, Mary Hitchcock and Mary Woods to the church in Oskaloosa

Jan 1853 Jos. C. & Rachel Cooper, to work in the ministry at the Congregational Church in Hillsboro

15 Jul 1853 J. E. and Ruth Leeper to the church in Farmington, Ill.

30 Jun 1855 George S. Beadle (excommunicated)

01 Jun 1856 Edward Corless & wife, to the Congregational Church in Fontenelle, Nebraska Territory

15 Jun 1856 S. K. Bassett, Jane Bassett, Jane Augusta Bassett to the Congregational Church in Knoxville, Ill.

Sep 1856 S. C. Henderson, Marilla Henderson, W. E. Henderson, Sarah Henderson to Congregational Church in Lewis.

Feb 1857 Oliver Mills, Sophia Mills, Edward Mills, to church in Lewis, Cass Co.

Apr 1857 Christie and Sophia Achilles, to the Congregational Church in Fontenelle, Neb.

02 Jan 1858 Mrs. Maria B. M. Emerson, to 12 Mile Creek Congregational Church in Tama Co.

31 Jan 1858 Lucinda Humphrey, to Congregational Church in Davenport May 1858 Franklin B. & Janette Case, to the Wesleyan Church in Pleasant Ridge

09 May 1858 Whitman & Amanda J. Wilcox, to the Methodist Church


May 1842 Horatio, son of A.A. & Maria Case

May 1842 Mary Elizabeth, daughter of William & Lucy Brown

16 Apr 1843 James Edgar, Charles Julian, Agustus Lewis, children of H. L. Montandon of Quincy, Ill.

16 Apr 1843 Watson, son of Theron Trowbridge

16 Apr 1843 Asa, son of Asa Turner

16 Jan 1844 Jane Wilson Taylor, daughter of H. J. and Harriet Taylor

16 Jan 1844 Lucy Wells James, daughter of Philip and Matilda James

07 Jul 1843 Vesta Westgate, daughter of Geo. W. Westgate

02 Sep 1844 Henry Lewis, son of A.A. Case and Maria

20 Apr 1845 William Fox Hills, son of Edward and Mellissa Hills

20 Apr 1845 Harriet Rebeckah Brown, daughter of William and Lucy K. Brown

20 Apr 1845 Milton Badger Turner, son of Rev. Asa Turner, Jr. and Martha Turner

04 Jan 1846 Emeline Palais Cooper and Lucy Epps Cooper, daughter of William and Ruth Cooper

21 Jun 1846 Harlan Page, son of A. A. and Maria Case

07 May 1848 Wm. Sherman Loomis, son of Stephen P. and Mary A. Loomis

03 Jun 1849 Wm. Hartwell, son of H. J. & Harriett Taylor

03 Jun 1849 Adah, daughter of Asa & Martha Turner

01 Jul 1849 Mary Eliza, daughter of A. M. & Eliza Tuttle

01 Jul 1849 Emily Elizabeth, daughter of A. M. and Eliza Fisher

01 Jul 1849 Anna Maria, daughter of Samuel & Catharine Houston

01 Jul 1849 Hannah Hilton, daughter of James & Rachel Hornby

01 Jul 1849 Henry Houston, son of Jason & Eliza Wilson

04 Nov 1849 Henry Baxter, son of Dea. Francis and Lucy B. Lawyer, and William Field their adopted son

04 Nov 1849 Albert, son of Orwin & Catherine Young

02 Apr 1850 George Oliver, son of G. W. & Laura Drake

06 Jul 1850 Lucy Harriet, daughter of Edwin & Mary Loomis

06 Jul 1850 Martha Rebecca & Mary Sophia (Zerviah), twin daughters of George and Abby Shedd

01 Oct 1850 Maria Janette & Mary Anna, twin daughters of A. A. and Maria Case

06 Apr 1851 John Brown, child of Theron and Annis C. Trowbridge

06 Jul 1851 Charles Eugene, son of H. J. & Harriet Taylor

06 Jul 1851 Franklin, son of Harlow & Elizabeth Mills

01 Sep 1851 Camilla, daughter of Samuel & Catharine Houston

01 Sep 1851 Albert Sturges, sone of John & Maria Houston

10 Apr 1853 George Sheldon, son of Oliver Mills

10 Apr 1853 Ada Thodosia, daughter of H. Mills Jr.

10 Apr 1853 Mary, daughter of T. Trowbridge

03 Jul 1853 Wm. Phippin, N. Strong & Clement Tuttle, A. M. & Eliza Tuttle each had a child baptized (names not given)

15 Jul 1853 Zerviah Jane, daughter of John and Maria Houston

02 Jul 1854 Eugene Hartwell, son of Hartwell J. Taylor

02 Jul 1854 Emily Hilton, daughter of Edwin Loomis

02 Jul 1854 Calvin Cowper, son of Mrs. M. A. Plumb

02 Jul 1854 Maria, daughter of Mrs. Harriet Underwood

01 Oct 1854 George Oliver, son of O. Mills

01 Oct 1854 Ella Sophia, daughter of H. Mills, Jr.

01 Oct 1854 Camilla, daughter of Samuel Houston

05 Aug 1855 Warren Henderson, son of John Houston Jr.

03 Aug 1856 Addison Mills Tuttle, son of Asahel M. & Eliza Tuttle

24 Aug 1856 Frederic Fletcher, son of Mr. Weston & wifen

Apr 1857 Ella Soppronia, daughter of William & Lucy Brown

Apr 1857 Charles Thurston, son of Samuel & Catharine Houston

07 Jun 1857 child of Rev. A. R. and Enicia Mitchel

14 Jun 1857 Laura Maria, daughter of John & Maria Houston

04 Jul 1858 Edmund Ingalls Burton, child of Alonzo & Carrie Burton

11 Sep 1858 Celia Cushman, infant daughter of Theron & Annis Trowbridge


08 Nov 1840 During the fall: Mrs. Sarepta Newton died leaving small children; Mrs. Hannah Houston Davis died after one month of marriage; Newell Leeper died in Illinois; Daniel Chamberlain; Calvin Chamberlain (soon to unite with church)

Oct 1845 Betsey S. Isbell (Isabel?) - between 20 May 1845 and Oct 1845 - exact date not given

24 Sep 1846 Mrs. L. Shepley, Mrs. Persis Tuttle - died "during this year"

30 Sep 1853 Mrs. Celia A. Strong (C. A. Isbell), wife of Joseph Strong; funeral held Oct. 1

13 May 1854 Amasa C. Mills; funeral held on Sabbath following

30 Dec 1854 Hartwell J. Taylor (died very suddenly); funeral held 2 Jan 1855

25 Feb 1856 Dea. John Houston died very suddenly at Mr. Fisher's while on a visit there

Apr 1856 John Hornby

Dec 1856 Mrs. Elizabeth Cayton

Mar 1857 James Cayton

Mar 1857 David Wilson

May 1858 S. Dabney Aloord

05 Nov 1848 A. A. Sturges gone to study Theology in N. Haven, Conn.

01 Oct 1850 A. A. Sturges requested letter of recommendation for missionary to a foreign field

09 Nov 1851 A. A. Sturges ordained here as a Missionary to Micronesia

04 Mar 1855 College Letter granted to Henry H. Turner (New Haven, Conn.) and John Lockwood (Amherst, Mass.)

Source:  Microfilm from the Family History Library, film #0959631
Compiled and contributed by Barbara Scott


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