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Census of Fort Madison Penitentiary

Every effort was made to ensure the accuracy of the surnames listed. Researchers are encouraged to look at the original records to verify this information. Not in alphabetical order. 


HEISEY, Martin 53 Warden, Penitentiary miller Pennsylvania

HEISEY, Anna 33 wife keeping house England

HEISEY, Martin E. 11 son at home Iowa

HEISEY, Grace 2 daughter at home Iowa

WRIGHT, Hattie 20 domestic servant Iowa

FONDS, Pleasant 51 farmer convict North Carolina

MILLSLAGLE, A.J. 43 farmer convict Virginia

GRAHAM, Benjamin 43 physician convict Ohio

OSTRANDER, George 44 farmer convict New York

WEMPLE, Minard 28 farmerconvict New York

WEMPLE, Ingals 26 farmer convict New York

ENGLISH, John 31 day laborer (black) convict South Carolina

JONES, George 58 farmer convict New York

McMULLEN, Joseph 62 farmer convict Ohio

LIGGINS, James 31 barber (black) convict Ohio

DEKLORZ, Nicholas 44 stone cutter convict Germany

NEILEY, James 48 farmer convict Kentucky

ALLEN, William J. 41 farmer convict Vermont

LOVE, Harry 34 peddler convict New York

CRAVES, J.J.M. 28 blacksmith convict New York

WALKER, John 26 cook convict Ireland

CON, Robert 40 saddler convict Virginia

JACKSON, Andrew 65 wheelright convict New York

DRULARD, John 30 farmer convict Iowa

WHITE, George 31 carpenter convict Virginia

HARDWICK, Lester 20 day laborer convict New York

TAYLOR, Lewis C. 22 farmer convict Iowa

FOSTER, John 25 farmer convict Missouri

MARNEY, J.D. 31 farmer convict Missouri

PRETTYMAN, Robert 24 farmer convict Ohio

JONES, George 27 butcher convict Missouri

STOKER, James 36 farmer convict Indiana

ABLE, William 23 tailor convict Pennsylvania

PEARL, William 42 raftsman convict Pennsylvania

HANNIGAN, William 53 day laborer convict Ireland

ROSS, Hugh W. 51 silversmith convict Ohio

SALTER, William F. 28 farmer convict Indiana

MIER, Lambert 40 farmer convict Germany

McCLURE, D.M. 23 farmer convict Ohio

BRADSHAW, Dennison 23 farmer convict Ohio

LINHART, Franklin 28 farmer convict Austria

OCHEILL, Charles 50 farmer convict Ireland

FROGDEN, Samuel A. 32 farmer convict Illinois

OGDEN, Cal 42 farmer convict Indiana

THOMPSON, Hiram 27 farmer convict Wisconsin

WOOD, William A. 37 farmer convict Virginia

WILLIAMS, John 24 farmer convict Indiana

CASE, Manly 60 farmer convict New York

BRUCE, Cyrus K. 63 farmer convict New York

LUCE, Townsend M. 31 physician convict Massachusetts

HEDDEN, Uriah 24 carpenter convict New York

HUNTER, James 24 farmer convict Indiana

GLEASON, Michael 41 day laborer convict Ireland

JACOBS, Joseph 49 farmer convict New York

HIKENS, Heije 31 day laborer convict Germany

LEE, William H. 30 farmer convict Ohio

LEE, James N. 29 insurance agent convict Ohio

LEE, William S. 27 farmer convict Ohio

PINAGER, William 26 farmer convict Indiana

MOORE, B. N. 49 physician convict Ohio

KING, Charles 20 day laborer convict New York

DUFFY, George M. 21 showman convict New York

PICKLE, William 24 farmer convict Canada West

WARNER, Alfred 68 farmer convict North Carolina

SHANE, Dennis 57 farmer convict Ireland

OSBORN, John 24 day laborer convict Louisiana

MATTHEWS, Joseph B. 58 day laborer convict New Jersey

THORNTON, David 31 veterinary surgeon convict Indiana

KASING, John 26 day laborer convict on the high sea

EDWARDS, William 27 day laborer (black) convict Missouri

VINCENT, Kirk G. 23 day laborer convict Canada

CHADWICK, Charles 31 saddler convict Ohio

WILLIAMS, James 26 day laborer convict Missouri

SMITH, Philo 25 day laborer convict New York

JOHNSON, Robert 30 day laborer convict Indiana

JOHNSON, Thomas J. 24 day laborer convict Indiana

NEWBURY, John 49 mason convict New York

DeLONG, Bernard 20 laborer convict Ohio

CALLENDINE, William 52 cabinetmaker convict West Virginia

MONROE, Edward 26 ` laborer convict Canada

SAYERS, George 27 harness maker convict Illinois

SCHUNCK, William 25 iron moulder convict Germany

McCLINTOCK, W. H. 27 harness maker convict Ohio

JONES, William 37 tailor convict Indiana

HARLEY, George 35 machinist convict England

PEOPLES, James 24 confectioner convict Illinois

UDELL, Charles 40 laborer convict Indiana

ROSE, Abraham 30 laborer convict New York

MILLMIRE, Frank 23 farm laborer convict Germany

THOMPSON, William 22 blacksmith convict Ohio

GOODMAN, John 49 laborer convict Pennsylvania

WILSON, James 46 laborer convict New York

WILLIAMS, James 23 laborer convict New York

KEIFF, Patrick 50 laborerconvict Ireland

PHILLIPS, George 19 laborer (black) convict Illinois

BETTS, William A. 38 clerk in store convict Pennsylvania

WILSON, Daniel J. 27 carpenter convict Ohio

GORTSCHE, John H. 20 laborer convict Germany

WHITE, Charles 33 cooperconvict New York

KOCK, Andrew 19 brewer convict Germany

WRIGHT, David 29 laborer convict Missouri

MENEFIELD, Samuel 30 engineer convict Illinois

KELLY, James 28 laborer convict Canada

SMITH, Thomas H. 27 laborer convict New York

McCANN, Patrick 31 laborer convict Ireland

McCOY, Michael 34 laborer convict New York

SHERMAN, James 20 baker convict Pennsylvania

BANNICK, Jasper 38 carpenter convict Germany

ALSOP, Thomas 36 mason convict England

SMITH, F.M. 35 laborer convict Illinois

EDGAR, Thomas 21 laborer convict Canada West

FELTER, Abram H. 46 engineer convict New York

DRAPER, George 22 laborer convict New York

KING, George 20 laborer convict Alabama

GRANGER, Edward 24 laborer convict Michigan

BURK, James 21 laborer convict Indiana

CARNEY, Henry 30 laborer convict Ireland

FRANSFETTER, Andrew 33 laborer convict Saxony

WILLIAMS, Isaac 30 laborer convict District of Columbia

BAILEY, William H. 20 laborer convict New York

MORAN, Lee 29 clerk in store convict Iowa

MOSS, Joseph 20 butcher convict Canada

WILLIAMS, Robert 26 laborer convict England

GIBBONS, Lawrence 22 laborer convict Ireland

JEWETT, Joseph 31 laborer convict New York

SEGUIN, William 23 harness maker convict Illinois

BAILEY, John T. 24 drafter & painter convict Illinois

PERKINS, Edwin S. 18 hatter convict New York

OAKLEY, William 22 laborer convict Illinois

DUNHAM, John 20 laborer convict Indiana

ANDERSON, David 29 laborer convict New Jersey

KANE, Edward 33 laborer convict Arkansas

GANSCHY, Gustavis 22 baker convict Switzerland

HILLS, Charles 23 laborerconvict Illinois

McCORMICK, Lawrence 30 laborer convict Ireland

OLF, Frederic 19 stone cutter convict Germany

HITE, James E. 19 laborer convict Virginia

REED, James 20 laborer convict Pennsylvania

EDWARDS, Ezekiel 33 clerk in store convict Ohio

GILVARY, Thomas 24 clerk convict New York

McCORMICK, Martin 19 laborer convict Ireland

BROUGHTON, Hezekiah 47 clerk convict Vermont

LILLY, John T. 25 gunsmith convict Virginia

PORTER, Thomas H. 29 farmer convict Indiana

COSY, Robert W. 20 butcher convict Indiana

BUCK, Nelson G. 39 farmer convict New York

McBRIDE, M. H. 26 stone cutter convict Pennsylvania

SHORE, Richard 30 carpenter convict New York

PHILLIPS, George 19 laborer convict Kentucky

SMITH, John 26 laborer convict New York

WATKINS, William W. 21 laborer convict Tennessee

DAVIDSON, William 34 laborer convict Pennsylvania

BLOSSER, John 33 carpenter convict Ohio

MULLIGAN, Frank 25 laborer convict New Jersey

McGUIRE, John W. 35 Cigar maker convict Canada

WILLSON, Joseph 28 carpenter convict Austria

McNALLY, John 56 mason convict Ireland

KNOW, Thadeus 25 laborer convict Indiana

JOHNSTON, Rufus E. 25 boat calker convict Pennsylvania

PILLBEAM, Edward 22 laborer convict New York

WALKER, Joseph 34 painter convict Ireland

FORD, David 19 carpenter convict Pennsylvania

MOREY, Frederic 38 clockmaker convict Switzerland

VROOMAN, George 35 cooper convict Ohio

BURSTON, James A. 26 laborer convict Ohio

GRAHAM, Levi 28 carpenter convict Ohio

THOMAS, George H. 26 bartender convict New York

DODGE, D. W. 18 laborer convict Pennsylvania

HAMILTON, Thomas J. 20 laborer convict Ireland

HOGAN, Richard 27 laborer convict Ireland

WILLIAMS, Samuel unk laborer (black) convict Mississippi

HOWARD, Henry 24 laborer convict Pennsylvania

MINNICK, Isaac 20 laborer convict Iowa

ALTHOUSE, George 32 barber convict Germany

HOWARD, James H. 46 silversmith convict Vermont

SANDERS, Henry C. 19 laborer convict Pennsylvania

BERCHER, George 16 laborer convict New York

BARNUM, George 17 painter convict New York

WILLIAMS, John 17 laborer (black) convict Louisiana

BUTLER, William 24 painter convict France

DEBERGH, Charles 26 painter convict Indiana

HAFLEY, William 22 none convict Maryland

CUNNINGHAM, Scott 15 none convict Pennsylvania

CUNNINGHAM, Maginnis 18 farmer convict Pennsylvania

BIGGS, J. H. 26 laborer convict Ohio

CANLY, Robert 24 laborer convict Ireland

WEICHT, William C. 25 stone cutter convict Ohio

BELL, Frank A. 24 laborer convict New York

METZ, Joseph 25 laborer convict Germany

HARVEY, H. 30 laborer convict Louisiana

CUMMING, George 18 laborer convict New York

FOWLER, William 24 shoemaker convict New York

SIMPSON, Edward 20 laborer convict Missouri

SUTTON, William 37 wheelwright convict Pennsylvania

SMITH, Charles 31 cabinet finisher convict New York

CAMERY, Denton 23 clerk convict Ohio

THOMAS, Samuel 21 laborer convict Ohio

BOLLINGER, John 21 laborer convict Ohio

KIMBELL, A. L. 23 laborer convict Pennsylvania

NELSON, Nelus 28 blacksmith convict Norway

MERRIAM, O. W. 23 railroad man convict Connecticut

WHIPPLE, C. H. 23 railroad man convict New York

REGAN, Jack 29 laborer convict Virginia

McGINTY, John 20 laborer convict Pennsylvania

FERRIS, Elisha 19 laborer convict Canada

BAIRD, John 21 laborer convict Canada

KELLY, John 20 laborer convict New Hampshire

MALONY, David 40 laborer convict Ireland

JEWELL, Jasper W. 19 laborer convict Iowa

PEARCE, John 27 miner convict England

FORTNEY, Frank 20 farmer convict Michigan

BUTTS, Wesley 32 laborer convict Ohio

MULLEN, James 36 laborer convict Ireland

COATS, Elijah 18 cooper convict Ohio

RAYMOND, Eugene A. 16 laborer convict Vermont

NELLIS, Warner W. 17 harness maker convict Canada

WRIGHT, John H. 15 laborer convict Ohio

RAYMOND, Charles 23 farmer convict Vermont

ARMSTRONG, Peter 19 laborer convict Sweden

WILSON, James 16 laborer convict New York

SITZER, John D. 23 laborer convict New York

BARNHART, William 40 laborer convict Pennsylvania

TRIPP, Samuel b. 27 wagon maker convict Maine

RUFF, John 20 confectioner convict Iowa

MOFFIT, George H. 29 painter convict Indiana

HARDING, William J. 26 laborer convict Iowa

DANTRICH, E. H. 28 carpenter convict Pennsylvania

THOMPSON, David 27 laborer convict Pennsylvania

WILSON, HENRY 19 blacksmith convict West Virginia

HOCKENBERRY, William 52 laborer convict Pennsylvania

SMITH, William 40 barber convict Canada

BALL, David 29 laborer convict Pennsylvania

BALL, James B. 26 harness maker convict Pennsylvania

CHRISTMAN, Hiram 20 laborer convict New York

DOYLE, Jackson 20 laborer convict Ireland

McDONALD, George 18 cooper convict New York

TAYLOR, Frank J. 35 house painter convict Germany

NOLTE, Henry 30 butcher convict Delaware

DAVIS, T. B. 28 laborer convict New York

CASE, Henry 21 laborer convict New York

CHAMPION, Edwin 22 harness maker convict Canada

WOOLSEY, George 23 laborer convict Ohio

FAY, Daniel M. 39 carpenter convict New York

BELL, James M. 23 printer convict Ohio

BARNARD, Charles 26 cook convict France

KNAUSE, Jesse 53 farmer convict Pennsylvania

BOYLE, Patrick 45 farmer convict Ireland

CLARY, Thomas 31 laborer convict Ireland

WILKNER, George 27 shoemaker convict Pennsylvania

BUCKNER, Elisha 23 miller convict Canada

CON, Sandford 35 laborer convict New York

DIAS, Lacy 25 confectioner convict England

PORTER, Ephraim 19 shoemaker convict Massachusetts

FROMMAER, Conrad 29 laborer convict Germany

McINTYRE, George 32 harness maker convict New York

NORTHCRAFT, Samuel 42 carpenter convict Missouri

LIVINGOOD, John 40 farmer convict Indiana

MANNING, Charles 37 blacksmith Deputy Warden Ohio

MANNING, Betty D. 34 wife keep house New York

MANNING, Gertrude 9 daughter Iowa

MANNING, William E. 7son Iowa

MANNING, James C. 5 son Iowa

HOFFMEISTER, August W. 43 physician at Penitentiary Hanover

HOFFMEISTER, Bertha 43 wife keep house Hanover

HOFFMEISTER, Herman 15 son at home Iowa

HOFFMEISTER, Louisa 13 daughter at home Iowa

HOFFMEISTER, Humboldt 10 son at home Iowa

HOFFMEISTER, Emily 8 daughter at home Iowa

HOFFMEISTER, Berthold 7 son at home Iowa

HOFFMEISTER, Minna 5 daughter at home Iowa

HOFFMEISTER, Julia 3 daughter at home Iowa

HOFFMEISTER, Samuel 8 mo. Sonat home Iowa

This information was extracted from a microfilm copy of the 1870 census by Mona Sarratt Knight

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