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Federal Census

Name     Age     Sex     Occupation     Place of birth 

Montrose Township

Abraham Brown 37 m f Norway
Maria Brown 36 f Norway
Rachel Brown 15 f Norway
Christian Brown 13 m Norway
Alexander Brown 11 m Norway
Sophia Brown 9 f Norway
Peter Brown 7 m Norway
Martin Brown 5 m Norway
Maria Brown 1/12 f Iowa
Note: Norwegian name: Ommundsen; Emigrated in 1849

Theodore Lowman 25 f Norway
Greatha Lowman 45 f Norway
Garrett Lowman 17 m f Norway
Amelia Lowman 15 f Norway
Theodore Lowman 12 m! Norway
Charles Lowman 27 m f Norway
Julia Lowman 25 f Norway
Joseph Lowman 1 m Iowa
Note: Correct Name is Laumann; Emigrated in 1839

Kanute Areson 53 m f Norway
Osar Areson 50 f Norway
Notes: Correct name is Erickison; Emigrated from Voss in 1838; There is an Erickson lot
in the Scandinavian Cemetery, but no stone

Des Moines Township

Newton Anderson 50 m f Norway Knute (xxxx-1867)
Ann Anderson 43 f Norway Anna (1807-1883)
Bartha Anderson 9 f Missouri Nels Nelson
Ann Anderson 8 f Missouri
Milena Anderson 6 f Iowa Melinda (1844-1854)
Andrew Anderson 5 m Iowa (1845-1926)
Serena Anderson 2 f Iowa (1848-1917)
Notes: Emigrated as Knud Anderson Slogvik; Emigrated in 1824;
See Scandinavian Cemetery

Peter Omanson 48 m f Norway
Katharine Omanson 34 f Norway
Peter Omanson 11 m Iowa
Nelson Omanson 10 m Iowa
Christian Omanson 10 m Iowa
Elisabeth Omanson 6 f Iowa
Hellen Omanson 4 f Iowa
Cornnelius Omanson 1 f Iowa
Notes: Emigrated as Peter Omundsen Gilje; Emigrated in 1836

Hans Tisman 37 m f Norway
Christena Tisman 26 f Norway (1824-1887)
Hans P Tisman 6 m Mo (1844-1924)
Caroline Tisman 1 f Iowa Married Andrew Johnson (1848-1928)
Notes: Correct name is Testman; See Scandinavian Cemetery

Sarah Enerson 22 f Norway

Mary E Towerson 10 f Norway

Abraham Iswalt 40 m f Norway
Garenna Iswalt 35 f Norway
Ann Iswalt 10 f Norway
Andrew Iswalt 5 m Norway
Not named Iswalt 6/12 f Iowa

Samuel Anderson 54 m f Norway
Sarah Anderson 22 f Norway

Otto Nelson 31 m f Norway Aad (1818-1889)
Christena Nelson 30 f Norway Chierstin Anderson (1819-1907)
Christian Nelson 2 m Iowa
Note: Correct name is Aad Nelson; 1856 Census says came to Iowa in 1843;
See Scandinavian Cemetery

Hans Anderson 30 m f Norway
Hellen Anderson 30 f Norway
Andrew Anderson 13 m Norway

Samuel Anderson 25 m f Norway (1824-1910)
Notes: See Scandinavian Cemetery

Elias Munson 47 m f Norway
Toran Munson 43 f Norway
Ann Munson 10 f Iowa
Jandy Munson 7 m Iowa
Martha Munson 5 f Iowa
Note: Emigrated as Lars Monsen Ygre; Emigrated in 1839

Christian Nelson 28 m f Norway (1820-1887)
Anna Nelson 28 f Norway (1818-1882)
Christian Nelson 2/12 m Iowa
Note: Enigrted from Nedstrand in 1843; See Scandinavian Cemetery

Netson Ottson 70 m f Norway
Barbara Ottson 75 f Norway
Note: Emigrated from Nedstrand in 1849

Gunder Evans 30 m f Norway
Rakel Evans 28 f Ohio

William Tessman 40 m f Norway
Sarah Tessman 40 f Norway
Notes: Correct name Testman

Hanns P Thorson 15 m f Norway

Andrew Durnell 25 m f Norway

Betsey Henson 40 f Norway

Ommund Olson 33 m f Norway (1817-1889)
Sunia Olson 43 f Norway Signa (1807-1888)
Note: Emigrated in 1836; See Scandinavian Cemetery

Jerome Hellickson 40 m f Norway (1809-1887)
Ingleborg Hellickson 44 f Norway (1805-1886)
Alexander Hellickson 17 m f Norway
Mary Hellickson 10 f Norway
Note: Correct name Gjermund Helleikson; See Scandinavian Cemetery

Hugh Pearson 53 m f Norway
Horan Pearson 47 f Norway

Jacob Olson 48 m f Norway
Martha Olson 37 f Norway

Barier Anderson 52 m lab Norway

Ola Olson 24 m lab Norway

The following are from other parts of Lee County, not the Sugar Creek area

Franklin Township

Martha Hayer 27 f France
Elias Hayer 2 m Iowa
Samuel Hayer 6/12 m Iowa

Oler Saison 40 m f Norway
Martha Saison 36 f France

Christen Bullard 30 m f France
Sun Bullard 27 f France
Isabel Bullard 8 f Norway
Canute Bullard 6 m Iowa
Samuel Bullard 3 m Iowa

Abscundes Crookshank 45 m f Norway
Hannah Crookshank 40 f Kentucky
James Crookshank 14 m f Iowa
Catharine Crookshank 12 f Iowa
Elizabeth Crookshank 7 f Iowa
Jane Crookshank 8 f Iowa
Joriva Crookshank 8 f Iowa

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