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Keokuk Public Library Obituary Index

The index was compiled & contributed by Angela Gates, agates@keokuk.lib.ia.us

Patrons Service Clerk, Keokuk Public Library.

Contributed July 2012

Note from compiler: The index refers to books in the Keokuk Public Library. There are books compiled by Watson, Garrison, and others. The DGC and other city newspapers are listed as well. Those are the "red books" at the library. Each person's name refers to the book in which the obit can be found, there's not a page number but the individual books are listed alphabetically for easy reference. Some names also have a date of death listed. Some names also have a date of death listed. Library staff can complete the look up for a charge of $4.00 per obituary. Contact the library at 319-524-1483, keokukpl@keokuk.lib.ia.us, or 210 N. 5th, Keokuk, IA 52632 to request an obituary.
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NameDeath DateObituary Collections
Yaeger, Charles DGC 02-1898 to 12-1900
Yaeger, Margarette DGC 01-1930 to 12-1935
Yager, George20-Nov-45DGC 01-1940 to 09-1946
Yager, John B. DGC 01-1881 to 12-1886
Yager, Louis9-Sep-13DGC 01-1911 to 06-1916
Yager, R. C. "Dick" Watson's Obits
Yaley, Hilda MabelFeb. 12, 1920West Point, 01-1916 to 12-1921
Yanka, Richard Watson's Obits
Yanson, Olga DGC 01-1921 to 12-1926
Yant, G. W.31-May-02DGC 01-1902 to 12-1904
Yard, Duane A. Watson's Obits
Yard, Phyllis Ann Watson's Obits
Yarrington, Clara Elaine DGC 01-1921 to 12-1926
Yarrington, James30-Sep-42DGC 01-1940 to 09-1946
Yates, Arthur DGC 01-1887 to 12-1889
Yates, Ethel R. Watson's Obits
Yates, Grace Watson's Obits
Yates, James (Gates?) DGC 01-1894 to 12-1898
Yates, James Elmer Watson's Obits
Yauch, Bertha L. Watson's Obits
Yeager, Bert DGC 01-1921 to 12-1926
Yeager, C. E.Sept. 16, 1926West Point, 01-1923 to 08-1931
Yeager, C. E.Sept. l6, 1926West Point, 01-1926 to 12-1928
Yeager, child (son) DGC 01-1894 to 12-1898
Yeager, George DGC 01-1881 to 12-1886
Yeager, Jacob DGC 01-1887 to 12-1889
Yeager, Jessie5-Jun-19West Point, 01-1916 to 12-1921
Yeamen, Rev. W. Pope19-Feb-04DGC 01-1902 to 12-1904
Yeiser, AbrahamJan l9, 1916DGC 01-1911 to 06-1916
Yelser, Abraham24-Jan-16DGC 01-1911 to 06-1916
Yenawine, Frank P. DGC 01-1887 to 12-1889
Yenawine, Rebecca Ann (Mrs. W.H.) DGC 01-1894 to 12-1898
Yenawine, Walter M. DGC 01-1890 to 12-1896
Yenawine, Walter N. DGC 01-1890 to 12-1896
Yenowine, Owen DGC 02-1898 to 12-1900
Yerkel, Charles DGC 01-1909 to 12-1910
Yetter, Lessie Ethel Watson's Obits
Yetter, Mary Watson's Obits
Yetter, Mary Beth Watson's Obits
Yocklin, John DGC 01-1930 to 12-1935
Yocklin, William27-Mar-42DGC 01-1940 to 09-1946
Yocum, John DGC 01-1887 to 12-1889
Yoder, David C. Garrison's Men's Obits
Yoder, Myrtle C. Garrison's Women's Obits
York, Cintha "Ottie" Watson's Obits
York, Edna Watson's Obits
Yost, George DGC 02-1898 to 12-1900
Yotter, ChrisAug. 4, 1921West Point, 01-1916 to 12-1921
Yotter, Fred C.June l4, 1928West Point, 01-1926 to 12-1928
Yotter, Fred C.14-Jun-28West Point, 01-1923 to 08-1931
Yotter, Henry24-May-23West Point, 01-1923 to 08-1931
Yotter, JohnNov. 22, 1923West Point, 01-1923 to 08-1931
Yotter, SarahAug. 21, 1924West Point, 01-1923 to 08-1931
Youell, W. Leroy Watson's Obits
Youman, Charles DGC 02-1898 to 12-1900
Young, A. J.31-Jul-13DGC 01-1911 to 06-1916
Young, Alice M. Watson's Obits
Young, Alida DGC 01-1890 to 12-1896
Young, Alida DGC 01-1890 to 12-1896
Young, Alvin C. Garrison's Men's Obits
Young, Anna24-Apr-44DGC 01-1940 to 09-1946
Young, Attie Montrose, 1916-1929
Young, Ava Roberta Watson's Obits
Young, Dr. J.W. DGC 02-1898 to 12-1900
Young, Edward29-Mar-17West Point, 01-1916 to 12-1921
Young, Edward W. DGC 01-1930 to 12-1935
Young, Eli DGC 01-1894 to 12-1898
Young, Elmer A. Garrison's Men's Obits
Young, Elmer, Jr. Watson's Obits
Young, Elsie V. Watson's Obits
Young, EmilyMay l0, 1916DGC 01-1911 to 06-1916
Young, Erbie Watson's Obits
Young, Ethel Watson's Obits
Young, Evert S. DGC 01-1881 to 12-1886
Young, Felix DGC 01-1894 to 12-1898
Young, Frank H. Watson's Obits
Young, Frank W.7-Apr-02DGC 01-1902 to 12-1904
Young, Frederick DGC 01-1881 to 12-1886
Young, Glenn Watson's Obits
Young, Harrison R. DGC 01-1936 to 12-1939
Young, Henry Montrose, 1916-1929
Young, Henry 7-Jan-16DGC 01-1911 to 06-1916
Young, Herbert M. Garrison's Men's Obits
Young, Iva27-Aug-13DGC 01-1911 to 06-1916
Young, J. S.March l5, 1928West Point, 01-1926 to 12-1928
Young, J. S.15-Mar-28West Point, 01-1923 to 08-1931
Young, Jake Fred5-May-38Donnellson 03-1926 to 12-1946
Young, James Garrison's Men's Obits
Young, James Sr. DGC 01-1894 to 12-1898
Young, Jennie DGC 01-1887 to 12-1889
Young, Jennie Garrison's Women's Obits
Young, John11-Jan-16DGC 01-1911 to 06-1916
Young, John W. DGC 01-1930 to 12-1935
Young, Judge Charles DGC 01-1921 to 12-1926
Young, Kenneth William Watson's Obits
Young, Lester G. Watson's Obits
Young, Lilly DGC 01-1936 to 12-1939
Young, Mae A. Watson's Obits
Young, Mamie Garrison's Women's Obits
Young, Margaret Rae DGC 01-1909 to 12-1910
Young, Mary28-Jul-13DGC 01-1911 to 06-1916
Young, Mary Leila Colvin Garrison's Women's Obits
Young, Maude Watson's Obits
Young, Melvin Cle Watson's Obits
Young, Meta Jane Garrison's Women's Obits
Young, Mrs. Charles DGC 02-1898 to 12-1900
Young, Mrs. E.D.P. DGC 02-1898 to 12-1900
Young, Mrs. Frank W.7-Feb-16DGC 01-1911 to 06-1916
Young, Mrs. HenryDec. 8, 1916Donnellson, 06-1916 to 12-1922
Young, Nancy 16-Jul-36Donnellson 03-1926 to 12-1946
Young, Norman Dale, Jr. Garrison's Men's Obits
Young, Pvt. Henry DGC 01-1921 to 12-1926
Young, Pvt. John N. (Jack)8-Mar-45Donnellson 03-1926 to 12-1946
Young, R. D.4-May-44Donnellson 03-1926 to 12-1946
Young, Rellis Garrison's Men's Obits
Young, Ronnie R. Watson's Obits
Young, Sarah Elizabeth DGC 01-1894 to 12-1898
Young, Sarah J. Wright DGC 01-1921 to 12-1926
Young, Tever Edward15-Mar-41DGC 01-1940 to 09-1946
Young, Theodore Garrison's Men's Obits
Young, Victor E., Sr. Watson's Obits
Young, Virginia M. Garrison's Women's Obits
Young, WilliamOct. 20, 1938Donnellson 03-1926 to 12-1946
Younger, Cole29-Mar-16DGC 01-1911 to 06-1916
Younggren, James Garrison's Men's Obits
Youngquist, Reuben Garrison's Men's Obits
Younk, Marie Katherine4-Jan-17West Point, 01-1916 to 12-1921
Younk, William20-May-26West Point, 01-1923 to 08-1931
Younk, William20-May-26West Point, 01-1926 to 12-1928
Younker, Aaron DGC 01-1930 to 12-1935
Younker, Amanda Garrison's Women's Obits
Younker, Gertrude DGC 01-1881 to 12-1886
Younker, Gertrude Garrison's Women's Obits
Younker, Isaac DGC 01-1936 to 12-1939
Younker, Katherine Garrison's Women's Obits
Younker, Nettie DGC 01-1921 to 12-1926
Younker, Nettie Garrison's Women's Obits
Younker, Samuel DGC 01-1881 to 12-1886
Younker, Samuel M. DGC 01-1930 to 12-1935
Younkin, Blanch Sawyer DGC 01-1921 to 12-1926
Younkin, John Montrose, 1916-1929
Younkin, Joseph DGC 02-1898 to 12-1900
Younkin, Ronald Watson's Obits
Younkin, Rufus Montrose, 1916-1929
Younkin, Samuel Montrose, 1916-1929
Zach, Joe DGC 01-1881 to 12-1886
Zachary, Larry Watson's Obits
Zagoren, Pvt. Todd C.Nov. 4, 1943Donnellson 03-1926 to 12-1946
Zahray, Mrs. Walter Garrison's Women's Obits
(Mary Helen "Peggy" Megchelsen)  
Zaiser, Mary L.6-Dec-34West Point, 09-1931 to 06-1939
Zane, George Elmer DGC 01-1930 to 12-1935
Zane, Thomas15-Nov-44DGC 01-1940 to 09-1946
Zart, Philip7-Nov-35West Point, 09-1931 to 06-1939
Zeh, Henry DGC 01-1887 to 12-1889
Zeigler, Dorothy W. Garrison's Women's Obits
Zeigler, James William Watson's Obits
Zeltner, George M. DGC 01-1894 to 12-1898
Zentmeyer, Carolyn23-May-35West Point, 09-1931 to 06-1939
Zerr, Clem J. Garrison's Men's Obits
Zerr, Mrs. John DGC 01-1909 to 12-1910
Ziegelmiller, Henry DGC 01-1930 to 12-1935
Ziegler, Clarence Garrison's Men's Obits
Ziegler, William Dale Watson's Obits
Zier, Mrs. HarryW.25-Jan-44DGC 01-1940 to 09-1946
Zier, Ollie Lee DGC 01-1936 to 12-1939
Zimdars, Aurelia DGC 01-1887 to 12-1889
Zimmer, Alma Caroline Watson's Obits
Zimmer, Frank25-Oct-40DGC 01-1940 to 09-1946
Zimmer, Mary E. Watson's Obits
Zimmerlin, Hattie Mae Garrison's Women's Obits
Zimmerman, Annabel J.14-Jan-02DGC 01-1902 to 12-1904
Zimmerman, Christain DGC 01-1909 to 12-1910
Zimmerman, Julius Garrison's Men's Obits
Zimmerman, Julius Carl Watson's Obits
Zimmerman, Mrs John 8-Feb-02DGC 01-1902 to 12-1904
Zimmerman, Mrs. Rev. H.5-Mar-04DGC 01-1902 to 12-1904
Zimmerman, Ottilia14-Jul-32West Point, 09-1931 to 06-1939
Zimmerman, Roy Garrison's Men's Obits
Zimmerschied, B. C. Garrison's Men's Obits
Zimmerschied, Laura Watson's Obits
Zindel, Charles22-Apr-16DGC 01-1911 to 06-1916
Zindel, Henry Garrison's Men's Obits
Zindell, Leo Charles13-Apr-16DGC 01-1911 to 06-1916
Zindle, William Louis DGC 01-1936 to 12-1939
Zinn, Mrs. William DGC 01-1881 to 12-1886
Zinnert, Elnora Watson's Obits
Zinnert, Leona Watson's Obits
Zinnert, Louie Henry Watson's Obits
Zinnert, Roberta F. Watson's Obits
Zugg, George DGC 01-1894 to 12-1898
Zumwait, Nancy DGC 01-1890 to 12-1896
Zwart, Albert John DGC 01-1936 to 12-1939
Zwart, John L. DGC 01-1887 to 12-1889
Zwart, Mrs. A.J. DGC 01-1936 to 12-1939
Zwilling, Mrs. DGC 02-1898 to 12-1900

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