Lee County Genealogy


Keokuk Old Catholic Cemetery

Keokuk, Lee County, Iowa


This copy of the tombstone inscriptions of the Keokuk Catholic cemetery containing the Old Section,  New Section and Block 40 of the Keokuk, Oakland cemetery.

This copy is now under the control of the City of Keokuk and is administered by the City and maintained with City funds just the same as Oakland Cemetery.

This data was done by Harold S. Johnston, 2505 Middle Road, Keokuk, Iowa 52632 in the summer of 1971, card indexed and transcribed by him May 31, 1972. A copy of which is for the Lee County Genealogical Society of Iowa.
 Formatted and Contributed by Mary Murphy

    Page   1     Aambpakhy to Azinger

       Page   2     Babington to Byrne

       Page   3     Cahalan to Cushman

       Page   4     Daley to Dwyer

       Page   5     Eagan to Ewing

       Page   6     Faber to Furtney

       Page   7     Galbraith to Gutting


  Page  8    Missing

  Page   9     Inden to Ireland                                      Page 20     Salzar to Swartznbsp;   

  Page  10    Jacks to Joyce                                      Page 21     Tallon toTynan

  Page  11    Kamuf to Kurz                                       Page 22      Ullrich

  Page  12    Lafeber to Lyons                                   Page 23      Van Ausdall to Voss

  Page 13     Madison to Myers                                 Page 24      Wadden to Wooster

  Page 14     McAdams to McPherson                       Page 25      Yocklin to Young

  Page 15     Nally to Nygren                                     Page 26      Zeltner to Zivintscher

  Page 16     O'Bleness to Overton

  Page 17     Paardekooper to Pote

  Page 18     Quiglea to Quinn

  Page 19      Radel to Ryan

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