Henkle Cemetery

This abandoned cemetery is in a pasture, across a creek and up a hill in Van Buren Township. It is said to be along a trail the pioneers traveled. There are many unmarked graves and stones which can't be read. First known burial: 1844.  Last known burial 1952.

BERRY, William; Died: 02 Apr 1854; Age: 52y 4m 1d
BOWMAN, John; Died: 24 Dec 1857; Age: 71y 8m 2d
BOWMAN, Jacob; Died: 28 Apr 1868; Co. K 6th Reg., Ia Vol Inf

CHAPMAN, Delbert; Died: 23 Feb 1899; Age: 24y 10m 12d; son of Butler & M.J.
CHAPMAN, Mary J.; Born: 09 Oct 1849; Died: 1934
COON, Sarah; Died: 28 Nov 1844; Age: 39y; wife of Jacob
COON, Cintha A.; Died: 15 Jun (1852)(1857); Age: 21y; dau of D. & M.L
EDDY, Maria L.; Died: 26 Aug 1855; Age: 1y 4m 3d; dau of G.W. & T.E.
EDDY, Josephine; Died: 21 Aug 1858; Age: 1y 11m 1d; dau of G.W. & T.E.

GREEN, John; Died: 08 Feb 1895; Age: 84y; Father
GREEN. Marjary: Died: 29 Aug 1849; Age: 31y 24d;  wife of John; Mother

HALL, Clarrisa; Died: 10 May 1848; Age: 20y 3m 14d; wife of Nathan K.
HALL, Frank W.; Died: 06 Aug 1846; Age: 2w 2d; son of N.K. & C.
HENKLE, Josiah; Died: 02 May 1855; Age: 15y 3m 25d
HENKLE, Amos; Born: 15 Jun 1817; Died: 03 Oct 1909
HENKLE, Sarah McGREER; Born: 13 Feb 1821/05 Feb 1826; Died: 30 Nov - 18??/15 Dec 1907 wife of Amos H.
HENKLE, Abraham B.; Died: 02 May 1855; Age: 4y 5m 28d; son of J. & T.C.
HENKLE, Angeline; Died: 02 Oct 1847; Age: 1y 8m 11d; dau of J. & T.C.
HENKLE, Infant; Died: 11 Nov 1848; son of Martha & Amos H.
HENKLE, Martha McGREER; Born: 13 Feb 1821; Died: 20 Nov 1848; wife of Amos H.
HENKLE, Miles; Died: 14 Jan 1849; Age: 28y 10m 4d; son of Abraham & Mary H.
HENKLE, Sarah WILSON; Died: d09 Aug 1849; Age: 25y 8m 27d; Consort of Henry H.   dau of R. & M.
HENKLE, Benjamin; Died: 21 May 1854; Age: 3y; son of L. & M.
HENKLE, Malica B.; Died: 17 Nov 1844; Age: 10y25d; dau of Miles & Fanny
HENKLE, Zebadiah; Died: 23 Aug 1862; Age:2y; son of Z. & M.

KNAPP, Mary E.; Born: 1874; Died: 1964
KNAPP, Howard C.; Born: 1870; Died: 1952

McCORD, Arthur; Died: (1849)(1850);husb of Rebecca FLESHER; son of John & Sarah PRICE
McGREER, Jane; Died: 17 May 1855; Age: 59y 2m 2d; wife of Alex
McGREER, Alex; Died: 02 Mar 1876; Age: 77y 3m 28d

SWEENEY, Ann Eliza; Died: 09 Dec 1850; Age: 28y; Wife of F.

WILSON, Robert; Died: 30 May 1842; Age: 67y 3m 16d
WILSON, I. Moses; Died: 08 Oct 1843; Age: 7m 8d; son of R.P. & Maala

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