Lee County Genealogy

Cemetery Photos  

You have seen from other information on this site that there are many abandoned cemeteries and many that have been lost to the elements. This page of the Lee County site will bring you pictures of as many cemeteries that we can get. There will be some pictures from the IAGenWeb Gravestone Project and from contributors to this site. I was able to take a few recently and hope to do more. If you have pictures of cemetery entrances or as in some cases, a cemetery without a specific entrance and would like to contribute we would appreciate it. You can send it through the Gravestone Photo Project or send it to me.   


Argyle Memorial Garden  Photo
Beeler Cemetery  Photo

Butler aka Purdy or  Photo
Warson Cemetery

Charleston Cemetery  Photo

Claygrove Cemetery  Photo

Croton Cemetery  Photo

Donnellson Cemetery  Photo

Embury Cemetery  Photo

Evangelical  Photo

Fairview aka Tibbetts   Photo  

Hickory Grove Cemetery  Photo

Lost Creek Cemetery  Photo 

Oakland Cemetery  Photo        

Old Pilot Grove  Photo    

Pitman Chapel  Photo  

St James  Photo   

Sandusky  Photo   

Scandinavian Cemetery  Photo

Sharon Cemetery  Photo        2nd Photo

St. James Catholic  Photo

West Point City Cemetery  Photo

Woodmansee  Photo

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