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Erma Derosear's Writings

Erma is well known as one of Lee County's best historians. She was born and raised at Primrose during the Depression years. Her family were story tellers. She remembers her beloved Grandmother and her stories of the past. After raising her two sons and the death of her husband, Harley, Erma needed something to keep her mind busy. Luckily for us, she chose the history of Lee County and Lee County genealogy. Erma researched, compiled and submitted the following articles

German Immigration to America/German Immigrants Settle Franklin
Although many immigrants came to America in the middle to the late 1800's, more came from Germany than from any other European country. Davenport was an early headquarters for Germans. Before a railroad had been built across Illinois, many of these immigrants came to New Orleans and hence up the Mississippi to various points in Iowa. Later German settlements sprang up in many sections of Iowa.

Underground Railroad
Several stories passed on to her by people associated with this important, not widely known part of American history. Information was rarely documented due to the secrecy of these operations.

Leiza - Miller Murders
One of the worst tragedies to happen in Lee County

Abandoned Towns and Villages
Big Mound
Franklin Centre
La Crew
Old Pilot Grove

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