1874 Lee County Atlas
Landowners Index


Cedar Township
List is of the Rural Areas. Maps are difficult to read and there be some errors and omissions

History: The first white settlements were made in 1836. It is not certain who the first settler was, but the honor is claimed for Isaac McDaniels, a North Carolinian, who left his native state to settle here. In 1837 a log schoolhouse was erected by the settlers in Sec. 6. In that year the government survey was finished and the settlers received titles to their land. In 1843 a log church was built near the schoolhouse. The Baptists were the first to use the building. Cedar Township is six miles square, its area is thirty-six square miles, or 22,040 acres, nearly all of which is capable of being cultivated.


Alexander, Jno Alexander, T.R. Anderson, T.A. Sr
Atkinson, William Beach, J. Beard, E.W.
Beard, William Beard, William Bell, D.S.
Bell, Isaac Bennett, J. Beyerle, George
Billman, M. Braden, D. Brownlee est.
Clark, Abner Clark, Isaac Clark, J.
Clark, L. Clark, William Coleman, N.
Coleman, S. Cook, Sarah Courtwright, A.L.
Crawford, D.W. Dailing, J. Davis, A.
Davis, James Davis, Jno Davis, Joseph
Davis, William Dawson, P. Derosear, William
Deyoe, C. Deyoe, J.P. Dick, J.
Dill, J.H. Dinsmore, C. Dinsmore, R.
Doan, E.B. Doan, Robert Doane, Joseph
Dunsmore, R. Eilkenson, Charles Evans, J.
Foster, W.L. Foster, William Fowler, A.
Frazier, A. Frazier, L. Garver, S.
Gellispie, J.T. Gill, E.S. Griffith, R.
Hampton, H. Harlan, J. Hartley, T.C.
Hathaway, H.-J. Hayes, E. Heaton, E.H.
Heaton, F.H. Heaton, J.G. Hinshaw, J.B.-M.
Hitch, Henrietta Hixon, D. Hobson, L.M.
Holmes, J. Holt, I. Hott, George
Hott, J. Houser, D.L. Huddlston, J.S.
Hudson, S. Huff, Jno Hyde, G.W.
Hyde, J.W. Jarrett, Ann Johns, Griffith
Jones, T. Kelly, P. Kennedy, G.
Kennedy, G.E. Kennedy, James Kennedy, Josiah
Kennedy, L.G. Kerr, G.A. King, James
King, Jno King, O.H. Knapp, James
Lamb, H. Lasier, Isaac Lightfoot, J.
Lightfoot, J. Jr. Logan, H.R. Logan, William P.
Longworth, E. Markey, George Marshall, E.
Marshall, J. Marshall, John D. Marshall, William
Martin, R.W. McBeth, Mrs. McCorkle, J.
McDaniel, I. McDaniel, N. McDaniel, P.
McGee, Mary Mendenhal, Jacob Mendenhal, J. est.
Middaugh, D. Miller, J. Moore, H.F.
Morans, William Newsome, J. Overton, E.
Packer, T.V. Pease, B.E. Pease, Boyd E.
Pease, Jno L. Pickard, H. Pickard, L.
Powell, George W. Ransom, G. Ransom, William
Rigby, R. Rofer, J. Ross, S.
Sample, J.N. Sample, William Savier, J.
Seeley, Eli Sevil, W. Shaw, A.J.
Sivel, J. Strathers, J.H. Sturdervant, R.J.
Taylor, L. Walsh, William Ware, I.
Ware, J. Welpton, A. Welpton, J.S.
White's Labor Institute Wiley, William Wilson, H.H.
Wilson, N. Wolfe, C. Wolfe, E.J.-A.L.C.
Wolfe, J.F.-M.A. est. Woolman, J.A. Wright, Alex


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