St. John's Lutheran Church

-Burt, Iowa

*Posted 3/12/2020

Burt Church Observes the 50th

The congregation of St. John’s Lutheran Church at Burt observed its golden anniversary and rededication during services there Sunday.  Rev. William Scheer is pastor of the parish.

The church was organized in 1913 and the church dedicated in 1929.  Rededication this year came after a recent addition to the church building was completed.  President of the congregation is Eugene Meyer, while vice president is Ralph Bierstedt, secretary Darwin Koepke and treasurer, Ernest Lavrenz.

First pastor of the church was Rev. C. G. Treskow.  Since that time, St. John’s has been served by the Reverends M. E. Seltz, Louis Richmann, Ferdinand Reith, E. L. Wittkopp, Arthur Schultz and William Scheer.

The church has many organizations and a complete resume of the history, past and present was recently printed in booklets by the UDM.

Source:  Algona (Ia.) Upper DesMoines, Tuesday, Feb. 18, 1964 (includes photograph of the church building)

~Transcribed by Linda Ziemann, Mar 2020

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