Seat of justice for Kossuth County, lies at the western terminus of the Iowa & Dakota Division of the C., M. & St. Paul Ry. It is situated in the midst of a rich prairie region, and is to some extent a frontier town of Northern Iowa. Distances to Milwaukee 364 miles, to McGregor 169 miles, to Calmar 126 miles.


Ackley DeWitt C, blacksmith, State. 
Algona Republican (weekly), Horton, Jones & Co props, Thornton. 
Atwood O A, insurance agent, cor State and Thornton.
Barr James, physician.
Beard Haswell, boot and shoemaker, State.
Bongey Alfred, hotel, Thornton. 
Bradley A D, wagonmaker, State. 
Burlingame Webster, photographer, State. 
Calkins Albert, grocer, East Algona.
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway, George Gilbert Agent, depot East Algona. 
Chrischilles Theodore, genl merchandise, Thornton.
Clark Andrew, real estate, State. 
Clarke George E, attorney at law, Thornton.
Cleary William, grocer, State. 
Colby Mrs M E, physician.
Comstock & Annis, genl merchandise, State. 
Cordingley Wm, boots and shoes, Call. 
Davison & Calkins, real estate, Thornton.
Durant Bros, druggists, Thornton. 
Galbraith George L, genl merchandise, Call.
Garfield Leonard K, physician and dentist.
Hack O J, prop Algona Mills, East Algona.
Hall A. P, genl merchandise, State. 
Hall Mrs A P, millinery, State.
Harrison Frank, propr Harrison House, State. 
Hawkins & Jones, attorneys at law, Thornton. 
Haws Fred W, harness and saddle maker, State.
Heckart John C, grocer, State.
Heise Christian E, barber, Call.
Henderson Thomas, grocer, State.
Hollar Wm L, fruits and confectionery, State.
Horning George, blacksmith, East Algona.
Horton, Jones & Co, proprs Algona Republican, Thornton.
Hudson George W, meat market, State. 
Johnson W W, grain and produce, East Algona.
Johnson & Peterson, wagon makers, State.
Jones Mrs C G, millinery, State. 
Jones John B, real estate, Thornton. 
Jones John R, agricultural implements, State.
Kenyon John W, druggist, Thornton.
Kossuth County Bank, W H Ingham pres, L H Smith cashier, State.
Leggett William, propr Cliff House, State.
Leggett William, grocer, Thornton. 
Lockwood Thomas, genl merchandise, State.
McCoy Henry C, physician. 
McCoy H C, druggist, East Algona.
McIntyre James, hardware, Call.
Marvin Oscar H, grocer, State. 
Nicoulin Frank, blacksmith, Call.
Nicoulin Joseph F, photographer, Call. 
Paterson David, genl merchandise, State.
Peaslee Benjamin, grocer, Call. 
Read H G A, physician.
Robinson Bros, hardware, State. 
Rumsey Porter D, watches and jewelry, Thornton.
Russell Daniel P, propt Russell House, Call.
Schaffner Louis W, watches and jewelry, State.
Schweig Peter, meat market, State. 
Sheets LA & C R, druggists, Thornton.
Slagle Peter L, saddle and harness maker, State. 
Smith John G, genl merchandise, State.
Smith & Butterfield, hardware, Thornton.
Smith & Robinson, grocers, State. 
Spaulding Miss A M, millinery, State. 
Spear Simon C, clothing and furnishing goods, State. 
Spencer Robert H, books and stationery and postmaster, State. 
Stout John C, furniture dealer, State.
Taylor Frank M, attorney at law, State. 
United States Express Co, John A Smith agent, Thornton.
Upper Des Moines (weekly), J H Warren, proprietor, Call. 
Vanderhoof, painter, State.
Vaughn Harrison S, attorney at law, Court House.
Ward Eben B, blacksmith, State.
Warner Milton, blacksmith, State. 
Warren J H, proprietor Upper Des Moines, Call.
Waterhouse Hugh, wagonmaker, State. 
Weaver John N, attorney at law, State.
Weber Adonijah, proprietor Algona House, East Algona. 
Wildey Wilber J, grocer, Thornton.
Wilson J J & Co, lumber and grain, State.
Winkel John A, grocer and meat market, Call.
Winkel Jonathan B, clothing, Thornton. 
Woodworth George R, genl merchandise, East Algona.



Is a village of Kossuth County on the line of the Iowa & Dakota Division of the C., M. & St. P. Ry. It is distant from Algona 11 miles, from Calmar 126 miles, and from Milwaukee 364 miles. Population 100. Incorporated 1871. Telegraph-Northwestern. Express United States. G J Baker, Postmaster.


Baker G J, General Merchant. 
Lloyd E, physician.
Lloyd R, Livery Stable.
National Hotel, O Robinson propr. 
Needham F C, justice of the peace. 
Prairie Fire, J Daggett Editor.
Robinson F, carpenter.
Taylor Marcellus, lawyer.

~Submitter "Anonymous Transcriber for Kossuth Co. IAGenWeb"