Volunteer Roll of Honor


Without the efforts of those who volunteer to help others with their Keokuk County research, this Keokuk County project would not be what it is. These volunteers are a prime example of the way of life in Keokuk County... people helping people, trusting people, treating others with kindness and respect.


Rebecca Callahan Diane Muir Corky Stogdill
Pat Wahl Barbara Rogge Steven McBride
Dwight Bond Marilyn Campbell Diana Greg
Amy Davis John Davis Rhoda Lindemann
Jackie McDermott Sharon Mourer Phyllis Tancer Nicholson
Ginny Norwood Cloyce Palmer Judith Richardson
Priscilla Schmidt Anita Von Ahsen  


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Dear Keokuk County Researchers,

   I hope your visit to the Keokuk County, IAGenWeb has been a rewarding and enjoyable experience for you, and that you were successful in finding information to help with your research. This site is full of information that will allow for a better understanding of the History of Keokuk County, and the type of life our strong-willed ancestors lived.

The pages on this site are updated frequently. To quickly see what's new since your last visit check the "What's New" page for all additions and updates.

Have you ever considered becoming a volunteer for this project? Our Volunteers are the "heart" of the free databases found on this website. Without the hard work and generosity of these volunteers, there would be very little research information available to researchers.

These volunteers give whatever free time they can spare from their already busy lives and schedules, to contribute anything they can. Whether it is a database, photographs, postcards, transcribing, scanning, proofreading, anything that will make our web site a rewarding place to go to for your "free" online Keokuk County research. To see projects currently available for transcription that I have, the "email" link below will take you to the contact page, which lists these projects.

There is very little information relating to Keokuk County genealogy & history that is not acceptable for submission. If the record is still under copyright, I must have permission from the copyright holder before I can post the information. Information on living people will not br accepted.  If you have any questions about copyright, please don't hesitate to ask. I'll do my best to answer your questions.

If you found your ancestors or located other useful information here, please let me know and I will pass your thank-you along to the contributor of the information, if possible. We all love to hear about your success stories, so please share with us!!

-- please send me an email!

Kind regards,

All previous Coordinators


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Photo background collage is made from penny postcards of Keokuk County, donated to the USGenWeb Archives