Richland Township
The town of Richland was laid out by Pryor C Woodward on the 19th day of June, 1841, and surveyed by J B Davis, of Washington county. Soon after Benjamin Edwards laid out another town just five miles northwest of Richland, on the grounds now composing the beautiful farm of Allen Stalker. This town laid out was the rival of Richland. In one respect it had the advantage of most towns, for it had two names: one of which was Newton and the other Webster City. As it and Richland were both desiring to be recognized as the capital of the county when organized, it had another advantage, as will subsequently shown, because the chief officer of the county designed to make of this place a great metropolis. Among the first settlers in the town of Richland were Eleazer Bales, C E Woodward, John Noyes, John Raines, R L Mark, James Williams, and Jonas Hoover. Hoover built the first house; Williams was the first postmaster; Raines was the first blacksmith, and although slow and tedious, was a good workman. Many have seen a good sewing needle of his make, about the right size to carry No 8 thread. Mark, and another man by the name of L J Smith, each had shops in which they sold whisky and groceries, and especially the whisky. In 1844 the first store was set up by Beriah Haworth. The first hotel was by Dr W H Tingle, in 1845. In 1848 Williams and McCracken built a stream saw mill.

Reference: History of Keokuk County, Iowa, 1880

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