Reed (formerly Gray) Cemetery

Richland Township

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View of fields from Reed Cemetery (photo by Laura Sadowsky)

The following transcription was compiled and generously donated by
Deb Morrison.

      Abel, Joseph, d. 8-11-1894, 64y 4m 28d
      Abel, Mary J, d. 3-28-1855, 4m 8d, "dtr of Joseph Abel"
      Bagley, James Henry, b. 2-2-1822, d. 10-20-1845, "born Brookfield, Vermont died Richland, Iowa"
      Bagley, John, b. 2-2-1780, 8-10-1844, "born Brookfield, Orange Co, Vermont,died Richland, Iowa"
      Baker, Margaret A, b. 10-19-1866, 3m 5d, "dtr of DC & VA Baker"
      Baker, Minnie J, d. 8-28-1873, 25d, "dtr of DC & VA Baker"
      Baker, Virtue Telah, d. 2-21-1870, 7m 6d, "dtr of DC & VA Baker"
      Bennett, Etta M, d. 5-2-1876, 1y 10m 1d, "dtr of I & RE Bennett"
      Bennett, Eva L, d. 1-20-1872, 2m 26d, "dtr of I & RE Bennett"
      Byers, Delila, b. 12-30-1829, d. 7-10-1895, "wife of EF Byers"
      Byers, EF, b. 10-3-1829, d. 1-4-1873
      Byers, Eliza, d. 11-2-1871, 29d, "dtr of E & D Byers"
      Byers, Freedom, d. ? 29, 1880, 2y 10m 8d
      Byers, Stephen, d. 12-22-1855, 1m 14d, "son EF & B Byers"
      Coon, John, d. 9-20-1854, 9m 22d, "son of JL & LE Coon"
      Coon, Mary, no stone, per great great granddaughter Thelma Derby
      Coon, Prudence M, d. 3-20-1849, 39y 9m 18d, "wife of JL Coon"
      Dexter, Mary W, d. 9-21-1864, 63y 4m 1d, "wife of David H Dexter"
      Downing, Reason, d. 4-8-1853, 48y 2m 23d, "husband of D Downing"
      Graham, Emma, d. 9-15-1869, 2y 9m 29d, "dtr of AA & LA Graham"
      Graham, Laura A, d. 1-10-1867, 31y 8m 8d, "wife of AA Graham"
      Graham, Louie, d. 8-5-1876, 2y 2m, "dtr of AA & LA Graham"
      Gray, Albert C, d. 4-17-1858, 2y 7m 11d, "son of J & FJ Gray"
      Gray, Barbara, d. 12-12-1878, "wife of Thomas Gray"
      Gray, Delphirettia, d. 9-8-1856, 1y 7m 26d, "dtr of W & J Gray"
      Gray, John, d. 12-10-1857, 40y, "son of T & B Gray"
      Gray, Thomas, d. 12-13-1853, 62y 3m 4d
      Harris, Charles M, d. 5-28-1885, 58y 2m 1d, "husband of Francis Harris"
      Harris, Gilbert MH, d. 10-19-1855, 1y 1m 19d, "son of Charles M & F Harris"
      Husted, John, d. 10-14-1846, 64y 4m 3d
      Husted, Samuel, d. 2-20-1855, 43y 11m 8d
      Husted, Sarah, d. 4-19-1854, 64y 9m 18d, "wife of J Husted"
      Hux, Jno., "Co 8 33 Iowa Infantry, Civil War"
      Kellogg, William H, d. 5-17-1846, 2m 1d, "son of M & E Kellogg"
      Kirbey, Jacob, d. 9-25-1852, 2m 9d, "son of AR & S Kirbey"
      Kirby, Clara E, d. 3-28-1884, 21y 7m 28d, "wife of OP Kirby"
      McKinney, Rachel, no stone, per great granddaughter Thelma Derby
      Michael, d. 1-28-1876, 65y 3m, "husband of Salumia Oswalt"
      Mills, Mary, on Jesse Newport stone
      Morgan, David, b. 10-6-1865, 57y 1m 12d
      Morgan, Samuel, d. 11-2-1845, 14y 6m 24d, "son of D & M Morgan"
      Newport, Geo W, on Jesse Newport stone
      Newport, Jesse, d. 8-18-1871, "in his 66th year"
      Oswalt, John, d. 5-16-1894, 59y 8m 24d, "husband of Mary Oswalt"
      Oswalt, Mary A, b. 10-11-1836, d. March 1, 1907
      Oswalt, William R, d. 8-20-1893, 43y
      Oswalt, Wm G, d. 9-2-1870, 1y 11m
      Pennington, Anna, d. 9-30-1847, 39y 9m 18d, "dtr of J & SA Pennington"
      Pennington, Sarah Ann, d. 10-16-1854, 29y 11m 27d, "wife of John Pennington"
      Rash, Robert, d. 10-1-1882, 77y 5m 6d
      Rash, Robert E, d. 12-15-1851, 21y, "son of R & S Rash"
      Rash, Sethy, d. 7-1-1880, 75y 6m, "wife of Robert Rash"
      Reed, Loranie, b. 12-25-1813, d. May 23, 1903
      Reed, Martha H, d. 4-21-1869, 6m 18d, "dtr of J & G Reed"
      Reed, Park H, b. 2-18-1805, d. 7-25-1888
      Smith, William F , d. 11-3-1854, 1y 9m 3d, "son of C & C Smith"
      Stephenson, Alice Eldora, b. 3-9-1864, d. 3-23-1886, 22y 14d, "dtr of FM & S Stephenson"
      Stephenson, Margaret, d. 9-19-18?, "dtr of JB & WM Stephenson"
      Stephenson, Nelson, d. 8-23-1876, 10d, "son of WB & SV Stephenson"
      Stephenson, Susannah M, d. 12-26-1867, 24y 6m 28d, "wife of FM Stephenson"
      Tracy, James W, d. 12-11-1857, 2y 15d, "son of CS & HL Tracy"
      Tracy, Sarah, d. 9-12-1856, "in her 67th year"
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