Cemetery Maps

Cemetery location data provided by TopoZone.com, which in turn uses United States Geological Survey coordinates. The coordinates are entered into the Microsoft® MapPoint® online mapping site to generate cemetery maps. The maps give driving directions, and allow the user to zoom in, pan left to right, up and down, etc. Created for IAGenWeb courtesy of Rich Lowe Jr.

Cemetery Latitude Longitude Location Township
Abel Cemetery 41.219ºN 92.352ºW View Map Benton
Akerman Cemetery 41.220ºN 92.361ºW View Map Benton
Altman Cemetery 41.175ºN 92.073ºW View Map Jackson
Baden Cemetery 41.341ºN 92.064ºW View Map Lafayette
Bailey Cemetery 41.445ºN 92.268ºW View Map Adams
Bethel Cemetery 41.280ºN 92.310ºW View Map Warren
Bethel Methodist Cemetery 41.338ºN 92.083ºW View Map North Plank
Brater Cemetery 41.258ºN 92.092ºW View Map  
Brooks Cemetery 41.181ºN 92.338ºW View Map Benton
Center Ridge Cemetery 41.337ºN 92.131ºW View Map  
Church of the Brethren Cemetery 41.456ºN 92.038ºW View Map Liberty
Clark Cemetery* 41.358ºN 92.192ºW View Map  
Conner Cemetery 41.305ºN 92.238ºW View Map Sigourney
County Home Cemetery 41.339ºN 92.178ºW View Map North Plank
Doggett Cemetery 41.280ºN 92.131ºW View Map  
East Cemetery 41.258ºN 92.192ºW View Map Sigourney
Ford Cemetery 41.215ºN 92.395ºW View Map Benton
Friends Cemetery 41.192ºN 91.995ºW View Map Richland
Friends Cemetery 41.439ºN 92.384ºW View Map Richland
Garibaldi Cemetery 41.303ºN 92.111ºW View Map South Plank
Garrett Cemetery 41.337ºN 92.328ºW View Map Washington 
Halferty Cemetery 41.192ºN 92.054ºW View Map Richland
Helm Cemetery 41.219ºN 92.379ºW View Map Benton
Hewitt Cemetery 41.328ºN 92.381ºW View Map Warren
Highland Cemetery 41.195ºN 91.999ºW View Map Richland
Highland Cemetery 41.394ºN 92.341ºW View Map Washington
Howard Grove Cemetery 41.149ºN 91.942ºW View Map  
Humes Cemetery 41.409ºN 92.297ºW View Map Washington
Johnson Cemetery 41.383ºN 92.249ºW View Map Washington
Jones Cemetery 41.200ºN 92.225ºW View Map Steady Run
Kensler Cemetery 41.299ºN 92.325ºW View Map Warren
Keota Cemetery 41.372ºN 91.955ºW View Map Lafayette
Knox Cemetery 41.367ºN 92.167ºW View Map North Plank
Lafayette Cemetery 41.375ºN 92.004ºW View Map Lafayette
Lafayette Cemetery 41.374ºN 92.004ºW View Map Lafayette
Lutheran Cemetery 41.410ºN 92.297ºW View Map Washington
Lutton Cemetery 41.496ºN 92.134ºW View Map English River
McFarlan Cemetery 41.409ºN 92.337ºW View Map Washington
Mount Zion Cemetery 41.199ºN 92.228ºW View Map Steady Run
Old Bethel Cemetery 41.333ºN 92.083ºW View Map South Plank
Ollie Brethren Cemetery 41.206ºN 92.063ºW View Map Richland
Ollie [DeArmand] Cemetery 41.199ºN 92.108ºW View Map Jackson
Pennington Cemetery 41.277ºN 92.205ºW View Map East Lancaster
Pleasant Grove Cemetery 41.341ºN 92.220ºW View Map Washington
Pleasant Hill Cemetery 41.404ºN 92.123ºW View Map North Plank
Porter Cemetery 41.496ºN 92.209ºW View Map Adams
Rayburn Cemetery 41.199ºN 92.296ºW View Map Steady Run
Reed Cemetery 41.236ºN 92.022ºW View Map Richland
Rice Cemetery 41.379ºN 92.389ºW View Map Washington
Rock Creek Church & Cemetery 41.188ºN 92.139ºW View Map Jackson
Rocky Run Cemetery 41.206ºN 91.947ºW View Map Richland
Saint Elizabeth's Cemetery 41.359ºN 92.054ºW View Map Lafayette
Saint Joseph's Cemetery 41.401ºN 92.330ºW View Map Washington
Saint Mary's Cemetery 41.373ºN 91.957ºW View Map Lafayette
Saint Patrick's Cemetery 41.501ºN 92.103ºW View Map Liberty
Saints Peter & Paul Catholic Cemetery 41.306ºN 92.008ºW View Map Clear Creek
Shockley Cemetery 41.269ºN 91.989ºW View Map Clear Creek
Sigourney East Cemetery 41.342ºN 92.199ºW View Map Sigourney
Sixteen Cemetery 41.462ºN 92.354ºW View Map Prairie
Skinner-McConnell Cemetery 41.214ºN 92.208ºW View Map Steady Run
Slagle Cemetery 41.167ºN 92.342ºW View Map Benton
Sorden Cemetery 41.458ºN 92.191ºW View Map Adams
South English Cemetery 41.467ºN 92.086ºW View Map English River
Springfield Cemetery 41.339ºN 92.353ºW View Map Washington
Stoermer Cemetery 41.333ºN 92.133ºW View Map South Plank
Summit Cemetery 41.190ºN 92.029ºW View Map Richland
Talleyrand Cemetery 41.295ºN 91.971ºW View Map Clear Creek
Thomas Cemetery       English River
Trueblood Cemetery 41.258ºN 92.150ºW View Map  
Van Orsdall Cemetery 41.236ºN 92.156ºW View Map Jackson
Vincent Cemetery 41.499ºN 92.033ºW View Map Libery
Waddell Cemetery 41.358ºN 92.388ºW View Map Washington
Walsh Cemetery 41.508ºN 91.992ºW View Map Liberty
Walton Cemetery 41.358ºN 92.133ºW View Map North Plank
Watters Cemetery 41.508ºN 91.975ºW View Map Liberty
White Pigeon Cemetery 41.492ºN 92.171ºW View Map English River

* Clary Cemetery? - GNIS may be in error.

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