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Pleasant Grove Cemetery is located at the northwest edge of Sigourney. It may be reached by going west on Highway 92, turning north one-fourth mile west of the V-45 turn off. It is the first turn to the north after crossing the old railroad overpass.

Physical Features

Pleasant Grove is the largest cemetery in Keokuk County. The main slope is toward the south which provides an excellent view of the greater portion of the cemetery from Highway 92 and from the cemetery entrance drive. There are numerous trees and evergreens in the older portions of the burial grounds. It is fenced on all sides except at the entrance area. It is well cared for by a supervisor and assistants employed during the growing season.

There is one main road entering the cemetery from the south and paved drives branch from it to west and east making all parts of the cemetery easily accessible. There are restroom facilities and maintenance building on the grounds.

(Distant view of cemetery from southeast) [3 Photos Missing]

General Cemetery Transactions
Alexander P. Moody, a former resident of Sigourney, Iowa, died testate. July 29, 1935. In his will recorded in Will Record 8, page 55, is the following section pertaining to Pleasant Grove Cemetery;

"I hereby give and bequeath the sum of Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000.00) unto the Judge of the County Court of Keokuk County, Iowa, to be used by the said Trustees for the purpose of erecting a public restroom and comfort station in the Pleasant Grove Cemetery, at Sigourney, Iowa, which said fund if not sufficient for such purpose may be used as a part of a general fund to be raised for the erection of the said restroom and comfort station in the said cemetery, and the Trustees are authorized to purchase from the owners of the said cemetery, if they shall refuse to donate the came, a sufficient lot for the erection of this building in said cemetery, and they may do any and all other things necessary in their discretion in executing this provision of my last will and testament."

* * *

On December 7, 1936, C. E. Baylor and R. C. Yoder were appointed by the Judge of the District Court of Keokuk County as trustees in the trusteeship of certain funds provided for by Sections 2, 3, and 8 of the last will and testament of Alexander P. Moody, deceased. The trusteeship of Section 3, dealing with the erection of the restroom and comfort station in Pleasant Grove Cemetery was termina­ted after the completion of the restroom and comfort station and the trustees were discharged by order of the judge on August 30, 1938.

* * *

Geo. B. Baker and                                                                                       Cemetery Deed
Elle Baker, husband and wife, and                                                                Consideration $1.00 and other
Nannie T. Stockman, widow                                                                                  valuable consideration
Dated July 12, 1937
to                                                                                                      Recorded Aug. 23, 1937
Cem. Deed Record 1, page 374
C. E. Baylor and R. C. Yoder, Trustees under
Section 3 of the Last Will and Testament
of Alexander P. Moody, deceased, and their
successor or successors in office

Description: Beginning at the Northeast corner of Lot 1, Block 59, in West Pleasant Grove Cemetery also known at West Cemetery and as Pleasant Grove Cemetery, thence East 18 feet, thence South 78 feet, thence West 18 feet, thence North 78 feet to place of beginning.

* * *

Wallace Iosbaker and wife,                                                                          Easement
Alice Iosbaker                                                                                             Consideration $1.00
Dated Aug. 21, 1937
to                                                                                                      Recorded Aug. 23, 1937
Deed Record 65, page 204
C. E. Baylor and R. C. Yoder,
Trustees under Section 3 of the
last will and testament of Alexander
P. Moody, deceased, and to
The public generally

Description: An easement over and across the following described real estate in - Keokuk County, Iowa, beginning at the Northeast corner of Lot 1, Block 77, in West Pleasant Grove Cemetery, also known as West Cemetery and as Pleasant Grove Cemetery, thence East 26 feet, thence South 24 feet, thence West 26 feet, thence North 24 feet to place of beginning

for the use of said grantees and the public generally in the erection, enjoyment, beautification, and maintenance of a public restroom and comfort station to be constructed by C. E. Baylor and R. C. Yoder, trustees as aforesaid, on the land adjoining that hereinbefore described, said easement to be in force and effect so long as said comfort station is in existence.


The first lot in Pleasant Grove Cemetery was sold to Jennie Shufflebarger for $5.00 in June, 1858. This was Lot 5 in Block 14 in the Lander Addition as shown on the original plat.

Much of the history of Pleasant Grove Cemetery may be gleaned from the information on preceding pages showing the succession of additions to the cemetery ground. The bequest of Alexander P. Moody provided for the construction of restroom facilities. The building which was erected was well planned and designed.

An article appearing in the Sigourney newspaper May 29, 1952 is quoted here as it gives interesting history of the honoring of Union Veterans. "For the first time in more than 20 years, Lew Pennell is unable to continue his self-assumed duty of placing small American flags on the graves of all the Union veterans of the Civil War in the two Sigourney and eight outlying cemeteries at Memorial Day time.

"This custom was started many years ago by his father, the late J. S. Pennell, a Veteran of the Civil War, in honor of his comrades, of whom he compiled a complete list. His sons, Lew and Harvey, assisted him. As the number of required flags were increased, local patriotic organizations paid for them and as many as 19 dozen flags have been placed in a single year. Lew continued the work after the death of his father 18 years ago. For the past several years, Sherman Brown, also a son of a Civil War veteran, Rezin Brown, assisted, furnishing the transportation.

"This year it was impossible for them to perform this service. The American Legion has taken over the duty of placing the flags on the graves of Union veterans in West and East cemeteries in Sigourney, only."


Cemetery plats have been set out in the "Land Description” section hereof; however, a sketch of the cemetery layout appears on the following page, showing the relationship of the various cemetery additions to each other in the total layout.

Pleasant Grove Cemetery



Additional Information

Pearl Voltmer Barron gives the following additional information:

Block 8, Lander's Addition:
Birth date for Matilda Strohman Blaise, Jan. 14, 1876; death date, Aug. 25, 1965.
Birth date for Albert Blaise Jan. 27, 1867; death date, Dec. (?) 1928. (There are stones for these two persons on
their lot)

Buried without stones on the family lot in Block B are the following:
Catharine Diesbo Blaise, d. Jan, 1869
Frank Blaise, 1865-1872
Zeno Blaise, b. May 16, 1859; d. 1912 (?)
Charles Blaise, b. Oct. 10, 1853; d. Nov. 25, 1939
Glenn, son of Peter Blaise, died in early 1900's
Fixmer child, brother of Felix Fixmer, dates not known

Pearl Voltmer Barron also reports the following additional information pertaining to Block 69, Oelmeyer's Addition:

Buried in Block 69 on the family plot are the following with no stones:

Baby son of Agnes Reck and Charles Voltmer, grandson of David and Christena Voltmer, d. 1902 (?)
Anna Sophia Katherina Voltmer, dau. of David and Christena Voltmer, b. Dec. 17, 1873; d. Aug. 18, 1912
Lawrence Standfield, son of Lucy and John Standfield, date of death not known.
Ed Strohman, son of Frederick and Christena Strohman, death in early 1900's, exact date not known
Frederick Strohman, death date not known
Christena Voltmer Strohman, wife of Frederick, b. Aug. 13, 1851; d. Dec, (?), 1928

Grace Iosbaker Sanderson reports that Fred Iosbaker is buried in Block 7 or 8 of the Peter Iosbaker group of lots, near the east cemetery fence, but with no stone. Date of death is not known.

Kathy Grant reports that Georgia Isminger Nicola, the wife of her uncle, Clarence Nicola, born May 7, 1918; died Dec. 19, 1937, is buried in Lot 95, Iosbaker's Second Addition, just south of Lottie Nicole's grave.

Land Descriptions & Headstone Information

Lander's Addition         Silverwood's First Addition         Silverwood's Second Addition

Silverwood's Third Addition         Oelmeyer Addition         Iosbaker's First Addition

Iosbaker's Second Addition         Iosbaker's Third Addition         Peter Iosbaker Lots

St. Mary's Catholic Church Additions

Transcribed by Ralph Leonard

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