South Plank Township

The first Evangelical Church was a log structure located in Section 9, Township 75 North, Range 11 West of the 5th P.M., approximately eighty rods south and 80 rods east of the Stony Point Schoolhouse corner. It was on the south side of the old stage coach road from Garibaldi northwest. This log structure was constructed about 1850 and was abandoned when the new brick structure of the Evangelical Church (also known as the Brick Church) was built on the road (now Highway 92) about a mile and a quarter north of the log structure.

Much of the information about this church and the small cemetery beside it has been given the listers by Ray Cassens, Harvey Cassens, Emma Cassens Fairchild, and Pearl Voltmer Barron, all of whom grew up in the vicinity and whose parents were associated with the early church. They state that at one time they knew of seven or eight people having been buried there. These deceased persons may not have had headstones at their graves, at least no headstones are now or have for a long time been in existence. The cemetery has been farmed over for many, many years.

Pearl Barron reports that Suzanne Blaise, a daughter (the second child) of Mathias and Margaret Blaise was buried there. She was born in 1849 and died in 1855 at the age of six years.

Harvey Cassens reports that two of Christian Duensing's children were buried there. He does not know the names or the dates.

Though this information is very incomplete and indefinite, this cemetery is reported in the county cemetery project in the hope that at some future time someone may be able to supply further information and names.

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