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Garibaldi Cemetery lies about six miles southeast of Sigourney. It may be reached by going three miles east on highway 92, turning south on gravel road and going two miles to first "Y" road, turning left (east) for about one and a half miles. Near the end of the mile-and-a-half distance there is a bridge over German Creek, then over the hill there is a farm gate on the south side of the road. From the farm gate to the south it is about 1/10 of a mile to the Cemetery entrance.

Physical Features

The cemetery size is 32 feet East and West by 45 feet North and South. It is a fairly level piece of ground with only a slight slope to the east. There are no trees, but there are shrubs and rose bushes. The cemetery receives township care and is completely fenced with a walk-in entrance gate.

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(This picture was taken from the southwest to the northeast)

Land Description

Information regarding the purchase of the cemetery ground follows:

August Steigleder and	                                                             Warranty Deed
Matilda Steigleder	                                          	                     Consideration $6.00
	                                                                                              Dated April 27, 1874
           to	                                                                                      Recorded April 27, 1874
	                                                                                              Deed Record Y, page 193
Theodore Blaise, 
Henry Goeldner, and
Charles Mertz,
Trustees of the Garibaldi
Frei Gemeinde

Description: Eighty feet square in the Southwest corner and the privilege of a road to and from said land of the following described tract: Three acres off of the West side of the North and of the West Half of the Northeast quarter of Section 15, Township 75 North, Range 11 West of the 5th P.M., the three acres to be taken from a ten acre tract described as follows: Beginning 16 rods from the Northwest corner of said West Half of the Northeast Quarter of Section 15, and running 80 rods East, thence South 20 rods, thence West 80 rods, thence 20 rods to the place of beginning.

+ + +

John Duensing,                                                                                                       Agreement (Lease)
Frank Stanton, and                                                                                                 Dated October 16, 1920
H. L. Strohman, Trustees of Plank                                                                       Recorded January 30, 1922
  Township, Keokuk County, Iowa,                                                                       Book 4, Page 511
  First Parties


Bessie Strupp,
  Second Party

The agreement refers to the land deed above set out and recorded in Book Y, page 193.

"Whereas said Garibaldi Frei Gemainde no longer exists, and Whereas a part of said tract has been used for burial purposes, and Whereas the fence around said tract is dilapidated and a new fence is necessary,

"Now, therefore, in consideration of the premises said first party hereby lesses to said second party all of said eighty feet square, except the following described tract, commence at the Southwest corner of said 80 feet square, running East 32 feet, thence North 45 feet, thence West 32 feet, thence South 45 feet to place of beginning, and inconsideration therefore said second party is to and thereby agrees to build and maintain a hog tight fence around said tract last above described, said fence to consist of 48-inch woven wire, with one strand of barbed wire on top, posts to be set firmly in the ground not over 9 feet apart, a woven wire gate is to be put in and maintained at the northwest corner thereof, said gate to be not less than four feet wide.

"Said fence to be kept in good repair by any who at any and all times to the satisfaction of said first party or their successors in office.

"In case any of said land herein leased should at any time be desired for cemetery purposes or whenever said first party or their successors in office are fit so to do then this lease to be void and of no effect, and by giving three days notice, first party or their successors in office may reenter upon said land and remove all persons therefrom, without process of law.

"This lease is to run as long as said fence is maintained and kept in repair to the satisfaction of first party or their successors in office, said first party reserves the right to declare this lease at an end whenever they choose so to do.

"Second party to have the right to assign this lease to her grantees and assigns."


The post office in Garabaldi was established July 2, 1861 and abandoned on Nov. 1, 1881. Garibaldi was laid out in 1858, according to the account in the Keokuk County History, 1880. The stage coach route went through the town, which had a post office, a store, and a Turner's Hall. Just when Garibaldi business establishments were abandoned is not known. The Garibaldi Cemetery does not seem to have any burials after 1895, according to the stones which now exist.


There is no known plat of the cemetery.


Headstones in this cemetery were read from north to south beginning at the west side. There may be burials for which there are no headstones for whom there is no information.

Henry Goeldner, d. Mar. 23, 1880, age 55 yrs. (This is the grandfather of Freda Bruns. The stone on his grave records the year as 1879, but this is incorrect)


Albert Goeldner (There is no stone for Henry's son Albert at the present time. He is buried to the north of his father, Henry. There had been a stone but it is no longer there. He was born May 21, 1861; died, December 19, 1879. His mother was Sarah Teller Goeldner.)

Henry Goeldner (There never has been a stone for Henry Thomas, son of Henry and Sarah Teller Goeldner. He is buried to the south of his father. He was born Aug. 11, 1856 and died October 25 or 26, 1889.)

Eliese "Lizzie" Goeldner (This baby was the daughter of Henry and Lisette Scherfenberg Goeldner, an aunt of Freda Bruns. She was born December 5, 1879, and died July 16, 1880) (Serial plot not known)

Infant son of J. B. and R. B. Goeldner, d. Sept. 17, 1879

Emma Goeldner, dau. of J. A. and A. A. Goeldner, d. Dec. 30, 1878; age 3 yrs. 7 mos. 11 das.

Edward Goeldner, son of J. A. and A. A. Goeldner, d. Dec. 27, 1878; age 5 yrs. 9 mos. 7 das.

Alma Nauman, dau. of C. an M. E. Nauman, d. Feb. 24, 1874, age 4 mos. 16 das.

Eva R. Nauman, b. June 9, 1809; d. March 5, 1877

Anna C. Goeldner, dau. of J. A. and A. A. Goeldner, b. Dec. 19, 1881; d. June 28?, 1895

J. A. Goeldner, d. June 1, 1883, age 49 yrs. 6 mos.

Additional Information

Anna Nauman Bruns reports that her grandfather, Charles Nauman, was buried at Garibaldi Cemetery, but his body was exhumed in the early 1990's and buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Sigourney.

Mata Nagel reports that August Steigleder's body was exhumed and buried in an Ollie or Richland Cemetery. This was done in the early 1900's.

Transcribed by Diane Muir. Thanks so much, Diane!

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