updated 19 Nov 2010



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It is often necessary to "shrink" a webpage before printing it in order that the copy will fit on the printed page.

As an example, try printing this page for future reference.

1. Click "File" above left --(see menu at right)
2. Click "Print Preview" in drop-down menu
3. Click on "Shrink to Fit" and in drop-down menu select a percentage--try 80%

4. Click on "Page Setup" in drop down menu
Change left and right margins to 0.20"
Leave the top and bottom margins at 0.75"
(This step is required for XP computers but may not be for Windows Vista or Windows 7 computers.)

5. Click on the printer icon on the left of the tool bar. On the drop-down menu look at "Page Range" and select "All", "Current Page", or enter a number under "Pages"--you will be able to print all pages, the current page, or any other page by selecting the page number.