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Oakland Cemetery is located in the Northeast part of Iowa City.  It was 
the place of interment for some of the city's pioneer residents.  See the 
Oakland Cemetery Map
for location of the various sections of the cemetery; Graceland, Rose Hill, etc.  To visit the cemetery take  Governor Street 
North from Burlington Street. Turn right (East) on Brown Street.  
The entrance to the cemetery is at the end of Brown Street

Those listed on these web pages were buried in 1985 or later.
This page was updated 22 Sep 2010
Data was transcribed by 
Joni Hindman, Char Hixon, and Fran Eichler.

See Article on development of Oakland Cemetery

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**Mastrangelo, Alba disinterred and removed from Oakland Cemetery 25 Oct 1990.
Aaron, Frederick Lamar 8-Apr-92 Block 10 45 Mike Lensing
Abbott, Margaret F. 27-Jan-99 Prospect 214 Mike Lensing
Abott, Clyde 15-Jan-91 Block 23 33 Mike Lensing
Addicks, Ilse/Margaret Smith 2-Aug-90 Block 18 22 .
Ahmad, Bilal 1-Sep-02 Oak Ridge 4 Turner-C.R.
Ahn, Jinhong 1-Jul-88 Oak Green 169 Mike Lensing
Albright, Harriat C. 10-Nov-88 Block 5 2 George L. Gay
Alexander, Marie B. 7-Jul-90 Prospect Hill 251 Mike Callahan
Allen, Martha M. 18-Aug-02 Rose Hill 175 Lensing
Allen, Rita 28-Feb-94 Block 12 17 George L. Gay
Allen, Robert H. 7-Jan-89 Rose Hill 175 George L. Gay
Alliband, Josephine M. 2-Aug-96 Oak Green 38 .
Alliband, Terry 24-Jun-96 Oak Green 39 .
Allison, Arnold 4-Jan-95 Grandview 77 Mike Callahan
Ambrose, Elwin F. 15-May-00 Grandview 36 mid 1/3 George L. Gay
Amish, Elsie E. 27-Nov-85 Prospect Hill 60 George L. Gay
Amish, Gretchen K. 1-Mar-89 Block 25 7 Turner East
Amland, Toby (infant son) 22-Dec-86 Grandview 68 George L. Gay
Amland, Yvonne Marie 22-Dec-86 Grandview 68 George L. Gay
Amrine, Ada M. 19-May-97 Fairview 26 Brosh Chapel
Amrine, Russell R. 9-Mar-00 Prospect 19 George L. Gay
Anderson, Ann R. 17-Apr-87 Prospect 322 .
Anderson, Betty M. 20-Sep-99 Glenview 85 W 1/2 George L. Gay
Anderson, Marguerite 12-Nov-93 Block 25 5 Donohue-Lensing
Andrews, Etta G. 10-Apr-87 Prospect 122 Callahan
Armstrong, Mark L. 15-Jul-95 Glenview 159 George L. Gay
Arn, Dorthy N. 9-May-87 Block 15 4 George L. Gay
Arn, William C. 20-Sep-99 Block 15 4 George L. Gay
Arnenson, Allan H. 27-Sep-01 Rose Hill 53 Fielding-Chariton
Arnett, Thomas D. 1-Feb-97 Block 9 124 Mike Lensing
Ashman, Elwyn J. 22-Jul-00 Cedarview 49 None Locally
Ashton, Edward Lowell "Ned" 4-Oct-85 Graceland Dr. 171 George L. Gay
Augustine, Marie 10-Feb-87 Glenview 85 Mike Lensing
Augustine, William C. 11-Jan-85 Glenview 85 Barr
Baines, Byerl 17-Dec-92 Block 13 47 George L. Gay
Bakas, Marera (Mary) 13-Jan-96 Grandview 35 George L. Gay
Baker, Frances Ellen 28-Apr-95 Graceland 57 Callahan
Baker, Joseph Ellis 2-Jul-88 Sunny Slope 74 .
Baker, Mary Matilda (Tillie) 28-Jun-99 Sunny Slope 73 Mike Lensing
Banks, Bryan 20-Jul-95 Baby Land 27-47 Callahan
Banks, Shalanda 20-Jul-95 Baby Land 27-47 Callahan
Barnes, Rollin E. 20-Jan-90 Prospect Hill 104 George L. Gay
Bartholow, Gladys S. 15-Aug-94 Block 19 22 .
Baskett, W. Winnifred 19-Aug-85 Fernland 9 Callahan
Bates, Katherine V. 23-Oct-99 Fairview 28 None Locally
Bates, Marion Virginia 23-Oct-93 Fairview 28 .
Bauer, Olive 1-Jun-90 Block 24 39 Callahan
Baumback, Clifford M. 3-May-95 Rose Hill 222 George L. Gay
Beachler, Jeanne 8-Jul-98 Graceland 123 None Locally
Beals, Beulah D. 19-Feb-99 Graceland 229 Pursel-Davis
Beam, Michael 24-May-96 Grandview 66 Lensing
Bean, Abigail Shepard 20-Mar-92 Glenview 83 George L. Gay
Bean, William B. 4-Mar-89 Glenview 83 George L. Gay
Beck, Bernice H. 1-Nov-85 Block 11 12 George L. Gay
Beck, Richard G. 10-Feb-01 Block 11 12 E 1/2 None Locally
Beekman, Mary M. 22-Nov-91 Block 12 6 .
Belding, Marjorie Claire Terbeck 29-Dec-98 Cedarview 73 George L. Gay
Belding, Robert E. 3-Feb-89 Cedarview 73 George L. Gay
Belle, Hulette B. 27-Mar-97 Glenview 85 E 1/2 Mike Lensing
Benda, Berniece E. 4-Oct-91 Fernland 128 Donohue-Lensing
Benda, Robert J. 29-Jun-85 Fernland 128 Mike Lensing
Benjamin, Emma 17-Nov-90 Graceland Dr. 87 George L. Gay
Bergmann, Gustav 18-Jul-87 Sunny Slope 65 .
Bewler, Margaret 26-Sep-88 Glenview 112 Lensing
Binns, Austin Trevor 17-Sep-93 Block 27 9--38 Mike Lensing
Birse, John W. (Jack) 1-May-97 Block 29 110 None Locally
Black, George Richard 20-Mar-86 Graceland 203 Mike Lensing
Blanchard, Georgia Mae Carron 13-Jun-86 Graceland 83 .
Bleeker, George H. 9-Jan-91 Fernland 36 .
Bleeker, Virginia 22-Jan-01 Fernland 36 None Locally
Boarts, Leo J. 27-Nov-89 Graceland 312 Mike Lensing
Boarts, Loretta C. 12-Jan-89 Graceland 310 Mike Lensing
Bock, Frank 28-Nov-94 Block 9 5 George L. Gay
Bock, Lester 18-Nov-87 Block 9 5 George L. Gay
Boerner, Arthur 24-Feb-98 Block 18 5 George L. Gay
Bogan, Walter L. 1-Mar-88 Rose Hill 168 Mike Callahan
Bogen, Adele A. 23-Dec-99 Rose Hill 167 George L. Gay
Bogs, Albert P. 2-Mar-88 Block 10 45 George L. Gay
Bogs, Christopher A. 25-Mar-95 Grandview 14 George L. Gay
Bogs, Heather M. 25-Nov-98 Glenview S1/3 of George L. Gay
Bogs, Lorraine E. 4-Apr-00 Block 10 45 W 1/2 George L. Gay
Bogs, Paul C. 24-Nov-90 Block 10 45 George L. Gay
Bogs, Steve A 20-Nov-90 Rose Hill 230 George L. Gay
Bogs, Terry Lee 16-Mar-98 Glenview 182 George L. Gay
Bogs, William C. 23-Oct-92 Grandview 59 George L. Gay
Bohac, Ethel Yeries 20-Jan-01 Graceland 9 SW 1/4 George L. Gay
Boller, Ada 10-Apr-92 Block 28 3 George L. Gay
Bollinger, Alexander O. 21-Jan-98 Block 25 2 George L. Gay
Bollinger, James A. 12-Nov-94 Cedarview 46 George L. Gay
Bollinger, Pearl M. 1-Feb-96 Block 25 5 George L. Gay
Bond, Helen 8-May-85 Graceland 157 George L. Gay
Bontrager, Glenn 16-Apr-97 Glenview 136 George L. Gay
Borchart, Paula H. 12-Apr-95 Grandview 46 George L. Gay
Borts, Grace M. 5-Aug-87 Block 27 1 George L. Gay
Bose, Anne Z. 12-Feb-85 Sunny Slope 8 Lensing
Bothell, Norma A. 7-Dec-91 Prospect Hill 26 George L. Gay
Bowie, Edna L. 26-May-00 Block 16 1 NW 1/4 George L. Gay
Boyd, J. W. 29-Aug-89 Rose Hill 238 George L. Gay
Bradley, Helen B. 5-May-86 Graceland 262 George L. Gay
Brandt, Blanche C. 21-Mar-86 Graceland 32 George L. Gay
Bream, Dawn Marie 31-May-86 Graceland 267 .
Breazeale, Bruce E. 27-Dec-01 Valleyview 91 Gay-Ciha
Breese, Helen Ida 21-May-90 Block 29 A Jones
Brigham, Thomas E. 19-Dec-96 Oak Green 22 None Locally
Brooks, Winifred I. 15-Dec-95 Grandview 78 Mike Callahan
Brower, Alleene V. 12-Dec-98 Glenview 112 George L. Gay
Brown, Elmer W. 26-Nov-91 Rose Hill 217 Donohue-Lensing
Brown, Florence J. 18-Dec-96 Rose Hill 216 Mike Lensing
Brown, Gordon 21-Aug-98 Cedarview 47 George L. Gay
Brown, Thomas E. 12-Jul-01 Cedarview 2 George L. Gay
Brown, Thomas E. ?Sep-01 Oak Ridge 2 George L. Gay
Brown, Thomas E.* ?-Sep-01 Cedarview 2 George L. Gay
Brownell, Cora M. 3-Mar-86 Grandview 51 George L. Gay
Bruner, Donald Russel 3-May-86 Block 27 22 Mike Lensing
Brunton, Alberta R. 28-Apr-89 Fairview 58 George L. Gay
Buchmayer, Nevada Mae 31-May-86 Block 29 13 George L. Gay
Buchwalter, Gerald L. 31-Jul-89 Graceland 205 George L. Gay
Budd, John Wesley, M.D. 25-Apr-01 Fernland 120 None Locally
Budd, Mildred Rinehart 25-Apr-01 Fernland 120 None Locally
Bunge, Elizabeth L. 24-Aug-02 Sunny Slope 2 Lensing
Bunge, Raymond G. 24-Feb-98 Sunny Slope 2 George L. Gay
Buns, Ian A. 22-Jul-02 Block 27 10 Lensing
Burch, Margaret 14-Sep-90 Block 23 32 .
Burden, John William 7-Oct-94 Graceland 149 .
Burge, Ora Ellen 8-Mar-94 Graceland 80 .
Burkett, Nellie M. 27-Mar-91 Graceland 201 George L. Gay
Burnett, Velma V. 11-Aug-98 Fernland 18 George L. Gay
Burr, Esther 5-Dec-90 Graceland Dr. 201 George L. Gay
Burris, Alice H. 28-Nov-92 Graceland 268 George L. Gay
Burris, Lee  R. 30-Sep-85 Graceland Dr. 30 Callahan
Burse, Jean L. 1-May-97 Block 29 110 None Locally
Burtt, Kenneth Eugene 31-Mar-87 Block 18 36 .
Burtt, Virginia J. Carson 28-Jun-00 18 36 Weerts-Davenpt.
Butler, David Scott 8-Mar-94 Glenview 146 George L. Gay
Butler, Kevin J. 8-Jun-01 Sunny Slope 36 None Locally
Buxton, Bessie E. 25-Jan-96 Glenview 141 George L. Gay
Buxton, Richard W. 20-Aug-98 Glenview 133 N 1/2 George L. Gay
Byers, John L. 3-Mar-98 Graceland 67 George L. Gay
Byington, Mary 27-Mar-85 Block 13 14 Lensing-Donohue
Bywater, Raymond 30-Nov-91 Graceland Dr. 119 George L. Gay
Caddle, Mary 20-Jul-02 Valleyview 285 Gay-Ciha
Cahoon, Grayce B. 18-Jan-96 Rose Hill 370 George L. Gay
Caldwell, Clark R. 10-Jul-98 Graceland Dr. 184 Mike Callahan
Caldwell, Margarett 26-Jun-00 Graceland Dr. 184 George L. Gay
Cameron, Dr. Cornelia Clermont 13-Aug-94 Block 28 41 George L. Gay
Cameron, William T. 9-Jul-99 Graceland 307 George L. Gay
Campbell, Clarion (Scott) J. 5-Jun-97 Block 23 29 S 1/2 Powell (Wellman)
Campbell, Frieda 25-Feb-95 Block 23 29 .
Campbell, Mary M. 8-Nov-97 Block 23 29 S 1/2 George L. Gay
Cannon, Harriet A. 4-Mar-86 Graceland 280 Mike Callahan
Carmer, Glenna M. 22-Jul-85 Grandview 2 George L. Gay
Carnas, Douglas William 26-Nov-01 Oak Ridge 33 Lensing
Carran, Dorothy I. 31-May-91 Graceland 298 George L. Gay
Carran, Robert M. 10-Mar-01 Graceland 299 George L. Gay
Carson, Burke N. Sr. 13-Sep-96 Block 18 35 Bush & Sons NY
Carson, George Stevenson III 20-May-96 Block 18 35 George L. Gay
Carson, Margaret E. 13-Oct-92 Graceland 104 George L. Gay
Chan, Kai-Chin 22-Feb-01 Sunny Slope 140 Mike Lensing
Chandler, Phyllis A. Hirt ?-Apr-01 Rose Hill 40 None Locally
Chapman, Marguerite J. 27-May-93 Block 25 16 George L. Gay
Chervinka, Dorothy A. 13-Apr-01 Grandview 11 Mike Lensing
Chervinka, Frank Jr. 30-Oct-97 Grandview 12 Mike Lensing
Choi, Daniel H. 25-Mar-02 Block 27 10 Mike Lensing
Christensen, Albert G.* 21-Oct-97 Block 10 43 E 1/2 George L. Gay
Christensen, Kermit 23-Feb-87 Rose Hill 29 Mike Lensing
Christensen-Stober, Margret 3-Jul-00 Grandview 50 George L. Gay
Clark, Maud Olga 16-Jul-91 Block 29 58 .
Clausen, Nora M. Furnish 21-Jan-98 Prospect Hill 350 Jones-Eden
Clearman, Helen B. 5-Jun-90 Rose Hill 187 George L. Gay
Cline, Blanche Kyle 15-Jul-96 Graceland 197 Lensing
Cline, H. Kenneth 16-Jan-96 Graceland 197 Lensing
Coffey, Donald W. 2-Apr-98 Oak Green 92 George L. Gay
Coles, Helen M. Gies 7-Nov-88 Fairview 58 .
Connelly, Waneta 8-Sep-99 Graceland 163 Jones-Wash. Ia.
Constant, Charles F. 29-Jul-96 Sunny Slope 93 Lensing
Contant, Agnes A. 22-May-96 Sunny Slope 92 Lensing
Coon, Emma R. 26-Jan-99 Fairview 111 Jones-Wash. Ia.
Cooney, Edna Maye 10-May-88 Cedarview 14 George L. Gay
Cooney, George W. 28-Jan-89 Cedarview 13 George L. Gay
Cooper, Don Oran 29-Aug-92 Block 10 61 George L. Gay
Cooper, Letha 10-Nov-01 Block 10 61 George L. Gay
Couch, Carl J. 19-Sep-94 Oak Green 103 Donohue-Lensing
Coulter, Robert M. 17-Mar-97 Out-Lot 2 39 None Locally
Cowell, Myldred S. 4-May-93 Glenview 109 Donohue-Lensing
Cox, Catherine Louisa 17-Apr-92 Graceland 59 George L. Gay
Cox, Margaret L.S. 11-Jun-98 Graceland 59 None Locally
Cox, Thomas Gardner 19-Sep-95 Graceland 59 .
Crawford, Greta F. 8-Apr-97 Oak Green 26 Mike Lensing
Crawford, Irving P. 16-Oct-89 Graceland 32 Lensing
Crawford, William H. 28-Sep-02 Graceland 20 NE 1/4 Lensing
Cross, E. Jaunette 28-Nov-98 Graceland 264 N 1/2 Mike Lensing
Crossett, Edward L. 7-Jan-97 Graceland 65 George L. Gay
Cruise, Ann M. 22-Apr-85 Rose Hill 138 Lensing-Donohue
Crutchfield, Bernard 1-Jan-00 Rose Hill 347 Mike Lensing
Cuber, Grace M. 22-Feb-94 Block 7 16 George L. Gay
Cuber, Ruth A. 27-Sep-02 Block 7 16 Gay-Ciha


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