Record of Burial Permits
 Iowa City, Iowa

Book One, the original book, contains 1907 names dating between 1856 and 1907.

Book Two contains 3087 names dating between 1884 and 1919. 

The State of Iowa in its infinite wisdom has purged still born babies from its records, as if they never existed.  This record will give the user dates and some names for some of these children.

Abbreviations used: y = year; m = month; d = day; M = male; F = female; W = white; B = black; D = dark; C = colored; Mix = mixed; Mex = Mexican; Twp = township; IT = Indian Territory.

Place of Death:  Name of town or city is listed.  Townships are in Johnson County.  No street addresses are used in this record, although they may appear in the old book.  All towns and/or cities are in Iowa unless the two-letter state abbreviations are used.  Place of death is listed as Iowa City when addresses may be the Poor Farm, SUI Hospital, Mercy Hospital or State Hospital.

Date of Death: The computer program automatically drops 19 in the years starting with 19, as 1909 will be shown as 09.  Years in the 1800s are shown with all four numbers.  The first three letters of the month are used.

Also shown in the original record are Cause of Death, Name of Physician and Name of Undertaker.  In some instances, a body may have been shipped from elsewhere for burial in Iowa City, and the record indicates that some bodies were sent to other places for burial although the permits were issued in Iowa City.

This information was transcribed by Charlene Hixon, Charter Member of the Iowa City Genealogical Society. Mary Bennett at the State Historical Society of Iowa in Iowa City cooperated with ICGS members in indexing and compiling the data.