In the early 1840's settlers came into Sharon Township. Many of these early pioneers purchased tracts of land from Uncle Sam for $1.25 an acre. With ox teams and walking plows they broke the prairie sod, cleared Hazel brush, felled timbers, built fences, and constructed homes, schools, and churches. Mode of transportation, then as now was important. Of course, in that day the ox, horse, mule, and often the travelers own feet were the only methods. 
Schools, usually at two mile intervals, were natural meeting places. One of these, a log school house commonly known as Boone School and located near the center of Sharon Township, was used about 1860 by some of the pioneers for a meeting place or Sunday school.  The Sharon Evangelical Church was organized in the Boone log school house in 1860.

This building was built about 1869.  The photo was taken approximately 1889.

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Church Records
Early History Part I
 (Beginning 1888) (In progress)
Early History Part II (In progress)
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The records include members from Windham and North Liberty (originally called North Bend) 

The following are views of the present building as originally built. The ground was broken March 23, 1958. Cornerstone laying services were held September 7, 1958. The building was dedicated January 25, 1959. The total cost was $81,000.
The third photo shows an additional remodel and an addition was built starting in 2002.  The dedication was April 2, 2006.

building addition

For more information about the congregation, it's history,  the buildings, and the building additions, contact church member Joan Dinnel.

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