CLASS OF 1892

*graduated with honors

Bachelors of Arts
George C. Cook
Millicent M. Cuplin
Milton T. Eudaly
Charles J. Flynn
A.K. Gardner
E.H.H. Holman
*Milford H. Lyon
Perry T. McVey
*Howard M. North
Joseph W. Sueppel
*Bertha M. Wilson

Bachelors of Philosophy
*Katherine Barber
Florence E. Brown
*S.G. Cartwright
*W.T. chantland
*Laura Clarke
Leah M. Gaymon
Harry E. Kelly
*Julien C. Monnet
Sophia Moore
I. Edwin Munger
Arthur E. Myrick
Frank Nelson
Fannie D. Patton
*Harry S. Richards
*Julia E. Rogers
Perry L. Sargent
*G.E. Shambaugh
*George W. Stiles
Frederick A. Stowe
William H. Walker

Course in Letters
*H.S. Hollingsworth
Joseph Mekota
F.W. Meyers
Frank G. Pierce
*B.F. Shambaugh
*Marie D. Thompson

Bachelors of Science
*Nellie W. Ankeny
William A. Ferren
Edward L. Kahlke
Aggie E. Otto
Frank Russell
D.T. Sollenbarger
Albert F. Weiss
William R. Whiteis

Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering
Robert M. Cannon
Fred George Ray
Sam Ver Veer

Source: Daily Citizen, Iowa City, Johnson County. Iowa; June 16, 1892

Courtesy of Sharyl Ferrall, Webmaster of Allamakee County, Iowa

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