furnished by the family of Charles and Marie Ruppert of Iowa City

Charles Ruppert was a finish carpenter during the restoration of Iowa's Old Capitol in the 1970's.
Harvey Henry was the Construction Manager for the restoration project.

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U of I and Iowa City photos Old City Hall
see note #1
Iowa Avenue Washington Street looking east
see note #2
Washington Street looking west
Carnegie Library Post Office now Senior Center Johnson County Court House Interior First National Bank Washington Street looking west
First Presbyterian Church now
Old Brick
Fink's Bazaar and Store  in St James Hotel building,
see note  #3
Clinton Street looking north toward St James Hotel, see note #4 Clinton Street from SW viewing St James Hotel Rock Island Railroad  Depot in the mid-1930's
see note #5
Hotel Jefferson in heart of down town Iowa City
see note  #6
Fire wagon and horses "Goldy and Charlie" Water fountain on Iowa Avenue
see note #7
Water fountain on Iowa Avenue Iowa Ave looking west toward
Old Capitol
St Mary's Catholic School
Clinton Street south Clinton Street north Clinton Street looking north   Burlington Street dam Burlington Street bridge and dam
Butler's Bridge at Butler Landing
see note #8
Mill Hill  or River Road 
see note #9
"Sumplace" near Iowa City Mercy Hospital in Iowa City Quadrangle Dormitory
Panoramic view of Iowa City Old Iowa City High School New Iowa City High School U of I President's House U of I Fine Arts building
see note  #10
U of I Dramatic Arts building
U of I Law building Old Capitol New Iowa City High School notes U of I Currier Hall U of I Natural Science Bldg
(MacBride Hall)
U of I Chemistry building
Tuberculosis Sanitarium at Oakdale U of I Hall of Dentistry U of I Homeopathic Hospital Groundbreaking ceremony??
see note #7
Football game
U of I Hospital Iowa Avenue bridge Motorcycles Iowa City Country Club Boat Landing at City Park City Park Shelter


Old Mill view Terrill Mill
see note #11
Birch Lake at City Park Foot Bridge at City Park
Note 12   Note 13 Note 13  

Notes are from the back of the postcards.
(webmaster notes are in smaller italic font.)
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1. Old City Hall, Iowa City, Iowa, was located at the northwest corner of Washington and Linn Streets. It was built in 1881 and torn down 80 years later. The First National Bank is now located at the site. This photo is part of the F. W. Kent collection.

2. Washington Street at Clinton – looking east. About 1904. For more information and another photo see:
Irving Weber’s Iowa City Volume 2 page 187

3. Fink’s Bazaar, Cigar, and Notion Store, Iowa City, Iowa, was in the St. James Hotel building on Clinton Street. Note the Indian. Henry J. Wieneke was the manager of the store, which was located the first door south of the post office, according to the 1883 History of Johnson County. This photo was taken ca. 1890.

4. St. James Hotel, Iowa City, Iowa was on the southeast corner of Clinton Street and Iowa Avenue, the present site of the Dey Building and Iowa Book and Supply. This photo was taken from the east side of the Old Capitol lawn, ca. 1890

5. Rock Island Railroad Depot, Iowa City, Iowa, in the mid-1930’s. The first railroad train to reach Iowa City arrived on January I, 1855, at the site of the old freight depot, located just west of Dodge Street.
This same photo is in Irving Weber's Iowa City, Volume 2 page 111.

6. Heart of Down Town Iowa City. Intersection of Washington and Dubuque Streets about 1915.
See Irving Weber’s Iowa City, Volume 2, page 183 for more.

7. Help identify the building in the background.

8. Butler’s Bridge on old unpaved Highway 218, just north of Iowa City.

9. “Mill Hill (Terrell Mill)”—700-800 block of North Dubuque Street. Around 1900. According to Irving Weber’s Iowa City, Volume 2, page 177, the Park Bridge was not built until 1909.

10. Fine Arts Building  overlooking the Iowa River, a structure of great beauty and source of inspiration. State University of Iowa.       Ectachrome by Helen O'Brien.

11. Terrill Mill; See Irving Weber's Iowa City Volume 2, page 123  Terrill Mill was located in front of the present Mayflower Apartment building.

12. Please help identify these people.

13. Submitted by Mary Hitchcock (daughter of Charles Ruppert)  It must be 1906-1910. Most of those were born about 1900 and lived in the 4th Ward. Kathryn Watkins, Alan Rock, ?, Irma Mentzer b. 1899 dau of Michael and Louise Mentzer,
Mabel Pell b. 9 Jun 1899 dau of Geo. Hoak Pell & Emma Fackler Pell, Fred Weider b. 1897 son of Charles & Louise Weider, Pauline Be,Lorna ?, Roger B?, ? , C. Krall, Baker, Willis Nutting 10 Mar 1900 son of C.C. & Louis Nutting, Geo?. ? Baker, Marie ?, ? Hoover, Gladys Gilipin 26 May 1900 dau. Henry & Ida Gilpin, Walter Trump 22 Jan 1899 son John & Amelia Trump, Helen S?, Paul Pringler 1901 son of Peter & Mary Pringler .
Maybe someone has the card and knows all the names. Mary Hitchcock

15 Nov 2010