05 Sep 2010

IAGenWeb Obituary Page


First read the Instructions at: http://iagenweb.org/johnson/instructions.htm

1.         Open the obituary in Word Document,  or whatever word processing application is  on your computer.  

2.         If you have a Spell Check feature, look for typos that may have been made in transcribing.

3.         High light the complete text of the obituary.

4.         Click EDIT “COPY” or Control “C”

5.         Open the website:  http://iagenweb.org/johnson/

6.         Click on “Obituaries” to open the Obituary page.

7.         Scroll down to “Post an Obituary”

8.         Enter your name and e-mail address.

9.         Enter the deceased’s name and the birth year and death year.
            For example:  Bob Hope 1903-2003

10.         In the next block, enter all of the surnames that are listed in the obituary.  List the deceased surname first and then list other surnames such as the mother’s surname, and all other surnames that appear in the obituary.  List these names with only the first letter capitalized.  (Hope, Jones, Smith, etc)

11.       Next, click with the mouse to place the cursor in the large text block.  Now click  EDIT “PASTE” or Control “V” to paste the obituary into the text block.  (As an option, type the obituary directly into the text block)

12.       Scroll down to “Preview Obituary” and proof read the obituary.  If everything is satisfactory, scroll down and enter the letters "zg" in the verification block. Then click “Post Obituary”.

13.       If changes are needed, do not type the letters "zg" but scroll to the block where the text of the obituary was entered and make the required changes or additions.  Then  click “Preview Obituary again.  Next add the letters "zg" and click “Post Obituary” to complete posting of the obituary.  

These added instructions were prepared by Harvey W. Henry of Johnson County

If there are questions about this procedure or if you should find an error or omission after posting the  obituary contact the Webmaster.