Marriage Records

Johnson County Early Marriage Certificates

County Marriage Name Index 1838 - 1934
(As of Feb 2015, this collection, provided by Family Search, is currently incomplete however,  additional records are continually added as they are completed.)

Johnson County Early Marriages
These records were compiled by the Iowa City Genealogical Society and published by the Iowa Genealogical Society. They are reproduced here with  written permission from the publisher.
They are listed by Book and Page in the Office of the Johnson County Recorder at 913 South Dubuque Street in Iowa City, Iowa; telephone 319-356-6093.

Book 1 and Book 2 names are searchable via the main search engine. The remaining records in the following table are in PDF format and are searchable by either surname or given name. The PDF names are not searchable via the main search engine on this website.
Book 1 1839-1848  192 names
Book 2 1841-1851  446 names
Book 3 Sep 1851-Dec 1861 2950 names
Book 4 Jan 1862-Dec 1870 4140 names

Book 6 Jan 1880-Dec 1888 4410 names
Book 7 Jan 1889- Dec 1899 4922 names

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