Iowa City Academy

 Commencement Exercises


Prof. and Mrs. Galer Entertain the Graduates of the Iowa City Academy Last Evening

The cozy parlors of Prof. and Mrs. Galer were the scene of a farewell reception to the graduates of the Iowa City Academy last evening after the commencement exercises.  Prof. and Mrs. Galer received the guests in a most delightful manner, making the evening one of the most pleasurable in the school life of the Seniors.  Elegant refreshments were served and the evening was spent in recalling the memories o the past school days.

Present were Mesdames:
Rundle Partridge


Nannie Carroll Gertie Howell
Anna Robinson Jessie Corlett
Lizzie Marner Blanche Goan
Edith BaleAddie Neiman
Anna BorschelGrace McGee
Dora GilfillanLida Slemmons
Mattie PrattSarah Marner
Louise GoodmanMay Walker
Deca LudwickLibbie Waldron
Carrie CookLillian Jones
Jessie BullockAlice McGee


W M Davis J C Monnett
P L Kaye F E  Farwell
C E Hewitt J G Marner
T Z FitzpatrickG W Evans
Benjamin HydeMarcus Smith
H L WattsEardley Bell
A T AndersonO T Werts
J L KleinF P Hageman
C E NovakC R Hackett
Geo ShambaughJ F Palmeter
A E YounkinF W Keehl
J L KinmouthJ M Jones
D W ColbertJ W McKee
Guido Stempel of Oskaloosa, IAE S Van Horne of Muscatine, IA

 Source: Daily Citizen | Iowa City, Iowa | 8 June 1893 | Page 2

Academy Commencement 

Forty-one Young People Receive Well-earned Diplomas and Graduate

On Tuesday evening last at the Opera House the annual commencement exercises of the Iowa City Academy were held.  This year the graduates number forty-one and are for the most part residents of this county.

Since the Iowa City Academy has been conducted by Prof. W. A. Willis it has grown in popular favor and in membership.  Today it ranks high as a preparatory school, its graduates being admitted to the University without examination. As a school where the fundamental principles of education are taught none ranks higher than does this school.

A great audience was preent to witness the young people graduate and every seat in the Opera House was taken.  The stage was handsomely decorated, one feature being the class motto of "Launched but not anchored" which in great letters extended clear across the stage.

The speakres all delivered excellent orations and selecltions which proved that the course of study received at the Academy was of a high quality. Each and every one acquitted themselves with credit.  Following is the program rendered:


Akeson, Anna Kessler, Nellie B
Akeson, Matilda Lenock, Anna M
Ball, Walter M. Long, Ida Mae
Baldwin, Mary G. Lynch, Grace D.
Bell, Lulu M. Lynch, Wilford G.
Blank, Leola S. McIntosh, Walter S.
Blum, Daisy P. Miller, Claude M.
Bowman, C. H. Miller, Mabel G.
Bradley, Adele V. Moler, Ida M.
Browning, Flora Roberts, Jennie E.
Cairns, Sylvia A.Roderick, Maud
Colony, Eldora M.Sangster, Geo. W
Denton, Irma V.Schultz, Lulu S.
Edwards, W. H. Theile, Ida M.
Everett, E. DolorosaThomas, Edith L.
Gearkee, J. FredThomas, Mabel M.
Groves, GertrudeWhiting, Donna M.
Henick, N. C.Williams, Blanche E.
Hubers, Otto G.Williams, Roger L.
Jones, Margaret A.Young, Iowa Madge
Zika, Geo. A.

  Source: Iowa City Press Citizen | Iowa City, Iowa | 31 May 1900 | Page 4      

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