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Academy Graduates Hold Reunion Here at Hotel Jefferson

Class of 1898

Graduates of the Willis Iowa City academy held their 50th class reunion at a dinner party sunday night at Hotel Jefferson.

The academy formerly stood on the corner now occupied by St. Mary's school.  Those who attended the Sunday reunion of the class of 1898 were:

Dr. & Mrs. Charles S. Krause Cedar Rapids, IA
Mr. O. P. Myers Cedar Rapids, IA
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Andrews Morse, IA
Mr. & Mrs. Lou Lentz North Liberty, IA
Mr. William McCormick Sioux City, IA
Mr. William J. Weeber Iowa City, IA
Mr. & Mrs. R. B. Jones Iowa City, IA
Mr. & Mrs. George Hunter Iowa City, IA
Miss Susie Marner Iowa City, IA
Mrs. Celia Carson Iowa City, IA

Letters were read from members of the class who could not attend the reunion and the evening spent in reminiscing.  Source: Iowa City Press Citizen | Iowa City, Iowa | 17 May 1948 | Page 10       

More than 100 At Reunion of I. C. Academy

More othan 100 attended the first reunion of alumni of the old Iowa City academy, in City park Sunday.  An executive board was elected with Mrs. Mary Miller Lawyer and Mrs. Alice Schell West of Iowa City, Mrs. C. C. Worthley of Ely and Mr. B. V. Bridenstine of North Liberty named as members.  Miss Mary Sunier was chosen secretary.

Co-chairmen of the picnic dinner were Mrs. West, Mrs. Lawyer and Mrs. Worley.  On the program were Mrs. H. B. Gray and Mrs. Florence E. Meis.  Mr. W. J. Weber outlined the history of the academy from 1891 when Prof W. A. Willis assumed its operation.

Organized in the early seventies, the academy was in the hands of various owners and principals for 20 years.  Prof. Willis owned a half-interest until 1895, when he became full owner, and operated the academy until his death in 1915, when it was closed.

Among prominent graduates of the academy were:
Hon. W. S. Kenyon U.S. Senator & Governor of Iowa
Dr. B. F. Shambaugh Superintendent of the state historical society
J. C. Monnett Chancellor of the Oklahoma University college of law

Largest class to graduate from the academy was 125, in 1902.  Mrs. Florence Anthony Paasch represented the oldest class present at the reunion 1891.
Source: Iowa City Press Citizen | Iowa City, Iowa | 21 July 1948 | Page 10       

Former School Has 85 Graduates at Meeting

Eighty-five graduates of the former Iowa City academy held their fourth annual reunion recently at City park.

Representatives from 23 of the 25 classes from 1891 to 1917 answered the roll called by Presiding Officer B. V. Bridenstine, Mrs. L. R. Morford led a memorial service for deceased graduates.

Among thoe often mentioned at the meeting was Prof. W. A> Willis, former principal and owner of the academy and for eight years superintendent of Iowa CIty schools.  He died in 1915.

Gifts were presented to the oldest graduate present, Mrs. Emma McRoberts (class of 1891), and to the graduate who came from the greatest distance, Mr. G. W. Elbert, Davenport.  Greetings were read from those unable to be present.  

Officers elected at the reunion were thoe of the previous year: Mr. Bridenstine, president; Mrs. Carrie C Worley, Ely, vice president; Miss Mary S. Sumer, secretary and Mrs. Alice S. West, treasurer.

Iowa Citians Attending:
Alice Schell West Ethel Gould Pollock
Minnie B. Hunter L. R. Morford
Emma Davis McRoberts Mary THomas Black
R. E. RobertsS. A. Huntr
W. WinbornT. A. Rankin
Dorothy SellerCora Ressler Smith
Henrietta SchellEthel Taylor
Esther HunterElizabeth Hunter
Susie MarnerMalinda Marner
Mabel P. GouldMary S. Sunier
Sharon Dee SellerSandra Lee Seller
Susan SellerMalinda Seller

Other graduates:

Miss Myrtle Work North Liberty, IA
Miss Jessie Lininger North Liberty, IA
Mrs. Cora Moreland Young North Liberty, IA
Mr. Ernest MyersNorth Liberty, IA
Mr. C. O. MyersNorth Liberty, IA
Mrs. Sara E LiningerNorth Liberty, IA
Miss Harriet A. LinkTiffin, IA
Mrs. Ruth Thomas DeanTiffin, IA
Mrs. Maude N. SpringmeyerTiffin, IA
Mr. Philo SpringmeyerTiffin, IA
Miss Bertha ThomasTiffin, IA
Mr. Richard K. AdamsSolon, IA
Mrs. Lucile S. AdamsSolon, IA
Miss Velma BeckSolon, IA
Mrs. Lillie S. RosslerSolon, IA
Mrs. Edith W. StahleSolon, IA
Miss Anna M. RosslerSolon, IA
Miss Ada HertzSolon, IA
Mrs. Ellen Thomas KrebsRiverside, IA
Mrs. Ellen Thomas KrebsRiverside, IA
Mrs. Carrie Mentzer Glas?evRiverside, IA
Mrs. Nora W. SchwimleyKalona, IA
Mrs. Morley F. PalmerKalona, IA
Mr. Lee SchwimleyKalona, IA
Mr. Levi L. StutzmanKalona, IA
Mr. Linn Colony Oxford, IA
Mrs. Mary ColonyOxford, IA
Mr. George W Elbert & daughterDavenport, IA
Mrs. Maude S. HuffCedar Rapids, IA
Mrs. R. H. BowmanMt. Vernon, IA
Mrs. Clementine S. AndersonWellman, IA
Mr. Carl Anderson, Sr.Wellman, IA
Mrs. G. J. AlbrightLisbon, IA
Ms. Rachel MillerLisbon, IA
Miss Judith MillerLisbon, IA
Miss Marilyn MillerLisbon, IA
Mr. Stephen MillerLisbon, IA

Source: Iowa City Press Citizen | Iowa City, Iowa | 25 July 1951 | Page 7

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