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Amos Hiatt, for a long time proprietor of the Iowa City Academy, has been re-elected Superintendent of the East Des Moines Public schools for the seventh year.  Source: Iowa City Press Citizen | Iowa City, Iowa | 29 May 1891 | Page 5

We are in receipt of the annual catalogue of the Iowa City Academy.  The showing for the school is excellent, about 200 being enrolled. The course of study is a good sound one, and practical, as well. Source: Iowa City Press Citizen | Iowa City, Iowa | 12 June 1891 | Page 5

THE NEW SCHOOL - Professor W. A. Willis, Superintendent of the City Schools, handed o the school board his resignation, and has bought a half interest in the Iowa City Commercial College.  In connection with the Commercial College, an Academy will be opened with the object of preparing students for the university, and for normal work. These two departments will be under the charge of Prof. Willis, and the business college and school of short hand will be looked after by Prof. J. H. Williams as heretofore.  Miss Lou Mordoff, formerly of the Iowa City Academy has been engaged as a teacher, and with the other efficient teachers to be engaged, and the school under the manageent of such men as Profs Willis and Williams, the new school ought to be a great success.

Who will take the place of Prof. Wllis in the city schools has not been decided.  Prof. Hastings, and Mr. Loos, a teach in the college in Toledo, and a nephew of Prof Loos of the University, are named for the position. Source: Iowa City Press Citizen | Iowa City, Iowa | 3 July 1891 | Page 5

The funeral of Mrs. R. H. McClain, mother of Chancellor McClain of the Law Dept of the State University, occurred on Saturday at the residence of the Chancellor on Bloomington Street. Mrs. McClain was the widow of Professor William McClain, the founder of the Iowa City Academy. She died at the age of 72 years.  She was born in Adams County, PA and removed with her parents to Ohio. After her marriage, she removed to Cedar County, IA and in 1866 to Iowa. She lost one son, Byron, in the army and since the death of her husband some fourteen or fifteen years ago, she has made her home with her son, Chancellor McClain. She lived a quiet, unostentious, Christian life, being a member of the Society of Friends, and her sympathies and aid were ex tended to all efforts having for their end making men better and happier. She was greatly beloved by those that knew her. Source: Iowa City Press Citizen | Iowa City, Iowa | 13 Nov 1891 | Page 14


Prof. Runkle, Superintendent Schools, Lisbon, IA was in the city several days this week, visiting his brother, Prof. Runkle, of the Iowa City Academy Concert Band School. Source: Iowa City Press Citizen | Iowa City, Iowa | 1 Jan 1892 | Page 6

Miss Belle Klein, who recently took a position in the bank at Rock Valley, IA is a graduate of the shorthand institute of the Iowa City Academy and not of the school of Willis & Williams, as mentioned in our last week's edition. Source: Iowa City Press Citizen | Iowa City, Iowa | 1 April 1892 | Page 5

H. L. Watts, a popular student of Iowa City Academy, was accompanied by a body of students to the depot as he took his departure to his home in Rhodes, IA. Source: The Daily Citizen | Iowa City, Iowa | 28 May 1892 | Page 3

Iowa City Academy Class Day - The class of '92 of the Iowa City Academy held a very enthusiastic and entertaining class meeting yesterday. The following excellent programme was rendered: 

Solo Prof. Tubbs
Class History Lida Slemmons
Class Poem John Jones
Oration William Plum
Prophecy R. H. McCoy

The program closed with a class song. Source: The Daily Citizen | Iowa City, Iowa | 8 June 1892 | Page 3

Prof. F. A. Tubbs, Director of the Iowa City Academy School of Music has rented a house on Iowa Avenue and will move his family to Iowa City in a few weeks. Source: The Daily Citizen | Iowa City, Iowa | 20 June 1892 | Page 3

Jessie Cochran closed her school at Fairview Friday, July 1st after a very successful term of three months.  She has proven herself very successful with her pupils during her first term.  She will be remembered as a graduate of the class of '91 of the Iowa City Academy. Source: Iowa City Press Citizen | Iowa City, Iowa | 6 July 1892 | Page 3

The Iowa City Academy is bound to  prosper if the able instructors can assure that result. Mr. John M. Stoke has been selected as instructor in mathematics and Mr. D. A. Hebel, late manager of the Actual Business Department of Elliots Business College at Burlington for penmanship and business practice in the Academy. These two gentlemen have had successful experience in their respective lines of work and will render fine service in their field. Source: The Daily Citizen | Iowa City, Iowa | 20 July 1892 | Page 3

The Iowa City Academy School of Music has fortunately secured Miss Grace McGee as instructor in piano and organ.  Those attending Miss McGee's recital at Irving Hall will at once realize the value of this accession to the faculty of the Academy. Source: The Daily Citizen | Iowa City, Iowa | 2 August 1892 | Page 3

D. A. Hebel teacher in penmanship in Iowa City Academy, is dangerously ill with typhoid fever. Source: The Daily Citizen | Iowa City, Iowa | 20 October 1892 | Page 3

Miss Millie Stouffer, who graduated from the short hand department of the Iowa City Academy, recently has a position with W. F. Main. Source: The Daily Citizen | Iowa City, Iowa | 20 October 1892 | Page 3


After a term in the Commercial Department of the Iowa City Academy, Raymond Alberson has secured  his "sheepskin" and returned to his home in Washington, IA where he has a good position. Source: The Daily Citizen | Iowa City, Iowa | 22 April 1893 | Page 5

CONSOLIDATED - The Willis & Williams Schools With the Iowa City Academy - Henceforth They Will be Under the Management of Professors Willis and Williams

Messrs. Willis & Williams have purchased of R. S. Galer, the Iowa City Academy and Institute of Shorthand, Prof. Galer having decided to engage in the practice of law.

The W. & W. Academy will be united with the I.C.A. and this department of the schools will be continued in the I. C. A building opposite the University campus and will be in charge of Prof. Willis as Principal, who will welcome back, at the opening of the fall term, Sept 11, all of the old students of both Academies, as well as new ones.

The Commercial College and School of Shorthand will remain in their commodious rooms on Washington street, where Prof . Williams will be glad to meet all those interested in the Business or Stenographic courses.
The present instructors of the W. & W. Schools will be retained and Prof. Stoke, a most popular teacher in the I.C. A. during the past year, has been added to the list of instructors and others will be added as needed.

The proprietors of these schools, Messrs. Willis and Williams, will devote their energies to make the Institutions more successful than ever before, if possible, and no one who is familiar with their work as teachers and managers will doubt for a moment as to their ability to give entire satisfaction to all who place themselves under their instructions.
Source: The Daily Citizen | Iowa City, Iowa | 12 June 1893 | Page 3

Prof. Galer leaves Thursday for Mt. Pleasant where he will engage in the practice of law. If he puts his same spirit in his work in that city as he did with the management of the Iowa City Academy, his efforts will be crowned with the highest of success. We understand that he is to enter into a partnership with a man by the name of Goan of that city.  Source: The Daily Citizen | Iowa City, Iowa | 19 June 1893 | Page 3


Talented Doctor Dead - The Remains of Dr. J. C. Armentrout Will Arrive Tomorrow on the 11:35 Train - The remains of the late Dr. R. C. Armentrout whose death was announced in the Citizen, arrived Saturday from Keokuk on the 11:35 B. C. R. & N train. The deceased was formerly a resident of this city where he graduated in the Medical Department and was a teacher in the Iowa City Academy. At the time of his death, he was a professor of physiology in the Keokuk Medical School.  In his death, the medical profession loses one of its most talented members.  Source: Iowa City Press Citizen | Iowa City, Iowa | 16 Feb 1894 | Page 3


Supt. S. K. Stevenson, Iowa City, is a thoroughly local product, having been born in Johnson County, graduated from the Iowa City Academy and later from the State University with a degree of PH. B. From 1894 to 1897 Mr. Stevenson was county superintendent and in 1897 became superintendent of the Iowa City schools. Mr. Stevenson is only thirty-two years old and has made remarkable progress since he embarked upon his educational career.  He is an untiring worker, an honest, conscientious man, and an excellent judge of good things in schools. The Iowa City schools were never more prosperous than at present. Source: Iowa City Press Citizen | Iowa City, Iowa | 21 Feb 1899 | Page 4

Wreck Injures Women - Overturned Buggy Causes Serious Accident - At 9:30 this morning a bad accident occurred at the corner of Linn and Davenport streets.  The victims ere Mrs. A. Quist of Reynolds, IL, and Miss Jennie Quist, a student of the Iowa City Academy.  In company with Mrs. C. Armstrong of Culbertson, NE, the ladies started from the home of A. B. Hender at 304 Davenport street, where they had been visiting.  Mrs. Quist was to take the train for her Illinois home and had placed her valise in the back of the buggy in which the trio were riding.  As they drove over a slight embankment the valise fell out and frightened the horse.  A sharp turn and an overturned buggy did the work.

The three women were thrown under the buggy and badly injured.  Mrs. Quist had her left hip dislocated and perhaps fractured, and was badly bruised about the head and body. Miss Quist had an ugly gash cut in her head, but was not otherwise badly hurt.  Mrs. Armstrong escaped without serious injury, excepting a rough shaking and a bad scare. 

Skilled medical aid was at once summoned to attend the injured and this afternoon they are doing nicely.  Mrs. Quist is an elderly lady, and the injury to her may prove of a serious nature.


Miss Mabel Thomas, a student of Willis Academy, is confined to her room with the mumps.  Source: Iowa City Press Citizen | Iowa City, Iowa | 5 April 1900 | Page 5



Will Kallaus will attend the Iowa City Academy this year. Source: Iowa City Press Citizen | Iowa City, Iowa | 22 Sept 1903| Page 7


Edwin & Omar Yoder, Charles Stutzman,  Lee Schwimley, Ralph Schlecter, and Miss Minnie Knepp of the Iowa City Academy have their holiday vacation. Source: Iowa City Press Citizen | Iowa City, Iowa | 31 Dec 1908 | Page 7

Miss Emma Petsel of the Iowa City Academy entertained twelve couples of young people from the academy at her home in Scott township last Thursday evening.  A fine time is reported.  Source: Iowa City Press Citizen | Iowa City, Iowa | 13 April 1908 | Page 4


Mrs. R. S. Galer Dead - The Wife of Former Iowa City Man Passes Away - Iowa City friends of Mrs. R. S. Galer, Mt Pleasant, will be pained to learn of her death at Bloomfield on Friday. She had been in poor health for several years and had spent considerable time in the west.  A few days ago, her condition took a sudden change for the worst, and death followed.

About 17 years ago, Mr. & Mrs. Galer resided in Iowa City. Mr. Galer, it will be remembered, was principal of the Iowa City Academy. Later the two academies were consolidated under the control of Professor W. A. Willis. Mr. Galer has been practicing law at Mt. Pleasant for over fifteen years.  He is a well known alumnus of both the liberal arts and law colleges. 

Mrs. Galer was a woman of culture and refinement. She was a leader of the social activities of her community and her death will be mourned by many friends. Source: Iowa City Press Citizen | Iowa City, Iowa | 22 March 1909 | Page 7



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