Rapid Creek School Class Photo

Johnson County, Iowa
photo and names furnished by Mary Hitchcock

Rapid Creek

circa 1892

Front Row left to right:  Willie Zeller,  Sam Elbert,  Ray White,  Frank Sullivan,  Willie Dohrer 1886*,  Charlie Fuhrmeister,  Maynard Strub 1891,  Eddie Strub,  Annie Swaner

 Second Row left to right: Clara Swaner,  Annie White,  Mary Swaner,  Grace Evans,  Katie Dohrer 1883,  Annis Schaeffer,  Warren Schaeffer,  Freddie Evans,  Mat Mather

 Back Row, Standing left to right:  Ralph Elbert,  May Smith - Teacher,  Annie Fuhrmeister.  Eddie Fuhrmeister,  Harry Evans,  Rosia Dohrer 1880

*Birth years shown

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