Mrs. Eleanor Hoyt Brainard

Among the Iowa authors Eleanor Hoyt Brainard stands very high in the realm of short story writers. She was born and reared in Iowa City, born in 1868. She is the daughter of Water Hoyt and Louisa Smith, who were married in that city in the early 60 's. She received her early education in the public schools of Iowa City and was graduated from the Cincinnatti Wesleyan College with the degree A,1. She taught for several years in the Cincinnatti Wesleyan College and in the Gardner schools for girls, 5th Ave., New York. She was married in June, 1904, to Charles Chisholm Brainard, of New York, Their home is at 319 W. 95th St. Since 1898 she has been on the staff of the New York Sun. Besides this she writes regularly for many periodicals of the best class. Her short stories deal largely with the experience of girls, in society, in school, and in business. Her long experience in teaching young women gives her a very keen insight into the life which surrounds the girls of today. Her style is bright and clever and appeals to the older people as well as to the younger generation. She is the author of the following books: "Nancy's Country Christmas and Other Stories," "Concerning Belinda," "In Vanity Fair," "Bettina" and "The Personal Conduct of Belinda."  

Source: The Blue Book of Iowa Women, A History of Contemporary Women (1914); Edited & compiled by Winona Evans Reeves