The Newtonia Senior Annual

Class of 1915


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Homer Denniston Ruth Allfree Walter Callison Katherine Failor
Isobel Miles Myrtle Alling Helen Carpenter Harold Fleck
  Gertrude Bergman Vera Clymer Maude French
  Charity Brom Mabel Donahey Harry Greenlief
  Milton Burnell Vera Dunmire Clarence Griebeling
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Roy Guessford Ernest Jones Marvel Miller Paul Montgomery
Frank Guthrie Hollis Joy Vera Mateer Louise Morrison
Miriam Hindorff Naomi Kelley Pearl Mateer Gladys Neel
Lawrence Hammerly Dick Kennedy Mabel Longfellow George Nelson
Dale Jackson Lowell Leake Blanche Liesman William Reese
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Adra Rogers Nina Wilcox Elizabeth Thompson  
Jennie Scoville Mildred Wilson Martha Weeks  
Jessie Sellman Howard Witmer Elsie Wehemen  
Arthur Shepherd Robert Woodrow Alice Whittaker  
Lela Stewart George Wormley Rulolph Van Wyngarden  

Administration and Faculty

AdministrationPage 1Page 2Page 3
H. P. Smith Miss Vesta Beard Miss Sadie Furniss Miss Zoe Frazier
  Miss Laura N. Killduff Miss Bertha Campbell Miss Lillian Conybeare
  Miss Ida J. McKee Miss Clara Broderick Miss Abbie Western
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Mr. V. E. Montgomery Miss Carrie Miles    
Miss Nina O'Mealy Mr. E. S. Baird    
Mr. O. J. Browning Miss Elizabeth Lamb