Newton, Iowa
Buildings and Structures

There are so many photos that I've divied them up by category.
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1. Photo provided by Richard Thomas. "This is the bridge over the Rock Island railroad on W 8th St N. It was torn down when the decking started to break up. A new bridge was eventually built after many delays. This was at the time when there was a possibility the railroad tracks would be removed and then the bridge wouldn't be needed. Fortunately the Iowa Interstate Railroad was formed the tracks were saved."

2. Photo provided by Richard Thomas. "This is the old YMCA. It was actually part of the school system. The 7th thru 12th boys used the gym for PE and the basketball games. Also all the students used the pool for swimming class. The girls used the gym in the basement of the junior high school for PE. The medallion above the front door was removed before demolition and is displayed at the Jasper County Museum. The Y was located where the parking lot is across the street from Fareway."

3. Photo provided by Marilyn Kinsell, 2012.

4.  Photo donated by Richard Thomas. "This is a picture of Skiff Hospital that was shot by the Tyler Studio in the late 1920's according to the license plate on the car".