Baxter, Iowa

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1. Photo provided by Susan Davis. This is a photo (of which there are several "original" copies) in my family's various picture stacks. It is identified as Baxter, Iowa, which is near Collins, where my grandmother, Jessie May Daggett, was born in November, 1893. The Edward S. Daggett family resided in Jacksonville, Illinois, on the 1900 and following censuses, and Edward was born in Greenville, Illinois, in 1870, and married in February, 1893, in Jacksonville, Illinois. His wife, Louis Jones, was also born and a resident of Illinois. We do not know why they were in Iowa when Jessie was born, but Edward was listed as a farmer on the marriage license. It is interesting that the area in which the family lived in Jacksonville was called Lynnville Village, and there is a Lynnville, Iowa near Baxter.